Customer Reviews: Silent Hill: Revelation (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet)
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on December 11, 2012
When the original Silent Hill movie was released, I was more than a little bit skeptical. I mean, how could you possibly capture the relentlessy terrifying atmosphere of the games and transfer it successfully over to film? Fair enough, the film wasn't nearly as scary or as engrossing as the games were, but for a movie based on a videogame, it was surprisingly good, great even.
The success of the original silent hill movie made me hopeful that the sequel would be just as good, if not better than the first film. And while Silent Hill Revelation never quite scales the heights reached by the original film, it's an enjoyable tale with some very impressive and spooky moments sprinkled throughout.
First thing I have to commend are some of the casting choices. The gorgeous Adelaide Clemens is perfectly cast as Heather and I can't think of anyone more fitting to play the silent hill 3 heroine. Sean Bean was criticised in the original movie for his poor american accent. However he performs much more admirably in Revelation and his British accent is almost impossible to detect. One cast member who didn't impress me however, was Kit Harington, better known as Jon Snow in HBO's stunning drama series, Game Of Thrones. While Kit is excellent in GOT, he basically sleepwalks through this movie, with poor line delivery and some scenes where he just seems to not be putting any effort into his role. But overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the acting quality in the film.
A lot of the plot will be familiar to anyone who has played silent hill 3 but there are enough differences to keep the story interesting to even those who have completed the game multiple times. Without spoiling anything, Heather Mason and her father Harry(not their real names.) are on the run from a strange cult who want Heather to return to silent hill for unknown reasons. For the most part I enjoyed the story in Silent Hill Revelation. The pacing is a bit all over the place at times and the ending was dissapointing in my opinion, but overall the films plot had enough to keep me interested to the end. Whereas the original is often criticised for being too long, this film suffers from the exact opposite problem. At just over 90 minutes, SHR just doesn't have enough time to effectively develop it characters and story. In my opinion, another half hour of run time would have made a world of difference.
An important aspect of the games are the terrifying environments and creatures you meet while playing. SHR pretty much nails these very important points. The environments are beautiful and disgusting at the same time and the creatures are just as freaky and abnormal as you'd expect..
I've been thinking long and hard about what rating I should award this film. I was considering awarding it four stars for a time, but four stars generally signifies an excellent film which Silent Hill Revelation certainly isn't. However, I also don't think it's deserved the critical mauling it has received. I enjoyed it and I certainly wouldn't mind viewing it a second or even third time. If that doesn't deserve at least three stars, I don't know what does.
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on October 7, 2015
I'm a Silent Hill fan from years back. Silent Hill 3 on the PC was one that ruled my nightmares for years. It was a game that I lost countless hours playing. I was excited to hear about this movie. In fact, there was a contest to create the cover art for the posters and I had the change to enter. Sadly I did not win the contest, but still was excited to see this movie.

I gave this film four stars overall because it did not give the level of intensity I was hoping for. I understand the difficulty of putting a multi hour game into a movie, but I was hoping for something a little more creepy, intense, and more closely following the game plot-line.

If you are looking for a scary movie, definitely watch this. It is well directed and the actors were interesting. If you are a Silent Hill fanatic, it's always good to check it out.
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on April 22, 2016
Really: 4.5⭐️
Firstly: I LOVED this movie. I didn't realize how much I did until I recently did my annual "Team Silent" game play (as I personally find anything after 4 just...coattail riding cringe... sorry!). After playing SH3 I decided to watch Revelation as I only did once when it first came out and honestly didn't give it much thought. But after playing and watching I was just amazed at how great this movie was!

The first movie wasn't ...too bad. To be honest, I only watched for Pyramid Head. It's acting matched the graphics and story of the first game quite well in cringe factor and I felt the writer/director/whoever just kind of skimmed what the series was about and didn't really care for sticking to much else.

SH:Revelation was done in a "this is for the fans!...more so than the other movie anyway!" way that I adored them for it! The little things: hotel #106 and the red shoe in the room just had me smiling like the SH dork I am. I even waited for that jump scare in the mannequin factory of pure nightmares. (That whole scene was incredibly terrifying!)

Of course I had a few problems: while I love Jon Kit Snow Harington, I'm far too fond of game-Vincent. While I had read Kit was told not to watch anything about his game counterpart, he really did have some mannerisms and personality that could have passed for a younger Vincent. Very impressive, Kit!

