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on September 7, 2012
Size Name: 16 GBVerified Purchase
The thought of waiting until Monday was just too much for me, so I picked this up at Best Buy (sorry!), but I actually got it a day early and have been playing/testing it all day. I've been waiting for a Tegra 3 version of Sony's tablet for awhile, and I have to say it's everything I was waiting for, with one boneheaded play by Sony.

First the good stuff:
This tablet is FAST and responsive. There's no setting for power saving or performance. It does it automatically, scoring well over 11,000 in Antutu which places this tablet ahead of the Transformer Prime by a good 10%. It's not running Android 4.1 yet (Jellybean) but Sony has stated that they'll roll out a JB update in the near future. Let's hope they mean in one month instead of several.

The display is GORGEOUS! And the non reflective surface is quite effective without sacrificing sharpness. Yes it's only 1280x800, but without content that supports the higher resolution Acer and Asus tablets, those extra pixels are being wasted, save for text. I purposely picked a standard resolution tablet. I don't think the higher resolution tablets are quite there yet. Anyway, the display is IPS, and can be turned up quite bright. Colors are vivid, and contrast is excellent. They did a great job with their display design.

The sound is also excellent, with Sony's ClearFi technology making this one of the loudest tablets I've heard. You can even simulate Surround Sound for a more enhanced video playback. Sound reproduction is excellent, and the graphic equalizer with presets works very well.

I like the infrared universal remote a lot. It works well and is easy to set up. You can even make macros now that turns on everything at once, like your TV and Blue Ray player and sound system with one button press. Quite nice!

Sony's design is one of a kind. The "folded" magazine form factor really does make holding this tablet a joy. It's not just another slab of tablet. It's also thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and sports an aluminum back for a more solid feel.

Now for the bad:
The original review units that Sony displayed at trade shows featured a USB and HDMI port. They opted to instead remove these and install a proprietary Multiport (which is on the bottom and not the side as shown in the photos here on Amazon). This was a cold, calculated move on Sony's part to squeeze more money out of consumers by forcing them to spend at a minimum $50 for a USB host cable and HDMI cable. What makes it worse is that you can't use both at the same time. One port, one cable. I find this redesign infuriating, because otherwise this tablet would have been the closest to "perfect" that I've yet seen. It's a terrible shame that some suit at Sony pushed this idea through. One saving grace is the full sized SD card slot, which makes expanded memory quite affordable and easy, although it kind of ruins the need for a 32 and 64 GB model in my opinion. 16GB works fine for me with a cheap ultra SDHC SD card for 32 gigs of extra room.

The other potentially bad news is that, despite what all the major review sites state, this is NOT a Playstation Certified device. I verified this with a call to Sony's tech support. As far as being compatible with Sony Mobile, which might have ps one games, the same tech stated that they aren't even sure that They'll ever release Sony Mobile. Sorry folks.

Overall, I still really like this tablet, and it would have deserved five stars, were it not for that stupid multiport. Dumb, dumb, dumb move Sony.

UPDATE: I wound up returning the tablet after discovering a couple of potentially killer issues:
1. The WIFI issues continue. I got it to stop turning off when sleeping, but after a hard shutdown, it does not want to connect, even telling me that the router is out of range (even though it's 5 feet away). The only remedy is to disable/re-enable the WIFI. This is generally indicative of poor software and or hardware issues.
2. It simply shuts off completely in the middle of activities. Don't ask me why. I have no idea, but for now I'm done with this tablet until they get the bugs worked out And make some improvements.
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on November 14, 2012
Size Name: 16 GB
I have now come to own over 20 tablets in the last 2 years. Most 7", some 9 and some 10.
These include some of the best (or so called best) Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab2, Nexus 7.
I never did buy a iPad as the cost is insane and don't like being tied into their market.

I have settled down into the 9" realm as 7 is just a bit to small and 10 is a bit to large.
9" seems to be just right for me. In the last month i bought 4 different 9" tabs.
The only one that stood out of that bunch was the Galaxy Tab2. Quite zippy, but my problem was the screen was not bright enough for good movie watching. If a guy is wearing a dark brown suit, i want to know its dark brown and not a black one. Most tabs are terrible with the brightness in this regard. Not many even spec how bright they are. so its a gamble to find out.

