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on November 14, 2012
I finally received my W700 yesterday and I really enjoy this tablet. I recently purchased an Asus S400CA touchscreen ultrabook with Windows 8 for my wife and enjoyed using it so much that I decided I wanted a touchscreen of my own. I was looking for something a lot more portable than my XPS 15 laptop so I decided on a tablet. After some searching on Amazon I found the Acer W700 and Samsung ATIV 700T. Both had very similar specs but a few key differences. The Samsung had a snap on keyboard that made it look more like a laptop and the Acer came with a Dock and Bluetooth keyboard. I liked the idea of a separate keyboard and dock, plus the Acer was $300 cheaper, so I chose the Acer.

When UPS dropped off the box I could not believe how heavy it was! There had to be a lot of stuff crammed in this little box! Inside I found the tablet (2.2lbs), AC adapter (.66lbs), keyboard (.88lbs), dock (1.2lbs) cleaning cloth and a mini HDMI to VGA dongle. Surprisingly I also found system restore DVD's and a nice brown leather case (1.0lbs). Most companies do not include restore DVD's any longer so kudos to Acer for including them. The ironic part is they included restore disks on DVD but the tablet doesn't have an optical drive!

The tablet itself feels very solid and well built. It has an 11.6" screen at 1920x1080 resolution and weighs about 2.2lbs. That sounded heavy at first but I read a book on the tablet before bed last night and the weight didn't bother me a bit. The tablet is mostly silver with a black bezel around the screen. There is a Windows button below the screen when it's in landscape mode. On the left hand side of the tablet is a micro HDMI port, USB 3.0 port and the power jack. On the right side are the power button, volume buttons and the headphone jack. On the top there is a Lock button and the fan vents. There are two speakers on the bottom.

The screen is very bright and clear and also has incredible viewing angles. The native resolution of the screen is 1920x1080 so some text can be a little small but this is not really a problem for me. I have watched a few shows on Netflix and also a few Blu-ray rips and they looked great on this tablet. The touchscreen is very responsive and supports up to 10 finger multi-touch.

For my battery test I charged to 100% and turned off the screen dimming options in control panel. I left the brightness levels at the factory settings and proceeded to stream music off Amazon cloud player and do some light web browsing for the next 3 hours. After that I streamed Blu-ray rips off my HTPC for the next 4.5 hours. All told the tablet lasted about 7.5 hours before it went to sleep. If you have a pretty light workload and turn the brightness down I think you may be able to achieve the advertised 9 hours of battery life.

I have found Wi-Fi performance to be very impressive on this tablet. I was surprised to find it has better performance than my XPS 15 laptop. The tablet supports A,B,G and N protocols and both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands. Transferring large files over the 2.4ghz band from my HTPC I was getting 12MB/s and over the 5ghz band it was between 25 to 30MB/s. My XPS only operates on the 2.4ghz band and I average about 10MB/s so the tablets speeds are quite an improvement. Netflix and Blu-ray streaming worked without a hitch.

Sound on the tablet is good and powered by Dolby Home Theater v4. Music and movies sound good at any volume but the tablet will certainly not be providing the sound for your next party. At 100% volume it wont shatter your ear drums but it still has a great sound even in the low and mid-end. I will be using the tablet to listen to music at work so it should do the job nicely. I will note that placing the tablet in the dock noticeably helps with the sound quality and volume output of the tablet.

The dock is slightly larger than the tablet and has 3 USB ports on the back side. The USB ports are slightly recessed in the back of the unit and there is one port that is close to the case. You may have trouble putting larger USB plugs and devices into that port. The dock supports two viewing angles (20 & 70 degree) in both landscape and portrait views and is easily converted between the 4 positions. The only problem I have with the dock is that the 70 degree angle is too steep and makes it hard to view the screen dead on. This initially disappointed me but I discovered the included leather case has a kickstand feature with two positions and they work perfectly. Between the dock and the case you should be able to find an option that suits you.

