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on August 19, 2004
*****5 stars for the film

Haunted by an incident that happened in the ring, American boxer Sean Thornton (John Wayne) returns to his Irish birthplace, seeking only his roots and a quiet, peaceful life.

He soon falls in love with the beautiful, tempestuous Mary Kate (Maureen O'Hara). She is equally taken with him, but won't marry without the consent of her stubborn, blustering brother, Will (Victor McLaglen), who disapproves the match.

With the help of a well-intentioned scheme arranged by their friends, Mary Kate gets her brother's permission and Sean and she wed. Relationships spoil soon after, however, when Will refuses to pay the rightful dowry. Sean doesn't care, but Mary Kate is outraged and wants Sean to have it out with Will.

Time and again Sean backs down - determined not to use his fists - his inner tension building the whole while. But eventually he will have to decide between losing his wife's love and respect and facing his greatest fear.

This was an important and personal project for John Ford (whose real name was Sean O'Feeney). That his heart and those of his cast members were in what they were doing shows through. The fact that much of the film was shot on location in Ireland (on location shoots were somewhat unusual at the time) also adds an authentic flavor.

Barry Fitzgerald was at his comedic best here, and Ward Bond's performance as a priest has several simply unforgettable moments.

The Quiet Man is a charming classic and among Ford's best (in fact, it won him an Oscar for Best Director). It's funny, romantic, and always entertaining. It also features an exuberant score (courtesy of Victor Young) and one of the longest and most memorable knock-down, drag-out fights ever committed to film.


Two different editions of this DVD have been released with almost
identical packaging. Be careful which one you buy! (I wish I'd known this).

"John Wayne Collection" edition (*1 star)

This is the one I bought (ISBN 0-7820-1057-1, ASIN: B00000I1KV). It has "John Wayne Collection" printed on a green band at the top. Its special features include "The Making of the Quiet Man" documentary & the theatrical trailer. DON'T BUY THIS VERSION, PLEASE. The sound is decent, but the picture is absolutely terrible: blurry and full of splotches, almost unwatchable.

"Collector's Edition"

Apparently, the sound and picture quality are okay on the "Collector's Edition" DVD (ASIN: B00006JMRD), whose special features include Commentary by Maureen O'Hara, the theatrical trailer, "The Joy of Ireland" documentary with Maureen O'Hara, "Remembering The Quiet Man" Montage, and "The Making of The Quiet Man."
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on October 13, 2004
I will not, as some feel necessary, go over the story/characters/performances of this film. Suffice to say, this is one the most enjoyable films ever made, blarney or not.

Rather, what I would like to briefly comment on is the utterly pathetic transfer of this classic film to DVD. It states quite clearly on the back of the cover that this film has been digitally remastered. I took that to mean both video and audio. WRONG. The picture quality of this DVD is shocking, one of the worst I have ever seen. Believe me when I say this -- the VHS version I purchased in 1991 has a better video clarity than this. At times it's actually difficult to make out the actors features. The company behind this, ARTISAN I believe they are called, should be ashamed. I have a copy of the recently released and remastered CASABLANCA DVD. That film was made in 1942, yet it looks as if it was just made, such is the sharpness of the video. The Quiet Man deserved the same treatment, but didn't get it. Shame on ARTISAN.
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on October 20, 2004
i hate giving a classic a 1 star rating. the movie is nothing less than 5. but the dvd transfer is pathetic. i've seen better 2nd generation VHS to DVD transfers than this. what was the distributor thinking when they allowed this to be distributed to the public?? did they even bother to review the final product before its release? there's no excuse for this with todays movie restoration technology. hopefully we will see this movie re-released by a company who cares about art.
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on March 21, 2004
What a travesty of a DVD transfer!?!?
Here I am expecting to watch a lush restoration of one of the great films from one of the greatest American Filmmakers (had I read the reviews I would have thought twice of buying it for sure!) and I get a shoddy transfer probably done straight from video. These imbeciles at Artisan oughtta be fired, tarred and feathered!
Collector's edition my eye! "Pappy" & "Duke" must be doin' backflips in their graves! Even with this major imperfection, it is still a great story and a pleasure to see a great filmmaker at the height of his powers. Still I hope one day that someone gives us a DVD worth the material.
Damn shame.
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on January 1, 2006
I also remember seeing this movie as a kid. Actually, it was featured in my high school English class for something or other. As I recall it, this was a must see film for everyone I knew.

I am now spoiled. I use a high-definition projector and a 10 foot screen. Most recent, and some old DVD's look wonderful on it. For the most part, the experience is like going to a movie theater, no lines, great sharpness. Even old black and whites look wonderful on this system.