Some of my criteria for keeping a tablet is how clear & vibrant the screen is.
After receiving my Sony tablet i was blown away at how beautiful and bright the screen is. Honestly speaking this tablet has made watching movies really enjoyable for me over all others. The wi-fi signal reception was the strongest out of any tablet i ever owned. Where i sit is just on the fringe of me signal area, most just barley get it, and some dont even get it. The Sony got great signal strength. After using this for a while i honestly cannot find anything that i could call a "con" or bad. I love everything about it. The feel in the hands is just perfect. It is VERY light. At first when i bought others i though i would not care about weight, but after holding some of thoes bricks for a while you do get tired of holding it. Not this one though.
The structure of the buttons is great and in good locations. Some may gripe about not having a USB connector, but honesty what is the real big deal there, the cable that comes with it can plug into your PC anyway. which i have tried and it comes right up as a device for you to drag files directly to internal storage or SD Card. There are also good apps out there that allow you to open a web browser to connect to the device and download your files either way from/to the device via the wifi. So i see no reason for a usb connection. This unit has shown no signs of lagging at all, very fast. The data rate through the wifi has also been the fastest i have used.

Out of all the tablets i have had, i would be proud to recommend this one to anyone.
I truly think that you will not be sorry. After getting this i know i will not have to buy another for a long long time as this tablet has exceeded my expectations in every way.
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on January 15, 2013
Size Name: 16 GB
I've owned this tablet for about 2 months now, so I think I'm ready to give a fair, comprehensive review of the product. I hope this information is helpful or at least interesting to someone.

First, a bit about me and my point of view. I generally like, and buy, Sony products (particularly refurbished ones as they can be amazingly great values), so naturally I have been interested in Sony's tablets since the first generation was launched in 2011. Second, I prefer being an Android user (versus an Apple iOS user) in that I've always chosen Android phones over Apple's products for my own use. That said, I am very well acquainted with iOS tablets and phones as I have to use them for my work. But, given a choice for personal use, I have always weighed all the factors and then determined that Android-based products are more versatile, adaptable, and interesting to me than iOS products and are (usually, but not always) priced lower so they are better values. (I admit that Apple's profit margins both annoy and impress me...they make my Apple stock more valuable, but they are also clear triumphs of capitalism. But I digress.) The downside of this equation of mine is that I have to admit that Apple's products may be a better choice for any non-techie types (i.e., many people) because the limitations intentionally put on the iOS do make for a simpler interface. I also admit that until the introduction of the 4.x.x Android products (i.e., Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean), the Android OS has been too much of a work in process. The bottom line for me is that it's the customization factor of the Android OS that makes me so happy with my Sony tablet. Enough about me and my point of view. What about the tablet!?

Well, in simple terms, I'll say that I think Sony really got it right this second time around. I wasn't that impressed with their first edition, but this new "Xperia" branded one is just amazingly good in almost every way. Yes, there are minor issues with all tablets (i.e., the products are still evolving), but I have to say that if you want an Android tablet, you should consider getting this one. (If you want an iOS tablet, you're not even reading this, so I won't address you.) I can't get over how many neat customizations for the Android skin that were provided by Sony. Also, the build quality of the hardware is superb. In fact, after reading every review I could find of this product over the past 4 months, I have to say that all the negative or "disappointing" comments I've read about the Xperia tablet are pretty much nonsense and/or also apply to the (always over-rated) Apple tablet. Here's my list of pros and cons for those who might benefit:

1- Beautifully designed hardware. Compact, sturdy, high-quality materials. Looks better, I think, than all its competitors in both camps (iOS and Android). Wonderful range of accessories from Sony (not 3rd-party vendors) that are really useful. Beautiful screen in a perfect (I think) resolution. Beautiful screen protector sold by Sony (see my separate review).

2- Beautifully designed interface additions to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The "Small Apps" feature is worth the price of admission, as the saying goes, all by itself. Try doing that (i.e., true multitasking) with any other tablet (i.e., you can't).

3- Very solid software implementation with, so far, regular updates/fixes from Sony. Promise of Jelly Bean to come (a promise which I'm sure Sony will keep). I've never had my tablet crash or fail to hook to Wi-Fi and stay connected. Never.

