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on September 14, 2012
Nice case - seems well constructed.

Stand works well in either orientation.

There is a notch on the side of the plastic insert that lines-up with the mini HDMI port. Good! I can leave the case on when connecting the Fire to my TV via HDMI.

However, there is not a notch for the power cord? In other words, to charge the Fire, you need to remove it from the case. Removing it from the case is not difficult but, why no notch for the power cord? I'm going to presume most people will charge the Fire much more often than hook it up to something else via the HDMI port.
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on September 14, 2012
UPDATE - Taking a star away now that I have had a few days to actually use this.

UPDATE - Just looked at the manufacturer's website. Apparently the reason for not making the charge ports accessible was to protect them from dirt and dust. All they had to do was make a flap that you could open to charge with the cover closed. It's done all the time on other cases like the Otterbox for phones.

Quality construction, but the plastic carrier for the Kindle is upside down and should be reversed so that you can close the case when charging. The hand strap pretty much assumes you are right-handed, although you can flip the Kindle and hold it the other way. I would prefer it if the hand strap was closer to the edge, but that's probably a personal preference since my hands are very small.

Everything but the charge port and micro HDMI port are available with the case closed. The charge port is also in the way if you want to set it up easel style to watch videos as is the HDMI port if you connect to a TV. You can do it but its basically just sitting there leaning on the cord.

The whole point of the case is to protect the Kindle, but the only way to charge it with the cover closed is to rotate it the allowed 90 degrees and leave the end of it hanging out.

If you assume this case opens like a book (spine in your left hand & Kindle in your right) as most people would then the carrier for the Kindle is upside down (the on/off and volume buttons end up on the bottom). You CAN turn it over so that the spine is still on your left, but that puts the heavy Kindle in the "cover" and makes it awkward to open since the Kindle dangles from the tab it's attached to. Yes, the Kindle will reorient the screen if you hold it with the buttons on the bottom, but many apps do not (Words with Friends being a good example) so you can't always depend on the screen flipping for you.

I'm left wondering if any testing at all was done to make sure it worked as it was supposed to. Yes, it does everything it says it does in theory, but the reality is that it really doesn't deliver.
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on September 21, 2012
The design issues that everyone else mentions are bad enough...but the biggest problem is that the inner plastic hard shell that holds the Kindle doesn't allow heat to dissipate. I queued up several albums to download, and the plastic shell trapped the battery heat, causing the Kindle to overheat and shut down. This is not a problem at all when the Kindle is not in the clutches of this case.
Do not buy this case!
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on November 30, 2012
I saw this case and decided I must have it - after all it pivots and it's a little less expensive than the Targus. When I got it, I was very excited about it, until I noticed what I consider a CRITICAL DESIGN ERROR! The way this was designed you can only charge your Kindle with the case open or swivelled 90 degrees with the Kindle hanging out. It makes it very inconvenient to have to charge it this way. typically when I need to charge it, I like it closed and tucked away, protected. This is just a stupid error on Marwares part. It would have been much simpler to have cutaways on both sides of the tray. Not sure what they were thinking.

On the upside - I do love Marware's products, so I decided pivoting wasn't worth it, and got their VIBE cover. It's gorgeous, durable, and about $20 less. If you can live without the pivot, go for the VIBE. If you must have the pivot, go with the Targus Versavu for Kindle Fire. Sorry Marware :(Marware Vibe Standing Case for Kindle Fire HD 7", Purple (will only fit Kindle Fire HD 7")
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on September 14, 2012
Great case, but it doesn't allow you to charge the Fire HD with the case closed. I would like to close the case while it charges, but the charging plug is on the inside of the fold and there is no hole, so you have to charge it with the case open. Unfortunate.
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on September 17, 2012
I will second most of the reviews that I have read. Marware should have figured out a way to allow charging while the case is closed.

Also, when I first got my KFHD7 and Marware case I saw a problem when watching Netflix. After watching for 20 minutes or so my Fire shut down. It felt hot on the lower-right corner. Once it cooled down it was fine again - until I watched another 20 minutes worth of Netflix. I did not see the problem when reading, emailing, web browsing, ... - only when watching video.

I solved the problem by drilling a few 3/8" holes in the lower left corner of the plastic holder. Apparently it doesn't require much ventilation to keep the KFHD7 adequately cool, but it does take some.
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on June 9, 2013
Arrived within a week. Gives good protection, made very well, stands or can be hand held to read. Does not cut device on/off (which I prefer), must be open to charge, but no big deal for me. Very well made and durable.
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on July 26, 2013
I purchased this case when I bought my Fire HD and it was half price. I really like the case and for the money it is 5 stars, but sometimes I wish it was the Marware Revolve case in practicality. Here's why:
1. Nice Leather
2. Kindle goes to sleep automatically when you close it - I like that a lot
3. Provides excellent protection
4. Looks classy and feels good to the touch
5. Kindle snaps securely in place with no straps in the way
6. Connectors are protected on the inside of case
1. Connectors are on the inside of case - which means the case has to be open to plug in the charger. Since the Revolve version rotates 180 degrees, you could rotate it around to plug it in with the cover closed.
2. Seems upside down for some programs. I want to open my case like a book, but some programs are locked in one direction either vertical or horizontal and seem to be with the connectors on the outside so I have to turn it around or open it "backwards". I think this is what bothers me the most about the case.
3. I was looking forward to using the angle support for sitting it up on a table, but it feels more upright than I want it sometimes. I don't know if any case is more adjustable but often I would like to tilt it only a little such as 18% or 30% instead of a minimum of 45%.
4. It is a bit heavy. I think there are cases that are lighter weight if that is important to you. For me, I'm ok with it because of the features.
Conclusion - For the price, I would purchase it again but if I had extra money, I might be tempted to purchase the Revolve
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on October 10, 2013
After reading some of the reviews, I was a tiny bit hesitant about purchasing this cover. After receiving it, I waited to write a review until I had time to really try it out. After several weeks of use I can confidently say that I love this Kindle case. It is attractive, durable and functional. This complaint about the charging ports being covered (which means the case has to be in the "open" position to charge the Kindle) was an issue with my last cover as well. After doing some research, I learned this was by keeps the ports protected from dust. Once I understood this, the issue was settled for me. I especially love that I can swivel the case to stand my Kindle int he portrait or landscape position. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone...I certainly love mine!
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on September 16, 2012
I purchased this cover along with my new kindle fire HD. I love the color (green) ,I really like the hand strap, I like that o can adjust the screen horizontally or vertically and that the device snaps into the holster securely. What's bad about it is that the ports to charge and connect the device to hdmi cable is on the inside spine of the cover. You can't charge the fire with the cover closed. This is a major flaw in the design of this for a few practical reasons-the biggest one being that the fire sits in the protective cover upside down. There are many apps that don't offer the auto rotate feature so this is annoying. they should also have included a holder for a stylus for people who prefer one. It seems like marware made a mistake in producing these and is trying to make a silly excuse that they wanted to keep the ports away from dust. All in all if you don't mind having the cover open to charge it- this cover is really good.
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