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on May 2, 2013
This has proven to be a great head unit, much to my surprise with some of these reviews. The first thing I noticed was the heft…this thing is heavy in comparison to many of the ‘good’ American brands. The interface is great, maybe takes a little to get used to but if you've used any two knob stereos (GM comes to mind.) it’s not too unfamiliar. There are many settings, and a very advanced EQ and sub-out setup. The rear USB and MIC out are a wonderful addition that just put this unit one step above the rest. Shop around, feature for feature, there is nothing better.

It looks extremely sleek and very clean in comparison to most other American aftermarket units available. It has a permanent clock setting, which is wonderful for many domestic vehicles that do not have a separate clock. The knobs are rubberized and very easy to grip. The radio reception is loads better than my stock head unit also. Bluetooth works flawlessly as well. I get in the truck, start it up, and boom, my phone is connected….and if the last thing I used was bluetooth streaming…it starts back on the song where I left off! It works just great! Even the built in MIC is adequate in my 2002 Chevrolet Blazer with its mid dash radio location. The best part is, Blaupunkt updates the firmware on their radios regularly as well. All you have to do is download the file to a blank flash drive, plug it into the headunit, reboot it, and tada you’re updated.

Let me go over a few things however regarding some of the Amazon low star reviews:

-Bluetooth works great with both an Android Phone, and 2 Windows Phones. My HTC 8x has some unrelated BT quality issues that ATT is working on, but the other phones sounded great.
-The radio needs set from Europe to United States in the settings menu on the unit to recept US stations. There is a large white sticker on the box that states this. Still, read the manual people.
-The screen does not seem dim to me. My front windows are not tinted. It has 2 brightness settings.
-I have had no abnormalities with the unit except for issues with my personal phone as mentioned prior.

I’ve also created a Youtube video that you can search for if you want a good interface walk through, but overall I am extremely happy with this unit. My only real issue with it is the fact the knobs are blue and cannot be changed. Nothing a small gloss black vinyl circle won't fix.

Oh, and another thing. Blaupunkt is not a Chinese brand, but German. Additionally, any Blaupunkt unit found in the US has been assembled by Blaupunkt and then distributed/supported by Rockford Fosgate if anyone feels wary about the fact that Blaupunkt does not have a corporate office in the US.
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on June 4, 2013
I bought this for my 1996 VW Passat because Balupunkt uses the EXACT SAME wiring harness and it was a simple plug and play operation for me with no permanent wire modifications. I have been using it for about one month at the time of writing this review

PROS: Lots of settings to get it just how you like it, TONS of features (some of which you wouldn't know about unless you read the manual completely), comprehensive array of inputs, and of course Blutooth. Blutooth works like a charm for me; my phone connects automatically as soon as I turn my car on. Call quality is clear when just sitting in the car, but can be a bit hard to hear for the other end if you are driving out and about. Of course, your experience will vary and many external variables to the radio itself come into play. Luckily, there is an external mic available for those who need more clarity. Sound quality is pretty good, considering I'm just running my stock 17 year old speakers. Radio reception for me is excellent, and actually a bit better than stock. Build quality seems sturdy to me and shouldn't just fall apart on its own.

Fake CONS: These are things other people are saying who aren't giving a fair impression of the product. For one, several people complain about an ear piercing bleep every time they hit a button. If they actually read the manual, they would know this is a setting that can be disabled. Others complain about a bad display that is invisible in the sunlight. This may be true for you, but not everyone else. If your car holds the radio angled upwards at all, then yeah your going to have that problem with any aftermarket radio that isn't a blindingly bright display. Speaking of which, I'm glad that this radio has a dimmer display because nothing sucks more than a radio that is super bright at night and distracts you from driving. This radio has a setting to automatically dim a little when you turn on your lights (not a big difference, but a nice feature). Finally a couple people complained that the bass is too low. The reality is the bass is normal on this radio and your factory radio had a built in equalizer that artificially bumped the low frequency range to make the crappy stock speakers sound better. If you enable "LOUDNESS" in the settings of this radio, it will partially simulate this effect and may make these people a bit happier. If you still need more bass, then get a sub-woofer like a rational person.

