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This is a very nice and lightweight cover that goes above and beyond what previous versions of Amazon-branded e-Ink Kindle covers have done: it is super-compact, lightweight, and holds the Paperwhite about as snug and secure as you can imagine - they have made this cover so that the Kindle fits into a recessed pocket in the cover for a snug fit that you won't have any fear of falling out (like the Kindle 1), the hinge wearing out over time and your Kindle dangling or falling out (like the Kindle 3 / Kindle Keyboard), or some type of fabric wearing out from use (like the Kindle Fire and the Kindle DX).

What is really neat is there is a sensor in the Paperwhite and the cover that allow the Kindle to know when the cover is closed and automatically puts it into sleep mode to conserve battery power - upon opening the flap to read, the Paperwhite automatically wakes up. I'll bet some of you have tried cocking your head at an angle and put your eye up to it to see when the Kindle hits sleep mode and / or wakes up as you close and open the cover (I did!).

I have used this for a little over a week now and it has been able to withstand the rigors of back and forth in my briefcase, numerous sessions of starting and stopping reading, and, unfortunately dropping it on its side twice - and it protected the Kindle like a champ.

It feels good in your hands and compliments the reading experience with your new Paperwhite. The outer cover is a basic leather that feels good and you can get it in a variety of styles - I got the regular black as my other Kindle readers have different colors and I wanted to be able to recognize it quickly from across the room as "mine" vs. another family members' Kindle.

Please note this holder only fits the Kindle Paperwhite and does not fit any other e-Ink Kindle as the dimensions are different.

As I type this review, the price of this cover in black is $39.99 which is a pretty good deal when you compare it to the pricing of the covers for other models of Kindle. I would highly recommend this one in the color of your choosing - you want to protect your investment, and my two drops already in one week show this was a good protection of that investment.

November 8, 2013 Update: I've been using this for over a year now and it is still holding up, and protecting my Paperwhite despite numerous airports, back and forth in my man bag, and several drops onto concrete.
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I am not an Amazon promoter - my Kindle Fire review was a 3 stars - but I've always preferred Amazon's official Kindle covers to 'third parties' when it came to Kindle readers because of their hard to match quality and the way they integrated with the Kindle they were tasked to cover and protect.

This Paperwhite cover is no exception. It's not as technologically sophisticated as the cover for the Kindle 3 (Keyboard) which seamlessly incorporated a pull-out reading light within the cover's body while drawing power from the Kindle itself but the quality is exquisite and it almost literally fits the Paperwhite like a glove.

There's not a lot to say about a 'cover' but here are some of its more notable features, starting with the positives.

- Magnet keeps it closed.
- Some built-in sensor will turn the Kindle on whenever you open the cover (neat).
- Textured surface guarantees a good grip when holding it.
- Flip cover design allows front cover to fold back for one-hand reading (nice).
- Light as a feather. Yes, it does add a little weight to the Paperwhite but only a little.
- With the cover on, the Kindle is significantly smaller, thinner than a paperback and lighter than most.
- Some of the better quality leather I've seen in a 'cover'.

And then, of course, it's the price - not exactly pocket change. Amazon's Kindle covers tend to be expensive but I always felt that it was money well spent for the protection, the added functionality and the stylish design.

And, one more thing. Once your Paperwhite sinks into its cover the two become practically one body which is what this design was intended to accomplish. It is certainly possible to separate them again but it's not quick or easy. This design fits my Kindle-using habits - I never removed the covers off the other Kindles except once on 'day one' just to see that it is possible to do so. If you believe that you are going to take your Kindle in and out of its cover than you should not consider this one.
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In the past, I have always gone with Amazon covers solely for the reason that I need the built in lights, and lighting options from other companies are terrible. With the Paperwhite's new built-in lighting technology, I'm no longer forced to use Amazon and can finally evaluate their covers solely for design and functionality.

The cover design is very similar to the Amazon Kindle Touch Leather Cover. It is a very tight fit, and can take some getting used to to learn how to remove your kindle from it. Although I originally didn't like the Kindle Touch cover because it was such a tight fit, this shouldn't be a problem if you plan to leave your Paperwhite in the cover all the time. It has an area cut out at the bottom for the power button and ac port. The front of the cover is leather, but this time it has a cross-cut textured pattern in it. It looks fairly stylish, and this is an improvement over the Touch cover, which showed scratches and pits in the leather very easily. All of the covers appear to be fairly true to Amazon's images (I have not seen the saddle tan version yet), although the actual Ink Blue cover is a little bit lighter and more distinguishable as blue than what you see in the image. There is a soft felt back on the front of the cover to shield the display when closed.

