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on October 9, 2013
It's still pretty hot here in Corpus Christi and our central air finally gave out. Our honeywell fans were just not enough to keep us cool and my brother very kindly offered to buy as a portable after I told him I could only afford a window unit. I wanted a small unit that didn't take up too much space as area around the window was fairly tight. Also wanted a dual hose unit from what I've been told. The item was very well packaged and arrived fast. This unit is small. I've seen portable air conditioners twice the size of this. Not wanting to judge before trying it out, I set it up quickly in the room (just a matter of clicking things in place for the most part)and starting running. Ten seconds after turning it on compressor activated and cool air was in motion. I let it run for several hours and the room was positively cold. This was much more than I expected especially given the size. It's was almost a while before I realized that the thing actually looks fairly nice as well. I also have not had to drain the unit after 2 weeks of daily use.

So after about a 2 weeks I've some wisdom to impart about the things to look out for when buying a portable a/c. 1) Look for a dual-hose unit. As I understand it from a non-technical perspective is that the dual hoses are a lot more efficient and minimizes negative pressure in the space. 2) 11,000 BTU is more than enough for a medium size space (200+ sqft) 3) If you need to fit the A/C in a small space, this is probably what you are looking for. The unit is scoring high marks with me at the moment.
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VINE VOICEon June 28, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Set aside a couple of hours to get this set up. First, you'll want to ascertain how to get the baffle or bulkhead that holds the intake and exhaust hoses situated and secure. Stock up on foam insulating weatherstripping tape. The baffle itself could stand to be insulated, check @ your friendly local auto parts store (FLAPS) for some "dyna-mat" to really do a job of it. Then attach the fixtures, as they're called, the exterior vent screens. These go through the baffle from the side facing OUT.

The whole thing is very well-packaged. Do NOT do what I did and turn the whole big box over, thinking to lift it off the unit -- the exterior box is five-sided and the bottom is open already! You cut those plastic straps and lift the exterior box off! The sounds of the hoses and adapters hitting the ground will freak out your cats. It's pretty large overall, and the vents on the top remind me of that famous Sydney Australia opera house architecture.

The thing I wish I'd paid more attention to in the manual is that the extendable hoses SCREW CLOCKWISE INTO THE ADAPTERS. Get the adapters on the hose ends before attaching the adapters! Then it's a simple matter of snapping the adapters in place.

This all took my about an hour and a half if I subtract time I spent swearing. I have the unit next to my desk with the temperature set for sixty-something degrees. It's fairly noisy, but this room is presently MUCH cooler than any other room in the house. I can live with the noise. I'm hoping that those magic words "GEE, IT'S COLD IN HERE" will cross my mind in the near future.

Overall this is a very nice unit. I understand that you have got to look for a dual-hose, intake and exhaust, solution for interior/portable AC units. This is the first one I've ever set up. I'm willing to be impressed. Overall the installation is much nicer looking, more refined and elegant, than a window AC unit. We have a central AC unit but I think the thing is that the whole house, the house itself, heats up, so I'm more inclined to go with a "lifeboat" strategy now. I had a 5,000 BTU window AC unit last summer. I bought another 11,000 BTU window to install this year but haven't gotten around to it yet. Then this unit became available to review. If I was smart, I'd have it pointed right at where I'm sitting, but I'm afraid to touch it for fear of having to deal with those hoses again.

INSTALL BOTH HOSES IN THEIR ADAPTERS FIRST! That bit of knowledge will save you some effort!

Sure enough, trying to turn the unit did pop out one hose, so I had to re-attach it. I have it at about a 45 degree angle less than a yard from my head. It's satisfyingly cold. It's about 85 degrees here today (San Diego). The business end of the unit, the Sydney Opera House vents, are just about desktop height.

Well-made, nicely designed, very well packaged. All the parts, including the substantial hoses, are an inoffensive off-white color. The unit is on wheels, which roll great on hard flooring and will kind of roll on carpet. I'm interested in how much noise the unit will emit at night on lower settings. So far, so good. The fan setting circulates air but does not exchange it. This thing will apparently suck a lot of moisture out of the air if you live in a humid environment, but I don't have that problem.

Overall: very positive. Appears to do everything it said it would do and it wasn't all that difficult to put together. The only part that gave me fits was trying to install the hoses AFTER installing the adapters. Install the hose ends onto the adapters FIRST and you won't have any problems.