Ugh and Travis?! Was that really necessary? All this happy build up went to "uuughhhhhh but why?" But it was only a second so I won't hold them to it.

Although I don't like seeing Pyramid Head outside SH2 (mostly in other games), I did like how they explained his role in the movie and the "everyone has a different nightmare in Silent Hill" justified it brilliantly. Plus, who wouldn't want him as a personal guardian?

Four years late on a review, I had to fully appreciate it as a decade+ fan and the true effort they actually put into this movie really made me enjoy it that much more. Not to mention they explained the plot a hell of a lot better than the game did. Though everything felt so rushed, they did manage to make the absolute best out of 95 minutes.

And balls to the whining reviewers "I don't play the games so dur it was bad I no understand", well no s***. I wouldn't watch a movie based on something I haven't been a fan of since NO, you wouldn't get the whole story in a short time span. Hello? Harry Potter. Rest my case.
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on February 18, 2016
Silent Hill: Revelation is what I consider a really good horror movie, however it does have a few things going against it. For one the character of Heather, while the actress that portrays her was a phenomenal choice based on her appearance (Adelaide Clemens) the problem is that she doesn't act the same way as Heather. To me Heather was ornery, tougher and more rebellious than the relatively tame/quiet outsider character we see in the movie.

Heather even admits to her classmate that it's a good idea not to bother getting to know her, because she'll be moving on shortly anyway. This scene was sort of unintentionally funny because she just stood up and criticized the entire class and yet the teacher says she did a good job of introducing herself, lol. Her classmates should have been super angry. I also feel there's a low budget sense while watching some of the acting take place which should've been improved. Some of the lines weren't delivered in a high quality way.

I have to mention some spoilers, so don't read the rest of my review if you haven't watched this movie yet.

I thought Harry was supposed to die. It surprises me it doesn't happen that way since he reappears at the end. Also while I'd have to brush up on my Silent Hill 3 knowledge to remember which events in Revelations are based on the video game and which stuff is exaggerated or fabricated for the sake of a movie, I'd have to say either way the movie does a tremendous job telling a *really* sophisticated story especially when compared to most horror films these days. While that comes as no surprise since the SH series has been known for its remarkably detailed story, what's most surprising is that the movie tells it so well. Actually you might even argue the movie focuses more on story than it does on the actual horror which is only a slight problem. There are some noteworthy suspenseful parts at the end, but for the most part this is all about telling a story.

Anyway everything you can expect from the Silent Hill video game series involving the cult, Alessa, Dahlia (who should have been more vicious and obsessive with her obligations) the sudden shift from eerily foggy to dark and demented environments, the Seal of Meatron, giving birth to the God, etc, is told very well in this movie. You can expect several conversations to take place between Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington (a classmate of Adelaide with his own history which eventually unfolds in a surprising way when we discover who he really is). They do an awesome job telling the story. Of course this can be a negative too. You have to pay *really* close attention to grasp all the details. This can be a lot to take in for a first time viewing, especially if you've never played Silent Hill 3. However you don't have to play the game to follow along to the story- it'll just be easier to follow if you've played the game first.

I'd say the difference between Silent Hill: Revelation and the first Silent Hill movie is that the first one focuses more on horror and unsettling environments, whereas this one is more story-oriented. Still, the atmosphere is tremendous and the movie does actually get a lot better as it rolls forward. Now that Konami is done with the Silent Hill franchise (unless something changes in the future- who knows) I assume this will be the final Silent Hill movie as well. Also the fact Revelation has been heavily criticized doesn't exactly sound promising concerning the possibility of another SH movie either. What a shame. But again, I'm sure Revelation had to make some (several?) inaccurate or awkward changes that video game fans wouldn't particularly like which explains the criticisms. Taken as a horror movie however, it's pretty darn good.
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on April 23, 2013
Unless you love the video game then you may be pleased it stayed somewhat true to story. But, for movie goers that just loved the first movie, you might not like this one because it's just not the same.
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on March 1, 2015
Saw this movie at the theater. Liked it a lot. The 3D effects created some cool moments. \

Unfortunately it says nothing about needing a 3D TV on the description. So will never be able to watch the 3D version.
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on February 18, 2013
As a stand alone film, Silent Hill: Revelation is just barely "O.K.". More a 2 /12 star film than a three star, even by horror movie standards.

