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Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer
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on November 5, 2012
Okay I am SO SICK of all these HACK "Amazon VINE" reviews that I am going to spend 20 minutes to tell you the truth. Most of these people are so full of BS, and from their reviews know nothing about juicers. Most Vine reviews makes me lose respect for not only them, but Amazon, they need to change the system to remove the blatant bias and obviousness of reviews (Give me a $400 juicer for free and I will give it 5 stars too - or NOT - truth in honesty prevails). Funny how they all happened to purchase a Breville compact, and now Amazon gives them one of these to try and an epiphany occurs as they're amazed at how this one is so much better. Or maybe, just maybe, they also were given on of those to review as well, noooooo... How would you rate a Free $400 juicer to a non-comparable $99 one.

-To the Juicers-
First off they are completely different (Compact Centrifugal vs. Vertical Auger). Second off, wonder why it doesn't have the signature Breville loop hole plug, and why every part besides the motor base and juice containers are IDENTICAL to an Omega VERT 350 juicer Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer, well because that is the only difference, as they are made in the same Chinese factory. Omega Engineer's designed this machine.

-How Does it Work-
Both have the same pitfalls (Breville and Omega Vertical Masticating), which is you have to chop up vegetables, especially greens like parsley, mint, kale, as well as celery etc. in 1/2" segments as the string fibers will just wrap around base of the auger. So, instead of further compressing your juice, or properly processing other foods you put in after, it will just force the juice and its pulp out the top of the conical screed. The top has much bigger wholes mind you than the ones at the bottom, thereby the auger is not pressing the juice to its maximum potential, and leaving you with an extremely pulpy product. If you are used to a centrifugal get ready for some serious pulp action in your juice. Now the only way to partially solve this is to chop up all the things I listed above, as well as Apples and other large produce as they just plain don't fit whole like they do on a centrifugal, remember thick carrots as they will jam the machine. Once you do all that, and feed the things you are juicing in a methodical order, like some leafy greens, then some hard material like apple, followed by spinach, then some carrot.... etc..... repeating this over and over until all your ingredients are juiced. Then well you will end up with an okay juice with a pretty high yield. However, if you want yield numbers of a centrifugal, especially from harder food items like apples, pineapple, carrots, etc. then you need to break down the machine after running your ingredients through, scrub the filter screed to clear any debris blocking the holes, along with the auger and outer housing, then re-assemble the whole thing and run the pulp back through the machine. Then if you want a smoother juice, more similar but still pulpier, than what you'll get from a centrifugal, you need to either strain through a fine mesh, losing some mass, or once again break down the machine, clean, and re-assemble then run the juice back through it again.

I did a comparison between an Omega VERT 350 (the Breville is a factory Copy of this machine) and a Breville 510XL Variable speed centrifugal (supposedly optimal for lighter/leafy material so that you can slow the RPM's to maximize yield. Anyhow, I weighed equal amounts of Apple, carrot, kale, parsley, cucumber, and celery totaling 1545grams (3.4lbs) for each machine and ran them through using optimal methods. For the Vert I chopped everything up to prevent clogging or fiber wrap, along with alternating ingredients to maximize the compression from the auger; for the Breville centrifugal I used the proper speed settings (between 1-5) for the veg/fruit being juiced, pressed at a very slow even speed down the chute, and for the leafy stuff kept the chute packed so the internal wind created by the spinning screen would not just eject the material to the pulp bin before being shredded by the blades and juiced.

1st Run through the machines starting with 1545grams or 3.4 lbs of fruit/vegetables:
--Breville Centifugal - 1205grams 78.0% efficiency
--Vertical Auger - 1125grams 72.8% eff.

2nd run of the pulp through each machine:
--Breville Centifugal - 105grams additional 6.8% extraction
--Vertical Auger - 170grams additional 11.0% extraction

Total after 2 runs through the machines:
--Breville Centifugal - 1305grams 84.5% Total Efficiency
--Vertical Auger - 1295grams 83.8% Total Efficiency

So there you have it. This slow speed auger juicer is 6.4% less efficient than the old style centrifugal model on first pass, and pulls close but still not bettering it, even after spending a 5 minutes to tear down, clean, re-assemble, and juice your pulp.