4- Memory expansion standard (full-size SD card slot that is mounted as secondary drive). Makes buying anything other than the cheapest 16GB model unnecessary. I added a 64GB SD card for $40. (I'm counting this as a big "pro" because I don't foresee a need for more than the 10GB of available storage offered by the 16GB model. No one will ever need more than a couple of gigabytes for apps, so paying for a bigger "root" drive is completely unnecessary.)

5- Standard proprietary charging cable also works as USB interface to a PC (i.e., no extra cords to buy). The fact that Sony choose to use a proprietary port/cable does not distress me as it has others here or does it surprise me. It's ironic, I think, that when any vendor other than Apple uses a proprietary interface they get lambasted for doing so. I think Sony rightly saw several advantages (versus few disadvantages) to using a single proprietary port on their 2nd-generation tablet. They are: one port, one hole in the device (makes the water resistance feature easier to achieve); supplied cable doubles as charge cable (to any standard power supply by the way) and data interface; need for only two accessory cables--users who want HDMI (and they are few) can buy an accessory cable for $40 that allows for charging and video output simultaneously and users who want a female USB interface port (an even smaller number) can buy an accessory cable that provides this function for a reasonable $20. Isn't it interesting that all those proud new owners of the latest generation iPads are happily getting stuck with Apple's choice to do a completely unnecessary switch to a different proprietary port ("Lighting")? The net effect of that switch is to add at least $40 to the price of an iPad. I know this first hand because I helped my sister buy a new iPad after Christmas. She had to pay a premium for the 64GB model (iPads can't be expanded after purchase) and had to buy that $40 Lightning adapter because Apple does not offer a world-wide power adapter kit with that new interface. Don't like it...well get out of line 'cause there's a whole lot of folks who will pay anything to buy an iPad. (And that, I think, is what Apple's success with its iPad line amounts to most...i.e., a marketing victory to generate demand...because the tablet is no longer a technical victory. Apple showed that there is a market for tablets, and Google is showing the truth of competition in the market is what drives it forward.)

OK, here are the few "cons" I can think of. You'll see that the list is shorter than the "pros."

1- That beautiful screen could be just a bit brighter for better use outside in direct sunlight. Inside, I think maximum brightness is too bright. Because outside use not a big deal for me personally, I'm counting this one as a minor "con."

2- The battery life is "acceptable" for the size of the device, not remarkable. However, before anyone out there claims something untrue like "Ah iPad lasts for 20 hours between charges!" I will add some details. I've had a chance to use my Sony tablet enough now to know with confidence that I will get at least 6 hours of steady use before I'm fretting over the battery level (i.e., 30%). That's about the same time I get with my iPad 2 (remember...I use one for work). In other words, they are about the same although Apple's battery is much bigger. If you're trying to compare your usage, here are my details: I always leave my Sony on "Auto" brightness (unless I'm outside in the daytime) and I always have Wi-Fi on but Bluetooth off. In order to use my Sony anywhere I go, I turn on my "Wi-Fi Hotspot" feature on my Motorola Razr Maxx HD phone (it's this phone that has "remarkable" battery life!). My Sony connects immediately and works just as fast over this 4G link as it does at home with a fast DSL Wi-Fi. Best of all, I don't need a separate data plan for my tablet use (in other words, it is cetainly not a "con" that Sony does not offer cellular tablets in the USA...they don't because they don't have to).

The bottom line is I think if Sony were to sell these Xperia tablets for a suggested retail of $299 (not $399) which would make for a street price of $260 or so (which is what I paid buying it from the Sony Rewards site), they'd squash their Android competition. Perhaps their third time at bat (which will no doubt appear within the next 9 months) will do just that. Until then, I strongly recommend anyone who wants an Android tablet to consider this Sony model. If you are debating over an Apple product, you likely don't care about all the things that I think make Android better than iOS. And, as this review isn't about the OS, I won't labor on to list why I think Android is better. I'll just say that, for me, it is.

I hope this info is helpful to someone. Please leave a comment or vote if you feel inclined to do so. Peace and good luck.
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on September 10, 2012
Size Name: 16 GBVerified Purchase
I pre-ordered on 8/30 with Amazon and got notified on 9/6 that it had shipped and I received it next day! After testing it all weekend, I don't have any major complaints at all! Its very slick, very fast, very responsive! Everything I had hoped it would do, it does and then some.