The included Bluetooth keyboard is small and light weight making it perfect for when you are on the go and really need a keyboard. The buttons are close together and the keyboard has no palm rest but it only took me a few minutes to get used to it. It was paired to the tablet when I turned it on and I haven't had any trouble with it.

I will note there is a fair amount of bloatware installed on the tablet. Acer installs McAfee and a bunch of other apps that you may or may not want. I personally recommend uninstalling McAfee as Windows 8 already includes Defender. Office is also installed but it is just a trial version.

There are two camera's on the tablet and they are nothing to write home about. The quality of pictures is pretty grainy both indoors and outdoors. I won't say the quality is terrible but my Galaxy S3 takes better pictures. Video mode isn't that great and there is some jerkiness in the video. I would imagine it will work for Skyping in a decently lit room however. I did not buy the tablet for the cameras so this doesn't bother me in the least. Also, if you use the leather case the back camera will be blocked.

The tablet is very speedy and packs a lot of hardware into a small frame. It includes the newest generation of i5 processor, 4gb of Ram, 64gb SSD and Intel 4000 series graphics. The tablet boots in about 5-7 seconds and applications launch very quickly thanks to the included SSD. I have yet to load any games onto the tablet but when I get a chance I will amend my review with some benchmarks. Netflix streaming and Blu-ray decoding was smooth with no dropped frames.

To sum it up, this is an excellent hybrid device. The best part about this tablet is that can be a full-blown PC when you need it. There are no limitations on what apps you can run or what devices you can connect to it because it runs Windows. Honestly, using it is just plain fun!

Update 11/19/12
I had a chance to load up Batman Arkham Asylum the other day and was pleasantly surprised by the performance. The tablet was able to run the game in 720p (1360x768) at medium graphics settings with no trouble. I had v-sync on and noticed a few dropped frames occasionally but the game played smoothly. Running the built in benchmark in Batman yielded a minimum FPS of 15, maximum of 71 and an average of 39. Pretty impressive for such a small device.

Update 11/30/12
Decided to compare the difference in video encoding capabilities tonight between this i5 tablet and my i7 XPS laptop. The i5 is a dual core Ivy Bridge chip and the XPS is a quad core 2760QM Sandy Bridge chip. For the test I used Handbrake and converted a 26gb bluray rip of Batman Returns to a 2.6gb .mkv file using mpeg4 compression on both pc's. The XPS converted the file in approximately 2 hours (at 30% cpu utilization) and the Acer tablet converted the file in 2 hours and 30 minutes (at 80% cpu utilization). I was pretty surprised there was only a 30 minute difference between them. Batman Returns is 2 hours long so I think these are pretty good results for a tablet. I plan to test out it's ability to edit HD video in Premiere CS6 when I get a chance. On a side note, this thing has seen nonstop use since I received it!
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on January 20, 2013
I have been an avid fan of touchscreen computers for six years now and have owned or borrowed a fair number... after hammering on this one for several days, I am extremely pleased with it.

** The only caveat - get Windows Update running and reboot as soon as possible! You may need to reboot more than once to complete! The wifi will be flaky until you have all updates installed. **

short version: Powerful as many desktops, really good screen, good battery, pretty good video card, several goodies included, fan-cooled.

The specs of the Iconia W700 are very similar to the not-yet-released Surface Pro, except it is slightly larger, and has a larger, longer-lasting battery. This makes it weigh more, but it's *not* heavy. I am a young woman, and I have no issues hauling it around all day whatsoever. The video reviewers on youtube who complain about it being heavy are the types who normally review kindles and other low-power devices which weigh almost nothing.

It does not have a pressure-sensitive pen like the Surface Pro, but any generic capacitive stylus (of the sort advertised for iPad - you can get three-packs for a couple dollars here on amazon) will work exactly as it would on an iPad, and handwriting recognition works quite well. However, the touchscreen is very good quality and using a stylus is actually not significantly more accurate than a finger for menus and buttons. Microsoft claims Windows 8 is "smart" about inferring what you meant to touch, and it seems to be true, as after the first several times I missed something tiny on the taskbar in desktop mode, it started picking up very accurately.