-Other Considerations-
Now on to other things that may or may-not matter to you. The foot-print is significantly smaller on the auger style machine than the large centrifugal's, along with all the plastic parts that comprise the machine. Speed, well with a huge chute and high efficiency, the larger centrifugal machine gobbles up whole apples, oranges (peeled), tomatoes, cucumbers, you get the picture, this equates to minimal prep required along with much faster juicing times. Noise, well this should be rather obvious when you're comparing an 80rpm device compared to a 13,500rpm device, the auger style sounds like a slow crusher/cruncher and the centrifugal sounds like a turbine engine ready for take-off. Now the big thing for me, PARTS, while Breville and Omega give you a "supposed" extremely generous 10year warranty on the machine, this however does not apply to all parts considered "wear parts" (i.e. the conical mesh strainers, auger, silicone wipers, wiper cage, etc). A little trip over to Omega's site and you will find the fine mesh conical screed is a whopping $70 to replace (and tends to break after within 1-2yrs if you juice regularly), the Auger is ~$30, this part $20, that part $5 etc.. Basically all that is covered is the motor and base, which being heavy duty and low RPM is not bound to fail within that period; however all the other plastic stuff, not so much. Granted I am talking Omega's warranty policies vs. Breville, but I just don't see it being any different as Breville does not normally offer a 10yr warranty on anything, at least none that I've seen, including the other appliances I own from them.

-Vine Reviewers are modern shills
-The Breville is a factory copy of an Omega VERT 350 which can be bought cheaper. (Use one of those 20% off BadBathandBeyond coupons they are always sending)
-It's quiet.
-LESS Efficient than a good centrifugal unless you want to clean and re-run pulp. (which then pulls it near even)
-Takes less counter space and is easier to store.
-Has much more pulp than a centrifugal.
-No Less foam than a centrifugal.
-Has very high replacement parts cost as integral parts are considered wear parts. (not covered under warranty)
-Is more expensive than a comparable centrifugal.
-Deceptive Warranty
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on October 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
*Need to put this at the top*
Folks..if you have this juicer, and are having problems with the auger getting stuck...clean the little white gear inside of the juicing bowl. Juice will get underneath the little gear, and make the gear not move freely. The gear is held in with a screw..take it out and clean the gear and the bowl where it sits. When you put it back, don't tighten the screw too tight..allow the gear to spin easily. The auger will not get stuck on anymore. At the most, you will have to hold onto the auger and wiggle it a little. It and the bowl will come up easily. I have had this juicer over a year..and it is still going strong. I cut up my veggies so they are not too thick, which can make it jam. I can put in whole celery stalks..but I cut up hard veggies such as carrot into strips. Just a little bit of preparation and you will have problem-free juicing. Clean-up time is not an issue. I can take it apart and clean it in the same time it took me to clean the Breville centrifugal juicer I had previously.
So..keep the gear in the juicing bowl clean and moving freely. Cut up your hard veggies so it won't jam. Doing these things will keep your happily juicing!

I had the Breville centrifugal juicer, and wanted to upgrade to a masticating type. This juicer is wonderful! I like that it's vertical, which allows me to fill a larger pitcher making two glasses at once if needed. It's easy enough to clean, even though there are more parts than the centrifugal juicer. No problems with it being too noisy, and cutting the veggies into smaller pieces to accommodate the smaller chute, doesn't take much more time than cutting the veggies for the other juicer. The pulp waste is less, especially less weight since there is more juice extracted. We don't have a use for the pulp, so it's thrown away, but the trash bags are lighter in weight after a week's worth of juicing which is a plus!
I highly recommend this Breville juicer. I use it twice, sometimes three times a day, and I love it!

Added comments: We have had the juicer for a week, now. Like it so much more than the centrifugal juicer. It's easier to clean, because the screen where the juice is pushed through has larger holes than the fine screen in the centrifugal type juicer. Plus, no more worry about scraping knuckles on blades. The quality of juice is much you some pulp and not just liquid. If you are looking for a juicer for the first time, I highly recommend you get a masticating juicer from the get-go, so you won't have to upgrade later on. There is enough of a difference between the two types, to make it worth your while to get this one from the start. Just the fact that the juicer is healthier for you, from this type of juicer...should be a factor in the decision. When using a centrifugal juicer, the basket with blades spins at a high speed, creating heat. The heat will kill enzymes in the juice, something you don't want to it forces air into the juice, which you don't want to happen as well. If you are saving an extra glass for later, oxygenated juice won't last as long in the fridge. Juice from a masticating type lasts longer when stored in an airtight container. One last thing...if you want to juice leafy greens, a masticating juicer can't be beat. The other kind will mostly throw the leafy greens into the pulp bin, forcing you to "re-juice" the pulp in an attempt to get some juice out of them. It can be a huge money-waster to push the greens into the chute only to have them spit right back out again. The masticating juicer will get the juice out, and you never need to re-juice the pulp.