Real CONS: These are actual quirks of the product itself. The most notable for me is if I enable the permanent clock, it shorts to 12:00AM every time I turn it on (this might just be a problem with my set up as I don't see anyone else complain about it). For me its no big deal because my dash has a clock on it. It is also a slight annoyance to have to manually turn the radio on every time I start my car; it should just turn on with my ignition (NOTE: I might just not know how to set that up to work). The menus are a little bit cumbersome to navigate, but 90% of the time you will spend in all these settings will be the initial setup. Finally, I will confirm that the silver front panel is indeed, a FINGERPRINT MAGNET.

SUMMARY: Highly recommend for VW owners for its no-brainer installation. Great set of features for the price. If you actually READ THE MANUAL, you will enjoy it thoroughly.

SUBNOTE: There is a firmware update available for this product on Blaupunkts website that you can do through USB.
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on October 23, 2012
We got the 420BT as an upgrade to the first aftermarket Blaupunkt head unit that's in our 2003 Volkswagen Eurovan. The first Blaupunkt unit that the 420BT replaced came after the original stock head unit, which was also manufactured for VW/Audi by Blaupunkt. We upgraded from the VW stock radio to the first Blaupunkt to get CD and CD changer functionality. It served us very well for 7 years, and it matched the VW eurovan's interior motiv very well--complete with red and blue lights, and a nice subdued black finish. It looked like it should have been original equipment. So when we saw that Blaupunkt was again being offered in the US (it disappeared for several years between 2008 and 2012), we decided to upgrade again to the 420BT because of the Bluetooth capability, both for hands-free phone, and for audio streaming, since we both use iphones for music storage and podcasts.

First, the good. The 420BT maintains the same exact wiring harness that they have always had, and which is fully compatable with the stock VW wiring harness for the 2003 Eurovan (and probably for all VWs and Audis of that vintage.) So, installing it was extremely simple again--just plug and play, and the standard DIN size fits the dash opening perfectly. The drawback for styling on the 420BT is that the front bezel trim ring and the radio face changed from a subdued black finish to a gloss black finish that seems to be made of much thinner plastic. So, while the radio fits well, it now stands out a little more from the other dashboard controls, looking a little more aftermarket than like original equipment. However, Blaupunkt did stick with the same red and blue light combination on the 420BT, so at least that aspect matches our VW motiv well.

The 420BT features that will take some getting used to are the controls. There is a lot of scrolling through menus using the dials to get to functions for bluetooth and audio controls like the fader (which we use a lot in the van for the kids). Even the equalizer functions setup is not all that intuitive. And to go along with all those menus, there is a very prominent (loud) confirmation beep for each button press or scroll dial. Very annoying. The phone pairing and playback setup is also not very intuitive either. And there are some features lacking on the phone and streaming that would be nice, like the ability to control the gain (volume) on the bluetooth device input.

The 420BT's other features will also take some getting used to. The built-in microphone does not have an adjustment for gain volume. It doesn't do very well in picking up voices, and it also doesn't reject car noises very well. It is difficult to hear the driver on a phone call. There is a 2.5mm jack on the rear for an external condensor mic. Apparently, it's not yet being distributed through Blaupunkt as of yet. But when it is available, I think the external Mic will be a necessary upgrade, installed on the driver's sunvisor, and hopefully would improve the telephone sound quality. One other fature I'm not sure of yet is the front USB connection. It has a nice rubberized dust cover, but I fear with repeated use, the cover will break off. What I may do instead is route a USB extension cable through the ashtray to connect to the stereo's rear USB connector, and just not use the front USB connector at all.

There is also a SD card slot for music behind the faceplate. We have not used that, and probably won't use it. But it does seem to be a good feature to have available just in case we ever have a SD card device in the future. I believe that the unit will also control satellite radio unit through the back connectors, though I'm not sure. And, sadly, Blaupunkt deleated the CD changer control inputs on the back, which would have been a very welcome feature for our keeping our venerable old changer going.

Bottom Line, There are some good features on the 420BT and many that will take some getting used to, and also some features that I wish it had. However for a one hundred fifty dollar price point, I would say it is good value for money and does primarily what we intended for it to do as an upgrade with Bluetooth functionality. If it grows on us as we become more familiar with it, we may improve the rating.
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on June 26, 2013
I have been a digital music only listener for about 15 years now. I have about 35 GB of high quality music in my collection, ripped from CDs that I own and purchased from sites like Amazon MP3 and iTunes.