Pros - so far:
- Size/Design: Very easy to hold and handle...
- Speed: Boot time is fast! Runs multiple apps with no problems, no lag.. Hoping they offer Jelly Bean soon! Only getting faster.
- It's not an iPad
- Battery Power: Seems to last most of the day off the charger with continuous use.
- Sound: Clear and crisp - loud enough!
- Front/Rear Camera: Decent photos in the day time! No flash for night time.
- Display: Looks awesome in the right light. The screen is reflective but the colors are really bright. Movies and Games look awesome.
- I tested a few Stylus's with this Tablet and all have worked perfectly!
- Sony Screen Protector fit like a glove! No air bubbles and its not noticeable at all..
- The Remote Control: Works perfectly! Easy to setup.

Cons - so far...
- The Multiport: This was a silly idea Sony... Need to spend more money to use the HDMI and USB capability.
- The Multiport Plug: There is a little plug you have to take off to use the multiport and there is nothing attaching the plug to the device and its pretty small... This is totally going to get lost!
- The power button is really close to the volume button (just being picky now)

I hope they do plan the upgrade to Jelly Bean, not really worried about it though. It would just be an added bonus. Everything works awesome now.

The cons aren't anything that would stop be from not purchasing the Tablet again. It is an awesome tablet and I am happy with the purchase - that's all that matters ;)

The 3 FREE Movie offer you get with the Tablet is a little disappointing. 15 movies to select from and most are old - Spiderman I, II, and III, Men in Black I & II, Moneyball, Battle: Los Angeles, Smurfs, Friends with Benefits... Not the best selection..

And I dont care about it not being playstation certified... Who really wants to play playstation games on a 9in screen... I have a Playstation and a 55" inch TV for that. lol

Make sure you grab the Sony 32GB card on Amazon - half price!
Sony Media SF32NX/TQ 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card
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on December 31, 2012
Size Name: 16 GBVerified Purchase
I did a lot of research before buying my 1st tablet and it's treacherous out there...Looking at the Ipads, Samsungs, there are many tablets out there as you know and many are good in their own right

I came across the Sony Xperia at Frys in Houston, TX and the Sony representative was there to answer questions, demo the features and demo other brands also, so I started forming an opinion early on about the Sony Xperia, but I didn't buy it, I did more reading and research.

I went back to Fry's and asked more questions to the Sony Rep and others in the store. I still didn't buy it, but waited to show my fiance' the Xperia and others tablet's at Fry's one more time. I noticed that she gravitated towards the Xperia and commented that it was not to big, not to small, very sleek, the screen resolution was very nice and that it was very intuitive to navigate and the sound was awesome....That's what We expect from Sony...Right....Right

I ordered the Xperia on Amazon from a private seller that said it was used but like new with a carrying case and also ordered the Sony Black Leather Viewing case. The Xperia came in the factory box and was brand new never opened. I quickly open it, read the quick start directions and dived into the Xperia.....Wow....Set up my Google email, wall paper and was online in no time.

I like the way the software is setup on this tablet versus some of the others aforementioned, as Sony did their homework and navigating your email, the internet, writing a word, excel or powerpoint presentation or just playing a game is wonderful experience. I did buy the OfficeSuite Pro 6 as recommended by Sony and it runs flawless..Good Bye Laptop!

The battery consistently gives 10-12 hours of nonstop use and in fact....I get tired before the battery runs out. The input keyboard works very efficiently and is large for a tablet...making it easy to type with 1 finger or with 2 hands. The speakers and internal surround sound settings make this tablet a must for a true audiophile me or You!

I don't how I waited this long to get in the Tablet world, but I tend to hang on to older technology longer than most folks, as I don't have to have the newest gadget of the month or year and tend to wait till all the bugs are worked out of the new gadgets, so I don't have to work with bugs and this is a good example.

The Sony Xperia....No bugs here!
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on September 20, 2012
Size Name: 16 GBVerified Purchase
We had been delaying buying a tablet. As original apple users with the Iphone, we were sick of the company and their China connection, (not totaly sure on the sony where all the parts are manufactured). It came down to where a tablet would benefit us, but we did not want to drink the kool-aid with the other Apple cult and buy a Ipad. I have had experiance with the Ipads from family members, and it had its good points.

