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on May 21, 2013
I am always puzzled by people who complain about certain features that are simply part of the limitations of what they are buying...

If you don't want noise, buy a broom, it is no louder than my higher end Hoover upright. Also, less sound usually means less power at this price point...

As for the cord, then buy a cordless! Honestly, I bought this for its cord because I wanted a more powerful vac--it is very powerful and has great cord length, I can easily vacuum my stairs, which was the main purpose of buying this vac, but I also found that it does a great job on the fabric covered couch and cars--love this thing! The beater brush works great! I was shocked at the cat hair this thing finds--which btw, it does a great job on cat hair.

As for capacity, then buy a bigger vac, if you want a handheld then its capacity is going to be smaller else it is no longer a handheld...

If you don't like the mess of emptying it, then buy a bagged version (if they exist as handhelds).

I wish I had a magic pony that would get my drinks and find the TV remote when I need it--I could go on, but I think you get the picture, some people just like to nit pick in order to have something to say.

I looked and looked before buying this vac, it isn't overly loud and it is powerful. If you simply don't over fill the debris container and keep the beater brush clean--such as cutting off strings or hair that may get wrapped around it, very little maintenance needed. Also cleaning the filter is a breeze, simply use your other vac to clean it off, it will take just seconds. From all my research, it is the best in class for the price. I would buy again in a heartbeat.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been interested for a long time in the Eureka EasyClean 71B which has been advertised as an aggressive pet hair vac. This newer model, the 41A, is being marketed a little differently. Besides the obvious name difference from EasyClean to RapidClean, in addition to being touted for pet cleanup it is now being promoted as also being ideal as a "step" vacuum (such as for staircases).

I never ended up buying the EasyClean so I can't compare them head-to-head, but they are very similar machines. The differences, according to Eureka, are that the RapidClean has a more powerful motor (6 amp vs 5.5 amp), a more comfortable handle and a more versatile brush that adjusts well to vacuuming stairs, a task made easier by the addition of two smooth-rolling wheels on the new model.

One thing that attracts me to both models is that they are AC powered. Unfortunately most cordless hand vacs are still in the stone age as far as the NiCad battery system that they use while most of the world has long since moved on to Lithium Ion batteries. In short that means they have a short run time and once the non-replaceable battery dies (my experience has been not much longer than a year) the entire unit must be discarded. The beauty of the Eureka units is they have a standard AC power cord. While not quite as convenient, that means they will run as long as you need them to run at 100% full power and will never need to have batteries charged.

The RapidClean's power cord is slightly longer (25' vs 20') than the EasyClean's to emphasize that point. You can vacuum an entire staircase, or your car's interior while parked in the driveway, or sudden dry spills, without dragging out the big heavy vacuum cleaner. And when finished, the power cord wraps neatly around the rear of the case.

My stairs and upper landing are the only areas of my house that are carpeted (by choice). They are berber, which wears well but shows dirt within days of vacuuming. While I love my big vac for weekly cleanings of both the upper landing and the rest of the hardwood in the house, it is very hard to maneuver on stairs. The RapidClean lives up to its name by making this periodic chore much more effective and pleasant without giving up the power of a real vacuum cleaner.

The sound level is less than most full-sized vacs ... about the same as a typical hair dryer. I am tending to use the RapidClean as my first choice to do quick "oops" cleanups, despite the fact that I have to plug it in instead of it being rechargeable. It comes with a crevice tool that can be attached to the end of the grey hose. Eureka has even thoughtfully designed a parking space for the tool so it doesn't get lost.

And, oh, how does it do with pet hairs? REALLY well! The powered brush (with its own on/off control) seems custom-made for maximizing pet cleanup. As is true with the majority of vacuums these days, emptying the bagless collection bin is a "snap" and cleaning the filter is just as easy. I hope the days of messy vacuum cleaner bags is long-gone! At 6 lbs (one pound heavier than last year's model) this vac isn't quite as lightweight as the little battery-powered hand-vacs but the center-handle design makes it well balanced so it doesn't seem heavy.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In addition to this RapidClean 41A, I also have the EasyClean 71B. I love the 71B, I bought it after being fed up with low battery power on cordless handheld vacuums, and the 71B was a treat in how well it picked up dog hair and pine needles from the carpet and couch. This 41A is even better with a longer cord, more suction power, and what I really like, little wheels were added to make it easier to move along whatever surface you're cleaning. These little wheels are very nice because with the older 71B I was just dragging it roughly along the surface of the carpet or couch. This newer 41A with its wheels gets rid of the dragging feeling and makes it easier to move it along the surface. Very nice.

I'm very happy with this RapidClean 41A, they made small improvements over the 71B that make a difference. I love it, and yes it's a bit heavier than a cordless vac, but it means I don't have to worry about a battery dying out, and it has so much more power to pick up the messes with.
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on April 23, 2013
I've been using my RapidClean Step for a week now. It's powerful, and does the job well. But I'm very disappointed when it comes to maintaining the unit.

