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on August 27, 2013
This Blu-Ray set is really awesome! The "Zombie Head Aquarium" is a hard plastic case with two plastic aquariums with either two or three (five total) severed heads with a few decorative twigs, both aquariums are removable and the lids come off, you can fill the two aquariums with water and put the lids back on. The case itself takes four (4) AAA batteries on the bottom, and right-side up, the front of the case, the "3" for "SEASON 3" is the button to turn on the six little lights in the case that will illuminate the two aquariums, when put back into the case after filling them with water. The Blu-Ray DVD set fits into a sleeve in the back of the case. Batteries are separate. The Walker Heads are attached to a clip that clips onto the back of the aquariums, so that the heads gives the illusion that they are floating.
The Blu-Ray DVDs consist of five discs (Discs 1-4 are the Episodes. Disc 1 - Episodes 1-4. Disc 2 - Episodes 5-8. Disc 3 - Episodes 9-12. Disc 4 - Episodes 13-16. Disc 5 - Bonus Features.) The Bonus Features includes: Episodes 4, 5, 8, 9, & 15 have Commentary; Behind-The-Features of The Walking Dead Season 3; and Deleted Scenes from Episodes 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, & 12. Inserts include the directions on how to set up the Zombie Head Aquarium, and the Special Offers insert for The Walking Dead and other AMC TV Series.
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on August 30, 2013
So I got my Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition BluRay in the mail today.

I was excited to see how this sucker looks put together so I unboxed it. I decided first thing to slide the BluRay disc hardbook part into the back of the head case. Bad idea...

People, DO NOT slide your movies in there if you are a collector and like your items pristine. It was a bit tough to get out for one (I had to pull from both top and bottom to finally get it to slide out). BUT, the worse part is a major design flaw - at least for collectors. There are 2 little rounded tabs that are indented on the back of the container (inside) that are meant to hold the BluRay hardbook in place tighter. Only problem is, when you slide the movie out, you're left with a gouge / indented line running across the front of your nice BluRay hardbook. Not good at ALL :(

I found this out the hard way, so I hope you read this in advance of getting yours.

I saw a lot of people complaining about the screw on the bottom. Mine came out fine using my small head phillips screwdriver. I also have no problem with the set itself - it's your typical hard plastic/vinyl "toy" setup (which is what I expected) but it looks pretty cool once the water is in and lights are on. I do worry that the button used to turn the lights on (the "3" on the front logo) will wear out/break over time - crossing fingers on that. The instructions (on the inside of the hardbook) state that the heads can go on in any place. This is not true. The hangars on the back of each head are offset according to the position they go in the water case, so pay attention to that when you are putting the heads in there.

All in all, I like it - just wish I had seen those 2 indented tabs before sliding my movie in. They are are not really necessary since the set will more than likely be sitting on a shelf.
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on November 18, 2012
This show pushes my limits. Not the creepy scary "zombie" flick type, that makes you laugh, but I see these people going through real struggles and learning how to rely on each other. They are becoming accustomed to losing members of their group.We get to see factions devolve into a more primitive society. I watch the show and some parts really make me uncomfortable. But, I cannot wait till the next episode.
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on November 10, 2012
Every season thus far has been great - I would definitely recommend starting at Season 1 and having a marathon to get caught up. It's one of the must see shows on TV.
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on August 27, 2013
This boxed set is as awesome as it looks! Just got mine assemled and love it. BUT one major flaw! The box of dvds slides in behind the tanks and is so tight you cant get it back out! No finger hole on opposite side to push. Had to use a knife and pull out the top tank. I will not store the boxed set there because every time u insert or remove it the plastic scrapes the box and eventually will ruin the pristine look of the boxed dvds. That is my only complaint with this set but would still buy it! Just store the dvds elsewhere!
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on December 6, 2012
I read the comic books right about the start or mid season of two. I enjoyed the comic as well as the show but one thing I found lacking was the fact that the show didn't get into the entire Woodbury segment.

For those that didn't read the comic, I won't spoil it for you, but overall when Rick and the group discovered Woodbury it became shocking. The Govenor in the show is merely the kindergartner's version of the Governor of the comics. With that said, I didn't know how they would portray the Governor in the show considering that his actions are not exactly TV-approved or even movie approved for that matter.

When season two ended with a preview of the Prison and the introduction of Michonne, I was ecstatic at what season three would offer. Now that season three has been mid season with the show returning February with the final eight episodes, I can say that I am very happy with how the TV portrayed the entire Woodbury and how the prison is turning out. It appears like the prison is going to be a permanent solution rather than a temporary one like in the comics.

