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on December 30, 2010
Wondering if you should buy the a+a line or buy aden + anais for amazon, Target, Toys'rus or little77? Well, I bought a+a for Target and little77 and they DO NOT come close to these. These are not only bigger, but the thread quality/count is higher than the swaddle cloths produced for one of the companies. I wanted to save $10 and bought them at Target and now that I have some of the original ones at home, I wish I had invested in them straight from the beginning. They really do become softer the more you wash them. Just like Indian Prefolds fluff up and become all nice the more you wash them, these are really soft too!

***EDIT**** 9 Jan 2012

I just saw that now they have added cheaper ones for $35 among the original sized ones listed above - beware those showing up for the original price of $35 are smaller - you can see this under the product information. They are 44 x 44 and not the regular 47 x 47. The ones with the original price of $49.95 are the boutique and much nicer ones!
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on January 3, 2012
First of all, I will say these are great blankets...big, breathable, cute, etc. but if you've read any of the other reviews, you already know all of that. Here's what I wished I had read before I purchased:

1. If you are like me, you have no idea what the heck muslin is. Well, as they say, it's a soft breathable cotton. The best way to describe it is like a cotton gauze, much like the material used in burp cloth diapers. The exception is, this is much higher quality, making it stronger than gauze, and it's only 1 ply, so it's more breathable than a cloth diaper.

2. This listing is confusing, because it mixes up the wraps and the blankets. If you want the larger 47x47 wraps, then go for the ones that have $49.99 listed as the list price. If you want the smaller 42x42, then go for the ones with the list price of $34.99.

3. What is so great about these blankets? I was trying to figure out why everyone was so in love with these things, and here's what I've deduced...these are MUCH larger than other swaddling blankets, and also much thinner. So, you can wrap your baby up in a nice tight swaddle,with the blanket wrapped completely around them and under their back and they are not too bulky. If you were to have a typical swaddling blanket of the same size, by the time you wrapped up the baby, they probably wouldn't fit in the bassinet, and their head would be 4 inches off the ground.

4. You still have to have swaddling skills. This is not like a swaddleme or sleep sack swaddler. No velcro, no magic. Personally, I am a terrible swaddler and my baby was out of this blanket in 6 minutes flat the first time I used it. But I'm getting better. I have no choice, since my rather large 3 month old has outgrown all of the magical swaddling options.

All in all though, a nice functional set of blankets. And I have no doubt these will still be getting tons of use while the swaddlemes have long been donated away.
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on October 22, 2013
I'm not an extreme couponer or anything (psychos!), but I am a very, very cheap mom. Most of my kids' clothes are hand-me-downs or come from a thrift store. They're going to just screw them up after 2 wears, so why pay a fortune for a t-shirt made in China by some poor child? When I saw these muslin blankets appear all over the baby deal websites when I was pregnant with my first, I scoffed. Many times. "Fools," I muttered. My first was swaddled just fine with some cotton blankets a neighbor made for us and a couple of blankets we pilfered from the hospital (They tell you to take what you need, right??).
Then came my second baby and I have a friend who came for a visit and left her little girl's a+a blanket at our house by accident. OH. MY. GOD. My life has forever been changed, so much so that I actually got on and paid fifty dollars - FIFTY DOLLARS - for a set of these little blankets. Here in the south, it gets hot - and I mean HOT - for at least half the year. And I don't know if my kids are freaks or what but they're like tiny microwaves when they sleep. These light, comfy blankets are perfect for swaddling or just wrapping for comfort and they are LIGHT and soft, unlike the thick, polyester, fleece, fuzzy blankets that LOOK like a good idea at the store when you're pregnant. "Oh, my baby will be so comfy!" you think. WRONG. Your baby will be hot. Hot as hell and it's your fault for wrapping him up in a blanket that would be more useful to an Eskimo.
Soft and luxurious, these blankets are a must-have baby item. MUST HAVE. Skip that extra $30 outfit from Macy's that's going to get poop all over it anyway and instead pick up a set of these light comfy muslin blankets. You'll thank me! And your baby will thank YOU!
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on February 26, 2015
I ordered another set of Aden + Anais swaddling blankets and a dream blanket about four years ago, and was beyond thrilled with them. They have gotten softer and softer over time, washing beautifully each time. My four year old still sleeps with hers and refuses to give them up to the new baby.

These were honestly a bit of a disappointment though - from the first wash they've been all pilly and have little balls of lint all over them. I have never had any of the swaddling blankets do this before! It's not necessarily a big deal, it just feels like they aren't as nice as the first set I purchased. Have they changed from four years ago? Or did I get a bad batch somehow? I'd be tempted to return them and try again, but I tossed the packaging and have now washed them three or four times trying to get rid of the lint.
review image
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on December 1, 2013
I was really looking forward to these blankets. They came out of the package gorgeous. Sadly, after washing them, by themselves, in the washer with delicate detergent they came out snagged with threads everywhere. I recieved these as a shower gift and threw out the box immediately. I will have to take the other aden + anais blankets off my registry. Sad face.

