Customer Reviews: WordPerfect Office X6 Home & Student [Download]
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on July 4, 2012
I work for an attorney in a law office and am a free-lance writer as well. I have used the Wordperfect software for the last twenty years in all my writing and wouldn't dream of touching anything else. The software quite simply does everything I need and does it easily, and the most recent addition of letting me create a PDF version of my document with one click is just some welcomed icing on the cake. While I concede this software may not be right for someone who does only a little word processing, if you're serious about doing a document and doing it RIGHT and easily, buying and learning to use Wordperfect is, to me, the only way to go!
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on July 14, 2012
Corel WordPerfect Office X6 Home & Student
Before you try loading the CD turn OFF all virus protection and fire walls. Or you will have nothing but errors while trying to load the program. After turning everything off it loads and installs with no problems. Be sure to turn everything back on before you let WP access the internet for any updates it needs. If this is a new install or an upgrade you will like the changes this version offers. One nice thing you can save in over 60 file types. Comes with WinZip (a nice program) A nice surprise the disk is good for 3 install. No wear did I see that in the product description. And be sure to write down the serial numbers some place you will not lose it. Or you end up with a use less CD. I've been using Word Perfect before it was taken over by Corel and highly recommend it today.
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There's still a lot of talk about whether WordPerfect/ Suite is compatible with Microsoft Office. The answer was and the answer still is "yes."

I've owned WordPerfect "X5" since 2010 and installed it on Windows XP Home. It worked perfectly. In fact, I measured it against the then-current Microsoft Office suite and the then-current Open Office Suite.

A side by side comparison of the features, price, support and license(s) clearly shows that WordPerfect is by FAR the best office suite available today.

*** X6 Features ***

As in the previous release, X6 offers Corel's version of popular office suite app's like:

word processor--WordPerfect ( Microsoft Word)
spreadsheet--Quattro Pro (Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3)
slideshow--Presentations (Microsoft Powerpoint)
digital notebook/ assistant--Corel WP Lightning (Microsoft OneNote)


WP integrates (via WinZip Courier) with...
Microsoft Outlook (2003, 07, 2010)

WinZip 16 (document/ file compression)
WinZip Courier (email compression app)
Training videos (covering the whole suite)

And, built in features in the suite...

900 TrueType fonts
10,000 clipart images
300 templates
175 digital photos
The Pocket Oxford Dictionary (pdf)
WordPerfect XML Project Designer
Batch Conversion Utility (to convert Word documents to WordPerfect documents)

One of the biggest differences between WordPerfect and Word is that WP Office can open and edit MORE THAN 60 different current and obsolete file formats. So, if you have old or foreign files, it's a very good chance that WordPerfect can open and edit these files.

The best way to determine if you'd like to upgrade from an earlier version of WordPerfect (I don't think it's necessary to upgrade from X5) or Microsoft Office is simple...

Download a trial version from Corel site...
Open any Microsoft Word document (edit, save)
Open any Microsoft Excel document (edit, save)
Open any Microsoft PowerPoint file...

This proves compatibility.

*** Price ***

Corel WordPerfect X6 (Home/Student) ... $84.99 (retail)--3 computers
Microsoft Office (Home/Student 2010)....$124.99 (retail)--3 computers

WordPerfect-- $28.33/ computer
Microsoft-- $41.67/ computer

And, I tested out WordPerfect X6 on Windows 8.

*** Conclusion ***

The only reason why WordPerfect hasn't overtaken Microsoft in popularity and use is because most people don't know there's a credible alternative to Microsoft.

Corel hasn't released a Mac version of the WordPerfect suite, or a iPad and Android version. (This is a critical business error)

Corel has not expanded it's visibility by the mass media.

Having said all of this, if you are looking to upgrade your office suite and you're inclined to re-purchase Microsoft Office (which is the standard bearer) and you have the newest Microsoft OS--Windows 8 (or going back to XP) or if you have a virtual OS like the excellent VMware Fusion with a Microsoft OS installed....then,

Corel's WordPerfect Office suite X6 is a stellar buy.
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on July 14, 2012
I'm surprised by Tottenham's experience with WordPerfect. Unless this version is vastly inferior to anything WordPerfect has done in more than 20 years (I haven't loaded this version yet), formatting is quite a bit easier than Word and you can, indeed, save documents in Word format. Formatting shows you the margins as faint lines on the page. You can drag them anywhere or drag a portion of them anywhere. You can also select Reveal Codes (Alt + F3) to see and delete any accidental keystrokes that are messing up your document (such as an Enter key that you didn't know you hit).