There are some things I don't like about the show. For one, it appears that everyone has unlimited ammunition and in no time are actual shells or parts are moving. Even more so, sometimes the weapons are flat out wrong. For example, Hershal used a ar15-style weapon at the start with the scope on backwards. Plus there's no recoil and it appears every gun effect was done post production. I guess it's more for safety reasons that they do this, but I think they should hire a better gun expert though I understand this show isn't about guns, it's kind of annoying that Rick and everyone appears to have an unlimited disposal of ammunition and the fact that the guns aren't working realistically. I personally think they should just do away with the guns. In the comic books, at least, guns are normally not used and it is very rare that they do use guns, unless it's against a living target.

Another annoying thing is water and the fact that it seems like it's not a priority. They did the same in the comics but I find it a bit unrealistic that everyone seems to have plenty of water and nobody is really caring about water or lack there of. I haven't seen once in the entire show where water was even mentioned for supply or even carrying water. Not a single person has a water canister or even jugs of water or purifying water. I think this is rather annoying but again the show isn't about being a survival expert but still I think they should hire a survival expert to the show as well as getting a new weapons expert.

As far as the show itself, I won't spoil it but I am very excited about the rest of season three. I can say that the entire Woodbury and prison segment is taking an exciting turn.
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on October 15, 2012
We LOVE The Walking Dead series! It's one of the best shows on tv (and I don't even like zombies!). Great storyline, characters are well-developed. We look forward to every episode. I'm not a horror fan AT ALL, but this series is different. You can get so engrossed in the story that you forget there even are zombies at times. My teenager was watching a marathon (before AMC was pulled on Dish) several months ago, and I happened to walk past the tv, got interested in the dialogue, and wound up watching the entire series up to that point. Been hooked ever since. It's that good.

To my fellow Dish grumblers ... I can sympathize with you. We had a massive revolt and a threatened mutiny at our house when Dish dropped the AMC channel over the summer. Honestly, TWD is the ONLY show we watch on AMC, and since we are still under contract with Dish, it makes no sense for us to switch providers right now. I have called Dish numerous times over the past few months and complained. I've also written AMC and complained. Dish finally offered us a free Roku and $35 credit on our bill so we can watch the entire season of TWD via streaming. If you're a Dish customer, this is certainly worth looking into. You do have to wait until the next day to watch the latest episode (which is a minor inconvenience), but we were able to do so with no problem.

*For those having trouble finding the episodes* - scroll down to where it says, "Watch other episodes from Season 3". I do think the way Amazon has Season 3 listed under the "Inside the Walking Dead" preview is very confusing for folks who aren't familiar with how this works.

Whether Dish and AMC ever come to an agreement is anybody's guess, but if you're a Walking Dead fan and a Dish subscriber, I would highly recommend you complain loudly (to both AMC and Dish) about this being settled. You have a voice and it does matter since you're paying for their services. I'm aggravated with both parties, so please don't think I'm taking either side.

Regardless, we are able to watch the newest Walking Dead episodes as they come out. Amazon's Instant Video service worked great for us.
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With the highest body count of any episode to date, the gore hounds will love this one. The episode does a several month fast forward--Lori is visibly pregnant--and hunger is a problem for the survivors. There is a scene involving a can of dog food that really sparked a conversation in our home. The AMC sync even had a question about whether or not it was right for Rick to stop Karl from eating it...surprisingly, almost 70% of the poll agreed. I'm sorry, but lack of protein and starvation opens up a lot of menu choices.

One thing is clear, Rick is the leader of the band and his word is law. Karl has obviously been learning on the fly and is actually a help instead of the errant child of last season. (The best thing about that is that now we can focus on despising Lori for other things.)

There is minimal dialog in this episode. The characters have to carry the episode with expressions and body language. I highly recommend watching this episode more than once just to observe how expertly these people stay in character. There is a great moment between Daryl and Carol that breaks the tension and earns some laughs.

The early dilemma besides food is Lori's soon-to-arrive "bundle of joy". The possibility of having the baby on the run is not appealing. When they stumble upon the prison, there is a belief that they have found refuge. All that remains is to clear it out. My only problem with that sequence was the number of blind corners. It leads to great suspense, but prisons are all about big open spaces and long, straight corridors.

We get a peek at Michonne. She is on the move with Andrea, who is suffering from the flu or some similar ailment. It is clear that they have built a bond during their time since meeting in the woods at the end of season two.

The effects are, as always, top notch. The best thing I saw was the return towards the storyline that those of us who read the graphic novels came to love.

