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on October 27, 2012
I bought two of these on Woot. I was really nervous about the inflatable aspect but these boards are fantastic, I'd buy them again and recommend them to anyone. The best parts:

- The 6" thickness is a big deal. I went out with a friend who had an NRS 4-inch inflatable and it was much less stable and her feet were in the water a lot. My feet never got wet and I was high above the water. Her board cost almost twice what mine did and I wouldn't have traded mine for it, and NRS is a great company I really like and respect. I just think 6 inches is a LOT better than 4 once you try it.

- It's hard to believe they are inflatable once you see them blown up. I've taken out about 10 people and always had a great time with no issues, even in choppy water, even on midnight paddleboard excursions out in the wind. They are the real deal, I'd choose them over a fiberglass board for the weight/storage aspect

- You can just keep them inflated and put them on top of your car to take them back and forth (see below)

- I took mine out every day once I got them and just loved it. I was on pretty choppy water and I thought it was fun, took them across a lake on a 4-mile round trip in some chop and had a blast with my friend even though it took forever. The fiberglass boards I've used had more power in choppy water but that's simply due to the heavier weight, they stayed on course a bit better, but I'd still buy this over a fiberglass board

- The PRICE is great. Each board cost me exactly what it would cost to rent 9 times where I live. I took them out that many times in the first few weeks I got them. Many of my friends rented boards all summer and might have been better off just buying one of these

- It is a great core workout and you don't even notice how much exercise you're getting since it's so fun

-I'm hoping to take mine hiking and into some great, off-the-beaten path water next summer - a great advantage of inflatable boards!

- Storage is very easy during the winter and I love that

- The paddle is good and I like it. I don't see why you'd need a different one.

- The pump is apparently as good as it gets. I had hoped to upgrade it but when I went to a local watersports store they said this pump is a standard, high-quality SUP pump and due to the adapter it'd be hard to replace with a different one. I'd love to hear in the comments if anyone found differently because I'm pretty small and would be happy to pay more for an easier/faster pump of any kind that had a compatible adapter. I'd love for Tower to offer an upgraded pump, I'd buy it as I found pumping with this pump to be a workout in itself

- I loved having two. I got a great deal and know that isn't an option for everybody, but it was really fun to invite people to the lake by my house without them having to rent a board. For me, I was either going to get two or zero as I love paddleboarding but it's much more fun with another person

The cons/things to know: - none of these are bad enough to lose a star off this review, just things you should know/small nitpicking

- It doesn't come with ANY instructions or paperwork and you have to look everything up on their website in the FAQs. When you make a purchase like this you'd expect at least a one-pager with things like "inflate to 11 psi" and "the handle thing is only for emergencies" and "here's how to take care of this giant inflatable object so you don't destroy it" and thanks for buying, here's info about warranties, accessories, etc. Even the dumbest little things I buy online come with instructions so I don't know why $600 sports gear wouldn't.

- Know that uninflated they are still nearly 30 pounds with everything so it's something to consider if you, like me, are planning to take them hiking to interesting places. You'll want a bag. The only bag I could find that would fit a board, paddle, pump, life jacket was this and it's very huge and basic with no pockets. Northstar 1050 HD Tuff Cloth Diamond Ripstop Series Gear/Duffle Bag (18-Inch x 42-Inch). If anyone has found a better bag or backpack I'd love to hear about it in the comments. I'd buy a compatible backpack from Tower if they offered one.

- I'm a small girl and had a tough time inflating them to 11 psi and had to get help to do that each time so I finally got sick of inflating them and just kept them inflated until the end of the season. It's easy to put them on your car (as long as you have cross bars), get 2 styrofoam kayak/canoe blocks and two tie-down straps. Something similar to this: SportRack ABR525 Standard Block Island 12-Inch Kayak Kit

- Each time you roll them up you need to take the fin on and off. This means using a quarter to screw and unscrew a little bolt that attaches the fin. That bolt is tiny and very easy to lose! I went on their website and ordered a few extra screws and a spare fin to have on hand [...]