The Paperwhite pops in to the rubberized back of the case, which hugs it fairly tightly, so there's no chance of it slipping out. Amazon has added a magnetic clasp to the side to keep the cover closed. This was missing on the Touch cover, but I never really found it to be much of an issue with the cover staying closed. The magnet in the clasp is not very strong at all, but it does seem to do the job. It takes almost no force to open it though. The best part about the clasp, is that opening the cover will turn on the Paperwhite, and closing it will put it to sleep, so you never need to use the physical power button at all. If you are left-handed, the cover actually makes it easier to hold the Kindle since you can open it like a book and use the front cover to support it.

- Opening/closing the cover turns on/off the paperwhite without having to use the power button.
- Completely protects the Paperwhite. I can't see any real way for it to get damaged when it is on.
- Makes holding the Paperwhite a bit easier.
- Adds color and makes your Paperwhite a bit more stylish.

- Expensive versus value
- Very tight fit which can make it difficult to remove.
- Adds weight and bulk to the Paperwhite and makes it less "pocketable."

Although I purchased a cover for my Paperwhite to try it out, I don't really like how much bigger the covers make my Kindle. The size difference is fairly small, but that little difference changes the Paperwhite from something I can easily fit in my pocket, to something I can "somewhat" easily fit in my pocket. I also don't like that it covers over the rubberized back of the Paperwhite and effectively makes it a little more difficult to grip, since your hand is holding the felt back which has less friction. But mainly, I just don't like the added size. I think the Paperwhite is almost the perfect form factor on its own and the cover takes away a little bit of that. If you are pretty rough with your electronics or you travel a lot with your Kindle, it may be a nice option, but if you're like me and leave yours on the nightstand a lot, I would recommend holding off on purchasing a cover until after you've spent some time with the Paperwhite on its own and can decide if you really need one. Unless you have the Paperwhite 3G, the price of these devices has gotten so low that the cost of the cover and its intended function should be measured against the cost of the device it is protecting. But it's a very nicely-designed cover and it will keep your Paperwhite in mint condition if that is your main goal.
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I bought the Saddle Tan leather cover - the pebble textured finish is flawless!

In bright lighting/sunlight, the Saddle Tan leather cover appears more a 'dull orange' but in soft white light/low light conditions it appears more 'yellow brown'.


NOTE: The Kindle Paperwhite fits snugly in the leather cover's 'form fitting interior'. It's a really snug fit! It's great knowing that my kindle is secure ... but, this snug fit makes it too difficult to take out and put back in easily. So, if you sometimes like removing your Kindle cover for reading, then I recommend you choose a cover that secures the Kindle with easy to remove and replace straps.

I like being able to fold back the leather cover for reading with one hand ... and the cover's woven nylon fabric inner lining has a nice feel.

The magnetic clasp keeps the cover securely closed without the need for straps. I simply flip open the cover to start reading on my Kindle. When I am finished, I just have to close the cover and my kindle goes to sleep. Now that's user-friendly!

I agree that this leather cover is overpriced. However, it complements the Kindle Paperwhite in both looks and functionality.

Hope my review and photos were helpful ...
Jeffrey A. (Jeff)
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on December 17, 2012
I bought this and the Marware Eco-Vue cover. I liked the Marware cover a lot better for the following reasons.

1) This cover isn't as comfortable to hold. The Marware has leather on the inside cover, but this one has something synthetic that's not that comfortable (even made my hand sweat).
2) Because it wasn't as comfortable to hold I wanted to take the Paperwhite out when I was at home. This was difficult to do and I always felt like I was going to damage the Paperwhite.
3) The "hand strap" on the Marware was surprisingly really nice. I use it almost all the time.
4) I like the elastic strap that holds the Marware open/close better than the magnet on this case. The elastic strap does a better job holding the cover open.
5) The leather on the Marware feels more like premium leather.

What I did like about this case:
1) It's as compact as it could possibly get.
2) Turning it on/off with the magnet is great.
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on May 21, 2014
I love it. Not much else to say really...but for the sake of being somewhat useful to you, I'll try to give some reasons. I was going to cheap out and buy some of the other cool looking 3rd party covers, but this was only $5-$8 more than the others I liked. I chose this over others because:

1- No straps, the Kindle Paperwhite just snaps in and stays in.
2- Autosleep, closing and opening the case automatically puts the Kindle to sleep/wakes it up. Other cases did not offer this. Note: if you have the Kindle with commercials, it wakes up to an advertisement. If you have the ad-free version, it awakes to where you left off.
3- Leather, I love the look and feel of it.

These 3 pros were worth the additional $5 or so over the competition. I had a hard time choosing between colors, but finally decided on the ink blue. I'm glad I did. I love how it looks. I posted some pictures in the gallery that I think do a better job of accurately conveying the color than other images I've seen. It seems like it would do a great job protecting my device...I haven't dropped it yet and don't plan on doing so for the sole sake of writing a more complete review. If I do drop it at anytime in the future, I'll be sure to update you.
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on October 3, 2012
First off, the case is great. I doubt there will be a better fitting case on the market.