First: the cup fills fast, the filter clogs fast, and both are remarkably messy to empty. Because the cup is so small and the filter takes up most of the space inside the cup, I get dust everywhere each time I separate the three pieces of the filter/cup assembly.

Second: the instructions specifically state NOT to get the filter wet. To clean it, you are instructed to brush off the outside of the filter. Pet dander clogs the filter very fast, and I don't see how just brushing it off will be enough. I've already noticed a decrease in suction power due to the clogged filter.

Third: I have been unable (so far) to take the bottom plate off to clean built-up hair off of the roller brush. I've never owned a vacuum that didn't have a removable bottom plate. This came as an unpleasant surprise. If anyone can help me disassemble this model, I would be grateful.

Unimpressed so far. What's the point of a powerful vacuum that can't be properly maintained?


Update: regarding my third point. I was able to remove the bottom plate, but my dissatisfaction remains. The unit is clearly not meant for the consumer to be able to remove the bottom plate and clean the roller brush. Based on this, I've left my rating at 2 stars. I may raise it to 3 stars if the filter doesn't deteriorate with rinsing.

If you choose to remove the bottom plate, here's a few hints.

- Three screws. You don't have to remove the yellow bare-floor selector to access the small third screw in the front. Just set the selector mid-way between the two settings. (I actually removed the bare-floor selector entirely; I only use it on my carpeted stairs, it reduces the depth you can reach into the corner of the stairs by almost an inch!)

- The motor is NOT secured inside the unit by anything except the clamping pressure of the bottom plate. It popped out of its alignment, but still looked like it was seated correctly. It took me a long time to figure out why the bottom plate wasn't going back into place properly. Make sure the motor is seated properly before trying to re-install the bottom plate.

- Be VERY careful not to strip out the screws when you're re-installing the base plate! They don't seem to have any 'bite' as you re-install the screws, which makes me think they're just anchored into soft plastic.
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on November 13, 2013
Let me start out by saying I researched this purchase for almost a year before I bought this unit. I'm coming out of a Shark Bagless Cyclonic Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, V1510 that lasted me two years as I took good care of it and only really used it to de-hair my furniture from cat hair. The issues with that unit were the replacement filter and belt cost as much as a new handvac. That unit was maneuverable, had sufficient length of the bristles on the rotating bristle bar to pickup the hair, and had good suction power to draw the hair into the cup. Again, the replacement parts made it less desirable.

On to the Eureka 41A. I knew going in it was heavy, it was corded, and it was a step up from the Eureka 71B in weight & power of the motor. That being said, for my intended purpose, this may not be the best solution for me. While this vac has suction beyond belief, it actually may be too much! By that I mean, if I'm vacuuming my couches (La-Z-boy Stadium seating recliners with a velour like fabric) the suction is so strong that it makes it hard to move the vacuum around the fabric because it sucks it in so hard. I know, it sounds weird, but that is the case. Where as I used to glide around the furniture very easily to give it a quick clean, this one is very time consuming as I need to constantly maneuver this thing around to free it up from the suction by using my other hand to push down to make the fabric 'taunt' so it will 'break the seal' (so to say) and glide a bit.

The second issue I have it the bristle brush attachment to the front that flips down for hard floors. If you're vacuuming the furniture and you tilt the vacuum upwards just a bit, the bristles dig into the fabric and stop that smooth flow forward...which isn't too flowing as it is due to the intense suction. You have to really be diligent to keep the vacuum level as not to let those bristles interfere with your vacuuming. Sounds easy but if you're standing up while vacuuming, which most of us do, it's hard NOT to tilt it up a now you have to stoop down a bit (back ache!) to keep it level to what you're vacuuming.

Which brings me to my third issue. Being that the bristles stick out so far forward from the front of the unit, you can't get to where you need to vacuum while moving forward to clean. Let's say I'm vacuuming the seat cushion part of my recliner, as I move forward to get the hair, the vacuum will hit the seat back cushion and stop...leaving about a 2" area not vacuumed. Not the end of the world, but now you have to muscle the vac forward to get that last 2 inches...or push the seat back fabric inwards with my left hand to get that last 2" while I vacuum with my right hand. I know...weird and picky, but I had none of these issues with the Shark.

The last gripe is the bristles of beater bar. Now, you'd think with the suction of this thing sucking the material half way into the vacuum that the beater bar would make quick work of the cat hair...right? WRONG! It hardly picks the hair out of the fabric as you go. I have to make repeated passes to get the hair off the furniture. In comparison to the Shark, the bristles are much shorter and stiffer, making it tougher to pull in the cat hair. I guess this is made for carpet, not a delicate fabric....which I now fear may be the case of repeated use (I vacuum at least every other day) on my couch's fabric, it actually may hurt the fabric from the stiff bristles.