The first half of the movie was somewhat promising, but IMO it completely went off the rails once the movie returned to Silent Hill. Better than a lot of the horror popping up on the various streaming services, but very clearly a "direct to video" quality of offering.

As a real fan of the original movie, however, I was completely disappointed with the film. The writer/director completely missed the mark on all the things that made the original engaging. The visuals were in the same style, but clearly not on par with the quality of effects in the first movie. The sense of tension, suspense and "creepiness" factor of the original were absent. Alessa, the "demon child" from the original is barely represented in the movie and a "key showdown" with the characters fell so completely flat that it was sadly laughable.

After watching this film, I couldn't help but be reminded of another horror film sequel, "The Ring 2". Just as with "The Ring", this film was such a vast failure as a sequel that it has virtually guaranteed that a once promising franchise will die a whimpering death.
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on April 13, 2015
Very good Silent Hill movie and I truly hope there is a 3rd someday! If you're a fan of the Silent Hill games then you'll enjoy this movie and the one that came before it. If you haven't played the Silent Hill games and are into survival horror games or like the horror genre in general but like video games then definitely play all the Silent Hill games or at least give them a try but the 2nd game in the series is by far the best and is considered the best game in the series till this day. The games are very scary especially the 2nd one. lol
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on March 29, 2013
This movie didn't have great actors and it just wasn't as good as the first one. The special effects were great though and it was very scary. The gore was over the top but I like that kind of stuff so it was fine for me. But if you're not into huge amounts of gore than do not see or buy this movie. The Blu Ray was excellent so I enjoyed seeing it in this quality.
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on February 17, 2013
Silent Hill: Revelation follows Heather Mason as her father is kidnapped and used as bait to lure her into the nightmarish town of Silent Hill. The story is a bit deeper, but I'll leave it at that for the sake of this review's length. Silent Hill: Revelation is a decent time-killer, but it's riddled with flaws.

First, the story in Silent Hill: Revelation is mediocre. It doesn't exactly follow the story in Silent Hill 3, but does use some of its elements and characters. They changed certain parts of the story and they use most of the characters; they really nailed Heather's look, which is a plus. Considering I've played the game and watched the original movie and I still managed to get lost a bit and question my memory, I believe this film might be a little confusing for those with little to no experience with the franchise. Also, the film has poor screen direction, which negatively affects the story. One moment they'll be here, the next moment they'll be in an entirely different location, with little to no explanation; one thing that made the Silent Hill games great is the dreadful atmosphere and tension while exploring the creepy locations, unfortunately, this is absent in this film. It really skips most exploration, which leaves every scene feel like they're not connected. Also, when things look like they'll get heated and intense, like it would in a boss fight, the fights/chases end quickly and usually cheaply. And, finally, the ending leaves you with a big "WHAT?", whether you're a fan or not; (SPOILER: skip to the next paragraph if you're avoiding spoilers.) The finale is a battle between Pyramid Head and Claudia, something you'd expect in a movie like Star Wars or anything with sword fights, with blades clashing; and, this also has little explanation. (Pyramid Head's appearance in this film is questionable itself)

However, the film's creepy monster design is great and I've always loved the transition from regular reality to the hellish Otherworld. The cinematography and most of the special effects were also great, although there were some special effects I disliked. For example, this film uses computer-generated blood, likely for the 3D effect, which looks very unnatural and hurts the immersion in the film, in my opinion; this problem isn't consistent, though, as I only noticed it occasionally. Fans of violent horror films might enjoy this gorefest; fans of jump-scares will also find a few effective scares here. The acting was good most of the time, although there are a couple of lines of dialogue that felt forced and a few that were just cheesy. Finally, I really enjoyed the several references to the series, including the guest appearances at the end, and I enjoyed the music.

Overall, Silent Hill: Revelation has a few redeeming qualities including the haunting setting, mostly great special effects, and the video game references but the poor story, and terrible storytelling hurt the film significantly. On top of that, the film just doesn't feel like Silent Hill without the psychological approach and the haunting symbolism of the game; don't get me wrong, though, I didn't let the film's relation to this series affect my score, it's simply a mediocre movie overall. This is definitely a missed opportunity after the first film, which I really liked. If you're interested in watching this film, I suggest a rental after watching the original.

Silent Hill: Revelation has strong violence and gore, some brief nudity.
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