I will start with the cons:

As with others the bottom port cover is a small cover piece with no rubber tether to it. So it is something that could be lost easily. The SD port has it though. (minor issue, until lot)

The wifi connection will unexplainably shut off. This is more of a irritant for me, I just either turn it back on, or reboot. I believe it is a software issue and not hardware, so I have faith that Sony will update with better software.

Software glitches with apps. Sometimes they do not load correctly. This again is softesare issues that will probably be addressed later.

Cant get it away from my 3 year old. This really is not the fault of Sony.

Now the Pros:

It is a good looking tablet. Sony did a bang up job on redesigning it from the last tablet.

It has a SD stick port for adding more memory. Thats just awesome with all the potential things you can do.

Its splash proof, I have a 3 year old----enough said.

The screen is just big enough, I didnt like the 7 inch tablets, they felt like a over sized cell phone to me.

Ergonomics of it, it feels comfortable in the hand. Ipad makes my hand cramp after a while, and it feels like it would slip out of your hand while holding it. Sony feels good in the hand, easy to grip and light enough you dont hate it after a hour.

It has a very good screen, colors are vibrant and details are crisp.

It is a Sony. Sony makes very good products, I sound like a fan, but really I have had all good products from Sony compared to other products ( I have had quite a few other products that do not last as long)

Its processing speed is very good, downloading apps seems fast and easy for me.

So over all I give this a great score and a recommended buy, it has a few faults but I think some of those will be fixed with updates. If you are running into software issues I would wait for those to get resolved, I would not give up on a great device like this yet.
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on February 14, 2013
Size Name: 16 GBVerified Purchase
I have been looking at tablets for a couple of months. My choices were somewhat limited as I wanted a tablet with GPS and a full-size SD card slot. The Sony Xperia was the best one for me. I was ready to order it from Sony but decided to wait one more day and am glad I did. Amazon started a sale with $50 off and a free case. Being a Prime member, the 2 day shipping actually was 1 day, a pleasant surprise. I've just started playing with it and have observed the following ; there have been zero WiFi disconnects, page loading is very fast,except those that are also slow on my laptop, movies stream smoothly, speakers are good, and it's just fun. I will update this review as I become more familiar with it.

3/3/2013 Update. So far, I really like this tablet. Used the GPS function and it worked flawlessly. Just remember there are no voice commands, just the navigation arrow indicating where you are. Map can be zoomed in or out just like regular maps. Also, an Android app is available for Amazon Kindle so you have access to their books and movies. This apparently was added without any fanfare because all the recent info available said Amazon did not support Android.
Battery life is more than adequate for my uses. Charges quickly. Still learning how to use apps. More to come.

3/25/2013 Update. Still liking the tablet. A few of things I've noticed; Some, not all, YouTube videos do a lot of buffering while playing. I think it's more the video than the tablet's ability to load. I had one "screen lock-up" on a web site that I frequently visit. Just did a hard reboot and it's been fine. Before I bought, I watched one long review on YouTube which said it was slow to render lengthy pages. I have not experienced that at all. Maybe it's something Sony fixed. Also, just noticed Amazon has it for $329 which I suspect is due to the Z tablet being released soon. But, I've also heard the Z will be priced like an Ipad. Still pleased with this tablet.
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on December 15, 2012
Size Name: 16 GBVerified Purchase
-This seems to be a very nice Tablet. Feels solid, no noticeable weak points in the build. I was able to use a 64 gig SDxc card with out reformatting it to fat32.
-Initial start-up out of the box took a couple minutes, but the second time I started it up after running system updateswent a lot faster.
I Haven't found any way to install apps onto the sd card though, looks like it is only used for music, movies, pics, and app data. (which on some games takes up more space than the initial app install)
-It runs every app I've thrown at it smoothly, I wish the multiport cover had some type of tether holding it to the tablet, I've already misplaced it once, but i eventually found it. The selection for the three free movies on google play is very limited, and only worth $30 from what I've seen (each movie i selected was only 9.99)
-The speakers have plenty of volume to spare no matter which way I hold it.
By reading though all of the Sony highlights and links on the tablet I was able to find a few full version games that are free to Xperia tablet S owners.
-I'm currently on about 9 hours of actual use on this charge, plus 18 or so hours of standby time. I've played a few 3d games and am on my second movie. I've also been installing and updating apps. It says it has 17% battery life left.
-I've had no WIFI issues and can get a signal in any room of the house, even the basement. I've also seen a couple wifi connections that my phone hasn't picked up before.