All this said, it now takes me over twice as long to do the same job that I did with the Shark hand vac and it doesn't come out nearly as hair free. Another note, when I get done with the Eureka, I have red fibers (my recliners are burgundy) all inside the cup along with the hair. I'm not sure if it's doing a better job of cleaning or pulling the fibers out of the material!

Please folks, understand that I'm not knocking the Eureka 41B in general, just that it's not good for my intended purpose of getting animal hair off my furniture. This thing is incredible on carpeted stairs and bare floors (which I will hardly use it for) so from that standpoint, it's great. I so wanted to like this thing after reading so many glowing reviews over the last 12 months and it pains me to write this type of review, but I did in case there were folks out there that were going to use it as I intended.

So if your primary use of this vacuum is for cleaning your furniture covered in animal hair, you may want to think twice before purchasing this unit. And if you still do, just make sure you keep the packaging so if you decide you don't like it, you can send it back.

UPDATE 2/25/2015: The vacuum is still going, but has begun to show its wear after using it 3-4 times a week over the last 2 years. The bristles of the beater bar have worn a bit and don't pick up as they once did. I find that the filter gets clogged easily with just the simple dust from my chairs causing it to further lessen the suction. Even when you secure the screen tightly at the base of the filter, it doesn't fully prevent the dust and hair (I have 3 cats) from getting underneath the screen. I bought a replacement filter when I originally bought the unit and clean/wash them about once a month by alternating them so they completely dry out. Two good thing about it, the belt has remained strong and there has never been any slippage while using it and the fact that you can pull out the hose to pickup little things is a great help. I can't say I'm very happy with it after now having it this amount of time, but it's about the best one out there in a market segment shy of choices. Remember, these wired units have way more power than their rechargeable counterparts that have about a two year lifespan.
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on August 6, 2013
I bought this because as a subscriber to Consumer Reports, they ranked this as the best in it's class (corded VS battery operated). They were right again. The vac is a little heavy, but not overly so, but the long cord is a plus, the 6 amps makes for a strong suction, and the clear cover where the dirt goes shows you just how much dust and stuff you are really picking up, and when it needs emptying. It did a great job on my carpeted stairs, and when I used it on my wood floors, it picked up everything, even stuff I didn't see. The only thing so far I would put any kind of negative on is changing or emptying the sucked up dirt. It takes a little shaking or banging on the side of a trash can to dislodge all the dirt. I think it would be better to do it outside so any small dust particles won't get back into the house. I haven't washed it yet (the filter), but the instructions say to let it dry completely if you do. I also bought the attachments to go with it, although it does have a small attachment of it's own that snaps into the back and out of the way. The 25 foot cord wraps around the back of the unit, but to be honest, the 'channel' to hold it needs to be a little bigger, as when you get to the last few feet, it won't stay in very well. I get it wrapped up eventually, but it may take more time than you might want to put into wrapping it up. If you look at the picture they show that has the cord wrapped around it, they must have used a shortened 10 or 15 foot cord for the photo shoot, as the 25 foot cord supplied takes about twice as much area. Still, I would buy this again despite the small flaws, if you want to call them that. In fact, I am thinking of doing just that to have one upstairs too.

Update 8-20-13
There has been a debate about whether or not the filter is washable. I contacted the web site and mentioned Amazon shows that it is washable, however, they replied with this comment:
"Thank you for your email to Eureka Consumer Relations. I double checked the owner's manual for model no. 41A and on page 8, it does say under Dust Cup and Filter the following "The dust cup filter can be cleaned by brushing off over a waste container. Do not allow to get wet". I did check out Amazon's website and it does imply that the DCF-11 is washable, but it is not. I apologize for any confusion on our part. Thank you.


Sue Smith
Customer Service"

I don't really want to bring the rating I left down because Amazon says it is washable, as it is still a great vacuum, and in the instructions, it does say it isn't washable. However, wouldn't it be nice if it was washable? As I mentioned to the Eureka rep., I may wash the filter after I think it needs replacing, let it dry out, and see what happens. I wonder if at first they marketed it as washable, found problems, but never changed the ad.???? Who knows.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Eureka 41A

This 41A has small evolutionary changes from an older 71B hand-held model. The changes include a locking tab for the front brush (switches from bare floor to brushed roller), a filter media that is stiffer and easier to clean, and slight changes in the hose and attachments. Otherwise, it is essentially a black version of the 71B which was already a very powerful hand-held vacuum.

I loved the cordless Dustbuster vacuums, but the NiCd batteries generally lasted no more than a year. These corded Eureka vacuums have the power of an upright but in a more portable package. I use it for cleaning my cars, stairs, computers, cabinets, and carpet edges. The filter media is easily cleaned. The one thing you have to watch out for is the motor gets fairly hot and to be aware of the exhaust port. The exhaust air can blow around existing debris on your carpet or car interior.