Also unlike most tablets, this has cooling fans. For some people this may be a turn-off but I have not found them to be a bother, a totally worthwhile tradeoff for a powerful computer in a tablet. The video card is pretty good; you won't be running Skyrim at high settings but most popular games run fine just as they would on a typical generic desktop. Torchlight II for example looked just like it does on my other machines.

The 11" 1080p screen looks fabulous. It is the only one I have seen that compares to an iPad with Retina. Just be aware that in desktop mode, buttons are small - but everything is very crisp and clean! You will generally want to use a keyboard + mouse plugged into the included dock for desktop mode, but a patient person can get essential things done without them if something comes up while out and about.

Included in the box is a decent dock with 3 USB ports and removable stand (for horizontal or vertical orientation), a pretty nice faux-leather case that stands up like an iPad case (and has a loop for holding a stylus), a mini-hdmi to vga converter for plugging into projectors, and a cleaning cloth. Just a nitpick, on my case it seems they messed something up and the camera cutout does not go through both layers of the case, so you can't take back-facing pictures while it's in the case. The camera is not meant for "real" photography anyway, it is a cheapie for taking pictures of notes or inventory or whatever...

Windows 8 itself has some annoyances, but I won't hold that against the tablet, and I expect most of them will be ironed out with the first service pack.

Comes with McAfee, I recommend you uninstall it and turn on Windows Defender.
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on January 9, 2013
Bought this tablet last week and have since decided to sell my MSI GT780DX laptop. I stopped gaming on it and was just using it for standard computing. This tablet exceeded my expectations. I'm an IT administrator for a medium sized company so I've had experience with my fair share of devices. iPads, Android, Windows, etc, and this one is the "prettiest," most functional one yet. I even ordered a Crucial 256gb mSATA drive that should arrive today. Everything about this "tablet" screams quality. It comes with a quality leather case, Bluetooth keyboard, docking station, mini hdmi to vga adapter, and the restore disks. I thoroughly enjoy some of the apps that have come out for Windows "metro," too. This platform has such an upside, just need more developers to tag along. One thing you'll need to understand is that this is NOT the same i5 processor that is in your standard full sized laptop, but it is the ultrabook i5 series.

I'm able to run ANY Windows application that I could on my normal laptop, sans maybe the original Crysis. I've been able to run WoW and SC2 so far on lowered settings with 50-60 fps thanks to the HD4000. Up until today I've been running said games off of my usb 3 3TB Seagate hdd and get great response times. (This particular mechanical HDD consistently has speeds in the 175 MB/s read/write category.) The tablet is easily able to push these speeds via the USB 3.0 bus. Some people have had Wifi issues with this tablet which is attributed to the Atheros wifi chip that's in it, but I haven't experienced it yet. I was able to achieve 140 Mbps transfer rates over my home network when transferring large files. The connection also only dropped once in a week.

I get around 8 hours of battery life from average use, no high performance apps/games. Treat it like a laptop in that regard. If you're going to be using some power hungry apps, go ahead and find an outlet. You wouldn't run 3d intensive games on your laptop for long periods of time, if at all, without your power adapter.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the sound that comes out of the tablet and/or the tablet dock. It has some Dolby software on it that gives unreal surround. I watched a show on Netflix last night and used the tablet's speakers. I was blown away by the Dolby software and what it can do for sound.

I hope everyone gives this tablet a fair shake because it's devices like this that will revolutionize the computing field.
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on December 8, 2012
Decently priced, not too heavy, full alumium body, overall an excellent tablet after coming from Android tablets such as the tf101, 700t, nexus 7, and many others.

I do miss the 16:9 aspect ratio on my old ipad 3, as 16:9 on 11.6 inches is almost impossible to use in portrait mode. But it would be silly to have a 4:3 as a laptop replacement, no?