- Other accessories you might want - get a life jacket, no matter how awesome it is it's still inflatable and you never know. And with a lifejacket you can be more confident and go more places. If you get some caribeaners you can attach them to the d-rings on the boards and bring stuff with you on your board (I have a water bottle I can attach to the front d-ring that way). I got this little drybag for my phone/camera: Kwik Tek Dry Pak PDA GPS Pocket PC Case (5-Inch x 8-Inch) and this little cheap waterproof watch since I was going out by myself so much and wanted to be back in time for dinner Armitron Women's 256347BLK Easy to Read Instalite Black Nylon Velcro Strap Sport Watch

Overall it's one of the best purchases I've made online and a really great bang for the buck.
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on August 6, 2012
Verified Purchase
I'm giving this 5 stars based on the quality of the board itself. More on the other equipment in a minute. It took me about 5-10 minutes to pump it up. The gauge was a little erratic, but it looked to be about 11psi. The Tower Adventure is every bit as rigid as they describe! Take a look at Tower's website for pictures. The 6 inch thickness gives you enough floatation and rigidity for riders of just about any size. I'm mid-size, and I can get another small or mid size person on the front while I paddle if I want. Tracking is fair; the fin setup is probably the best they can do on an inflatable, but it's not going to be the same as a hard board. Stability is good, but maybe only 85% as stable as a hard board. It's not too bad a trade-off when you consider it's a board that can roll up and fit into a large duffel bag. I was wondering if this was going to be a 'toy' - something that superficially resembled a paddle board but wasn't made to do the things a paddle board can do. I'm happy to say it's nothing like that at all. It's a real paddle board.

I'd describe the bundled pump and paddle as decent backups or something that may last a season while you think about upgrading. If that isn't what you had in mind, consider just getting the board itself and getting your own paddle (Werner and Sawyer make high quality 3-piece paddles for transportability) and a more durable pump (K-pump or NRS make them).

Pros: It's good for generally flat water, beginners, or as a board for someone of any ability to toss in the trunk on the way to the beach or to take on a plane trip. Better quality than anything else I could find at this price point.
Cons: The bundled equipment.
Neither a pro or a con, but remember the trade-off: it's not a hard board, though it's about 85% of the way there. You'll see the differences in wind and chop. For a real challenge, try upwind in choppy conditions!
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on August 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
Review edited below: glued seal simply came apart about 5 inches in two separate places.

I purchased this product for eventual use in the Virgin Islands, but took it out to the lake to test out when it arrived. It worked great! Even before taking it out we blew it up to 11 psi and put a foot of each end on a chair, suspending the vast majority of the board in the air. I am 6'4" 225 lbs. and I actually stood in the middle of the board and it fully supported me! An extremely small amount of bowing in the middle. Seems very sturdy and worked great! I have never been on a hard paddle board but needed something that was more transportable and this will work nicely. The board worked great in the water and when we were done deflating it was a snap. The pumping up was not too hard --- a little resistance should be expected to get the board as hard as it is. So far am very satisfied.

Edit 1: the original pump failed after 6 or 7 times blowing it up. I contacted tower, the mfg, and they were very very helpful. The pump I originally received was different than the current pump this package now comes with. Tower shipped me the new pump that same day at no charge to me. I haven't used it yet but it seems to be more sturdily built than the original one that broke. Such great customer service is hard to to find these days and I would definitely recommend tower
paddle boards to anyone!!!!

Edit 2: 2-17-15
I purchased this board on 8-6-12. We had taken it down to St. Thomas where it was only used a few weeks out of the year for the previous two years. The board had worked well up to this point, which is why we were so surprised after only owning the board for about two and a half years, a 5 inch gap simply opened on the end where the glued seam had failed and all the air rushed out. No one was even using the board. It was just sitting on the beach and the seal just burst. We only had it inflated to about 10 psi which is well below what this board is supposed to handle. At this point, we are very disappointed with this purchase. The board was great while it lasted, but for something that costs this much to only last for about 2.5 years without heavy use is a real disappointment.