Edit: 16gb is not enough, go with at least the 32gb model, a couple of the higher quality games don't install on the sd card, most do, but those 2-3 that don't really take up the space.

Edit 1/3/13: Having some Wifi issues today, even with it sitting right next to my router it said it was not in range (this was after a boot up, not just coming out of sleep). This is the first time this has happened since I started using it a few weeks ago. Shutting the tablet down then powering back up fixed it.
Other than that hangup, it has been running fine. I did have a few random web browser closings, but that seems to happen on every android tablet from what I've read/heard so far. Reopening the browser takes you right back to where you were. Really liking the "watch now" app, Comcast's guide is a pain to search through, this app makes it much nicer to find what we want to watch. I've even programmed the remote app to work with my onDemand using the "learn" option for buttons. Games still run great, animations look smooth. I haven't found a good blu-ray ripping program to copy my movies onto my computer/tablet, but movies off of flixter and netflix look/run fine.

Edit 6/30/13 No wifi issues, still runs great, but sadly today my headphone jack broke on me. I plugged in my headphones and noticed only the left channel working. If i press in on the plug firmly i can get the right to work, but as soon as I let go it stops. I have to send it in for repairs. :/
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on September 12, 2012
Size Name: 64 GBVerified Purchase
[Update 2012-0921]
- Sony update (Release 5) fixed the WiFi reconnection issue. Make sure you have your charger. Update wont continue if you dont plug your tablet's charger.

[Original Post]
I've been an Xperia collector and I consider this as mother of my Xperia Arc, S and P phones..

I love it's functionality be a universal or consolidator of all remote control as long as it uses Infra Red. I can use this device to control my TV, VCR, Projector, Direct TV, etc...

The design is far better than any tabs in the market. You can easily distinguish it's Sony Xperia Tab.

Bought Sony case with built-in keyboard.. its pretty cool but adds additional weight.. so if u were planning to use it just like regular tab that you could carry around, you cld buy protective case (without keyboard) or let your friend drool over it's sexy and stylish body..

Performance is kinda fast, big internal capacity (i chose 64GB). Sony's base application is pretty cool... it's still running Android Ice Cream though...

All in all, i would recommend this...
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on October 9, 2012
Size Name: 16 GBVerified Purchase
This is one of the best android tablets I have used in a while! Running on android ics there is little to no lag while performing basic tasks such as swiping between pages or multi-tasking. This tablet handles advamced operations like watching hd videos no problem. I have a Nexus 7 and for googles flagship tablet there is no comparison, even with jelly bean! Both are quad core tegra 3 processors but the difference is pretty drastic. One of the main reasons I bought this tablet (I was also looking at the asus pad infinity tf700) was due to its standout features. THIS TABLET IS NOT SPLASHPROOF! They have been recalled. I figure I would just get that out of the way first before the actaully legitamate features. First the remote, I have actually gotten some use out of it and it works great! Second, small apps are fantastic and i have already taken advantage of them a ton, especially for google play music. Third, and maybe the last really standout is the full size sd card slot. I bought the 16gb because of this reason due to the ability to make the sd card storage expansion for the tablet. The build quality is also really good, only some squeeks in the plastic on the back. The display is amazing too for 1280x800 display. The colors are true and text is clear. Sony uses their true black display so that helps. So overall this is a really good tablet for both productivity and casual use. I would recommend getting the base model at 16gb or even the 32gb model but with the sd card slot you can expand to over 100+gb so 64gb local storage is a waste. I would highly recommend this tablet!

UPDATE! - I just recently had to send my tablet into Sony to get repaired. The headphone jack broke and one of the main things that I used my tablet for was music. This defect has made me have second thoughts about recommending this tablet due the issue happening about a month after purchasing it. This has also made me second guess the build quality of the tablet as well.
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