Software needs work as most arent touch optimized, but thats not the fault the tablet.

Since it has an i5 this tablet is being actively cooled, stress testing yields a temp of 65c maxed normal usage it hovers at around 30 to 50c. Even under heavy load the tablet feels ice cold thanks to the aluminium body. The fan is noticeable at max though. But anything at uunder 60c to remains quiet and it isnt a bother at all.

Battery life is also nice. I get 5 to 8 hours depending on what I do, with a pretty high brightness.

And the speakers - extremely nice. Speakers on mobile devices are usually crap but the w700 speakers are exceptional. The sound comes from the whole tablet instead of directly from the speaker. Best speakers on any mobile device I've owned. And I have owned more than any reasonable amount.

The W700 might finally be the tablet I settle on for a year or so. Until broadwell or whatever that is.
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on November 12, 2012
Just today my acer w700 was delivered to my house. I was pretty aggravated that amazon and acer both said that it would be out on October 26th, but it's here now at least. I am typing this review using the wireless keyboard and it does the job. The keyboard has media and other keys and is automatically connected to the tablet beforehand and has Duracell batteries in it.

First impression of the weight of the tablet is that it weighs a lot less than anticipated, in fact I think it seems to weigh less than this keyboard does (the keyboard is a bit heavier than you think it'd be). It comes with the obvious docking station, that I don't really plan on using, and nice leather case that I put it in and it fits nice and snugly.

The unit is fast and responsive, although not charged out of the box. I've already been using Windows 8 since a couple days after it was released so there wasn't much to get used to on that account but the Acer Ring (touch 5 fingers to the screen to bring up a radial menu of favorites) was a nice touch. If I use it is left to be seen. The resolution makes the default icon size and text a little small so went to display and made them display larger, and expect probably most people to want to do that as well. The high resolution is apparent as everything is very crisp.

I will have to see what sort of battery life I get out of it as well as how hot it gets. I wish the leather case had some way to fit the keyboard into it so you could carry them together more easily. I have had no real trouble typing this review on the keyboard, it wasn't hard to adjust to. The onscreen keyboard is about what you'd expect, relatively easy to type on however the keys seem a little too widely spaced and I don't know if there is an option to change that.

Acer puts a ton of programs and apps on it including mcaffee and preinstalls office 2010 however doesn't give you a key for it. I recommend wordament as a fun little game to play if you haven't tried it.
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on December 21, 2012
1. Download Acers W700 Wifi Driver and unzip all folders.
2.Go to Device Manager and find the Atheros Wifi adapter
3.Click delete/remove device
4.A message will pop up asking for confirmation, CLICK THE CHECK-BOX REMOVE/DELETE DRIVERS!! This wont work if you don't.
5.In device manager click "scan for hardware changes"
6.You should now see a new or unknown device, click on it and tell windows to install it.
7. Windows will ask for the drivers , POINT IT TO THE UNZIPPED FOLDER SO IT CAN FIND THE DRIVER
8. Restart
9. Enjoy your Wifi

Overall love this tablet , just wish it have integrated GPS,removable battery and a SD card.
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on February 19, 2013
Couple of easy positives - comes with a great case and a keyboard. Also comes with a docking station/ stand which I have not used all that much but has the advantage of additional USB ports. Build quality is excellent - screen is great and for its size audio is good.

Couple of negatives - only one USB port on board - wish it had a least one more - with a relatively small ssd I keep a mini usb memory drive plugged in which means I cannot plug in anything else unless I use the dock or unplug the drive. Also had a few problems to start with with the wifi - kept getting "limited connectivity" but these seem to be resolved with updates and settings (documented issue). Battery life is OK and it needs its own plug in charger rather than being able to use a USB charger.

