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Updated: 7/11/2012 Look below..

If you look at all the reviews for all the blu-ray players across the board, you will be struck by how each player has a lot of bad reviews. Even the ones that are 4 stars, have lots of 1 star reviews associated with them. That in conjunction all the "refurbished" blu-ray players in the market should tell you something.

The main complaint I have seen is that the device won't connect to the internet. On a lot of models, people complain that when they tried to reflash the firmware in the device, the blu-ray will become completely inoperable.

For me, and this device, I have had NONE of those issues I have seen so frequently.

It took me 5 minutes to get it on my wireless network.

Once on the network, Netflix, and Pandora worked flawlessly. There was one hiccup after initial downloading of netflix and watching a movie the first time, where it said it was downloading, and then restarted, but there were no problems. It worked fine after that.

Pandora worked great the first time around.

Since hooking up the device a few days ago, it already downloaded, an reflashed firmware without any issues.

As for Blu-ray playing, it looks extraordinary.

Uprezing of standard DVD disks also surprisingly looks great. Occasionally when the movie switches scenes I will detect some horizontal lines in the picture similar to what one of my HD cameras looks like, when digital motion detection is on.

Otherwise, it looks great!

I bought the device understanding I may have issues with the internet connectivity, and not really caring as I already have lots of devices on my network that can play Pandora, and Netflix.

However, I was pleasantly surprised(AT FIRST) at how well this all works.

Very convenient(when it isn't downloading)!

I have had a Samsung, Flat Tube HD tv for years, but was never really happy with it, and rarely watch TV anyway, so I am not what you would call a "Videophile"

So, with that said, I can't tell you all the pros and cons of this Blu-Ray player.. What rate it scans at, how many bit A/D it has(I saw the number, but it was high enough for me, so I dismissed the number), etc.

I can just tell you, the Blu-rays are stunning, and the uprezed Standard DVDs are surprisingly good looking. Coupled with that, the Netflix, and Pandora interfaces are well thought out, and easy to use(WHEN THEY AREN'T DOWNLOADING).

Load times of those two internet features are higher than others, but it is not an issue for me.


Okay I have had this Blue Ray for some time, and while it does continue to work, it is constantly downloading firmware, new version of the Netflix player, and sometimes telling me it "can't download the application" when I try to play Pandora.

It is a pain in the neck, and I am just waiting for whomever, to finally get it right. All of these Blu-Ray players have their issues. This one is no exception. I don't regret my purchase, because I do not know which one would be better. I did however move my review from 5 stars to 3.

Mark :)
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on March 29, 2012
The Good: Just hooked this up. I didn't have to consult the manual- wired it to the internet, it had no problems connecting. The remote has shortcut buttons so I used those to set up the rest of the things I want like pandora and netflix. There is this thing called smarthub which is the hub for all the 'apps' and movie streaming stuff. The netflix app has a search function, which is nice. I thought the small size was a plus, not a negative like the first reviewer. Also looks aren't an issue for me- not when we have most of our appliances sitting on a too small entertainment stand with wires everywhere, lol.

The Bad:
It is surprisingly slow connecting to applications (surprising b/c its new). I would give it five stars if it had Amazon instant video access but it doesn't:( It's only been a couple days but every time I turn it on, it decides to download & install and update after I tell it to go to netflix or pandora. I don't know if this is b/c its new- I hope that it's not going to need to download something every time I try to use an app.

I will come back in a few months and add to the review when I've had a chance to get to know the dvd-player better. I've been reading reviews on other blu-ray players and it really sounds like they all suck....esp the the particular ones that have pandora, netflix AND Amazon- which is what I really wanted. So I'll keep trying this one because honestly, it sounds like the lesser of many evils.
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on April 22, 2012
I bought this player yesterday to work with a new samsung flatscreen. Player works for discs and other apps but cannot connect to netflix. I was sent back and forth between netflix customer service and samsung customer service 4 times. Samsung customer service was horrible and the agent actually hung up on me. Netflix suggested buying another brand as Samsung dvd players apparently have trouble connecting to netflix servers. I will be returning this player. Samsung has lost me as a customer. I will now buy sony or panasonic or LG. Very disappointed.
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on August 5, 2012
I have it connected with HDMI to a Samsung LN32A650 TV

In spite if the reviews, regarding netflix connectivity, after discussing the stores return policy, I decided to take a chance. I am glad I did.

First, the down: It seems to be very slow to get to the menu or to start the disk. Then again, my Panasonic blu ray is a little slow as well. One of the reasons may be that I am in the process of setting up my Harmony One controller and I might not have my key mappings quite right yet.

The middle:
Folks said that they cannot access Netflix or that they have to continually log on and that it updates a lot. I have used Netflix about 15 times and did have to log in 2 times after the initial setup. Both occassions were the result of me playing with the remore. If I use it correctly, I have not been required to enter the login. Regarding the software updating, it has done that once or twice taking about 10 to 15 seconds each time. I do not have an issue with that.