To save in Word format, select SAVE AS and click on the spot in the pop-up menu that lets you choose file type. When you later open the document in Word, you may have a little re-formatting to do, but this is not unusual when shifting documents from one program to another.

To save in a more universal format, choose RTF (rich text format) from the SAVE AS menu.

WordPerfect is also--or has always been--much easier to create outlines in than Word has ever been (although I actually use PowerPoint for creating outlines as it works better than either for this purpose).

I do use Word because that's all my employer provides, but I create and edit documents in WordPerfect first, then use the save as feature to convert them to Word. This strategy saves time and headaches.
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on December 8, 2012
The Corel WordPerfect Office Suite X6 will not work completely if you are running Windows 8 with an ATI Graphics card or an APC processor (AMD), [APC = The Graphics processor is on board the CPU]. This is from the Technical Support Team at Corel.Com. So, if you are having this problem, they are working on a solution. It happens when you try to run Quattro Pro X6, you will get nothing {as in the program won't even start} or if it does start, the program will have a blue transparency over the program screen. At which time the program will freeze or crash your computer. I have been using WordPerfect since DOS version 5.1 (1992). This is the first time I have had a problem with this suite. WordPerfect X6 the word processing program and the Presentation program are not affected. I will now use Libre Office 3.6 for all my spreadsheets. Hopefully Corel will have a fix soon!
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Those familiar with Corel WordPerfect will find most of the same features and great tools included in this X6 version as there was in past suites, with the biggest differences being several new more modern features added in as well. One new tool allows you to create e-books by publishing your work in the "MOBI" format, where you can then upload the file to Amazon and people with Kindles, using the Kindle app for PC or Kindle apps for smart phones can download your work. There is a preview mode now, that lets you see your work in Windows Explorer before saving it. The multiple monitor feature allows you to work on several files at the same time, on different screens. This is done basically the same as opening several documents at a time on one screen, but X6 now supports being able to have different documents open on each screen, at the same time. My favorite feature is the PDF editors. I use PDF files every day with my work. I upload PDF files often to several websites, so that my co-workers clients are able to read and download necessary forms for filling out. While PDF's are one of the easiest files to work with for customers/clients, they can be a pain when a small detail in their text needs editing. Now I can now import PDF documents into X6 and edit them, then re-save them. Also many of the people I work with now use e-fax to send me documents. This typically turns the documents faxed over into PDF's. This ends up being extra work for me, since I need the text from all those forms that have now been turned into PDF's. Now I can import the PDF into X6 and reuse the text elsewhere, without re-typing everything.

All the newest Microsoft files types are compatible with x6, including the ".docx" file type. WinZip, PaperPort, Quattro Pro and several training videos for these programs is also included in this suite. You can install this on up to 3 different PCs, and as of right now, it's compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP (both 32 bit and 64 bit systems). There's no mention as of yet if this will work on Windows 8 when it comes out. Keep in mind, if you are planning on using WordPerfect X6 on a system using Windows XP, the disks for this are DVD's not CD's, so your optical drive needs to be able to read DVD format (older XP computers often used CD drives, not DVD). Also you will need at least 1.1 GB of space on your hard drive to install this, something to keep in mind if you are using a netbook or laptop with a smaller hard drive. It's a big, powerful program, packed with over 10,000 clip art images, hundreds of templates, almost 1000 fonts, etc. I've always preferred WordPerfect over Word, and with the included PDF editing tools, I love it even more.
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on November 17, 2012
Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This office suite from Corel provides very capable alternatives to the applications found in Microsoft Office. Its WordPerfect, Quattro, Presentation, and Lightning applications are the respective alternative to Microsoft Office's Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote application. The suite does include other productivity tools as well, the most useful of which -- from my perspective -- is the PaperPort application from Nuance, which allows one to scan documents into searchable PDFs that can also be annotated afterwards. So, for example, if you have receipts that you'd like to archive for tax management or documentation purposes, you can use the PaperPort application to initiate a document scan, ask it to save it as a searchable PDF, then add "sticky" notes to the produced PDF to capture any thoughts or reminders you want to get saved along with the digital image of the scanned receipt.

The WordPerfect Lightning application, like Microsoft's OneNote, is for organized note-taking. If you're using WordPerfect to write an article or a book, you can use Lightning to capture ideas or save research notes.

The Quattro and Presentation productivity tools look and work more or less the way Microsoft's Excel and PowerPoint applications worked 10 years ago. While less powerful than recent versions of Excel and PowerPoint, they're capable enough to handle the usually non-complex data-analysis and presentation needs of a typical student or home office user.

