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on November 15, 2012
Keep in mind am a home owner and have never used a Dewalt or other premium brands (I don't test drive Porches either because it would make me hate my car). This drill is plenty powerful, no problem drilling 1 inch holes through 2x4s which for me is the line between home and professional requirements.

The Matrix system is not a sales gimmick, it is truly flexible. I bought the router attachment for fun and for 35 bucks I couldn't lose . Since then I bought the cut off saw and the jig saw attachments.

THE GREATEST aspect of this drill is each attachment is very capable and work as if that is only function of the tool; very Ergonomic and effective.

The only drawback is the long 5-8 hour battery recharge time. You will be miserable if you don't get an extra one at least. Thought about 4 stars for that reason but this tool is just too great.

Buy your extra batteries on Amazon, they are 10 bucks cheaper than downtown. Just get it already
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on April 12, 2013
This is the perfect solution. Use the right tool for the job! Use a drill to drill and an impact drill for fasteners. It is nice being able to swap them out but use the same drill. They change effortlessly. I also bought the jig saw attachment which is sweet as well. The only down sided to the impact is that it seems to drain the battery faster. Not sure if I notice a difference between a 18 volt and 20 volt but when the lithium batteries run out of charge, there is no warning and it dies all at once so it is best to have an extra battery.
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on July 28, 2013
I should start this off by saying I have used many different brand of cordless drills. I use them daily at work for automotive work and I needed something at home for a few wood working projects. I came across this drill while I was browsing and decided after reading many other reviews that I would buy it.
There are many good things about this drill, one of which is the many attachments that make it very versatile. The battery life is another plus, I can use it for hours drilling and driving screws. Its light and very easy to feather the rotating speed if you need to. It does what a drill should, and I wouldn't expect any less.
That being said, the first thing I don't like about this drill is the max speed that this drill spins. This isn't always an issue depending on what you're using it for, but it really hinders what this drill can be used for. I get better performance out of my 12v dewalt drills to be quite honest.
Another thing I don't enjoy is the fact that the battery takes 8 hours to fully charge. You should plan on buying an extra battery right off the bat or invest in the quick charger.

Overall not bad for the price.
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on December 2, 2013
This drill system was not designed for heavy,professional use. It was designed for the consumer/homeowner who wants versatility. I am a locksmith and after holding this drill (it's very well balanced and comfortable), I went with this system so I can keep the drill and all the different head pieces in one bag. Craftsman ripped this design off (typical Craftsman fashion) and I just confirmed the pieces do interchange with the Craftsman version. As a locksmith, I regularly switch between the recip head, drill head, and router head and I can keep them all in a small toolbag. I have heavy drills for heavy jobs, but when I have a small consumer level job I usually leave the big 20v Snap-on in the van and grab this little guy. It's been a year since I bought this system and still love it and use it regularly. Most negative reviewers aren't factoring price/quality ratio into their review, nor the convenience of being able to carry 8 different power tools in a shoe-box size tool bag. You can't compare this thing to a $300 DeWalt drill. After all, Walmart has this drill on sale for $50 right now which includes the battery and charger. The battery alone costs $50, so talk about value.
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on August 19, 2013
Bought one a few weeks ago and have used here and there for a few small home projects. It works pretty well, it looks pretty nice too.

It's well manufactured. The grip fits my hand just right. I never used a professional cordless drill before, nor worked on a large tough project; so I don't have anything to compare with. But I feel for home DIY projects, this drill works well enough.

I like the MATRIX idea of adding different tools on the same base, and own the sander attachment. I may buy a few more attachments when needed.

The battery coming with my drill is the LBX20 model. As far as I know, there are three models, LB20, LBX20 and LBXR20; according to B&D website, their capacities are 1.1AH, 1.3AH and 1.5AH respectively. The two batteries for my B&D garden tools are the better LBXR20, so I am a bit disappointed. It turns that the LBX20 alone serves the drill well, I never run out of it during a project (but my projects were small.)

The price for this drill changes day to day at Amazon. The lowest price I saw is in lower 40s.

04/2014 updates:
I build a raised vegetable garden today, and really gave this drill a good exercises. For each screw, I first drilled a larger hole so that the screw cap can sink below wood surface. So this dill was used for both drilling and driving. Drilling was no issue since each hole was less than half inch deep; driving was where this drill was pushed to its limit. I set the drill in drill mode (not in driver mode) in order to get its max torque, that was the only way those 5-inch screws can be driven in. I guess this should not be a surprise since the instructions on the screw box recommends 1/2" drivers.

For each screw, I had to attempt a few times before it set in because the drill's self-protection shut itself down due to too much resistance. I have another project in this summer, it requires those 5-inch screws again. I will buy the Black & Decker BDCDHP220SB driver, that one seems to be more powerful.

About 50 screws were applied in this project, that depleted two batteries, the third one was prabably used more than 50%. This was a surprise to me.
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on April 28, 2014
This drill has really out performed what I thought it would. I have owned it for about 7 months. Now I am not a contractor or professional in any sort of building sector. I am, however, a avid do it yourselfer. I used this drill to remodel a bathroom and for odd jobs here and there. It always seemed to do a good job and never under performed. I was not impressed with it until this past weekend when I used it to build a fence.

