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on April 16, 2013
I loved WarGames as a youngster. I didn't even read the description and just had to download this. It is kind of just a match three game with a few twists but the WarGames theme made it cool. Its more than a theme though. Matching certain types of icons gives nukes and other items to collect against your 'opponent'. The purpose being you are to knock down their health meter to win. The WOPR voice clips take me back, understandibly being the one voice able to be adapted to gameplay. Game is in no way difficult but definitely addicting for the experience alone. FAOTD made it even better. I'm going to be playing for a while.
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on April 16, 2013
Careful Lightman, you don't know what you started.

Those who saw the movie know what I mean.
The game is fun though not what I expected, it is basically an expanded matching game.
Match as many symbols of the same kind as possible to gain advantages against the opponent by dragging your finger across the board.
The nukes are the most important, chain as many of the red rockets together and include an enemy rocket; this will damage or destroy it before it is launched - a timer shows how long until launch.
Gain upgrades and use the kB (kilobytes, your spending power) to get more options against the enemy. Use the kB to get dollars which are needed to activate your powers, and earn dollars by linking dollar symbols.
You can replay levels to earn more.
Mods are bought once and always active.
Tactics have to be activated for use during the game - with dollars.
The sound is good and close to what you hear in the movie.
It takes time to get used to the concept, then it's good gameplay.
The more you play, the more tricks you will find out.
It can become addictive.
You are WOPR, the tactical computer, and there is only one game you play...
Let's play global thermonuclear war...
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on April 16, 2013
It's got very basic graphics but it's based on a old movie that would have these kinds of graphics. I am enjoying it! It also has the classic old sounds. Loved the movie and this is a decent game based off it.

Basically it's like bejeweled where you match 3 or more of a item. Kind of reminds me also of puzzle quest as well. It's not very difficult to learn or play.
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on April 16, 2013
Installed on my Galaxy SII phone and response was pretty good. The real test was game appeal: It has a strange mix of retro mix, yet a hint of HD element too- very artistic touch. Beyond that, the details are this, it's a matching game that lets you go up, down, back, forward, until you can't match no more. Even that has a strange twist that makes this game stand above the others in that "what" you select to match plays your power against the computer opponent. So there's a puzzle element that satisfies the mystery game and match game in me. With cool interface/graphics, a small footprint, and only one permission (network socket), I can find no wrong with this. Thanks Amamazon & dev faotd!
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on April 22, 2013
Picked this up when it was a FATOD. Played it for about two weeks and realized that it was a Bejewel clone after about level 15.
You are playing as the ultimate villain from the 1983 film "Wargames". That villain is known as WOPR and it is designed to study nuclear war. You mission is to "study" war by matching 3 or more tiles of a missile, dollar sign, radar, or green plus. The objective is to nuke your opposition before they nuke you. Problem is that there are never enough missiles on the board by the later levels and the opponent has some mega missiles that can take you out if you don't clear the bad guy in less then 10 turns. Overall, I am glad it was a FAOTD but don't think I am going to download it again nor suggest anyone pay $2 for it.
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on April 16, 2013
Apologies to the other reviewers, but this has essentially nothing to do with typical match 3 games, other than 3 being the shortest chain. It is very similar to Dungeon Raid in gameplay, except that there are goals and levels. There are two different classes of upgrades: skills that use game money to perform (not IAP!), and passive modifiers. A very fun game, five stars from me.
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on April 16, 2013
I picked up this app today as the FAOTD after reading the many glowing reviews left by others... and for once, I totally agree with them. This app is indeed ridiculously addictive. Generally it takes a lot to engage me... I'm more of the racing and/or blowing stuff up kind of guy when it comes to video games, but something about this one is just genuinely difficult to put down.

Decent soundtrack, simple but lovely graphics (playing on a Kindle Fire HD 7"), easy gameplay to learn, but as the levels advance there's definitely a progression of difficulty and prerequisite tactical thinking. No time limits on the levels, which is nice, and when you fail a level your next attempt is slightly easier... not enough to be silly, just enough to keep you from getting too frustrated.

I got this as the FAOTD, but I think it's actually well worth the two bucks the developer wants... and kudos to them for a well-designed and utterly engaging game.
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on May 17, 2016
Gameplay itself is worth 5 stars, but if there's anything I would ding it on is being a tad short. For fans of the movie, this is awesome. But if you haven't seen the movie, at least you get a great puzzle premise with an underlying narrative. This adds to the value of your typical puzzle game. Small program, worth your time, for sure.
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on April 16, 2013
I got this game before it was FAOTD and its one of the few games I keep to play again and again!

I like a game you can play for five minutes or a full hour, and WOPR is one of those games. Its more than matching like icons, there's strategy in which to include on any single turn, there's competitions where you play against the characters in the game, and there's tons and tons of replayability!

Okay, so it is only "sorta" based on the movie, but that sorta is strong enough (though it does take liberties) and it does have a compelling sense of urgency in each round. And that sense of urgency is something it creates that most games never do.

I highly recommend this game! As I wrote above, I paid for this game before it was free and it was worth it for pay, you're going to love it for free!
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on April 21, 2013
At the start, kinda has a BEJEWELED feel to it so you wonder what you got yourself into.
But beyond connecting symbols on the board, the similarities stop there.
I just completed the game (on easy i think) - this is a VERY FUN GAME !

YOU are the WOPR, trying to get the launch codes to start WW III, while characters from the movie are working to stop you.
(Interacting with the movies characters seems kinda silly on the surface but really does add to the games appeal :)

You acquire the codes by defeating those characters from the game, in a progressively harder combat scenarios.
Along the way you accumulate currency and there are two types, each earned and used differently:

CPU = currency for purchase / upgrade of power ups (awarded at the end of combat).
$$$ = currency for in game combat options (awarded during combat).

Using CPU currency, you can buy (and upgrade existing power ups) from two categories:
- ACTIVE: usable in combat only if you have the $$$ to spend!
- PASSIVE: silently doing you good during combat.

As with most games different power ups becomes available as you progress though the game (so don't waste so much at the beginning!).
Beyond a certain point you have to manages your power up because you can only take a handful into combat.

Fortunately, you have two flavors of power ups: the ACTIVE and the PASSIVE kind.
(Fortunate because, having two sets of power up also gives you two discrete sets of powers to battle with.)

ACTIVE: although powerful, have a cost and may not be usable until in game, you earned enough cash.
(... just my 2¢ here... Active BOARD NUKER for the win - get the power-up maxed!)

PASSIVE: while not as powerful, have no combat cost, and make an excellent addition to your game play - when used wisely!

By the way, resist the urge to spend CPU's to unlock ACTIVE power ups.
So early in the game, those you unlock too soon are cost too much $$$ to use!

Goes perhaps without saying that there are a lot of variables in play which you must account for to win each combat.
And that's what really makes the game shine, you really have to plan your moves in advance, purchase and upgrade the right power ups, to win!

Bottom line this is a complex game, but it written so well that complexity isn't an issue!
(Perhaps rather than saying "complex", instead I mean to say that the game is "engaging" !)

The sound track is kinda lacking as others have pointed out but, really not an issue.

Far as I am concerned this game is pretty close to perfect!
Well... the ending is a little weak... I was really hoping to kick off Armageddon... Oh well :)

All in all, well done devs!
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