WordPerfect is, of course, the crown jewel in this office suite. It imports Word documents with very good fidelity to the original formatting, but sometimes with minor errors (such as extra page breaks) that result from the different ways the two applications format documents. In my opinion, WordPerfect's method for document formatting leads to fewer surprises and difficulties than Word's. If you've ever deleted a few letters in Word, only to find that that the format of a whole paragraph changed unexpectedly, you'll appreciate WordPerfect's "code-based" formatting method.

Unlike Word's Ribbon interface, WordPerfect still uses drop-down menus. You can select a menu that mimics the old Microsoft Word menus, and a Customize tool lets you easily change the menus around to fit your needs. I tend to prefer drop-down menus to ribbon interfaces because from experience, I've been able to recover more easily from "navigational" problems when working with drop-down menus than when working with ribbon interfaces.

Both WordPerfect and Word have capabilities that the other doesn't have. Examples: A built-in Redaction tool in WordPerfect makes it easy to blank out confidential data--a feature that requires an unsupported add-on in Word. Also, WordPerfect lets me specify that a document will always print on both sides of the page, while Word requires me to always specify this at print time. Additionally, WordPerfect allows margins and spacing to be adjusted in a simple click with its "Make It Fit" capability. Unlike Word, however, in WordPerfect, you can't split a document window to edit, say, the first and last page of a file on the same screen. Also, WordPerfect still doesn't include a built-in function that can replace, say, underlining with italics.

This edition of the office suite does not support conversions of documents from WordPerfect to PDF formats and vice versa (but the standard and professional editions do). All of the productivity tools in this suite are easy to learn and use, but newbies can get help from the included video and instructional tutorials.
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on March 24, 2013
I have been with WordPerfect since the days of DOS. I had X6 on my old windows xp 32 bit computer and just installed it on my newly built Windows 7 64 bit 'puter. Unlike the older install, Quattro Pro will not open .xls or .xlsx files. Same files which opened on the older computer with the same version of WP. Tried everything I could think of - repairs, uninstalls, reinstalls, changing compatiblilty options to every version of windows listed, etc. etc. The MS Excel file will open for a moment then I get a QP has stopped working ... Windows will close the program ... message. The only .xls file it would open is a file I had saved on my old computer which I had opened in QP and re-saved as an .xls file. Its not corrupt files - these files will open with MS Excel and on my old system with QP X6. Very dissapointing as it removes the advantage of sticking with Corel, since compatibility with MS products is a must. To add to the frustration emails to customer support remain unanswered and I joined the Corel online Forum only to discover there is no way to post ... filled in the post form many, many time and it jsut went blank when I tried to post it. What a bunch of crap. After all of these years I guess I'm done with WordPerfect.

UPDATE: After about one dozen exchanges with Corel tech support I finally figured out the problem on my own... tech support was friendly, but not very proactive. Turns out if there are characters like @,+,-, etc., other than letters in a cell which is just a label, not a formula, Quattro Pro thinks its an error and crashes. I tested it by methodically going through a spreadsheet and removing these labels, leaving only alphanumeric characters, and was able to open the excel spreadsheet which previously crashed QP. Of course I had to use MS Office to open the files and muck with them! I explained this in detail to tech support ... its been over a month and they are still "looking into it". A very glaring bug in an otherwise good office package - you would think their programmers would be all over this with a fix, but nothing yet. I ended up finding a great deal on MS Office and bought a new version of it, so really it was a waste to buy WordPerfect. Also note, turns out my previous install of X6 on my older Windows XP computer does the same thing ... I didn't notice it because most of the excel files I was opening then didn't have these non-alpha characters in label fields.
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on March 14, 2013
Updated 04/10/13

I've been watching the price for WP X6 wander from $58 to $89 for a few months now. When it dropped to $40, I pounced. For that price, you can't go too wrong.

I upgraded from WP version 12 mostly to get a newer dictionary and grammar checker. (I think Word still has a better grammar checker. It seems to catch more subtle grammar errors than WP, even with Grammatik set in its strictest mode.) And I bought it to get the PaperPort software.

Update: Turns out that Dragon Naturally Speaking (v 10.1 for 64 bit) doesn't work as well with WP v16 as it did with WP v12. I use Dragon for revising manuscripts. I use the mouse to select a word, speak the correction, and move on. Used to work fine. Now, with WP v16, I have to manually add a space when it inserts the new word. I may go back to WP v12 for that reason alone.

You can read the 5 star reviews by others if you want to hear the happy stuff. This review will tell you about the nits, starting with the installer.


Bought the boxed version of X6 from Amazon. (Empty box with DVD only. No printed manual.) Just installed it tonight.