A tip: when you are juicing celery, the "strings" can cause problems with plugging up the works. Juice some cut up celery, then put in a harder veggie like carrot or squash. It helps to clear out the stringy parts of the celery, before you add more of it.

If you are looking to improve your health through green juicing, using a juicer such as the Breville Fountain Crush Masticating Slwo Juicer is a great way to start!

Aug. 19,2013 More added comments: Having had this juicer for awhile, I would still buy it again. The only new issue that has come up is that the small white gear inside the bowl of the juicer which is held in by a small screw, can cause the auger to become stuck on if the gear gets juice underneath it making it difficult to turn. I have found, that if I take the small gear out and clean it and underneath it in the bowl every so often, that the auger/bowl/basket can be removed without a problem. If the white plastic gear is kept clean so it can move freely, there is no longer an issue of the auger part getting stuck on the juicer.
I have used this juicer every week since we bought it...sometimes two or more times a week. It has always worked just fine.
One last thing, if you get an auger type juicer like this one, one thing you will find is that when you are finished juicing, and you take the juicer apart to clean will see that there will be ground up vegetables in the deep ridges of the auger left behind. The only way to clear out the auger is by running water alone thru the machine, which can help in the cleaning process.
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Verified Purchase
So I've owned a Breville Juicer before but it was the taller kind, not this single-auger masticating juicer. I use this EVERY day, often more than once. I have a herditary condition that causes problems with my digestive tract and there is no way I could get all those healthy fruits and veggies down without my juicer.

I stick cucumbers, carrots, spinach, lettuce, bok choy, mint, celery, kale, apples, citrus(peeled or it tastes bitter) and probably several other things that I can't think right off hand. I do cut the apples into eighths or sixths. Most everything else just gets crammed in there. If there a jam, hit the reverse for a couple seconds then keep on going. I get a very small amount of pulp that is quite dry from it.

I will often then take my green juice and make a smoothie in the blender with frozen fruit(mango, strawberry, blueberries, etc), banana, protein powder and anything else I want to put in. The apple juice(depending on what kind of apples you use, usually sweetens it enough but you can also add fructose or honey or whatever your sweetner of choice is. Protein powder and sometimes a couple tablespoons of blanched almonds makes this a meal which is great for me- no stomach pain!

The big advantage of the masticating juicer is that you don't end up with mushy or stringy stuff lke you might if you threw it all just in a blender.

I wash it right away- before I even go make my smoothie in the blender and it is a snap to clean up- haven't had to scrub it or anything. I leave the parts in the drying rack til next time. I found this easier to clean than Breville's Juice Fountain. Oh, and I did NOT get this free. I paid full price and consider it worth every penny!!

I love this because the kids love smoothies and have no idea they are chowing down on kale and spinach- muahahaha.
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on August 5, 2013
I am new to juicing but I knew it was something that I was going to make a daily routine, so I decided to spend the extra bucks and buy a slow masticating juicer to get the most juice yield. I loved my Breville Fountain Crush and it worked great for about two weeks. I used it everyday, 1-2x daily, since I purchased it and at roughly two weeks a small piece of carrot jammed the juicer. I had to take everything apart and start over. No biggie, until it happened again and this time the juicer locked and it was very very difficult to open it to remove the jam and restart it. The next time it happened again the jam burned the motor and the juicer was done.

I read many of the reviews on this juicer before purchasing it and I read the manual, I followed the instructions on how to juice and prep the veggies and fruits... I even spent a good 15-20 minutes prior to juicing to clean and chop up my veggies to ease the burden on my juicer but it didn't make a difference with the jams. I returned my Breville Fountain Crush and decided to take it down a notch and get a centrifugal juicer, to experience the difference. I got a Breville Multispeed and although the juicer worked great, was super fast and easy to clean, I didn't get as much juicer as I did with the Fountain Crush and there was WAY more oxidation. The pulp was also very wet, even after running it through the juicer twice. So, I returned my Multispeed and got myself a Omega J8006 and OH MY GOD, this is the Mother of All Juicers! I got the most juice yield from all three of the juicers, it was super duper quiet, no jams, and minimal oxidation. To give you an idea of how much more juice I got, I used the same amount of veggies for my morning green juice and with the Omega J8006 I got almost two full glasses, with the Breville Multispeed I got one glass and with the Breville Fountain Crush I got about a glass and a half. After all this, I'm glad my Breville Fountain Crush got jammed and died because without it I wouldn't have found the Omega J8006. NOTE: I could have opted to get a new Breville Fountain Crush but I didn't want to wait on the shipping, so I just went to the store and picked the other juicers out instead. I want to make clear that I may have had a defective model. I don't know for sure because I didn't get another one to test it out. With that said, I still prefer the Omega J8006 to the Fountain Crush.
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64 of 73 people found the following review helpful
on April 29, 2013
There are reviews on here that state that this model Beville is a copy of the Omega VRT 350HD. Not quite. It is a similar design, but made by a different Korean company than Omega. This Breville is OEM made by NUC Electronics, whose branded product is called the Kuvings Silent Juicer. It is slightly different than the Omega, but it was the Omega concept that was copied by Kuvings.