Edit 3: 3-2-15
When the first seam opened, I contacted Tower customer service and was told to use the glue and patches. As instructed, I glued the seam and let it dry the required amount of time. Once the seal was dry I blew the board up to about three PSI in order to see if there were any leaks. The seal seemed to hold so I left the air in overnight to make sure before we were going to take it back out on the water. The next morning the paddleboard had completely deflated, but it wasn't because of the first seal. A second 5 to 6 inch gap had opened on the opposite end of the paddleboard. At this point it seems that it just took about 2 1/2 years time and very light use for the glue to wear out. While the board was great while it lasted, the lack of durability was very disappointing. I'm just glad no one was way out on the water when the seals failed and the board deflated. I will post a picture of the second failed seam.
review image
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on August 30, 2012
I purchased this for portability and space saving. Used a Hard SUP several times over the summer. Decided to take a chance since the price was more reasonable for me. I took it out to a local lake for the maiden voyage. Easy to inflate and set up by myself. Try as I may, I couldn't get the pressure gage to read over 5psi (as much as I'd like to think that the gage is broken, I think it is just one sign that I need to do a LOT more paddling for arm strength :) ). When inflated, the board is quite stiff. Easy to carry by myself (5'4", 135). My feet never got wet. The board is pretty stable (although slightly less than a hard board). I was able to maneuver around with ease. There was a 10 knot wind. Found paddling into the wind to be a bit challenging, wouldn't recommend getting too far from where you want to take out if it's very windy. In the calmer waters the board worked great. Pretty speedy. Didn't fall off and stayed dry the entire time. Pulled it out of the water, deflated it and did a quick roll up in about 5 minutes. Got home and hosed it off. One of the bottom "permanent" fins was a little bent when I unpacked the unit. Remember someone else making the same comment. While the unit dries in the sun, I am trying to manipulate the fin to be a bit straighter. It's a hard sort of shiny rubber material, hopefully the heat will do the trick. The main fin is attached with a small bolt. The hole wasn't perfectly lined up so it took my helpful hubby pushing on the fin while I put the bolt in place and tightened it. Afraid that if I remove that fin I will need another pair of hands to put it back on. It won't roll up as tight with the fin on, so I will have to think about this. All in all, this board works well for this beginner/intermediate. Paddle is adjustable for height and fairly light weight. Did have to empty some water out of the shaft when I took it apart. The bicycle style pump is easy to use. Took about 6 minutes for me to inflate the board. Overall I would recommend this board for lakes or rivers/high streams without sharp rocks. Seems to provide a pretty good core workout. Fun way to excercise.


I have now owned this board for two seasons. Brought it out for this summer's paddling and still works great. I haven't experienced any leaks, just a few blemishes (cosmetic) from occasionally running over branches in the river. The pump and board are holding up fine. At the end of last season, the paddle adhesive gave out. I can still put the paddle together but had to use duct tape to keep the bottom section in place. Of all of the components of this trio, the paddle is the week link. Still works well enough for me and I haven't replaced it yet. I have also tried to figure out why the inflation valve is on the end of the board opposite the fin.When rolling up the board, unless you want to remove the fin every time, you must start at the front end and roll back toward the fin.A lot of air gets trapped and gives you a big bundle rolled up. I have found that if the board is COMPLETELY dry, you can attach your vacuum hose and suck out most of the air. This gives you a pretty small roll without having to remove the fin, and it still fits nicely in the back of the car. I am still very happy with this purchase and have enjoyed using this board.
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on December 2, 2014
I bought this board about two years ago when I lived on the water in Florida. I have since moved, so it's taking up space in my garage, but I can give you the low down of two years of pretty heavy use as both a SUP and regular 'water toy'.

My experience with SUP...
-Never owned anything but this board
-Have paddled a lot of middle quality rigid boards
-Have paddled once or twice on a nice race quality rigid board

As a SUP...
-It's long, which makes up for the stability you lose being slightly higher off the water than on a rigid board
-If you paddle pretty hard/fast it won't really hold a line as well as a rigid board that has a small wedge in the front. I found the nose rotating a few degrees every strong paddle, which gets annoying on long paddles when you have a destination in mind
-The included paddle works find, I would not recommend buying an aftermarket, it'd be like adding BMW performance tires to a Buick

As a recreational 'water toy'...
-Kids would use the board to ferry up to 5 people across the small bay we lived on
-I fished with the board a few times, just secure a tacklebox or cooler to the front and you're good to go

Other notes...
-Pumping from fully deflated/stored to recommended 14'ish psi takes a good 5 minutes of intense pumping or 10 minutes of relaxed pumping. I tried using an electric mattress pump once but it was too difficult matching up the dissimilar hoses.
-We left the board outside quite often in the sun, and after about a year the gray carrying handle degraded and the black grip pad began to flake a little bit
-The body of the board has held up great. I rammed it into some barnacles at full paddle (on accident) and it had noting more than a slight scratch. The fin took some decent hits too but didn't get more than a few knicks
-After two years the paddle won't completely hold it's position. With hard pulls/strokes it slips a bit
-Unlike a rigid board, this will not retain much resale value. I looked into selling it on CL, but I wouldn't have gotten more than 20% of what I paid, whereas a lot of decent rigid boards will fetch 50-70% of their original price