This comes with a weird little badge-shaped remote control which fits in place on top of the unit. You can set it to shut off at a certain time, adjust fan speed, et cetera. I'm more of a full-blast-all-the-time guy. And I'm sitting in a nice stream of cool air, which is very pleasant indeed. And this is one of their SMALL units, from what I read online. Whynter also makes units that heat and cool. There's a carbon filter that needs to be replaced every three months of use.

Much better than what I expected. Looks much better installed than a window AC unit. Easier to move around than a window AC unit! Impressed and satisfied.


YES. Today is a 90F day and I just turned the AC down, thinking "Gosh, it's cold in here." SUCCESS!!!! Now I have my uninstalled 11000 BTU window AC to deal with ... this portable unit is QUITE impressive, far better than I expected.
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on June 9, 2014
Bottom line if there is anyway to install a wall, window or split a/c unit it is worth every penny 2 do it. Portable units work and are easy to install. But they don't work well are expensive and require more maintainance. No matter what you are told expect the unit to cool an area of half the size. So the gory details below
This is not my first portable unit and I am well aware of the limitations. But I wish I had search for the owners manual and read them.

the good:
it rolls easily on wood floors
the drainage plug for once is in a sensible spot.
Not under the unit but right in the middle between the exhaust hoses. It is even threaded easily for standard size garden hose or something similar. Dump to large container or you bathtub or sink but no more shallow pan on floor under some stub hose u pull out the having to fish the water out and dump it or the unit shuts off every 6 hours like my old model.
it has a remote control/thermostat they r one unit so u can place the thermostat where u want it more on this in bad section.
the instructions are straight forward

The carbon filter is a joke I am an expert with hepa filters and the carbon filter on this unit is very low grade you can see through it I was afraid it would rip apart and isn't big enough to fit well an extra 1/16-1/8 inch wider would sure not break the budget nor would making it a bit thicker. I am going to use a filter that will do something
The remote and thermostat is a joke. The only thermostat or controls besides a power and dim light on machine is on the thermostat remote control unit so if you take it off the unit and misplace u r screwed
next the functions just suck and don't do what the description makes you think. The timer for instance you can set it to turn the unit on after x amount of hour or off after x amount of hours but there is no way to set this to start at 11am and stop at 8pm every day
the hoses are two different sized a d non standard so u have to buy hoses from the manufacture and adaptors.
They say u can have up to 9 ft of hose
It comes with 4ft so u have to order an expansion pack. You might be able to use other vent pipes but u would have to make some sort of adaptor to size it and tape it together. It would be messy

Back to the thermostat and general way the unit works. First there is no true automatic power saver mode. If you place the system in this mode you can not control the temperature it automatically keeps the room at a chilly 85 degrees. I don't know about u but 85 is damn hot. If you want to set the thermostat mode to let say 75 then the fan will always be running on whatever setting you choose .. what a waste
But there is more if the ambient temperature is within 5 degrees of the thermostat setting it will not turn on. I am very sensitive to heat to me the difference between 80 and 75 is a big deal when I want s room 75 I mean it I can understand a 1-2 degree shift but that is just stupid
Last footnote in manual if the system is not cooling it is only meant to work when the ambient temperature is 64-95 so as long as it isn't over 95 degrees where u live u will be fine
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on July 9, 2013
Aside from the complicated installation without detailed instructions, the unit cools down my 800-square-foot living room within minutes to 72 degrees when it is around 89 degrees outside in Chicago. It is not as loud as my window unit in the bedroom.
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on August 28, 2013
Dual hose is probably the most important feature on a portable a/c. You won't find any others offered even near this price.
The high BTU's can FREEZE a very large room. All portables are louder than window mounted. If you keep the filters clean
(maybe even once per week), and avoid using the compressor when the exterior temperature is below 68 it is relatively quiet.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm using this to cool my upstairs. That's probably about 450 sq ft of space but really it's two bedrooms that are regular sized. I don't cool the hallway or bathroom - except residually.

This has a great footprint - it's small (relatively of course) and it moves easily. We've had it on constantly now for several weeks and it's done a great job cooling and dehumidifying the upstairs in my townhouse. It doesn't make the rooms ice cold but it does keep them cool enough to be comfortable. The hoses were a pain to put on and kept falling out - but the window part was pretty easy. I like the dual hose and that seems to help it function better. I'm not sure on energy consumption but it doesn't seem to be any worse than our other portable AC that we had.

