Customer Reviews: Alice: Madness Returns The Complete Collection [Download]
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on December 19, 2012
I've been really surprised by how good this game is really is. everything in it, the graphics, the details like the the children's faces, the music and the outstanding environment (the graphics are somewhat artistic) makes this purchase worth way more than what i paid for... For 15$ this game is a must have, for anybody who enjoys gaming. The story is NOT for kids, don't get yourself wrong about it ;) it's dark and disturbing and scary but i enjoyed it. I'm playing it flawlessly on my laptop, it supports windows 7 64 bit and of course the xbox360 controlling pad, though it needs origin account to be downloaded into. I highly recommend this game for everyone who doubts getting it or not, it'll worth your time and money. Hope i helped! :D
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on December 21, 2012
AMR is one of my favorite games, both for its interpretation of the Lewis Carroll story, and for its unique art direction courtesy of American McGee.

Although the gameplay does get repetitive (there are only a few weapons); the art and story line move the plot along. Each new world is designed in extremely gorgeous detail; I ended up buying The Art of Alice: Madness Returns.

The Steam version does NOT include the original American McGee's Alice. Since this is the Origin version, it will have the Original American McGee's Alice as well as AMR.
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on January 12, 2013
Beautiful, well-designed environments, characters and weapons. Really shows off the detail capable on a HD PC monitor with antialiasing and anistropic filtering.
Story fitting of American McGee
Didn't get EA'd as bad as Mass Effect 3 did
Love that they added customization, especially with the complete collection including DLC to use other gear (the new versions of the weapons you can equip are all awesome)
One of the best showcases of PhysX to date, every bit of detail in PhysX enhanced particles and dynamic object movements really show you how much better a PhysX-accelerated game on PC is than it's console counterpart
Difficulty level is perfectly balanced
New dodge ability is totally welcomed

The non-optimized PhysX system - this game will destroy your i7 CPU and < GTX600 series GPU with PhysX turned on High. Smoke and shrapnel from the peppergrinder + fluid dynamics of enemy blood/goo + 500 broken bits of the environment shattering all over the place = unplayable speeds
Capped at 35fps like the console version (though this is easily fixed by editing the config ini file so you can enjoy 60fps)
Controls are so-so - having Alice aim AND turn with the mouse is sometimes aggravating. Makes circle strafing difficult
Camera never snaps to the correct POV - while others may be happy to have complete camera control freedom, there are times when you go the wrong direction because the camera was pointing behind you when you were on a higher floor level. When you drop to the next level down, the camera is still facing that direction but you are now required to go the opposite direction but cannot see what is that way and end up falling off a cliff unless you recenter the camera yourself
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on September 26, 2015
After a couple of hours setting up the ORIGIN account, which I am already listed with, so I could finally download this purchased game I only ran into failure issues.

Game did not download correctly, please reinstall.

After the fourth time of reinstalling the game I was finally able to actually start the game and play it.

Not sure why there was such an issue in the first place, but it is resolved and I had started playing the original American McGee version of Alice.
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on November 4, 2015
Ok, so I purchased this because I've heard nothing but positives about the game and when I saw that this came with the original game (American McGee's Alice) I needed to have this.
For the price, I feel that EA is asking a bit too much, especially once you consider the age of the titles therein. But with all DLC included... it kind of evens-out. For the most part.
The original game is a very interesting interpretation of Alice and Wonderland, and as I have taken a break from Alice (the First game is ridiculously hard) I can't comment my thoughts on Madness Returns as of yet. However, I am happy that I purchased this bundle.
I would have liked a DRM-free or Steam version instead of having to create an Origin account to play this, however that is just personal preference.

[Now had I have been a bit more frugal I would have seen that at the time of my purchase of this Origin key, Sony and EA were having a sale on this exact collection on PSN for 10% of the asking price here. (as of this review, the price is back to the same as listed here) I've been playing on my PS3 as my PC cannot run the game.]
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I had the chance to play this game when it was first released, and jumped on the opportunity to own the game at a super discounted price. While this version forced me to register via Origin (yuck!) I had loved playing this game, as the combat was just beautiful and remarkably engaging.