Naturally, the episode ends with a dramatic event. I don't think that this series needs to use hooks any longer. The fan base isn't leaving.

Let's hope that this is what we have to look forward to in season three. For many, the second season was just a bit flat at times until the final two episodes.
The episode one ending introduced us to some potential new characters...a group of inmates holed up in the prison cafeteria. Surprisingly, they turn out to be a "less-than-desirable" group. I was actually surprised that Rick tolerated them as long as he did. When things go sour--one particular inmate makes an obvious attempt on Rick in the chaos--Rick doesn't delegate to Daryl, and instead, gets the nomination for the "Tom Savini Machete Kill of the Year". If that moment was not a direct nod to the original Dawn of the Dead, then it is the best unintentional homage ever!

One of the most entertaining lines of the show has to fall into a similar category. There is no secret that Lori is possibly the most hated woman on television. She has been a regular "bad Mother" poster on an almost episodic basis. I believe that fans of the show got a "We love you" note from the writers and producers when Lori, during a scene with Rick, says, "Look, I know that I'm a shitty wife...and I'm not winning any Mother-of-the-Year awards..." Truer words were never spoken...

Concerns over Hershel continue, and one of the best "Made ya jump" moments involves him and Lori. It is nice that Kirkman and company took a little veer off of the normal zombie track and allow for the possibility of survival of the area can be amputated (a fact that will be the doom for one of the inmates). Romero fans all recall the arm amputation scene from Day of the Dead.

The honorary Boy Scout award goes to Carol. It is almost like taking a look back in time to when medicine was in its infancy. Before people were allowed to donate their bodies to science and grave-robbers were making a lucrative business delivering cadavers to would-be healers, the human body was a real mystery.

In closing, with Rick's new attitude, how many people think that maybe he and Shane were really two peas in a pod. There is a harsh side to the aspect of survival that Shane understood from day one. His only downfall was his obsession with Lori.

Overall, episode two hits the ground running and offers a few new "questions" who was watching Carol from the bushes...and where are Andrea and Michonne?

Season 3, episode 3...or "Merle, is that a knife in your pocket...or are you just glad to see me?" Yes, there was little doubt that Merle would resurface. Honestly, as a fan of the graphic novels, I figured that he would become "The Governor". Instead, they decided to give us a Ted Bundy type instead of the blatantly obvious bad guy.

I must admit that I watch the AMC Storysync with each episode during its premiere. When questions come up like "SHould Andrea and Michonne stay or leave, and a quarter of the voters pick "Stay", then I have to wonder what the hell show they are watching. Whether or not you have read the series is irrelevant, The Governor drips evil. How is anybody missing that?

This episode is all about Andrea and Michonne arriving at Woodbury. Now this tiny community of 73 (soon to be 74) citizens is just waiting to be exposed as a haven for evil. The question that remains is how many of the citizens are "in on it." With Merle walking around free (but seemingly very much under the thumb of The Governor if you pay close attention to one scene) and a man in a dark lab performing experiments on the walkers (or biters as the Woodbury people call them), you just know the facade will have to crack.

Right now, Michonne seems to be the only one keeping a healthy distrust. Andrea is either playing The Governor, or she is starting to sip from the Kool-Aid. That remains to be seen. However, if there is any doubt about The Governor, that is put to rest in the end. As an owner of several aquariums...I was a little put off by his collection.
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on May 10, 2015
Season 3 takes everything to a new level as the group tries to recover from the disaster at Hershel's farm. One of the taglines of the series is "Kill the dead, fear the living" and in this season the living prove to be as great a threat as the dead. As you know by now the Fates (and the writers) aren't very kind to these people and whenever things seem to clear and it looks like they may get a rest you know something is bound to happen.

As the group finds a potentially safe place to settle down they have to deal with walkers, other people and health issues. Rick goes off the deep end for a while as it all becomes too much for him. Other members of the group disappear and Carl gets a harsh and difficult lesson in the realities of this new world. Meanwhile Andrea, separated from the others during the zombie invasion of the farm finds a new friend and possibly a new place to settle down. We meet new characters, some of whom stick around for a while.

As much as the second season was focused on the personalities and dynamics within the group, season three is more about external threats. As usual all the actors come through with realistic portrayals of characters in a desperate situation and the directors and writers keep things moving. They really bring out the harshness of life on the road in the poignant opening sequence of episode one and deliver two explosive and exciting episodes for the midseason and end of season finales.
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on September 2, 2013
Me and my husband started watching this series on Netflix and had to see the last season before the new one in October. Hands down the best show I have ever watched!!
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