This Iconia was also my introduction to Windows 8 so it has been a bit of a learning experience but relatively easy and intuitive. I also have an ipad and you cannot help but compare - the ipad has a great library of apps (much wider selection than the Microsoft store) but the Iconia runs all the windows programs and functions as a pc attached to your home network so you can access all network resources/ files and perform network management. The combination of Win 8 and a tablet is getting closer to what a computer should be - portable, intuitive, easy to operate and powerful. I have Office 2013 installed and am using the Iconia more and more and my desk top and the ipad less and less. The combination of the Iconia and win 8 make this the best pc I have purchased/ used. My advice for anyone thinking of buying one - spend a bit more and get the largest ssd. A great product
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on November 28, 2012
I got mine today.
As already mentioned, it is very fast. I have never seen any Windows boot so fast. It is not just SSD - I have a Toshiba SSD based Windows notebook (Windows 7 entirely on SSD) which takes its own sweet time. Probably both Windows and SSD's have improved.
I have Windows 8 on a desktop and I never use Metro or modern UI on that. As expected, in the tablet the old desktop is not so easy to use.
It is heavier than iPad. It docks firmly and I could not take the tablet out of the dock with one hand.
As shipped, Windows and some bloatware - not too many - take up around 37GB of the 64GB.
Update On 01 Dec 2012
Some additional internal information:
It uses a m-Sata SSD interface (SSD - Toshiba make) - so possibility exists that it can be upgraded.
UEFI with secure boot enabled is the default but also provides the choice of legacy bios with secure boot disabled.
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on November 27, 2012
I love this tablet it is very fast and boots up in about 5 seconds. I did do a fresh install, went to Walmart and bought a DVD drive for $30, and just followed the instructions that came on the sheet in the box. I do not like the fact that there is no disc image on the device for a factory reset you must use the included DVD's that came with it.
I wish computer companies would put the windows experience index, so here it is right off my tablet.

Processor: Calculations per second, 6.9
Memory: Memory operations per second, 5.9
Graphics: Desktop graphics performance, Rather Low at 5.4
Gaming graphics: 6.2, this is very good for a tablet pc
Primary Hard Disk: Disk transfer rate, 8.0 This is way better when most desktops hard disks, very good score

I don't know why windows 8 scores the graphics so low, even my desktop performance is a 5.4 on graphics. The scores are very good for a laptop, but pretty impressive for a tablet.

I would recommend this tablet to anyone that is looking for a good fast tablet, and this one can actually replace a laptop.
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on May 28, 2013
The Form factor is no doubt cute and the screen size is comfortably big for entertainment or productive work.
What else ! Since this is a Windows 8 with a single USB 3.0 port ( 3 Ports on the DOCK STAND) , most commercially available 3 or 4G dongles would work, seamlessly, something which any IPAD or ANDROID tablets can do. I would have rather prefered that this tab had a built in 3G or $4G LTE slot built in , like the W701 offered outside on USA, which has a 3-SIM Slot
It does have a mini HDMI port and comes with a Mini to VGA cord, though you need a longer one to connect to a LARGE SCREEN LED TV With a HDMI or VGA port. Now you have a truly large screen Windows 8 Desktop in a TAB.

Now the flaws, though some are hardware, some are more of a software and lack of thought in designing and implementation.
This goes to show that too many product lines dilute the quality of the products.
Perhaps these companies should learn a lesson from apple and limit product like to just one or two.

I could afford a guess that it comes form the culture akin the the menu in a chinese or korean restaurants. The run into pages and pretty much a booklet themselves. THere are Chicken Dishe but 30 varieties of it, and then 30 varities of pork and beef and so on... They all pretty much taste the same, with minor variations. Every permutation and combination is thought of and created.

ACER, HTC, ASUS, SAMSUNG,LG, ... Hello Product Managers, If you are hearing this ...

The W700 could have been perfected in just one or two models, instead they choose to spend time inventing 10 , TEN models.
Here are the 10 Frigging varieties , The first 2 are built on SATA 300 BUS, Advise ignoring them.
The rest below are built on SATA 600 & gives you double the IO speed. The all have some variation or the other on the I3 or I5 chip..