Basically this game is a one direction 3d platformer, where you take on the role of Alice as she has grown older, exploring both the real world and Wonderland in its unusually dark and bloody state. In this pack, you are able to don different costumes throughout the game, as well as override the choices with your own bonus costumes (with different perks as well)
The environment is one of the most beautiful and creative settings I have ever played in a game, and it's a pity that the game is so dark because I would have loved to spend more time exploring through such a world if it had been more of an RPG rather than a one-track platformer.

This game is extremely tough to get running flawlessly, especially with the oil slicks, so I play with PhysEng set to low, while everything else is still maxed out.
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on March 21, 2016
Fun games at a great price. The graphics for the original Alice game are obviously dated, but it doesn't take away from the fun. Plus all of the extra content for "The Madness returns" makes the purchase worthwhile.
If you've never gone down the rabbit hole, then you owe it to yourself to play these 2 games.

Warning, lots of mature content, not recommended for younger children.
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on March 10, 2015
Can't play it on the cheap desktop. Not enough memory, even with 4 G RAM. I can play the original first Alice game...except that I cannot get Alice to climb up anything. I am therefore stuck at the point where she has to climb up the rope, swing to the mushroom and leap for the landing before she fights the ants in "Wholly Morel Ground". SO I will have to go back and re-install it from the CD. But at least for me, this is the best game ever - I mean both of them.
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on October 16, 2014
I absolutely love this game. It is my favorite non-online computer game. I already am obsessed with in Wonderland and like dark and creepy things, so this game was right up my ally. The characters were interesting, and I like how complex Alice was. I loved her and sympathize. She is mad and can be dangerous, but she's also creative, brilliant, and I found myself sympathizing with her in her struggles, and wanting to do my best to help her regain her memories and sort out her life. Story and characterization are the most important elements of a game to me, and both are really good. I told you how much I feel for Alice. Conversely, when I discovered who the villain responsible for the fire was, I actually completely hated that person for that and all the other crimes that person has committed/are committing, and wanted that person dead. In the middle are a lot of characters, some I like more than others, but very few I actually trust, as fitting that state of Alice's life. There is also symbology rampant through out the world from the symbols on her different dresses, to those that appear with attacks from different weapons, to those in the environment at different places themselves, and it really adds to the experience. For example, the symbol for Mercury is all over the Hatter's domain. That being said, the other elements of this game are good too. The combats is intuitive, fluid, and enjoyable. Exciting music also plays during battles (and is a a good indicator of enemies/if they are all gone). The weapons can also be upgraded for greater strength and also get cooler in looks. The music is really nice, with different pieces for different places/moments in the story. It fits well, is atmospheric, and is truly beautiful. The graphics are outstanding as well. The games ability to play with a controller is also helpful, and certainty makes certain parts easier. This DLC also offers some beautiful and useful dresses, such as the Hattress dress (drop teeth instead of health), Checkmate (all weapons do twice as much damage), and Hysteria (Hysteria mode can be triggered at any time). I usually go for normal or easy mode on games, but if you're really looking to challenge yourself, you can set it on Nightmare Mode and use the Cheshire Cat dress (limits your max health to only so much the entire game to you wear the dress for). Also, there's the fact that, while you can upgrade you weapons and will probably want to, you are not required to. You can also collect lots of things, even some hidden and more difficult to find optional things (though drawings you can see while shrunk are very helpful). My favorite thing to collect were memories. They also really add to the story, as you might expect. The only thing I would say could be improved is that the camera angles can shift oddly, and controlling it with the mouse can be awkward. Other than that, it's an awesome game.
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on January 25, 2014
Black screen and key binding issues with this game ended up ruining it for me. After extensive Google searching I fixed the black screen by manually editing a config file. It could only play in windowed mode, but at least it was working. Then I found that my key bindings did not completely take effect. Google search indicates I can maybe manually edit those too (after a few hours of research and effort). At this point it's not worth it to me. I wanted a game to play, not a computer science project. Looks like a cool game so I gave it 2 stars.

My computer is an excellent gaming machine and has run everything I've thrown at it. These bugs with Alice are well documented on various forums. They don't seem to affect everyone, so it's up to you whether to take your chances on it. I wouldn't.
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