The dust cup design is even the same as the 71B. The fingertip controls are slightly different but offer the same functionality: eject dust cup, turn off, turn on, turn on w/ brushed roller.

Overall: 5/5 stars, same great package and performance as the 71B but in a different color with a slightly different filter media.
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on April 17, 2013
First and foremost the Eureka RapidClean 41A is a great handheld vacuum. I got it specifically for my car so most of the review focuses on how it fares with car cleaning and small areas of carpet and hardwood.

* Suction/Dusting - This vacuum sports a powerful engine and does not lack power one bit. When using my dusting attachment on my computer case fan port it literally sucked the dust out from the internal components(motherboard, graphics card, etc). I was shocked. Needless to say when I used it on my car vents it sucked the dust out no problem.

* Hardwood - The hardwood feature on this vacuum is ok. I was debating on whether or not this was a con or pro but it didn't exactly fail at the task. It uses the bristles to uproot the dust or whatever is on the hardwood and uses only suction to pull it up. This works but I have better results from my hoover full-sized vac and it's less tiring to boot. If you're using it simply to clean up a spill or get behind something, this vac works fantastically.

*Stairs - Perfect for stairs. Much better than hauling a full-sized vacuum up and down.

*Filtering - The 41A model has a double filtration system and it works like a charm. No smell of dust when vacuuming anything.


* Rug Carpet - I have a giant rug that needed vacuuming very badly so I thought I'd give this bad boy a try on it. It turned out to disappoint me. It seemed to struggle while doing it and it was difficulty to push forward. However, it was a rug and not actual carpet. Since I don't have any carpet in my house I can't really judge this. Also, I don't really think it was meant for large area jobs.

* Car Seats - This is what truly disappointed me. I don't know if it's the material of the seats or the vac, but it won't suck up the ingrained dust. I had to manually use my fingers to separate the dust from the seat and then use the vac to suck that up. Hassle. However, it works great on the car mats and underneath the mats.

Final Thoughts: Overall, this is a fantastic handheld and a step up from the previous version. If you're getting it for hardwood stairs you will not be disappointed. It's powerful, durable and slick looking. Only complaint is its performance on car seats. If you buy the mini attachments, the dust feature works amazingly. I do a lot of lifting and working out so the weight did not bother me, but I can see how some people would think it's heavy. If you're looking for a handheld vac, look no further.
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on March 2, 2015
The 41A is the upgraded version of the 71B. The following is a list of the different features between the two models:

- Cord Length (41A = 25ft ; 71B = 20ft),
- Amps (41A = 6 ; 71B = 5.5)
- Weight (41A = 6.8lbs ; 71B = 5lbs)
- Attached Bare Floor Brush (41A = Yes ; 71B = No)

The 41A works very well. The cord is extra long so you don't have to move to another outlet. Good power. The only cons are the vacuum itself is a little heavy and the cord wrap is a little small for a 25ft cord. The 41A has the attached bare floor brush, although, it does not seem useful or needed. One star deducted for those three reasons.

Whichever model you choose, the Eureka RapidClean is very good handheld vacuum.
review image review image review image
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are both things to like and dislike abotu the Eureka RapidClean. To begin with the postive:

It's very powerful, certainly more so than a cordless vac (or at leat most I've used). This is especially noticeable on carpeting

It switches easily from hard floor to carpet mode

The hose attachment and crevice tool come in quite handy. Sure, it's a very short hose, but for a handheld, you don't really need much longer--just enough to drag along whatever you're stooping over or if you're cleaning up a small spill, just enough to reach under whatever overhang some of the spill went under

The cord is more than long enough for most handheld jobs you need to do. It easily coves the length of our stairs.

It feels very solidly built

The bad side:
It is very loud. Noticeably, very loud. I wouldn't want to use it for any extended period of time, but luckily for its purpose, one wouldn't

it's a bit heavy. Not unbearably so by any stretch, but it will wear on the arms by the end of an extended use

Inconvenience of a cord, though not really a flaw as that is, after all, its design

it does fill a sort of weird niche--you wouldn't use it to vacuum your floors as you don't want to stoop for that long. And for quick clean ups of spills, the cord makes it much more inconvenient than a cordless, which is almost always sufficient to the job. I don't think I would have purchased it. But having one, I can already see after a few weeks how it will be used: a quick clean up of the stairs (it's very convenient for that), couch/chair cleaning (its power makes it better), carpet cleaning when needed (again, thanks to the extra power). Car cleaning, again because its greater power makes it much, much better. In fact, I can see this being its almost entire use and I could possibly see buying it for cleaning out cars/boats, etc.
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