1 W700-6670--NT.L0QAA.001----i3--i3-2365M--1.40 GHz--4 GB--64 GB--Serial ATA/300 ** NOT RECOMMENDED **
2 W700-6827--NT.L0QAA.002----i5--i5-3317U--1.70 GHz--4 GB--64 GB--Serial ATA/300 ** NOT RECOMMENDED **
3 W700-6607--NT.L0EAA.003----i3--i3-3217U--1.80 GHz--4 GB--64 GB--Serial ATA/600
4 W700-6691--NT.L0EAA.004----i5--i5-3317U--1.70 GHz--4 GB--64 GB--Serial ATA/600
5 W700-6465--NT.L0EAA.005----i5--i5-3317U--1.70 GHz--4 GB--128 GB--Serial ATA/600
6 W700-6495--NT.L0QAA.006----i5--i5-3337U--1.80 GHz--4 GB--64 GB--Serial ATA/600
7 W700-6499--NT.L0QAA.007----i5--i5-3337U--1.80 GHz--4 GB--128 GB--Serial ATA/600
8 W700-6454--NT.L0QAA.008----i3--i3-3217U--1.80 GHz--4 GB--64 GB--Serial ATA/600
9 W700-6602--NT.L0QAA.009----i5--i5-3317U--1.70 GHz--4 GB--64 GB--Serial ATA/600
10 W700-6680--NT.L0QAA.010----i5--i5-3317U--1.70 GHz--4 GB--128 GB--Serial ATA/600

ACER also makes the 701 series , NOT available in USA, has similar variations with the ADDITION OF 3G SIM CARD SLOT. I can only guess why ??

Hardware Flaws

1) Gets a bit hot and vents gas during the setup
2) Updates to Windows and ACER have to be done separately and manually and takes almost a DAY. They are not automatic , until the final updates are done.
3) No 3G or 4G slots, No built in 4G LTE
4) No external Memory Slot or Card Reader
5) Grainy Camera
6) N0 Controls for camera to Zoom or Focus etc
7) No Inbuilt Precision Skypen or Digitizer pen like Thinkpad. Only a Thick Acer accessory stylus, Not precise enough
8) NO FLASH.. W,T,Hell, Even phones have a flash
9) No replacable battery..Whats its gonna be after 5 yrs of use.

Software Flaws

Now there are some flaws on Windows 8 UI.
1) The keyboard does not auto populate and re size the window , except for some native windows functions such as during logon to hardware, during search etc.
2) The X button to close on Firefox and IE does not work properly. Multiple attempts to make it work
3) No Search Function on Windows App store
4) Windows Bit Defender which is by FAR advanced is de-activated and Mc Afee installed. I guess this is not a flaw, but a trial version. I un-installed.
5) No TANGO Video Conferencing app, Forced to use SKYPE

1) Great Speakers & Mic
2) Cute
3) Gorilla Glass does not smudge
4) DNLA certified
5) HDMI - Is it CL2 Certified ,,, Not sure
6) 1 USB 3.0 Port on the SLAB, 3 USB3.0 Ports on Dock
7) Included Remote Desktop .. U can telecommute...from a tropical paradise get away...
8) SATA 600 -- Thats good.. Dont BUY the SATA 300 Models spec'd out above.

I am still using it, but force of habit, cant get rid of my windows 7 laptop. Hope to migrate to windows 8 with some hiccups and starter issues.

I just cant give beyond 3 stars yet, as perhaps some of my frustration is beyond the first time tabled user experience or first time Windows 8 user.. So not sure what to expect... But I expect User experience to be intuitively thought out for a pleasant and flowing experience. A starter video from ACER would have probably be welcome on both windows 8, acer product use. I purchased the product at B & H. Good price, free shipping, but perhaps not the greatest return ( Restocking fee ) and No returns if you opened the box...
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