After my Mazda was totalled last year, I picked up an older Subaru station wagon for a daily driver. Compared to the mid-range Alpine stereo and amp I had in my Mazda, the stock stereo in the Subaru was a bit disappointing in audio quality, but what really bothered me about it was it's inability to play MP3 CDs, and it's lack of an aux-in jack. I was reduced to burning my MP3s onto audio CDs in order to listen on the road. Ultimately the CD drive died altogether and I was forced to look for a replacement.

In the past, I have been disappointed with many entry-level car stereos due to poor build quality and cheap, gaudy appearance. I came across this unit (the Melbourne 120) while browsing, and I was unable to find much information on it online. Mostly Russian language sites, and my Russian is poor. I liked the understated appearance of the unit though, and I really liked the idea of an SD card slot instead of a CD drive, so I went ahead and ordered it.

Installation was pretty straightforward. I used a Subaru Wire Harness, so I was able to solder everything together ahead of time. The overall length of the Melbourne 120 is significantly shorter than the factory stereo. Because of this and the fact that the antenna jack on the Blaupunkt is on the opposite side of the head unit compared to the stock stereo (factory jack is on the driver's side, Blaupunkt jack is on the passenger's side), I found that the antenna wire wouldn't quite reach and I needed an 18-Inch Antenna Extension Cable to connect the antenna.

The appearance of the unit is quite nice, and it lacks the cheesy gaudiness of many entry-level car stereos. The Melbourne 120 does *not* have a removable faceplate, but it's appearance is (in my opinion) not likely to attract undesirable attention, so I will not ding it's score for this omission. The volume knob is a rotary encoder which feels very firm and not at all sloppy, especially compared to entry-level stereos from other manufacturers. None of the face buttons are loose or sloppy, and they all give a satisfying audible and tactile "click" when pressed. The display is not a dot-matrix display, but a standard segmented display that has a dot-matrix effect applied to it. I find that this effect does improve the legibility of the onscreen text. Overall, the "user interface" portion of the receiver is very good, much better than I expected from something at this price point.

The SD card reader works well. The SD card slot is well designed, such that an SD card can be fully inserted into the stereo and the cover replaced, leaving no visual evidence that the card is there. When powering on the stereo with an SD card inserted, the stereo will first scan the SD card, a process that can take anywhere from 2 - 20 seconds depending on the speed of your SD card. I found that the Samsung Pro Class 10 cards are *much* faster than my cheaper Transcend cards, consistently coming in at the 2-5 second mark regardless of how full the card is. Powering the stereo off, it will remember which MP3 file was playing and what position, so when you turn it back on, it will resume playing from where it left off. When playing MP3 files, the "d pad" on the right of the unit makes it straightforward to find the songs you are looking for. Up/down moves through the folders on the card, left/right moves through files in the current folder.

The only real downside to the SD card playback is that the files in a folder are played back in the order that they were copied to the card, rather than track order or alphabetical filename order. The Windows file copy process seems to sometimes randomize the order in which files are copied, which can lead to some frustration. My current solution is to copy the files via the command line with the robocopy command, but I realize that this might be unacceptable to some users. I have elected not to deduct a star for this though, as this limitation seems to be par for the course in car stereos (the USB port on the Alpine stereo in my old Mazda behaved the same way).

Audio quality is good. Even without an amplifier, I can turn the music up louder than is comfortable. I have not tried maxxing out the volume, but at 32 out of 50 it is definitely uncomfortably loud. I am using a Polk Audio DB651s Slim-Mount 6.5-Inch Speaker in each of the four doors. My biggest complaint is that to change the bass or treble level, you have to go into the audio menu, but since in most cases once these levels are set you won't need to mess with them again, I am again not docking points for this.

A couple of additional points. The Melbourne 120 can only play from SD cards and USB sticks that are formatted FAT32. I had a USB stick with some music on it that wouldn't play back, and it turned out the stick was formatted exFAT. Once reformatted FAT32, the stick worked fine. The unit does come with a little remote control, although I cannot fathom why this would be useful. An interesting feature of this stereo is that it can be turned on with the car's ignition turned off, so you can let someone listen to the stereo without leaving the keys in the car. In this mode, the stereo will turn itself off after one hour to prevent draining the battery. Of course, the stereo also turns itself on and off with the ignition key as a normal stereo would.

All in all I am very pleased with the Blaupunkt Melbourne 120, and would not hesitate to recommend it to someone with similar needs to myself, especially at it's price point.
review image review image review image
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on October 28, 2014
I'm reviewing the Blaupunkt Toronto 420 BT (the specific model ending in 21)

I received the receiver and had it installed by Best Buy.

