Customer Reviews: Toshiba Qosmio X875-Q7380 17.3-Inch Laptop (Black Widow Styling in Diamond-Textured Aluminum)
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on November 15, 2012
The one other review on this product doesn't have any detailed information, so for those considering purchasing this I am adding my own review. This is a very high end laptop, with excellent build quality, a very sharp, clear, and bright screen, accurate screen colors, a good keyboard, and attractive styling. Anyone looking at this machine can see that it's no $500 laptop. The Windows Experience Index scores are 7.6 for the processor, 7.7 for the RAM, and 7.3 for the graphics. So it's a lightning fast machine that won't get bogged down by graphics-intense applications like high resolution gaming. It doesn't come with many programs pre-installed, so I don't know what "apps" the other reviewer is talking about. And I have never seen any computer at any price that came with free Microsoft Office. Anyway, on the negative side, the computer is not bulky for a 17 inch screen, but it is heavy. The power supply is also large and heavy. The overall impression is solid and rugged build quality. I would not recommend dropping this thing, however, because of how heavy it is. You could carry it around in a large backpack, but for students a better plan would be to leave this one on your desk and carry a lighter, cheaper laptop in your bookbag. The sound is decent on headphones and the speakers are as good as any I've seen on any laptop. Of course there's no actual bass from the little speakers, but the midrange and treble are good considering how small the speakers are. It comes with a large, easy to use touchpad, but most people will probably add a wireless mouse. It has four USB ports, a network port, a HDMI output, and headphone and microphone jacks.

Summary - An excellent high performance expensive laptop, fully capable of doing the job as your only computer if the screen is big enough for you. Highly recommended.
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on January 11, 2013
Overall this computer is pretty awesome. I previously owned a Macbook (black, 2008, 13"), so I'll tell you the pros and cons of the Qosmio as well as my take on Mac vs. PC.

- It's usually pretty fast on start-up
- It can multitask very well. I upgraded the RAM to 16GB, but even without the extra 4GB it multitasked well. For most users 16GB will be overkill, but if you're gaming, running multiple programs at once, editing video, etc. it's nice to have the ability to hold that much RAM
- Qosmio has a great picture and screen size
- Not overly heavy considering how large of a computer it is
- As someone who works in animation/film, there are many programs I need that haven't been developed for the Mac platform yet. Most are getting developed since Apple is quickly taking over the market, but for now, it's still easier to find more of the software I need for PC
- There's not an excess of unnecessary programs pre-installed on this laptop like there are on many other computers
- Pretty good graphics card. I purchased this computer mainly for the graphics card and the amount of ram it could hold. Animation and film editing are very similar to gaming in a lot of ways (in regards to what they require from your computer), so this was a great choice for this price

- It's hard to find a protective hardshell case for it. When you spend a lot of money on a computer, it's nice to be able to protect it from scratches and other wear and tear as much as possible. However, it's always harder to find accessories like that for products like this (vs. Macbooks, iphones and other Apple items). Apple items have more accessories readily available, and the UI (user interface) and hardware are beautiful stock. However, in the defense of PCs, I think that once you learn how to customize them properly, you can create just as nice of a UI and just as efficient of a computer for less money. It just takes more time and knowledge of computer hardware. But back to my point, I would love a snap-on hardshell case like there are for Macs, but I doubt there will ever be one for this computer
- I'm not sure yet how I feel about Windows 8. At first I absolutely hated it. But I think that was just because I was used to Windows 7 on the computers at work. After a little while Windows 8 has grown on me. I think I still prefer Windows 7, but I've only had this laptop for a couple of months, so I'll just have to wait and see.

Overall I'm very happy with this purchase. I would highly recommend this computer to other consumers. If you want as powerful of a laptop as possible for what you need, but don't know that much about computer hardware (or if you want as nice and simple of a user interface as possible) get a Mac. They are built stock with excellent components, but they also cost much more.