It seems to work with my Harmony One remote. For Netflix, I had to manually map the keys I wanted but it seems to now work as it should. I made a separate activity for the Blu Ray and one for the Netflix. The ony addition was to create an additional button mapped to netflix. I also had to manually map the arrows.I can't fault the product for that.

I have had a problem with one regular DVD playing. It was new DVD and I got a message that it would not work and told me to clean it. I tried it in another DVD player and it worked, I tried it again in the 5700 and it worked. Maybe there was something on it and the 5700 is a little more sensitive that my 5 year old dvd player. Bottom line is it finally wirked

The Blu Ray menu is a bit confusing. I could correct that if I would read the manual. I figured out from the remote how to do what I want to do.

The up:
excellent picture
easy set up - following the directions
the remote that comes with it works well - if used as it is supposed to be used. I noted above that as a result of me playing with it (randomly pressing buttons), I had to relog into netflix twice.

While I would not give it a glowing recommendation because of the time it takes to start, I would certainly suggest that folks seriously consider it. I would also use the caviat that if they get it, read what the manual to learn how to set it up and use the remote. I am very satisfied with it.
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on April 23, 2012
The interface and apps this unit comes with are wide ranging and useful, but the speed at which it accessed them is painfully slow. This was my first blu-ray purchase and I was looking forward to much faster access speeds. (And no it's not the internet connection. I have a 50mb fiber pipe.)

The display and performance is fine with respect to quality. I purchased this one because all my other gear was already Samsung and I was hoping the remotes would be natively interchangable, and they are. If it was faster accessing discs and media I'd be much happier though. It's slower than the six year old DVD player it replaced.
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on February 13, 2013
First off Amazon lists a Firmware Upgrade on their site which will solve issues with this machine. When you follow the link that version is not listed. Nor do any Google searches reveal that particular firmware version.

I bought this on the assumption that installing this upgrade would resolve the problems. On powering it up, it performed several upgrades and the firmware is supposedly up to date, but it bears no resemblance to the version mentioned on Amazon's site !

My goal was to use the Smart Hub features on this player, over playing Discs, so I cannot comment on it's performance with Blu Rays. BUT as a Smart (or rather Dumb) Hub it is absolutely useless.
It would appear that the machine cannot deal with what Netflix and the Plex Media Server throw at lags and takes forever to respond to the remote control. Plus there are serious audio sync issues with both of these apps. It makes no sense to me that a $49 Roku can stream these apps without any of these problems. My reason for wanting the Smart Hub being, I prefer the interface over the Roku.

I spend a fortune with Amazon and have come to believe their listings. That is what upsets me more than anything about this purchase. Why show a firmware update that doesn't exist and lead clients into believing it solves the problems ?
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on December 9, 2012
This thing plays blue ray discs and that's about it. It performs the added features of connecting to a wifi network, accessing apps like netflix, vudu, etc. but performs them so slowly that usage is extremely frustrating. We find we often go to another tv (both farther away from the access point than this player) to watch movies on either a ps3 or roku player (both of which work flawlessly and quickly on our network). We also experienced the annoying 'loading, downloading, updating, starting' messages some of which can only be eliminated by restarting the device. I only have myself to blame in that I should have returned this piece of junk to the store before the return period ran out. This product is an embarrassment to Samsung and it seems like you would really have to try hard to produce such a poor performing product in today's technological marketplace and with competitive products which perform so well. I gave it 1 star because it upconverts/plays standard DVDs and BlueRays reasonably well.
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on June 22, 2012
As others have said, this BluRay does not work with Netflix as advertised. I don't even want to see if it works with other apps, kinda scared to find out because I'd be hotter than a firecracker!! I bought the Samsung brand to accompany my 60-inch Samsung flat screen, especially to watch streaming video. It worked for about 1 month, then the problems occurred. Screen constantly freezes during movies. Or, worse, cannot even connect ~ it freezes & I have to turn everything off & restart. In short, I have a state-of-the-art system that does not work AS ADVERTISED. We have installed the firmware numerous times!! It works for a day or two and then the issues start all over. Arrrggghhhh!!! VERY FRUSTRATING. Btw, no issues with my Sony BluRay & TV in the bedroom, EVER!! Yes, I am ready to throw out this Bluray & buy a Sony!!
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on April 17, 2012
I bought this after seeing my parents' and after watching the painful set-up of my Sony Blu-ray with built in wi-fi. NO COMPARISON. Awesome picture. Great functions. Next TV will be a Samsung to pair with this Blu-ray. My Sony is now in the bedroom hooked up to a Sony TV (settings held during move so didn't have the painful set-up again). Care nothing for 3D, so went without it as I am not a videophile and 3D gives me a headache! Even not paired with Samsung TV, still great.
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on July 29, 2013
I have purchased this and used it only four DVDs up to this point. I have not yet tried it with the Blu-ray. When I brought this I chose this model because the Blockbuster site said it supported the Blockbuster online streaming. When I turned it on blockbuster was there then it Immediately went into an update and deleted Blockbuster. Had I known this was going to happen I would have purchased the Vizio unit I was looking at instead. For the price this is a good deal and better than watching DVDs on the computer.
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