Out of the box, Service Pack 1 had already been incorporated into the build. In my case (Win 7-64, SP1, all recent updates) WP wouldn't launch after install, so I had to update it. That means you have to go to Corel's website and download SP 2 and possibly a hotfix if you're a Quarttro Pro user. (Or use the built in msi updater. I prefer the former and have disabled the msi updater.)

For the main program, they've made the install easier, in that the days of about 100 subcategories to choose from are gone. But while you can install the Office suite to a drive other than C:, you cannot do that for the add on Paperport. And one of the reasons I upgraded was for Paperport SE12. But I don't like having applications installed on C:. (Makes backups more problematic.) If nothing else, you'll want to create another Paperport folder on another (data) drive.

Also, the initial dialogue of the font/clipart installer is in French. Eh bien. (The latter two installers are old WinXP looking msi installers, showing that you're getting software that has been lying on the shelve for a while.)

The PDF fusion product is only a 30 day trial for the "advanced" feature which is a handy PDF re-arranger thingie. That is, you can open view various files (DOCX for example) along side a PDF of yours, says, and interweave pages from the DOCX in your PDF and resave as a PDF. After 30 days your saved compilation will have a water mark. I like it but not after 30 days.

If you install the extras (PaperPort, for example), the installer installs 2005 versions of Microsoft's C++ redistributable, whether you need it or not.

[After restoring my drive and goofing around a lot, I ended up installing the add on programs directly from their msi files in their individual directories. That bypassed installing the old C++ stuff and some of the other scripts. For example, I already have Foxit Reader installed for PDF's and I trust that. So I didn't bother installing Nuance's PDF Reader Plus, which is automatically installed, whether you want it or not, from the main interface when you install Paperport.]

It offered to uninstall my old Corel 12. Not sure if that's a good idea until you're sure everything is working okay in v16. (Update: Leave your old version of WP installed.) It offered to migrate my old settings from v12 to v16. But it didn't migrate my recent files, like it said it would.

While it does seem to remember some of your old settings from WP12, it's not quite a full "migration" because you have to go through and retweak things the way you had them. (For example, my envelopes were set for #10. Had to go back in and tell it that. Same with curly quotes v. straight, etc.) So I should have left WP 12 installed, just so I could compare how I had set things up in the older program.

After install, I used Autoruns to disable a couple of software update programs that it wanted to start up without my permission.

Update: It also installs Protexis, a licensing service. You have to let it phone home once initially. But I have a pretty good firewall (Comodo) and stopped the program from "phoning home" every time I started it. I disabled the Protexsis service in Windows. Will see if I get locked out 30 days from now. WP v12 did not have this "feature."


Let me offer that one of the reasons for buying the WP Office suite is the underrated Presentations program.

Presentations started out as a drawing program way back in version 3. (I forget from where. It was bought from another company.) It was given some macro's to make it a PowerPoint equivalent.

I almost never use it for making a presentation. PowerPooint is easier for that. At its core, Presentations is really a drawing program. In fact, now in the Start menu, they offer two versions of Presentations - opening it in the drawing mode or the "powerpoint" mode.

But if you need to do some really clever things with layers of bitmaps and vectors, Presentations is hard to beat. I have Corel PaintShop Pro X and I cannot do the tricks with vector graphics that I can do in Presentations. (Or, if I could, not as easily.) In fact, if I have a bitmap background and want to add callouts, text, etc. to it, I do it in Presentations and then "print" that to a jpeg for importing somewhere else.

Hard to describe, but, for example, you can set Bézier curves in Presentations. I have not come across another program that does that or offers the point edit commands in vector graphics as this. You can snap to grid, trace bitmap to vector, and the like. My business partner and I made an award winning graphic used by a major aerospace company using Presentations that would have been impossible to do in any other program I've come across so far.

So if you want to annotate a graphic, give Presentations a try.


Sorry, never had a need to use a spreadsheet. Didn't install it this time round. WP has an equation editor of its own for smallish spreadsheet stuff if you need it in a document.


I installed "Lighting" but haven't had a need yet to use it. I'll report when I do. (Update: I really don't get the idea of Lightning. Haven't used it because I haven't needed it.)


The clipbook is supposed to be a multi-clipboard, which can be really useful. You have to customize the keyboard short cuts to get it to work right.

It also is a network clipboard. I used to have a freeware program that did that, and found it very nice to be able to copy and paste across multiple computers on a network. Nowadays I use TeamVeiwer for that.


I've used PaperPort since the Win95 days and it's a nifty way to scan and save documents. Perhaps one of the more desirable features is that it has OCR built in. (Although it won't try to preserve formatting (tables, column, etc.) like a full blown OCR program would.)