Buy this board if...
-You are looking to spend less than $1500 on an equivalent rigid board
-You like to paddle board recreationally
-You want a durable and versatile water toy that doesn't take up the entire garage
-You don't plan on selling the board to upgrade to a higher quality SUP in the future
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on October 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
As a wellness business owner, I must rely on convenience, stability, and durability for my equipment. I have used my tower paddleboard for personal use as well as paddleboard exercises and yoga. My clients have been very comfortable balancing on it even for first-time users. Further, I have been able to travel with my son on the board comfortably. It's great to be able to carry it in its backpack, to inflate it on site, and be on the water within a few minutes. The customer service has been fantastic, as they have offered me D rings so that I can attach small personal articles to the top of the board as well. This has been a great asset to my work and leisure activities with my family, clients, and friends. "Like" BodySong Wellness LLC on FACEBOOK To see more images. Love this Board!
review image review image review image review image
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on September 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
This paddle board is perfect for beginners as well as people looking for a nice, relaxing, fun summertime activity. It is extremely durable and sturdy- if you blow it up right (to 11 psi I think is what they recommend) it is firm and can hold a lot of weight without any sign of collapsing or bending ( I can get 2 people and a dog on it no problem). It's not that hard to blow it up to what they recommend- it takes me about 5 minutes with a couple breaks (I am a 120lb girl who doesn't have very much muscle).

I use it for cruising around on lakes and calmer rivers and it works great. I love exploring small lakes on this! I also bring it camping and frequently take friends out to try it. Everyone really enjoys it (young and old) and it gets a lot of use. I am really glad I bought it.

A few reasons I bought inflatable- I am not a hard core paddle boarder. I use it for relaxing, checking out the scenery and having fun with friends. I don't use it on the ocean or for long distance boarding.
-It's a lot easier to tote around because it deflates to a small size and I can carry it in my toyota corolla.
-It's cheaper.
- It's durable and the material is raft like (good for beginners and more gentle/ not as breakable as a hard board).

I highly recommend this for someone who wants to use it like I do (fun, leisurely activity).
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on April 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
I have been using the board for a couple months now and must say it rocks. I had my girlfriend, dog, and myself on it one day on the lake and it did just fine with 370+ pounds on it. Ive been very impressed by this board, and have recommended it to several friends and family looking to get in the sport. Best of all it is always in my trunk and I can paddle anywhere there is water when I feel like it!!

I did a lot of research on inflatable boards. I personally do not live directly on the water however have a cottage on a lake that I frequent in addition to family with homes on water in various places throughout the US. I narrowed it down to this board by tower and the seveylor samoa. I am very happy I chose this board. First the samoa got good reviews for the board, yet its accessories did not. I didn't care for that hassle. Second the tower board has been shown being run over by an SUV , and holding a 200 pound person when braced between two chairs with little flex. It really is that solid, im amazed.

I took the board out on the water a day after I got it. Here are some things I think thus far.
1. It took me exactly 3 minutes to inflate. I am fit, however a cyclist so most of my strength is in my legs. I did not find this hard, but did require a couple short breaks in the 3 minutes. I would say 5-8 minutes is reasonable for most people in relatively good health.
2. Before the gauge even read 1 psi I thought the board was very stiff... I thought the gauge was broken for a minute, but kept pumping and got to 11psi. I have been amazed at how hard the board it for something inflatable. Yet... on the pad it is still very soft. I DID NOT notice flex on the water even when purposely bouncing on it.
3. The pump system works very well, just make sure you have the valve in the correct position and have engaged the hose end fully so it stays in. It took me a minute to figure this out.
4. paddled into a head wind immediately... wasn't easy, but I survived. This is a very fun board. ITs not the fastest, but its fun. The size is great. I floated well and im about 6'1" 180 lbs.
5. Pay the extra 100 over the sevylor samoa and get this board! you wont regret it!
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on November 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
I'd been jonesing for a SUP for a few years now, and every few months would research the latest products and prices hoping for something that I could justify to the missus. Tyically in September the local rental place dumps their beat up stock, but this year Tower had a sale around the same time and the wife said "OK". I ordered my board Sunday afternoon, UPS showed up Wednesday morning - and I'm on the East Coast.

Out of the box: I have a 20-month old that has to "help" with everything I do. She helped drag the box into the living room, assemble the pump and paddle, and pump the board up. Pumping conservatively while being sure not to pinch little-fingers took just under 3 minutes. I didn't use the gauge, I just pumped until it was difficult. Compared to other inflatable paddle-boards this thing is a plank! The board was incredibly rigid, and we spent the next two nights with it set up as a ramp, a bridge, a see-saw, part of a gladiator-styled obstacle course, and a mattress at nap time. It didn't deflate at all, and held up well to both of us bouncing on it while it was spanning 7-8 feet between the couch and the ottoman over a "river of lava".