The unit works great for everything I wanted it for. The bluetooth connects automatically when I turn the car on and streams both phone calls and audio from my Iphone 6+ with no issues whatsoever.

I downloaded an audiobook and put it on a USB stick and plugged it into the front and it started playing immediately. It remembers my position when I turn the car off. I love that. I've nearly finished a book in two days.

Navigation of the menus isn't a problem, and is pretty well explained in the manual.

I went through today and downloaded the firmware update and installed it. After it updated it the power cut off with a loud pop and I thought it had fried the unit, I waited for it to reboot but it didn't so I hit the power button and it turned back on and had noticeably better features after the update. It now shows folders for content, and tells you 'goodbye' when you turn the car off instead of instantly turning off, it added more sources for audio, etc.

I found that I was able to remove the sources I don't use through the Turner menu. That removes a lot of the presses to get to bluetooth streaming, which is really nice. So instead of like FM1, FM2, FMT, AW, SW, Bluetooth streaming it now goes FM1, Bluetooth streaming. Nice.

My only cons with the unit are that the knobs themselves offer little purchase to turn, and the right knob is hard to move in single distinct clicks in one direction. Sometimes it jumps two in the tracks/menu/etc. Also the auto-dimmer doesn't seem to work, but pressing the display button for two seconds dims it manually.

Besides that my brand new used car I purchased now has great Bluetooth connectivity for streaming and phone calls, and is able to play audiobooks without an issue.

I'm very satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend it if you're looking for similar features.
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on December 7, 2012
I hate to give this stereo a 1 star out of 5 but the display is absolutely horrendous during the day. 2 settings, bad and worst. I have a 2007 Nissan Frontier and the unit sits near the top of the dash at a slight upward angle. Any form of daylight will make the display unreadable...even on a cloudy day. I live in central Florida though and we do get a lot of sun. At night, it's fabulous. Everything else so far is great but the display ruins it...Am I missing something here!?! I've read similar complaints on other models in the past but...I plan to send this unit back unfortunately.

*Update: Giving the product an additional star due to the fact that the unit's position in a Nissan Frontier does accentuate the weak display. Still plan to return.
review image review image
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on December 16, 2013
Blaupunkt has kept with their long time history of making things simple and relatively easy to comprehend for senior citizens in not making this radio too complex or having too much info displayed. Sound quality seems excellent and stereo/quad imagery respectable and not requiring added amplifiers although amp output is available for those wishing more power. Flash drive and external input is easy to access through front panel USB port. Removable face panel makes brand and head unit unidentifiable for long term parking.
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on January 27, 2015
Car stereo head units really do suck these days, and seem to all be designed for 17-year-olds who, someone seems to think, really want to see dolphins dance across the screen to the music. This unit counters all that, with a relatively tasteful screen, actual knobs, fairly obvious buttons, and a simple color scheme. But there are issues...


- the tuner is nearly useless. I had a crappy stock stereo in my car before this and, with the same antenna, it picked up everything about twice as well as this unit. I've lived in San Francisco for years and have had probably 10 car stereos, and this is the only one that has had a problem with any of the stations I listen to. It seems to vary block by block, as if I'm miles away from the transmitter, but I can see the antenna at the top of the hill.

- the bluetooth pairing is also pretty much useless. This is a shame, since it works really well when its paired with my phone, but if, for example, I need to restart the engine after filling up with gas, the stereo turns off and on and when it comes back on it'll be blasting AM radio static. After 10 seconds or so it'll *usually* repair, but won't start automatically playing the bluetooth audio, I have to press the SRC button about 5 times to get it to play. Its so annoying that I've stopped using bluetooth audio entirely and just use the line in jack.

- the right knob is really annoying, its used to tune the radio and skip tracks with USB and CD, and its hard to go exactly one track forward. You're probably better off with the model with buttons instead of the second knob. The volume knob (left) works great though.


- the USB audio jacks works great with a thumbdrive filled with music.

- even though the look of it is straight out of the 1990s, its much better than any other car stereo I know of.

- knobs! I love having a volume knob. That's oddly rare now.