I had a friend of mine who has been building fences sense the 80's helping me as this was my first privacy fence. I started with this drill by driving 3 inch screws to hold 2x4's to 4x4 post and then put up a unknown amount of pickets. My friend and I where both surprised at how long the battery life lasted on the drill on top of the fact that it had not problem driving the screws. I wish I could give a better estimate of how much work it did the first day but I am not sure. The second day I put up 63 pickets with 6 screws a picket. The screws where 1 5/8 inch screws. That is 368 screws for anyone who does not want to do the math. 368 screws driven through a picket and into a 2x4 which took me a bit over an hour to complete. Maybe I am easily impressed, but I really feel like that is a kick a$$ job for a $60 drill. I would like another battery but at $40 a battery I will just buy another drill and keep the drill for a back up.

I am not saying it is the best drill on the market as I have not owned one of the more priceyer name brand "commercial grade" drills. But, I will tell you that for $60 you will not be disappointed in this drill.....AND you can buy other attachments....this things rocks....end of story!!!!
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on May 19, 2013
I bought this drill, and impact attachment a few months ago and i use it every day. Its light, much smaller than my DeWalt, and its powerful. Ive compard it with my Dewalt in all aspects and ive decided to keep this drill. Ive, since than replaced my Dewalt drills with this ans the 12volt. Drill with the Led light (not the 12matrix) which also impressed me and works great. Black and decker deffinetly steped there game up. ''O... My Dewalts outter casing did seem more durable, but thats it. As long as you dont drop your tools off a two story building, youll be fine.
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on September 26, 2014
I give this item 1 star for a few reasons. The trigger part stopped working on September 10th. I barely had this item 3 months before it fried. The batteries still work, because we also own a Black & Decker trimmer and the batteries to the Matrix Drill are compatible with our trimmer and power it. So a bit disappointed it only lasted 3 months. Luckily, it has the warranty, so I called Black & Decker on September 11th.

Very disappointed in Black & Decker on how they've handled this. The customer service lady was very polite and even said they would replace my drill free or charge and I don't even have to send in the old one. The nice customer service lady said it would take 7-10 business days to get the replacement because the nearest repair center was 3 hours away. Here it is 12 business days later(more if you count Saturdays) and I still don't have my replacement. I got a little worried so I called the customer service department back. It turns out, they never even processed my replacement order yet. The nice lady I spoke with today apologized and said she doesn't know why it wasn't processed and said it should have been processed and put in the mail on the 11th. She says she's going to try and rush this order and get it to us asap, but that's beside the point. Not so sure I'm going to bother buying more Black & Decker products if they're going to handle warranties like this. Forgetting to process an order? That's a terrible way to do business. I know people make mistakes, but these mistakes can cause product owners to wait weeks, if not months, to finish a project they're in the middle of. In fact, we've had to stop working on our project fixing up a family members home because we are waiting on the drill replacement. As I said, very disappointed.

UPDATE: After customer support made some serious mistakes and delayed our project by almost a month, they did eventually get me a brand new unit, which I received today. I still love the drill, so for that I changed my review from a 1 star to a 3 star for now. If this drill lasts much longer than 3 months, then I will come back and change the rating again and make an update.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 29, 2015
This thing has plenty of power and it pretty small (see pics 1 and 2 for dimensions and perspective). I use it for EVERYTHING around the house, and you could even use this for commercial applications. It's a very good size...

But right above and in front of the trigger, there is a small plastic 'guard' that has a sharp-ish edge. It rips a small piece of skin off my finger when I rotate the power selection dial. Picture it: You are holding the pistol grip with your right hand. You take your left hand and wrap it around the power dial (rotation) and your index finger got caught on the small orange/black knob in front of the trigger (pic 3). If you used it this morning you'll remember to be careful of that protrusion. If it's been months, you will forget and get a cut again. Trust me.

The battery lasts more than 10 mins at full discharge, it has a ton of power, no light or torpedo level (on mine, anyway). See pics and thanks for reading!!
review image review image review image
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on September 16, 2015
This is a good dependable tool.Im currently on my second one as after i abused my first one to death using it on everything i forgot and left it put in the rain for 3 days and it ended up submerged in 4 inchs of water and it still ran for a few weeks after.i had to get another and i have used it like crazy.the impact driver attachment is a must.i have drove 3 1/2in screws on some building jobs for nearly 10hrs never stopping unless its for another battery or more lumber or screws.had it so hot driving 4in screws in yellow pine with no breaks that you couldn't touch the top of it.dropped it 12ft down to a concrete floor from a roof and watched the battery go one way the driver head another and the main body yet another.picked it up and snapped head and battery back on and back to work.ive hammer on stuck bolts and nuts that i shouldn't of intill smoke coming out of motor.current one is year and a half old and even with all the abuse and punishment its had its still a going.for a homeowner weekend warrior priced tool its taken industrial use and cant go wrong with it a dewalt or milwaukee no but its not priced like one either and it will hold its own against a 18v contractors dewalt i can tell you first hand.
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