While there are better Macs (and other PCs) out there, I haven't found any that are this powerful for this price. Most computers capable of doing what this one does will cost you much more.
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on December 7, 2012
Really like the overall performance of this computer. It's the first time I bougth a 17" and also a windows 8 computer laptop so I have to get used to the size and the operative system, nevertheless I will mostly use it at home, and also kind of like the window 8 changes. The sound of the harman kardon speakers is excellent. The speed of the procesors is not awesome but its is better than my previous one. The only thing I think is missing (and wolud like to have) is the blu ray player...
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on January 30, 2013
I've been using this laptop for 2 weeks now. It is an amazing product from Toshiba. I love every aspect of it. It can handle games at ULTRA settings and can max out some games. Negatives: It has an 1400x900 screen which can be improved to FullHD. It is heavy. It has a huge power block. Positives: It provides a great gaming machine. It is beautiful with its red LED's everywhere. It has the best speakers out there. Trust me I've never heard anything near this quality and loudness coming from a laptop. It has a big touch pad which is great on Windows 8. Windows 8 is amazing if you learn how to use it.
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on March 1, 2013
I've only had it a week, but what I've tried so far has been impressive. The speed is amazing, but I am coming from a 5-year-old Satellite, so that may be relative. Graphics and sound are crisp and distinct. The problems I am having are probably due to going from Vista to Windows 8, so I'll wait awhile before I pass judgment. The power brick, however, was an eye-opener; I don't think I've ever seen one that weighed almost as much as a computer. Not a problem as a desktop replacement, but it will make travel interesting.
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on February 6, 2013
I'm still shocked at this laptops performance. When you spend more than a thousand dollars on a laptop you expect certain things, yet this laptop is more than I expected. It is incredibly fast, and I'm a fan of heavy multitasking on my electronics. It plays all the new games on ultra settings without even a stagger. I hated Windows 8 for the first day, but once I got used to it I began actually liking it. If you are left handed this laptop is definitely for you, but if you are right like me you might get annoyed by the fact that the fan is on the right side, so if you keep your mouse close to the computer you might feel your hand getting a little warm, but that is the only mishap I am having with this equipment. It is definitely worth the price, and I personally recommend it.
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on March 16, 2013
I have found that this laptop is a good one. Windows 8 took a couple of weeks to get use to , but once I did I found it to be vary easy to use. This laptop has tons of power to do more then what I need it to do. Some people complain that it doesn't have a touch screen option, but who really wants that do you really want peoples greasy dirty hands on your screen and do you really want to have to keep cleaning your screen. I am always cleaning my iPhone screen . Anyways I wanted a laptop more powerful then my desk top and something I can take with me. The battery life is short but is expected to be as such with this much power. I got the power adapter for the car ,but didn't use my other laptop in the car much but there are those times. I was tossing the idea between this laptop and an HP with the same everything. The Hp was 50 dollars cheaper , but when you add tax and shipping it was 80 dollars more. Getting my qosmio laptop on amazon worked out great , free shipping and no tax made it a no brainer which to buy. I have had the qosmio for a month and no problems, I do hate that Microsoft keeps making it impossible to run old games on the new computers and I keep having to keep old systems around to play them and that is my only complaint but that is a complaint against Microsoft not Toshiba . This is a vary cool looking and easy laptop to use , oh I also like that it has a number bad , nice added feature being added to laptops
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on February 1, 2013
I moved on from a laptop bought 4 years ago , so this is a significant leap , and quite a wide leap ahead for its performance in this price range . What impressed me most was the speed , and graphics performance . Photo editing was seamless and blazing , and has little to no issues handling high performance games on high settings . The screen is vibrant and really wide . I was speechless when i heard the harman kardon speakers , I have never been so impressed with the sound clarity with volume on a mobile platform .

Design wise , i love it . Red wasnt my favorite overall color ( and i did hope we can control its color template ) but i grew into it . It shines with a menace well matched by its performance . The outer top shell did felt a little soft for its class , i would have prefer a harder shell but this one will just need more protecting to come . Otherwise , I think its really well designed .

Small issue i had was the hot air vent hole being on the right , where most right handed mouse users will place their hands . This design favors the users on the go that uses the touchpad much more , but mine's stationed for a desk (as a student) . I solved the issue by pushing the laptop further away from me , thus gaining a more comfortable typing distance and mouse usage . Would have preferred a back vent outlet but that might have issue with overheating if its against a wall for long hours .

Note aside , Toshiba does need to improve on their Quality control . My friend who ordered the exact same laptop did not receive a flawless one , with touchpad installation issues , and dead pixels on screen . Do thank Amazon for their return policies and customer protection services . Mine came flawless fortunately .

Overall , I will give it 5 stars for performance (probably a 4.5 for its non-ssd harddrive , but still , its a 7200rpm)
A 4 for physical outlook , and a 3 for physical design . As the latter 2 are personal opinions , this laptop still deserves a 5 for its performance and usability .

Windows 8 just needs getting used to .
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on February 4, 2013
Great machine though still coming to terms with Win 8.

Speed, display, audio all perform as described. Fast start-up a bonus.

Quite heavy, but that was expected. The feel of the touch pad takes a bit of getting used to.

Overall, I'm really pleased I bought this.
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on June 5, 2015
A major caution on the video card. While playing a game on this laptop the computer was overheating and crashing. After looking at the video card configuration I noticed Toshiba had two video card drivers installed. One of the features of the laptop is the special video card for gamers. When the on board video driver was disabeled the laptop would not boot. I then disabeled the special video card and was able to run the game. The laptop runs normally using the everyday apps. By the time this was discovered the warranty had expired.
Lesson learned; check the video drivers when buying a laptop you plan to run games.
Therefore I am compelled to award a one star due to vendor fraud.
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