- I love that the aux jack isn't part of the detachable face, so I don't need to detach it when I remove the face. Thoughtful.
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on February 16, 2015
The feature list is great, but several issues make me unhappy with this unit:

1. Display brightness is poor, cannot see at all in bright daylight.
2. The notches on the FFWD/REV knob are so weak it's almost impossible to move it only 1 notch while the car is moving.
3. The BT mic is not reliable, sometimes the person on the other end understands me, sometimes not.
4. When listening over the BT connection, if you turn off the car, when you turn it back on the unit won't automatically come back to BT mode unless the radio is powered off BEFORE turning off the car.
5. The press and hold required to power off the unit is a pain in the @ss.
6. Too many steps required to pair a new phone/tablet.
7. Too many button presses needed to switch modes.
8. The beep sound played when pushing a button is ear-splittingly loud.
9. Sometimes the pause/play button works over BT, sometimes it takes 2 presses.
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on July 14, 2014
Exactly as advertised, it fits perfectly with my car (Mercedes W202), very convenient Bluetooth - Streaming, iPod/iPhone mode is amazing and works great. I'll keep editing this review to make it as complete as possible.

When I ordered this headunit I forgot to order the "Head Unit Removal Key" for the stock Mercedes Headunit but I took it to the nearest car electrician shop and payed 5 Euros to remove the stock headunit and install this one. Everything was straight forward and I don't think the electrician even used the extra adapter harness that comes with this unit. I was a little bit stressed about it not fitting in the headunit slot, but it fits perfectly.

For Now I tested the following things (Will edit later):
BT-Streaming : Amazing functionality, you go to Menu -> Bluetooth -> Pair (Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone) then enter the pairing code on your iPhone (Default is 1234) and you're set. You will get a "Connected" message on the screen to indicate that your phone has successfully connected your headunit. And now you can just play songs and from the control center (Slide down to up) choose "420 BT" from the airplay icon on your control center to start streaming to the head unit. You can switch songs from the right knob on your 420 BT or you can use your iPhone, it doesn't matter. But you must note that Bluetooth streaming doesn't show you the song information that you're playing on the headunit screen. Tip: I highly suggest making a car PLAYLIST, after all, you don't want to choose songs while driving.
I've noticed that sometimes the headunit doesn't connect to your device when the headunit has been switched on for a while, I've been able to solve this issue by switching off the headunit (press and hold the left knob for about 2 seconds) and then turning it back on while your device has bluetooth switched on, it will automatically connect to your device immediately.

BT - Phone : You can tap on (420 BT) from your iPhone's bluetooth menu and you can customize what your 420 BT can import from your phone's contact list. You have those three choices: Favorites, All Contacts and Groups, or you can select some groups. Also, you can manually dial a number from the headunit itsself, I found that useful if you had a passenger sitting next to you or if you had a cracked iPhone screen, but I strongly do not recommend doing that while driving because you have to use the right knob for each number and then finally press the "Call" button. To actually call start the call, you just press on the "Call" button and then press and hold the "Call" button again and then rotate the right knob to choose your desired person to call and then press the "Call" button again to actually call him/her.

Regarding the mic on the headunit, I havent tested its sensitivity and quality but I will comment on that later.
I've been using this headunit a lot and I've been constantly asking the people I'm calling whether if there was one of the following: Engine noise / Road noise / Muffled voice or not loud enough, 99% of them said there was none whatsoever, although, some of them thought that I just put them on loud speaker and others did not notice at all. Well done Blaupunkt!

Audio CD: Everything was pretty straight forward, I inserted an audio CD the headunit automatically switched to it and played the first track, you change tracks with the right knob and you can eject the Audio-CD from the Eject button located on the top right corner of the headunit.

Front USB: I inserted my 32GB flashdrive (USB 3.0) and the headunit played the first song in 2-3 seconds. I was concerned with the 35Character limit for mp3files (if your mp3file's name is more than 35 characters, the headunit will not play it) apparently it was ABLE to play an mp3file I had named ("Conquering Dystopia - 3 - Ashes of Lesser Men") but it didn't show the entire mp3 file name (Which is 45 characters) so no major problems there. The headunit actually read the ID3 tags of the mp3file and you can choose what the screen can display by pressing on the "DISP" button, you can choose Artist/Album/Title/Time Elapsed/Time Remaining/The name of the folder that contains the mp3file or ALL to display all of these with around 2 seconds between each one of them.

Note 1: I played a 140MB mp3file as a test because some low level devices can't handle such sizes but it PASSED that test and played it instantly. Well done Blaupunkt.