Update 12/2/13 - I emailed a+a and they are sending me a new pack. will update after I wash those and see what happens

Update 12/10/13 - I received the new replacement blankets from a+a. After one wash they didn't snag! I did notice that the two blankets that snagged the worst out of the 4 pack were smaller than the others (by a couple inches) and were smaller than their identical replacements. While I was initially very unhappy at the quality of the first batch of blankets, I have been very impressed with a+a customer service and I am happy with the replacement product. I am leaving my review at one star just so people know this can be an issue with the blankets but also that it can be resolved.
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on August 22, 2014
These are my absolute favorite blankets for a newborn. I wish I would have brought these to the hospital with us to swaddle our baby. They are soft, easy to use and wonderfully comfortable. We used these until she was about two months old to swaddle and now just as blankets. This was one of our essential newborn items!
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on January 6, 2015
I was very excited to receive these swaddles, but they pilled really badly just after the first wash. I was expecting some, but not as much. It just fell on the floor right after I took them out of the washer. There is a lot more stuck to each swaddle that I might have to get off with a lint roller. I was expecting better quality considering all the reviews/recommendations and the higher price. Also, they are not square, one side is about two inches longer than the other. I might just give a shot to the cheaper version of these swaddles.
review image
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on January 10, 2014
A friend recommended I pick up a few of these blankets for my baby due in just a few weeks. At first, after seeing the price I decided to not order. Then a second friend recommended them and showed me hers. I ordered two sets, the Super Star Scout and B-Jeweled. They are so soft. The size is wonderful, more than enough to swaddle. I had a hard time swaddling my other kids, and I think it was because I was using blankets that were too small and too thick. These blankets will also cover nicely during breast feeding, drape over a carseat etc. They will will be very versatile. They are thin enough that they won't cause overheating and they'll be easy to fold up and take everywhere.

I agree with other reviewers who say they only get better after washing. Out of the box they were great, but after even just one trip through the laundry, they are much softer.

The Star Scout pattern is very nice, light and subtle. The colors are neutral and really there aren't a ton of stars on each blanket. I think its a really nice quiet print. B-Jeweled are very bright jewel tones. The pink is much more pink in person than the picture shows. We're having a boy, but I like the bright colors enough that it really doesn't matter that one is pink. I like the contrast of having some bright colors along with all the other muted baby stuff. I was worried about the color bleeding when washed, but I didn't have a problem.
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on January 5, 2012
When I first received these blankets, I hated them... I knew they were lightweight when I ordered them, but didn't realize how light weight... these are not blankets that will keep a baby toasty warm. I also had to figure out how to fold them to the right size for the regular basic swaddle technique. So, I didn't use them a lot in my baby's first few months.
But then, he hit about three months and figured out how to break out of a regular swaddle. But I wanted to continue to swaddle him (A review of the evidence on swaddling that was in Pediatrics journal says "swaddled infants arouse less and sleep longer. ... improved neuromuscular development, less physiologic distress, better motor organization, and more self-regulatory ability when swaddled. When compared with massage, excessively crying infants cried less when swaddled, and swaddling can soothe pain in infants." Swaddling a baby and lying it down on its back also seems to lead to the same longer stretches of sleep that a baby would have laying on its belly, but without the SIDS risk of sleeping on its belly.)
So, I tried a different swaddling technique that these blankets were PERFECT for. (Search on YouTube for Double Swaddle How To. Note: some specialty swaddling blankets like the Miracle Blanket work somewhat like this, but none of those blankets worked right on my little preemie - they just didn't fit! These Aden & Anais blankets can adapt to any size baby.) Double swaddling worked fabulously - our son slept longer stretches when swaddled. All the other parents in our baby group reported the same thing. We all kept our babies double swaddled at night till around 7 - 8 months, then they figured out how to roll onto their bellies while swaddled - that's not a safe sleep situation, so that's when you need to give up on the swaddle. But, it was fabulous until then! So, double swaddling is the first reason I love these blankets.
The second reason is the "canary" technique. Once babies reach about three months, it can be hard to get them to nap in a car seat or stroller, as they are so busy looking at the world. These blankets are so thin, that you can lie them right over the top of the car seat or stroller (like draping a blanket over a canary cage to settle the birds down - hence the name), and they are much bigger than a typical receiving blanket, so they cover well. From three months to 13 months, and counting, this is how I get my boy to nap! If we're going for a car or stroller ride and we don't want him to nap, we don't cover him. If we do want him to nap, we give him a not-too-interesting toy to play with, "canary" him and he's out in a few minutes, and stays out for much longer. This has been an especially helpful technique on trips. Instead of having to stay in the hotel room with him for nap time, we can take him out with us everywhere we go, and the blanket signals to him that it's nap time and keeps out all the distracting sights while he snoozes.
I suppose they're also great nursing cover ups too... I don't use them for that. I just pull my shirt up from the waistband when I nurse my baby (rather than unbuttoning from the top), and he keeps everything covered up just fine.
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on May 18, 2015
Our favorite baby blankets. These are soft, breathable fabric, and I love the simple star design. The size is perfect for swaddling older babies and not just newborns. I also like these for times when I need a little modesty while nursing; they are light enough to prevent my baby from getting too warm. Our middle child still uses his as comfort blankets when sleeping...he's nearly three, and they have held up well.
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