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Platform: Old Nintendo 3DSChange
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on December 3, 2012
I read the reviews, and was almost sad when this was shipped, afraid that I might not like it due to people saying that it was falling off and it wasn't a very snug fit. I am wondering if these people don't have a 3DS XL, Because mine fits 100% perfectly. I love this case, it is EXACTLY what I wanted. it DOES make it bigger, but that expected with any case that puts big hand grips on it, so that isn't a problem for me, but might be for others. what does it feel like? Its Silicone, so it feels like a rubbery kind of texture, and I was afraid it would pick up dirt and hair and other things a lot, but nope. every time I grip it, it feels just as smooth at it did from day one of me getting it! I am a fan of this case and will suggest it to everyone. Everyone I show it too goes "WOW I love this case, where did you get it?" my answer? "Amazon, from a company called DreamGEAR!" Hope this helps others
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on March 3, 2013
As great as the Nintendo 3DS XL's design is, it's almost a given that, if played long enough, your hands will cramp up eventually; it's only a matter of time, really. Don't get me wrong, the XL is much better for cramping than the original 3DS was, but it's still an inevitability. For those of you who, like myself, may find yourself playing the 3DSXL for hours on end, enraptured by the time devouring (I'm reminded of Chrono Cross all of a sudden for some reason, hmmm...) charm of masterpieces like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D,Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf; OR maybe you find yourself just beating the tar out of your hands with the intense action of games like Star Fox 64 3D or Kid Icarus: Uprising. Needless to say, your hands WILL cramp and you WILL thank the gaming gods for a product like this one.

The package comes with two main pieces. One piece goes on the lower half of the 3DSXL and acts as the grip itself. The other piece goes on the top half and its only purpose is to act as armor to protect the system from damage from rough handling or falling, I imagine. It's all made of rubbery silicone; there are no hard pieces, no plastic, anywhere in this package, which is pretty nice. Personally, I bought this purely for the lower part to help with hand cramps, and for that purpose, it works perfectly. My hands haven't cramped once since buying this grip, it's fantastic! The rubbery material is so incredibly comfortable to hold onto, and the shape of the grip is very pleasant. The material helps my hands stay cool as I play too, and the system doesn't overheat with the grip on, which is great. Since comfort was my main purpose in buying the grip, I'm super satisfied with my purchase. Seriously, great job DreamGEAR!

It's not entirely perfect, however. Since you have to stretch the grip over the XL, you'll find that sometimes the grip gets in your way and you have to stretch it around a bit to access certain parts of the system more clearly, such as the charger jack, the volume slider, and, most annoyingly, the game slot itself. It can get pretty annoying to have to stretch that strip up and out of the way to put games into the 3DS, and since the strip is relatively thin, it makes me a bit nervous it'll snap one of these days. The stylus is also a pain to access now. My point is, while the grip fits relatively well and is perfectly functional, it feels a bit "lopsided" when it comes to lining up with the small areas I just mentioned. It's not a horrendous problem, but it is a bit of a pain.

As I said earlier, I don't really use the top piece as I don't really care about having armor for my system. I want to enjoy the striking blue color of my XL on half the system at least, since the grip covers the lower half completely. However, I tested it and found that the top piece doesn't stay on super well. If you have a kid who is rough and careless with their 3DS, then this may not be your best choice for anti-child proofing his/her handheld and you may wish to look elsewhere.

I have waited for a long time for CTA-Digital to release an XL version of this grip, but I've grown impatient and bought this and boy am I glad I did. It may not be the perfect grip, but it is, without a doubt, exponentially more comfortable than just playing the system by itself. If other companies never offer other hand grips for the 3DS XL, I'll be perfectly content and happy with this one. Again, my main priority with this grip centers on hand comfort, and since it delivers wonderfully in that area, I happily give it 4-stars, and my personal recommendation. If alleviating hand cramps is your priority too, you'll love this product. Hope you found this review helpful. Thanks for reading, toodles. :)
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on October 22, 2012
When it comes to grips for portable game consoles there is a degree of subjectivity involved. What is comfortable for my hands might not be as good for those with larger are smaller hands. That being said my hands are average maybe a bit on the small side with somewhat thick fingers.

There are two pieces that wrap around the console one for the top screen and one for the controls and bottom screen. They fit well enough and wont come off while playing, but the back part of the bottom piece which wraps around the cartridge port and power port are a bit loose. This can be problematic when inserting or taking a game out as it will get blocked partially by the silicone grip, same goes with the power port, you will have to lift the silicone up and out of the way to easily use these ports.