Note 2: Navigating through folders is the weakest part in the headunit, I found it annoying to switch between folders from the headunit, but it was very easy from the Remote that came included with the head unit. You use Up and Down to go through folders and Right and Left to switch songs within your desired folder.

iPhone/iPod Mode: I got the cable for my iPhone and plugged it on the front USB port and my phone started charging and I've chosen a song and the headunit started playing it. It also took the ID3 tags of each song I played, and you can choose artists/albums/songs from the headunit without touching your phone. The quality was amazing as well.
iPhone/iPod Mode is not very stable on my headunit. Sometimes it keeps disconnecting my iPhone while I'm streaming music and charging my phone. Perhaps its my countries' bumpy roads but it keeps disconnecting and connecting. Also, I've noticed that the headunit won't connect to your iPhone/iPad properly when you headunit has been turned on for a while, I've been able to solve this problem by switching off the headunit (press and hold the left knob for about 2 seconds) and then turning it back on with the cable and iOS device connected to the headunit.

Front AUX: I got a 3.5mm AUX cable and plugged it in my iPhone and I chose "AUX IN" from the headunit and instantly started playing songs. Obviously you can't get ID3 tags from it because AUX as a port doesn't get the ID3 tags, it only transmits the audio signal.

SD Card Slot: I don't have an SD Card so I didn't test it, but if you're wondering about its location, it's located BEHIND the headunit (You can remove the front headunit panel by pressing the button that looks like "LV" on the top left corner).
I bought an SD Card, this one to be exact: SanDisk Ultra 16GB Class 10 SDHC Memory Card Up To 40MB/s- SDSDUN-0016G-G46 [Newest Version], and boy oh boy! The reading time of the headunit is about 2 - 3 seconds on fairly large mp3 files (~20MB) when you turn on the head unit. What I loved the most is that the head unit remembers where the mp3 file you were playing stopped the last time you were listening to it and it continues from that point, I think that would be very helpful for people who likes to listen to audio-books. So, it remembers where you were and it reads a large mp3 file and seeks to a point in it in 2 - 3 seconds.

FM/AM Radio: You have FM1/FM2/FMT/AM1/AM2/AMT/WB/LT etc, and tons of other bands that I can't remeber to tune into in this headunit, you can change stations with the right knob and you can assign stations to one of the numbers (1,2,3,4,5) by simply tuning into the station and then by pressing and holding your desired number you want for about 1-2 seconds, you will hear a beep. You can also disable any of the bands from the menu to keep the audio source choosing experience tidy and quick.

Note 1: You can change regions on your headunit, I personally chose Europe over USA, because in my country we have channel frequencies in odd and even numbers, so USA didn't work for me because it iterates in odd numbers.

Note 2: There is a traffic info option in the headunit which you can enable by going to Menu -> Tuner -> Traffic Info. I don't know what it is it so I kept it off.

Note 3: There is RDS aswell, and there is also an option called PTy which sort of categorizes your stations in your desired order or maybe it does it for you, I am not sure.


I found a weird option in the Call menu, if you press on Call and then scroll to "<<<" which means back, the headunit will actually take you back to the BT-PhoneMenu which you can actually reach by pressing Menu -> Bluetooth, I think it's redundant to reach the same menu from two places and I always chose the <<< option to go back to the main display, not to go to the Bluetooth Menu.

I think it's a good option, you're 3 steps shorter to reach the bluetooth menu, it's very helpful when you're pairing another phone - or a fellow passenger is trying to pair theirs - to the head unit. I don't even have to look at the head unit, I just lift my index while my hand is on the gear lever and press and hold the call button without even looking (muscle memory) and they'll just take it from there. Come to think of it, Blaupunkt took this to the next level and I am completely mind blown, they actually let you reach that same menu from the call button for a reason; they don't want you to take your eyes off the road and reach for the menu button and they don't want the passenger to give you less space around your gear lever and your right hand to pair their phone by only accessing that menu from the Menu button. That is German design for you people.

You screen of the Headunit is not very visible under direct sunlight.

It turns out that the headunit can raise the volume up and down from the steering wheel controls using a special module ( on the Mercedes Benz (W203) but it won't show any information on the screen below the speed-o-meter.

My overall experience with the headunit - apart from the minor issues I've written about - was sublime as it has redefined the whole car stereo experience for me, I enjoy using it and I can't wait to play my favorite music on it. Thank you very much Blaupunkt for creating such a headunit and I hope that you would fix these issues I've been experiencing in the next firmware upgrade. And thanks to amazon for their excellent packaging. Absolutely amazing.
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