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on November 3, 2012
Just finished watching The Avengers on Amazon Instant Video through this BD player. It was great. The player was separate by two walls from the Wifi modem and had a signal strength of 2 bars out of 5. Still it managed to get a speed of 12-15MB. (The maximum speed, if I use an ethernet cable, is about 25-26MB).

There is an option to correct the contoured edge of objects. You can set it to strongest without any degradation to picture quality.

Setting up wifi and connecting to online streaming services is easy. Sometimes when the firmware is updated you get more and more stuff. You can almost ditch your Roku player.

I suggest that you should connect the player to a receiver. Do not connect directly to a TV even if your TV has ARC or optic audio output.

Many of the latest Blu-ray players have a copyright protection feature that won't allow you to play a blu ray disc if it is not 100% authentic US version. This can be annoying if you have discs from other countries or discs created by a blu-ray writer. So, many 2012 players have only 1 or 1.5 stars on amazon because they won't play anything except authentic US discs. Good thing is - this player does not have the copyright protection feature. I played a lot of non-US discs without any problem.
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on November 17, 2012
First, I should mention I am kind of tech challenged. I am probably the last person on this planet to upgrade to a Bluray player, and so this review is useless to the rest of the population who already owns one. Oh well, here it is.
Here are some of the happy moments I had with this product.
- I chose "with HDMI cable" which was ironically $7 cheaper than without HDMI cable. Amazon paid me to get a cable?! Awesome.
- Product packaging was excellent. I got it unscratched and unbroken. Something I always fear will happen during shipping and manly handling by the macho carriers.
- Easy to connect.
- It looks so smooth and sleek and smart.
- Bonus if you have a Sony TV. If you turn on the Bluray player, the TV will turn itself on, or switch over to the HDMI channel that connects to your Bluray player. Is this normal in the tech-savvy people world? Because frankly, I was impressed that I don't have to fudge with two buttons.

This is my first Bluray player so I can not do any smart comparison with professional electronic terminology, but for the rest of the people that are also tech challenged and need a Bluray player I highly recommend this product. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.
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on November 26, 2012
Sony makes great products and this is not an exception. The player has a small footprint and fits nicely in the space we allocated for it. Connecting to the Internet is a breeze. Netflix and other streaming services work as they should. One more thing and this is purely aesthetic. There is no display on the front of the unit of any kind. In fact, you would not even know that the unit is on if not for a subtle white light at the corner of the box. I find it to be a good aspect as it does not distract you with bright lights when watching something in a dark room.
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on November 25, 2012
This Blu-ray player is really good for the money. Its about half the size of my old LG and a lot nicer looking. The user interface is very similar to a PlayStation 3, so if your use to navigating a PS3 it should be easy. But if your new to it there is a slight learning curve, but in my opinion for the better.

The wireless works really well, I was able to stream Net flicks, Youtube, Pandora and Amazon with very little buffering. There are some bad reviews stating that there was allot of buffering, but I have yet to have any issues. Maybe its there network or the device is too far (having poor signal).

Movies play really well, either from the optical drive or a USB stick. I have played several different formats and have not had any that didn't play.

The only draw back I have seen is that there is only one USB slot, and its in the front. I like to keep a USB thumb drive in my players to give them more memory for buffering (storing) download content, storing play back info and download disk info. What I did to make this work for me was to get this;SanDisk Cruzer Fit SDCZ33-008G-B35 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Black ( It works really well and you can hardly see it in the front of the player.
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on November 22, 2012
All I wanted was a simple blu ray player without the bells and whistles. This one does the job. I actually set it up for streaming movies, which I wasn't planning on doing. NICE! The unit is compact and with only a small blu light that shows it's on, it's not an eye sore. It is a bit slow starting up, but then I have it on the slow setting to reduce power consumption. Don't know how much faster it would be on the other setting, but no biggy. ONLY COMPLAINT: when I shut the unit off it would change my Samsung TV setting from HDMI to Cable, which gave me a snowy pic and I had to reset it. Called Sony, they said it was a TV problem. Called Samsung and they said no, it was a Sony player problem and that I needed somehow to control the HDMI setting on the player. Called Sony back, and they said that Samsung was right, and I needed to set the player to control HDMI, which they helped me do. Problem solved.
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on November 2, 2012
I purchased to use with my Amazon Prime account for watching movies and tv shows. I am not disappointed at all...super easy to install and set up. The only negative is attempting to use the remote to log into websites and such. Not real easy so I've just purchased a remote control size mouse/keyboard. Can't wait to see how it works with it! Highly recommend this product!
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on October 26, 2012
The other reviews covered the great features of this player. So, I'm not gonna talk about that.

I had trouble connecting it to our AT&T Uverse wi-fi until my husband found one comment in a Q&A thread somewhere. You have to enter the name of your box in CAPS. If your network doesn't come up during the easy setup, you have to add it. However, our box defaulted to lowercase letters and it wouldn't connect. Only after we changed it to CAPS (I believe you have to press the red button on your remote to change between cases) and entered it as 2WIRE988 (or whatever yours is) did we get it to work. Just wanted to pass that tip on! Once you get that, connecting is easy.
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on November 13, 2012
While the picture quality is top-notch and its small size is convenient, I've had way too much trouble playing Blu-Rays and DVDs to be able to recommend this product. Though I take very good care of my DVDs, and they are not scratched, this player even has trouble playing brand new DVDs. Playback is sometimes halting, and sometimes non-existent. Often I end up using my computer instead, which defeats the purpose of having a DVD player. It's extremely frustrating, and definitely not worth the benefits of having a Blu-Ray player. I would also have to comment on the fact that trying to defer from regular "play" on any BluRay takes forever (like if you want to start from a certain chapter), if it even happens at all. And once it goes into sleep mode (for example, if you hit pause), it's usually impossible to resume, so you usually have to hit stop and start all over again from the beginning. Even if you've set it up to "resume." Unless you have the patience of a saint, I would definitely not recommend buying this product.

(Update)Just to provide an update, I did alert Sony to the problems I was having, and I received a response recommending that I update the firmware, which I did. This did not help at all. Ultimately I gave this BluRay player away (of course disclosing the problems I'd had with it) and purchased a Panasonic, which has given me no problems so far.
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on December 7, 2012
This player and the BX390 are the same. The only difference is the BX39 includes a 6 ft HDMI cable. I read reviews and saw the complaints, but I have nothing but good things to say. Video and audio are excellent. No problems with load times for discs. No problems with audio or video from discs or with streaming of Netflix or Amazon. I ordered the Belkin PureAV coax cable and I get 5.1 Dolby Digital thru my Home Theater system on everything that is coded that way. Seems to me that those that are not satisfied are not doing something right. And by the way, I have been an Amazon Prime customer for 3 years, and I love it. Amazon has been outstanding in product choices, price, delivery, and support. They make spending my money fun.
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on November 3, 2013
The one thing that annoys me about this, other than that Blu Ray is already obsolete, is that it is SO SLOW! I want to eject a disc or put one in, and a slight eternity passes before it does what it is supposed to do. Also, there is this annoying software that always, or many times, pops up on the screen asking if I'd like to "update the software". All I want from this clunker to do is PLAY a DISC I pop into it. No software update should be needed for that. I tried streaming video from the web through this, that was a mistake. When cruising the web, a crummy little remote control doesn't cut it. You need a laptop and full keyboard to peruse the web. Solution is to get a long HDMI cord and string it between big TV and laptop. Then you need to have a cable protector on floor to prevent tripping hazard. Otherwise, just warn all present and remove it when you are done watching free YouTube or other stuff from the web.
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