Customer Reviews: Neferet's Curse: A House of Night Novella
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The third A House of Night novella focuses on Neferet's past life in the year 1893 before she was Marked. She was born as Emily Wheiler and at the age on sixteen-years-old she became the Lady of Wheiler House after her mother passed away. She doesn't have much time to mourn as her father, a powerful bank president, demands that she take over late mother's responsibilities, such as planning parties, approving of the dinner menus, being a good hostess and running the household.

She accepts herself as her mother's replacements and hopes that she would become closer to her somewhat estranged father, but she soon realizes that any type of relationship with her father would never happen. At times Emily attempts to hang out with her childhood friends, but her father objects to childish ways. He won't even let her ride her bicycle, which he demands to have remove from the property.

Unexpectedly, she falls in love with a young man that she meets at one of her father's parties, but her father once again objects to her having any type of a life, he even becomes violent. Situations occur that leads her to becoming Marked by a vampyre. She leaves the Wheiler House and is brought to the Chicago House of Night where her destiny as Neferet begins.

I wasn't too thrilled about the newest prequel novella being about Neferet, the main villain from the series, but I was instantly hooked into her story as Emily Wheiler, the Lady of the Wheiler House. She was actually a caring human being who had to deal with the cruelty from her father. With an intriguing plot and great illustrations, I read the book in one sitting. I now have a new respect for Neferet, even though she is still evil. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading Neferet's Curse.

Note - I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.
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on May 7, 2013
The best, because I do love the villains and reading about them is always a treat. I never thought I would feel sorry for Neferet, but here I am. I think this is my favorite mini novel.

The worst, because I saw what was going to happen coming and knew that it would deal with subject material that would make me squirm. I totally get how someone could go off the deep end from this. I wonder if there will be any redemption for Neferet?
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on March 6, 2016
May contain spoilers: This book is both sad and interesting. By reading the House of Night novels, you know a little of Neferet's backstory, but this novella sheds light on what actually happened to make Neferet the monster that you see later in the series. Adult themes are introduced and treated with the respect and sensitivity they deserve. Issues, such as rape, are not walked around, but are plunged through and time period appropriate responses are used. This novella should be read after the book Hidden in the House of Night series.
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on February 22, 2013
This is a great novella. I really love the House of Night and have read all of the books. I liked the other two novellas (Dragon's Oath & Lenobia's Vow), but I think this was the best so far! You have an idea of what Emily Wheiler faces from the tidbits you get from the House of Night books, but it is nothing like this. There is sadness and a little hope in it. By the end you feel bad for Neferet and you understand her a little more. While you do not condone the way she handles her situation, you understand what made her the way she is. It helps to put into perspective her relationship with Kalona and her replusion for men. I wish we would have more on what happened after she turned into a vampyre. I would like to have read about Neferet's early days before all the evil set in. I was happy with what I got though. The tale that is told is very sad. You feel horrible for Emily and her situation. Cast does a great job of making you feel almost like you were in the story. You can almost smell her father's alcohol breath and sweat. You go with Emily through a major transformation. I thought Camille or Aurthur would be helpful to Emily and her prediciment, but you learn she is truly on her own. No wonder she does things the way she does in the House of Night books! Some other things had to have happened between the first trauma as Emily and the Neferet we love to hate at todays HON. The whole time I was rooting for Neferet to become a vampyre even though I obviously knew that was what was going happen considering she is a main charcter over 120 years later. You can almost put into perspective that around this time (give or take a few years) Lenobia was crossing the water with a boat full of horses, an evil guy, and Martin. While at the same time Dragon (or Bryan) was just becoming a vampyre himself and meeting a beautiful young professor (Anastasia). They are all happening around the same time and these become some of the main chacters and the professors at the House of Night with Zoey and the other students. This is some serious awesome writing. To keep all of the details straight, while adding to the plot after each novel and novella, you have to wonder how the Cast girls do it! I have never found a series that I loved this deeply that has so many books in the series! Usually most authors stop after three or four books, but there is too much to tell about Zoey and her crew to stop at three or four. I am not even sure if twenty would be enough.
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on November 7, 2013
Another shining star in the House of Night series. I’m telling you, these novellas are better than the actual books in the main series! Getting to learn about Neferet’s past was extremely eye-opening. I was surprised at her character in the beginning, but seeing how she developed, and the choices she made in reaction to the things that happened to her, I can see exactly why she is the way that she is later on. I was kind of disappointed at first, to see that this was going to be another story about a girl who is taunted by a menacing older man, but as the story progressed I was able to forgive that. It just makes so much sense for Neferet’s overall character. I hope they write more of these novellas, because they’re very enjoyable (but also kind of creepy) to read.
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on February 28, 2013
I am normally not a big fan of Novella's. Why? Not really sure, they just don't seem to interest me. However, after reading the last book of House of Night: Hidden, I wanted to know more about Neferet and why she became the way she did. Alas, the Novella Neferet's Curse. So, I gave it a shot and I really really enjoyed it. Like I said, I am normally leery of Novella's because they can tend to be a bunch of nonsense information. Well they did an excellent job of writing Neferet's story. I started reading it and literally couldn't put it down. You literally get pulled into the era in which Neferet was born into. The way the society was back then is mesmerizing and scary.

I do NOT like to write a bunch of information telling what the story was about and so on and so on, because it beats the purpose of you going and reading the story yourself. And this particular story, I highly recommend you read!! I believe it will help you be a little bit more compassionate with Neferet in "why" she thinks the way she does. However, I still do not condone "what" she does. :)

Enjoy this incredible read!!
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on August 24, 2014
I never thought about the why and how Neferet became the evil she is today. Such a tragedy she suffered as a young girl. From witnessing her mother's death to being forced to take her mother's place as woman of the house. Her father's betrayal, Arthur's cowardice- makes me understand her need for revenge that consumed her to darkness. Neferet made a choice, but now I understand her from a depth beyond the evil.
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on August 1, 2014
WOW!!!!!! I honestly loved this book! Neferet was just a poor girl who lost her mother to young, and a father who was f an evil sadistic monster who raped her. I feel a little short for her. It was fascinating to read that even as a human she was as manipulative as she is as an adult vampyre. She led in order to get what she wanted and to have things go her way. This was amazing. Can't wait to read the other novellas!!!
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on February 17, 2015
This book enlightened me to the character she played in the other books. Wish I would of read about the characters first. It would have gave me a better understanding why she turned to the dark. Love this series.

Keep up the good work P. C. Cast
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on September 29, 2015
Okay, here's the problem. This book is simply a short story of Neferets life. The end. If you keep up with the books at all, everything you've inferred up until revealed is true. Everything you guess, or think have happened, does. This book is simply a confirmation of that. Aside from just generally furthering your knowledge of each character or if you're just a die hard fan, this book is not worth it. All you have to do is read revealed and it all literally is revealed in that book. But only about neferet. The entirety of the book is neferet sleeping and remembering her entire life. Literally. So this book is pointless unless you really just want it to complete your collection or if you just deem it necessary.
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