However, since Amazon is very focused on selling Kindles with Special Offers now, be warned that Amazon's description of this case's ability to automatically wake the Kindle when you open it to jump back into reading is not true if you have a Special Offer Kindle. You must still swipe across an ad to get into the device.

Once I paid the $20 fee to remove the ads from my Kindle, I could finally enjoy this case as it should be enjoyed.

Amazon should update this page to better clarify that their biggest selling point of their case design doesn't work with all Kindle Paperwhites, as I'm sure many people reading this will have the ad-supported model.
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on November 3, 2012
I love this cover. Very convenient to have the book open when you open the cover. (I have the Paperwhite w/o the special offers.) This cover is light and does not add much weight to the Kindle. I also like that I can put my book in landscape mode then prop the cover open to read hands-free on a table or other hard surface.

This cover adds a lot of value to my Kindle Paperwhite.
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I would enthusiastically give this cover 5 stars except for the design flaw which I'll go into. As a fitted case, it's great. Adds very little to the size and weight, it's secure--that is, the PW just isn't going to fall out of it. I imagine I could throw the PW/case pair around, at the wall, floor, whatever, and that'd eventually kill the PW, but it'd still be securely in the case. Case's magnetic closure works just as it should. I know what I want, and will mention that at the end.

(see the forum discussion of Paperwhite Battery Life). Its design intent is 'close the case, the screen turns off' ('screen off' is as close to fully off as the Paperwhite gets). And of course the obverse: 'open the case, the screen comes on'. Lovely idea. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY.

I was given the PW and this case for Christmas. Immediately charged the PW, loaded all the content from my 1st gen Kindle, then put it in the case. Did my usual bedtime reading (averages about 45 min/night), closed the case. Same the next night. THIIRD night, the PW was fully discharged. Charged it up, started watching--by 24 hours after a full charge, with only 30 min of reading, the battery indicator was under half. I really monitored this closely for a couple weeks and it was consistent--the battery indicator would reliably drop from full to half or less in 24 hours with the case closed.

Started searching on "Paperwhite Battery Life" and found that there are a bunch of folk finding the same thing I found: if you use this case, you'll be charging the PW at least once a week, more likely twice/week. Thought to myself, 'well, let's see'.

So. Took PW out of the case (with some effort--the fit is very tight and that's a Good Thing. Charged it up, read my usual amount, shut off the screen, slept. Rinse and repeat for over a week--the battery indicator is showing about 75%. In fact, in the month-plus since I took the case off, the only times I've put it on the charger, usually my PC, is when I've loaded new content. I figure I'll let the battery indicator get down to around 25% then load more content and fully charge it. Right now, it's at about half, and 2 weeks have elapsed since last charge. This is consistent with the advertised battery life of 28 days @ 1/2 hour reading per day. I think it's likely better than that.

I miss the case. Given that I'm a bit of a klutz, there's always the chance I'll spill something in the area where the PW is--the case would block that. And yes, I slightly miss the 'auto-off' and even the 'auto-on'. But those things aren't worth the having to charge PW 2-3 times per week.

So here's what I want--Amazon, listen up: I want the same case WITHOUT the 'auto-on/auto-off' sensor. I also would rather like it if Amazon would accept my GF's returning the case for merch. credit.

In short: It's a very nicely done case but with one fatal flaw which renders it unacceptable. Maybe others have found the auto-on/auto-off (in particular the 'off') to work as they should--lucky them.
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on October 3, 2012
I have bought and made cases for my Kindle Keyboard and my iPad. I have spent a lot of money on some iPad cases (Piel Frama leather cases which are very nice!) I am picky on what a case should be and how it should work with a device. I almost didn't buy the Amazon Kindle PW Leather Cover. But the reviews mentioned how it worked like Apple's iPad cover with built in magnets that would turn on and off the Kindle. I thought it sounded nice enough to go ahead and try it. I am glad I did. And I don't think I will need another case for my Kindle than this one. The leather is adequate quality. The leather has a pattern impressed on it. It feels nice, like reading a leather Bible. The Kindle fits snuggly in a plastic tray which is shaped like the back of the Kindle PW. There is no latch or band to hold the case closed or any bands over the front of the Kindle keeping it in place. The case is nice looking; it feels nice; it makes holding the Kindle more like a small paperback book. And the automatic off when the cover closes and automatic on to the lock screen when the cover is opened is a pleasant feature. The soft inside cover will help protect the screen from scratches. The case is not padded as some cases, so it adds very little thickness to the Kindle. It appears that it is well made and will be durable. I bought the Onyx Black Leather case -- it looks real classy.

In the short time I have been using my new Kindle, I can tell that I like the new Kindle PW but I want to use it for a while before I will consider doing a review of it. But I was so impressed by this case, I thought I should write this review right away. Perhaps you are on the fence, deciding whether or not to order the case with your Kindle. I wanted this review out there for your consideration; I want to urge you to go ahead and get the case. I am really glad I did.
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