Another small problem is with the stylus. It can be difficult to pull it out if you have thick fingers. Luckily i don't have any games that require a quick draw on the stylus. The headphone port is accessible with the grip on which is a major plus.

The Dreamgear comfort grip definitely helps with the hand cramps that i get while playing most games. Basically your ring finger and pinky now have something to wrap around rather than clamp up and cause cramping. Its made of silicone so its pleasing to the touch and does not retain as much heat as plastic.

If 5 stars represents perfection this grip falls a bit short, none of the problems are major though just a bit annoying.
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on October 24, 2012
I have two young boys and they had the DSi XL with the Nerf Armor.

The Nerf Armor was tough cushion wrapped over hard plastic. It came with a jumbo pen and holder in the back. I was waiting for Nerf to come out with it for the 3DS XL but they never did. Just today i found a site that says they have it. [...]
Anyway, I couldn't wait because my boys would surly drop the $400+ investment of buying 2 of them, so I got this DreamGear. They were very happy to get it. It makes the 3dsxl look like a Play Station controller, and it only comes in black. The material is super soft silicone like fixable material. It's a little on the slippery side, not tacky at all. It is so soft you can easily squeeze the handle petruding from the bottom of the controller.

In a nutshell, I would buy this again for the kids, as the Nerf Armor is so big and bulky, I can't fit 2 of them in their carry bag, this is a bit slimmer.

I would recommend it,especially if you have kids, and in the end, my Nerf DSiXL Armor broke at the plastic hinge, this has no hinge to break.
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on February 16, 2015
THE NEW 3DS XL OWNER* (newer model 3DS from 02/13/15)

So I purchased this thinking it was for BOTH the OLD and NEW 3DS (didnt realize the build was different since it is my first 3DS). When I realized it was not intended for the new 3DS, I tried to cancel the order...not necessary (if you have half of a brain). Although its layout is for the OLD 3DS, It CAN be retro-fitted to work with the NEW 3DS. I cut out the bumpers and the triggers, and a small portion of the upper left of the 3DS for the Volume control. It works PERFECTLY and is comfortable. Definitely hits the spot and now I can play on my NEW 3DS comfortably. When I want to play a different game, I simply slide off the LEFT corner of the grip. If your a creative person who knows how to solve a simple problem, this will work for you. i recommend a Razor blade for precision cuts. You WONT regret it. Dont be a lazy bum. The NEW 3DS will NOT have accessories for a little while, and for 15-20 bucks, its a steal. I showed it to my co-workers who also have or are waiting for theirs and they are going to do the same thing.
review image review image review image
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on August 18, 2013
This grip has been very helpful for my arthritic hands. It's ironic, but I'm a grandma who likes to play video games - my 5 year old granddaughter calls me her magical grandma!
When I first got the game my hands would ache terribly after playing for about 15 minutes; with the grip I can play for an hour or more without problems. I'm sure it would be protective if I dropped it, but I never have.
The rubber that it's made out of is soft and smooth and not sticky. All the buttons and the game slot are accessible with the grip on. It fits the unit perfectly.
I have no negatives with this product. It's definitely worth the money.
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on October 30, 2014
First, let me say, I think this is my 2nd review for this product>(no, I didn't go check)....BUT, I WANTED to put a 2nd review up for the reason that NOW I've used this product for almost 2 years and: IT IS AWESOME! I highly recommend the dreamGEAR Comfort Grip to....anyone & everyone, no matter what age you are!

It has held up VERY well, and I use my 3DS XL pretty much every day! I also take my 3DS XL EVERYWHERE I go, it gets tossed in my purse next to my Kindle (no, I don't carry a HUGE purse.....but it IS a tad heavy!! lol). And the reason I take it everywhere with me isn't always to play it when I'm out, it's due to the StreetPass/Mii Plaza thingy, so I can pick up other people, in order to play the built in games when I get home!! (I have 183 characters so far!! lol) Anyway, this cover has held up to being tossed in and out of my purse all the time too! LOL It has a very nice soft feel to it, yet being sturdy enough to protect my 3DS XL from scratches and small drops>>(not sure I'd recommend holding it above your head and letting it drop onto the cement driveway....with ANY case!! lol ) Also, since I've gotten older, I've noticed "Arthur" has come to visit my hands, and this Comfort Grip is SOOOOOO much better as far as alleviating any hand cramping! It really is like holding a Playstation controller! As far as keeping it clean....well, it's BLACK, lol....but, after 2 years shows absolutely NO signs of wear->>no scratches, no dull marks. I will say, sometimes it can be a lint &/or dog (or cat) hair attractor due to "static electricity", wipes off so easily....and again, looks like new!! As I'm making this review, I decided to look over it very carefully for any tears or stretching.....NONE! Like I said, this holds up to my every day use!