I have a freeware program, FreeOCR, which works fine for OCR, but it only does a page at a time. Whereas PaperPort will OCR an entire stack of scanned pages.

As I said above, PaperPort will install to your C: drive whether you want it to or not. So after you install, move the default PaperPort folder to your data drive to make backups easier.
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on June 18, 2013
While Word has a greater following, and there is certainly something to be said for compatibility, I have found Wordperfect to be a superior program for banging out documents. Wordperfect can do three major things that Word cannot do:
1. Wordperfect allows you to see all of the embedded formatting codes within your document. This makes it easy to visualize what is going on with the formatting. Once the codes are visible, you can simply delete a code and wipe out that format change, or you can click on the format code and edit it. With Word, you cannot see the formatting codes. You can keep making changes, but you are always working in the dark, not quite knowing what is there controlling your document or exactly where the formatting code takes effect.
2. Wordperfect allows you to insert a saved document into the current document. Lets say you have boilerplate paragraphs that are saved as individual files. You can hit Alt-I and then I, and you can bring a file from the disk directly into the current document. Word does not let you bring a saved document directly into the current document. You have to bring it up in a separate window, then block and copy that portion into the current document, then close the window for the boilerplate paragraph. That's a lot of clumsy compared to just popping it in right where you want it to go.
3. Wordperfect will let you preview documents without actually opening them. Let's say there are several potential files that you want to review, just to see what is there. If the documents have a similar root, for example they all start with Jones, you can ask for a list of Jones*, and you will see a list of everything that starts with Jones. There is a preview icon on the toolbar with the directory list. When active, preview uses the right portion of the screen to preview the document, while the left portion continues to show the directory you asked to see. Then you can click on each item from the list and read what is there, one after the other, without opening (or having to close) each document. With Word, you would have to get your potential list, open the first document into a new window, see that it is not what you want, then close the window, then go back to a directory request again and start over.

Wordperfect allows you to record macros and assign macros or keystrokes to keys. Word does this also, but I am just saying this has the bells and whistles you need in a full featured word processor. The macros can even take on the complexity of programming. Wordperfect does everything you may need to do with a word processor, including support for graphics, colors, page numbering, numbered lines, highlighting, fonts, strikeout, comparison of different documents, password protection, templates, and creating an index dynamically linked to each page with the specified content. In Wordperfect, the F10 key is not assigned. I have found it very useful to define the F10 key with the command to print the current page. I need to print the current page quite often, and this way I can do it by just hitting one key. I have also defined the NUM+ key to cycle the window to the next open document. If you have several open windows with documents, it is very handy to be able to just pop from one open document to the next. You can even write a macro that will flip to the next window. For example if you have a long mailing list in one window, a macro could block the address, move it to the window with an envelope format, print it, clear the envelope, move back to the mailing list, go down for the next address, and repeat. The trick to automating word processing is to be consistent in the way everything is entered. That way, you can apply a macro and it will always work the same each time. Another tip is that when I bring up a blank letter format, there is already a blank envelope format attached as the last page. To copy the address block from the letter onto the envelope, I start by putting the cursor within the address block, then I run the macro (which can also be assigned to keystrokes, such as Alt-E.) The macro looks for two carriage returns above, starts blocking, then looks for two carriage returns below, copies the blocked text, moves to the end of the document and inserts it, and voila, by just hitting ALT-E you have addressed your envelope. It is also helpful to define the insert key as paste-unformatted. If you copy something from the internet and use Control-V to insert it, it will retain the formatting of the original, which usually means a different font. If you use paste-unformatted, the inserted portion will take on the formatting of the document it is copied into. Wordperfect tries to enable compatibility with the then current version of Word, although Word does not try to be compatible with Wordperfect. That means you can save from Wordperfect in a Word format, and you can open documents that are saved as Word documents. Wordperfect gives you more options for formats to save documents, including PDF, RTF, HTML, and some older programs. You can fax directly from the program, without having to print the document first.

The Office suite comes with presentations and a spreadsheet, which are supposed to be compatible with those counterparts in Word Office. I have not used those programs. Wordperfect does everything you need in word processing, and in some cases some things that even Word cannot do. It is robust and does not hang up. I think it is more intuitive and gives me the control to see and do exactly what I want. Lastly, if you do real hard core typing, you will really enjoy a good mechanical keyboard. The keyboards that come with computers just don't cut it for heavy duty typing. A good mechanical keyboard (called mechanical because they have switches rather than membranes) will run between $80 to $160, but you will really enjoy typing if you get one. There is a range of choices depending on the resistance and the click that suits you.
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