The first time on the water the iSUP was stable enough for the two of us to deploy off the back of a ski boat, once I could get her to hold still. She loves water, and at every opportunity she would lean over the side to play in it. We still managed to paddle around a mile through tidal creeks and marshland until we saw shrimp jumping. Note to self: trying to throw a 6' net from a paddle-board, first time out, with a toddler and cooler of ice, well, the Adventurer lives up to it's name. We successfully cast 4-5 times before the inevitable happened and we found ourselves swimming, but the cooler was latched and we returned with a few dozen thumb-sized bugs without falling again.

Paddling solo I was able to a top speed of 8 MPH, GPS-indicated, but I have a feeling it was current-assisted. The board is stable and rigid enough to jump up, and while I'm not coordinated enough I'm sure those with better balance could easily perform yoga on it. While solo, I added a section of pool noodle to the paddle. I can tuck the paddle end under the carrying handle on the board, and the noodle will keep the blade floating while I cast. It also helps keep the board off the parking lot while I get ready to go.

Where I found the board lacking was the number and placement of D-rings. With the toddler, cooler, etc. I was looking for ways to secure gear to the board and maybe add a chair to hold the little one still. I tried some suction-cup mount products (SuperSuk Lashmates) but the board is slightly dimpled (like a golf ball but larger) and they lose their hold after a few seconds. After looking on eBay, Amazon, etc glue on d-ring patches aren't cheap! I was ready to shell out $40 for 2 rings and some cement when I decided to try calling Tower to see where they're D-rings came from. They explained the reasoning behind not putting a ton of d-rings on the board (adds expense and most folks have a particular placement in mind) and instead offer them up on their website. They had sold out and pulled the listing temporarily, so a few days later I received 4 D-rings for under $20.

Overall, this board is a fantastic deal. It's made it through 2 months of abuse, from being used as a toddler's diving board to being towed like a wakeboard behind a ski-boat (don't try that unless you want water to randomly drain from your sinuses for 3+ days). It looks brand new, the pump still works perfectly, and while Tower warns that the paddle doesn't float, I haven't had mine sink yet! Cost-wise, there's no comparison: Tower SUP's are the most bang for the buck available.
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on July 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
I have a boat, but wanted something for the kids to do when we were anchored. That said, I didn't want to store a rigid board on the boat. Enter the Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP. I read a lot of reviews and settled on the Tower, and glad I did. Here are my observations vs. the questions I had and the reviews I read. But first a couple high level points. First, when inflated, this SUP is amazingly rigid. Very stiff, very little "give" - it is stiff, which is good.

- Load: First time we had it out my 2 teenage daughters and my oldest daughters boyfriend went out on it at the same time - total about 325lbs - no flex, no worries.

- Portability: Deflate, and roll it up, put the included strap around it and carry it wherever you want - very portable, relatively light, fits easily under a seat on the boat. Also, would easily fit in a trunk, back seat of a car, wherever

- Pump: Lots of people complained about the pump. As mentioned in the Q&A, pressure on the gauge doesn't show up until it is almost done inflating. It does take quite a few pumps, but it is not difficult. I found the faster I try to pump the more "umph" I need to put into it. If you take your time and pump easy, it is not difficult at all. The last few pumps are the only ones that took any real effort.

Paddle: most people say theirs float, but mine doesn't seem to. It might sink then come back up, but I didn't give it that chance in the 20+ feet of water I was in. I bought a paddle leash with it just to make sure I don't lose it. It's heavier than more expensive carbon fiber paddles, but its a good paddle and what I expected.

Deflation: Quick and easy - My one complaint, and it is definitely a nit-pick, but the inflation port should be on the same end as the fins. That way when you roll it up, the air would be forced out easier - again a nit-pick.

Leashes/Connectivity: I wanted to make sure I could tie up the board when not in use behind the boat. There is a handle in the middle and 2 "D" rings - one in front and one in the back. These can be used for leashes, attaching to the boat, etc.

Ease of use: My whole family got the hang of it right away. Wife had some trouble turning it initially, but never fell or anything like that. Very stable and easy to paddle.

All in all a great product that works well, and I am happy I bought it and definitely recommend it.
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