BTW, I wouldn't touch the Breville model because it is cheating the customer on warranty. The manufacturer's branded Kuvings model of this machine has a full 10 year warranty on the entire machine, whereas the identical 600XL Breville ( OEM) machine only has a 1 year total/ 10 year motor. Stay away from companies that refuse to honor the manufacturer's warranty.
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35 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on October 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
The first 3 times, augur and basket comes right out after successfully juicing. 4th time, augur got stuck after successfully juicing... reversed motor, came right out. 5th time augur really stuck... reversed motor several times - still stuck. Added water several times to attempt to wash out pulp debris, and then "managed" to get the augur and basket out (all the while using the proper method as instructed in the manual). 6th time - nothing worked - 20 minutes later finally came out. 7th time, 30 minutes and sore hands later, still stuck as all previous methods failed.

Had this item less then 8 weeks and Amazon won't allow me to return it. Lesson learned - don't try to work with it or give it a chance - just immediately send stuff back to Amazon and let them eat the cost (working or not). Otherwise Amazon rips off its customers.

Called the company and after much explanation, they will send me an RMA number - I thought they would be familiar with this problem as many have reported the same problem, but apparently the tech support has been told to "play dumb" as if no one else has experienced this problem.
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40 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on August 26, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love Breville juicers but not this one. I purchased it for wheatgrass. The juice was fine but too much of the wheatgrass was wasted in the juicer (not juiced) and the pulp always got stuck in the extraction tube so I had to use a butter knife to clean it out every time. It was so frustrating that I returned the juicer and had to pay $20 for shipping it back to Amazon. Do not waste money on this juicer.
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on September 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
One of the main reasons I bought this juicer was because of the advertised warranty on the Amazon listing. Item J says, "Ultra Quiet 240 Watt Motor: Powerful low speed extraction method with no heat transfer, backed by a 10 year Motor Warranty" As it turns out, the outside of the box it came in has a large designation that says, "5 Year warranty on the motor". At first I thought it was a mistake. So I opened the box and looked at the warranty paper work. The actual warranty has no mention what so ever of the 5 year or 10 year motor warranty. The warranty only says that it's is covered for a yesr. When I complained to Amazon about it, the Amazon person that responded suggested that I take it up with the manufacturer. Now, how am I supposed to do that? All I wanted Amazon to do was to correct the listing so other consumers wouldn't be deceived.

With all that said I like the juicer. It does a nice job making juice and I use it every day. It's easy to clean up. I just pour some water through after I'm finished juicing and then rinse off all the individual components. After the part dry off it goes back together easily.

If it wasn't for the warranty issue I would have given it 4 stars. Although it works well it did stall once while I was putting vegetables in. If that happens all you have to do is switch it to reverse and back to forward again. Actually I was a little surprised when it stalled because I was only putting in pieces and I never try to fill up the entry port. The picture shows it overflowed with strawberries which gives you the impression that you can just fill it up and turn it on. I wouldn't recommend that. As long as you chunk up the veggies and fruit and put a few in at a time you shouldn't have any trouble.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the way it works although I feel deceived from the advertised specifications. If the discrepancy in the motor warranty ever gets rectified I will change my review
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on November 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
The first product I got worked for one month, I used it about 14 times. It broke. I returned it to the company and was sent another machine. It arrived broken. I will be requesting a refund.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am not an expert on juicing. At all. I am a novice juicer. The only thing I can say to an expert juicer who is reading this review is that this machine is really well built. It juiced everything I put through it. The reverse feature works really well. (see the video)

I own both the Breville Compact 200XL ($100) and this Breville Juice Fountain 600XL ($400)

This masticating juicer works great and if you can afford it, then it's the best option. However if money is a factor then I would whole heartedly recommend the $100 model that works just as good in all the ways that really matter for a novice. (see the video)

It takes me the exact same amount of time to clean up both models. I timed it mutliple times.

The 600XL is much much quieter.

The 600XL is not being called compact but by juicer standards it does have a pretty small footprint on the counter.

I think the 600XL juice tastes better but just by a slight margin over the 200XL.
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