I obtained the first transfer by Artisan and was shocked by the grotesque and constantly changing colors, and also the gross color fringing. Most dark areas had a strong purple hew to them. Color intensity was gross, greens bloomed out of the picture. Sharpness was very poor.

The added featurettes were little better. My over all impression was that this was some sort of amateur video company run by incompetants with anciend junk equipment. However, it appears that Artisan actually has money enough to get the rights to a great deal of John Wayne material.

I then obtained the "Collector's Edition." Some contributers have claimed it was much better than the first release. It is identical! This is the worst transfer of a Technicolor movie that I have ever seen. Also, the newly made featurettes are horrible looking. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MESS!
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on January 6, 2006
if you buy a dvd of any film, before you do , check out rotten tomatoes to find the transfer quality.A dvd is no better than a vhs tape if the transfer quality is poor.This one is ,you got it, dreadful.Sure, the quiet man is a great old comedy classic;but this dvd is dull, runny, out of hue colors,contrasty and just a plain disgrace to a great old film. Maybe criterion will get ahold of it,and do it justice.Old ford would not be pleased, i`m sure.
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on January 9, 2003
This is a great film. That said, the DVD's so far have left a lot to be desired in quality of picture. The first DVD was a mess: poor quality picture and the sound was awful. In one scene the words did not match what Barry Fitzgerald was saying. This Collector's Edition DVD is a little better, but not by much. The sound is improved which is a blessing, but the picture quality still needs work. The VHS edition which used a restored negative is a beautiful copy. Why wasn't this used for the DVD????? On the plus side: Maureen O'Hara's comments are interesting and some are even enlightening, and the additional features are fun to watch. But let's face it: what really counts is the quality of the picture itself, and this is a letdown. Better than the first, as I've said, but certainly still in need of improvement. This film won the Oscar for color cinematography! I know it can look better than it does on this DVD! By the by, one customer wanted to know why this movie wasn't letterboxed/widescreened. It doesn't need to be: it is NOT a widescreen movie. What it needs is a better color transfer to DVD. Let's hope somebody wises up and puts out another DVD with a really good quality of picture quality on it. Great movies deserve great DVD's. As it used to be said when computers were new: garbage in/garbage out. The people who make the DVD copies should remember that. This is too good a film to waste on a poor quality disk.
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on January 24, 2013
This review is for the Blu Ray version of this film. I watched it on a 92" screen to make sure it could hold up to being projected up to a ridiculously huge level.

Now, 24-hours after watching this stunning Blu Ray, I am still struggling to find words to describe the masterful job Olive did with this transfer. I know this movie very well...probably at the 'geek' I was prepared to scrutinize almost every frame.

Oh my.

All the other 5-star reviews of this version are spot on with examples about the clarity of this movie (the 1-star review entitled, 'Disappointed', I can't explain, so won't bother trying). I saw what the other 5'ers saw, but whether it was watching it at 92", the clarity of Blu Ray, or both, what I got the biggest thrill from was the very nuanced, almost undetectable smile (almost Mona Lisa-like) Maureen O'Hara gave John Wayne when she first saw him across the meadow. I needed a cold shower right there and then. I'd have paid $100 for this disc just for that. Wow.

Here's another example of it's clarity: in the Blu Ray version of 'It's a Wonderful Life', at 92" you can clearly read the print on the distant bank deposit slips displayed behind Thomas Mitchell just before he loses the $8,000 to Lionel Barrymore. The Blu Ray of 'The Quiet Man' matches that clarity.
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on February 5, 2013
When The Quiet Man Collector's Edition came out on DVD in 2002 I was all excited about upgrading from VHS to the better picture quality of DVD. After getting my new DVD home and watching I was very disappointed that the quality wasn't much better than my previous VHS copy. BUT NOW, Olive Films has made available exactly what I was hoping for, a crisp clear perfect edition of The Quiet Man. The beautiful colors and sound makes this a must have for John Wayne movie buffs. I've waited a long long time for this edition, and glad I took another chance after the 2002 DVD as I wasn't disappointed!!
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on February 28, 2004
"The Quiet Man" is one of my favorite films of all time. I was thrilled to find out it was to be on DVD. I was on my third copy trying to get a decent product until I stopped, realizing they must all be defective. They all had the same problem: the images blacked out periodically and what visual there was kept freezing every few seconds. The color wasn't too great either. I figured the manufacturer who transfered the video to DVD goofed terribly. But it was even worst a mistake to allow such poor quality products to make it to the market.
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