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on December 19, 2012
Elsie woke up from a nap late one afternoon , some one was talking to her , was it real , was some one in her home or was it a dream that seemed so real . Who was talking to her on that Christmas Eve ?
Elsie is a very caring helpful woman . We should all have some one like that in our lives or be more like that our self's .

This book is a real inspiration . Being the only one left in her immediate family she needed some one to do for her now , if she would let them .

WOW I couldn't put it down . It was 3:41 in the morning & I should have been asleep . Well good books deserve to be read all night . I really enjoyed reading about Elsie . Wish Sarah would write more about her in another book soon .
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on December 21, 2012
Elsie Smucker had taken care of her parents and her brothers..and no one else was left for her to take care of, but herself now...When her last brother had died, she was all alone, and figured she'd stay alone too..She wasn't sleeping or eating properly..The Bishop Jacob had stopped over to check on Elsie, see how shes been doing, if shes been eating or just to check on her health and well-being..When he'd left, she watched out the window, he was looking at the window too, she started thinking, he married one of her girlfriends, had children too..She was envious of that, as Elsie never married, just took care of her family...Elaie was alone again, was sleepy, so she was sititng in the chair dosing off, when she started having nightmares of people talking, she was seeing people...He nephew Menno come over, asked if she would join his family for Christmas dinner, she accepted, he was in shock she did...She was happy to be around smiles and laughter from the kids..then she told everything that she was going to move into the grandfathers house thats on the property as the nephew, She didnt want to be alone again, wanted to be around the family
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on November 30, 2013
I enjoyed this quick read. The "ghosts" were real messengers with real messages-- and the lesson in this one is to sometimes let go and accept that it is time for others to give, even if we were the giver all of our lives. Allowing others to give to us is actually another form of us giving them a gift, and brings about love, sense of community, and good feelings all around. That's what this book is about. Without blatantly screaming "This is a Dickens story retold," it is a successful translation of a classic into an Amish setting, with Amish characters. This work speaks to the ultimate fear we all face--dying alone, or spending our last years alone. It is insightful, delightful, and inspiring. I finished it, wishing there was more, but the original "Christmas Carol" was short and sweet, too. So this is well done within its parameters.

Another reviewer complains that the characters are not developed enough, but I did not feel that to be the case. I felt that enough was revealed through flashbacks, memories, and the messages of the "ghosts" that we had a clear sense of everyone's place in the story, and of their personality traits. In a short work, this is no mean feat.

I have rapidly become a Sarah Price fan because after reading a few of her books, I was hooked enough to read all of them. This rarely happens to me, so it's kind of embarrassing to admit. As a crusty old former newspaper writer, it's often laughable to others that I adore sweet, Amish fiction. But there it is. I confess. Sarah Price is now a favorite author of mine. I will make reading this little tome a seasonal tradition.
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on September 20, 2014
First , I did not realize ,that this was a short story or novella , but it did not matter because there was a big story in this little book ! I felt pulled in right from the start !
The parallel to Charles Dickens' " A Christmas Carol " is subtle, but uniquely done !
As I kept on reading it brought tears to my eyes , tears of hope and of joy ! A must read for the Amish aficionados who wonders how this culture , the Amish , celebrate Christmas ! I am very impressed , that no one gets left behind ! An A + , again !
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on March 8, 2016
An Amish Christmas Carol by Sarah Price has turned out to be the most awesome story that I have ever read. It is hard to put into words that I want to say on this story. It is about a 75 year old Amish Women, her name is Elsie an at the beginning she thought she was losing her mind, because she was hearing voices in the night when she would go to bed. Elsie is so use to being the one to take care of everyone. She was always too busy to worry about herself an so she ended up never having her own true family to care for.
It is Christmas time now an she is finding herself alone with no one to take care of or to also have some one take care of her. The Bishop come by which is a surprise to her. Every time some one would come they would want to have her spend time with them an she always felt that she was a burden to them so she would say thank you any way but no. Just before it is time to fix some soup for her dinner a neighbor comes by an insisted that she sit down an let her wait on her that she had fixed a special plate for her. Later Elsie goes to bed an these dreams or what ever you would come an wake her.
Christmas morning finds Elsie dressed any waiting for her Nephew to come by, how she knew this she wasn't sure. A knock on the door and she finds her Nephew standing there with a strange look on his face. Aunty you are up and I want to ask again will you come an have dinner with my family an when she says yes, he can't get over it. Elsie wasn't sure how to explain what had happened so she just says I would love to come and spend Christmas with you all.
This story is sending a message to all an mostly to me. I am 75 an I have been not working for the last three years an I stick to myself all the time because I also always fee that I am unworthy of being taken care of that it is my place to help not take. It is hard for me to take from others but I have learned that I need to stop feeling like that an accept once in a while from others.
Please read an do it slow an see if you find either you or some one you know is just like Elsie in this story an if so see if you can get this person to not feel like a problem that she is really wanted. Tell others about this book an also do a review so that you can help others.
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on February 3, 2013
Sarah Price's novella is limited in its appeal for those of us who have a fairly good understanding of the Old Order Amish. The Characters lack true depth and the plot was slow moving and at times truly boring. I have read other authors who attempt to pull the reader into the plot and help one identify with one of the characters to the point one is identified with someone.
Frankly I was disappointed.
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on December 7, 2013
When I start reading a book most times I can't put it down until I finish it. Especially if it is a Amish book. I do better with short stories. This story really touched me. I loved this whole book. I hope to read many more like it.
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on March 23, 2013
This is the first time that I have read a Sarah Price book. I liked it and I will read another of her books in the future. I have favorite authors and I seem to stick with them, but I do try to read other writers of Amish books.
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on January 22, 2013
I love to read about the Amish as their gentle, focus on God ways really make me think about my more material lifestyle. While I am of another faith, I try to simplify my way of life. Their skills create beautiful furniture, quilts and foods which they sell. I think that books about the Amish should be read by anyone who likes to learn about another way of live.
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on December 22, 2012
Very good book!!!!! Not good at writing reviews, but just wanted to say I enjoyed it very much! What a special lady Elsie was - could just picture her in all the scenes and it seemed so real!!!!! I feel like Elsie and share her feelings about being alone! I was so happy for her in the end, moving close to family in the dawdyhaus!!!!!
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