This product comes in 2 (TWO) pieces, and is SO easy to put on....AND easy to remove!-->so there are NO hinges to be concerned about ;) It has ALL "cut-outs" for all side and back buttons/plug-ins. The ONLY thing that IS covered, is the cap covering for the SD card on the lower right side of the 3DS XL....but, since getting the largest size SD card, I don't have to get into that anymore-->BUT, if you DO have to open that, it's SO easy to slip the lower right corner of the Comfort Grip off....that not even THAT is an issue! Seriously people, I should be a "spoke-person" for dreamGEAR!!!! LOL, because I can't say enough about how much I just love this product!

My first pick for a cover was a NERF cover, which I will say, is probably the BEST product as far as protecting your unit from any drops (still wouldn't recommend that high drop onto the cement driveway, LOL)....but it is ALSO the hardest cover to put on and fact, once ya put it on....ya don't wanna take it back off!! LOL Me & my grand-daughter still own our regular DS lites, WITH our NERF covers, although now, since I don't carry it (or use it) as much as I used to.....yes, I still play on my DS lite (GBA port, lol), so I removed the NERF cover and put on the clear plastic cover that comes with the template to cut out and make designs to put on the inside>>very cool if you like doing art as much as I do. But, here's my point here, when I first got my 3DS XL, I also purchased the 3DS XL NERF cover for it, daughter and I decided to get a 3DS XL for my grand-daughter, so THEN I decided to purchase the dreamGEAR Comfort Grip and make my decision between the 2 of which one I was keeping and which one my 13 yr. old grand-daughter was getting.....needless to say.....hahaha....she got the NERF cover!! Now, does THAT tell you all how much I LOVE this product?? I actually tried BOTH covers, and I actually LOVE both covers (yes, I highly recommend the NERF cover also)....but my first choice is dreamGEARS Comfort Grip.....I was fortunate enough to try both covers and make that decision, but for those of you who don't have that it is: BOTH covers are fantastic as far as protecting your expensive purchase, BOTH are great for keeping your hands from cramping, BOTH are great for being more comfortable to hold, compared to just holding the hard, thin unit itself......BUT, the dreamGEAR Comfort Grip is slightly more comfortable due to: the material it's made of and the shape it's designed in. The Comfort Grip being shaped like a Playstation controller really makes a difference compared to the plain straight shape of the NERF cover. So, there's my review, I hope it helps everyone who is unsure of which choice to make. These Nintendo handheld systems are not cheap, so if it costs me an extra 20 bux to protect it, I want the best.....and BOTH products are worth it, although I believe the NERF cover is about 5 bux cheaper.....but IMO, the dreamGEAR was worth the extra 5 bux!.....oh, p.s.,.....the Comfort Grip is much easier to clean and keep clean ;) LOL
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on December 13, 2013
I got mine on sale for 10 bucks and for that price this thing is worth it. I dont think I would pay more than that though. People that say it doesnt fit snugly dont know what they are talking about though and probably didnt put it on correctly. It takes some fiddling to get it on perfectly but once you do it fits quite snug. There are flaps near the screen screws that come tucked in. I didnt notice them at first and once I did and I untucked them everything worked as it should. The issues I have found with it are in the back where the charge cable input is this thing seems to get in the way of that so when I go to charge I have to move it out of the way. That one isnt a big deal. The second one is to me. It gives you a hole for the headphone jack but the hole becomes very deep when this thing is on. Therefore you need a straight headphone connector. My sony noise cancelling headphones that I paid more for have a right angle jack that wont fit in this. Just keep this in mind when you buy this if you are a headphones user.
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on November 1, 2013
Great product! I like this better than the Nintendo Nerf protector. I saw that in the store and it was hard and seemed like it would scratch the 3DS.

This protector slides on and off easily, is soft and doesn't scratch, absorbs shock, protects, and the kids can put it on themselves.

There are pre cut out holes in the protector so that you can charge it, take the games in and out, use the camera, and plug in headphones.

Overall great product!
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on October 23, 2013
I love this item. Fits my XL perfectly, no loose bits and every button and port lines up just as it should. I'm a console fan and without this the 3DS felt really awkward in my hand when trying to use the buttons. This grip totally fix that. Now it feels like a slightly wider, squishier Xbox 360 controller.
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