Where I think this one shines really is the size which is not as huge as others I've had relative to its cooling capacity and the fact it has not once needed to be drained. At almost 4 weeks of constant use that's remarkable. The last one I had (14,000BTU) it required draining EVERY THREE HOURS. So needless to say I was wary of the claim that this handled dehumidifying well. However it really truly does. It's easy to use but don't lose the remote or you will be calling the company. For the price, size, and capacity this is def. one I'd recommend. I did take off a star because it doesn't keep the area as cool as other portable's I've used but the trade off is so totally worth it as I don't have to dump a bucket of water every several hours.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on July 12, 2014
Had an emergency with the central AC going out,, this help me get through the day,, if you are looking at portable AC units make sure you get the Dual Hose models and not the One hose, the dual hose are much more efficient and work a lot better.

This keeps a bedroom and a bathroom Cold enough, and you don't have to empty the water very often unless extreme humidity.

I also bought another unit (Avallon) as well which is better because it has a water line and shoots mist out the window and you never have to change the water. But it is another $100 in price, but I bought that for a home that I am not at very often.

Again these portable are a good alternative than getting your central AC fixed right away with the rip off prices these HVAC people are charging these days. No wonder you see an HVAC truck at ever stop light,, it amazing how much they market up labor and equipment and frankly they don't do that much work. I mean a copper line hook up and take out old freon and just stand there as the machine does the work and then pump new freon in the system again hook up some nozzles and your done. yes some duct work maybe a little electrical and your done. They want $5500 for install AC in a small apartment where the unit and the coil cost $1200 so $4300 in labor and they are done in 3-4 hours (really). And Not one of my quote's would any HVAC person break down the cost of the equipment. Amazing the racket,,

Anyway again you will do fine buying a couple of portable units to get by until you find someone who will do your AC cheaper than some of these companies.

Only thing i am confused is on the Remote,, seems straight forward but occasional the machine shuts off even though I thought I had it set to keep running
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on August 19, 2014
I live in south Texas. So far it's cooling my room very well. It's not quiet but acceptable.

I have made hole on the window panel and attached a hose so that the water can drain through, and I put a 5gallon bucket to collect water for the plants.
The exhaust pipe gets pretty hot, so I wrapped it with some insulation tape.
Also I got an extra A/C filter things and cut it and placed it into both intake and exhaust pipes to block stuff, so far it's doing well.

Update 1:
Hot air is coming out, so I contacted them, and found out that the exhaust fan and motor were dead. So, after the pain-in-the-butt process, they sent me the replacement unit. But a year later, it's blowing the hot air again...2 units had the same problem. I liked the design, but it doesn't last long.

Update 2:
They decided to repair it for free. Hope it won't break again...
If you decide to buy this product, keep the original box.

Update 3:
They returned the unit without the They said no other parts were returned with the unit. Whoever received and opened must've been smoking pot. I just give up and will go buy another brand.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on July 21, 2015
I live in San Diego. I bought this unit prior to needing it instead of frantically buying the first thing I saw when the heat wave was upon us. This is my second portable AC. This one is much better than my first (a Sharp that cost $500).
Pros: Dual hose is a must if you want efficient cooling. Do not buy a single vent portable. This thing can CHILL. When I have it on in my bedroom, you could drop a bomb outside the room and I wouldn't hear it. This is a plus for me as my room is next to a deaf person who blasts the TV. The fit and finish is much superior to my last AC. I put the vents vertically in a 55" high window. I had to buy an additional window kit to do it. It all came together very nicely and fits the window perfectly. I haven't seen the electric bill yet. I will report back when I do.
Cons: I set it up and ran it one night. It was perfect! Next morning, the unit is off and a red light is blinking on the front which I could not clear except for unplugging the whole thing. Immediately I went to the documentation to discover what the blinking red light meant. I also checked the Whynter knowledge base. Nothing. I searched on the web and found that several others had asked about this blinking red light problem but I never found an answer. So I called their tech support who answered right away and gave me a possible solution. Note to Whynter: improve the knowledge base. It will save you and your customers some effort. On this unit, there is a 2 pint moisture reservoir. When it fills, the red light will blink and the unit will stop working. I immediately went and took off the black plug for the reservoir but no go. In my case, I actually had to tip the unit (which I did by accident) and a small amount of water came out. It was enough to start it going again. I find the location of the drain not good because I still had to tip the whole unit significantly to get the water out and it made a mess. This a design flaw to me. Note to Whynter: Did I miss something about how the drain should work?
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13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on July 10, 2013
The bedroom is exposed to sun from noon until sundown and my wife always leaves the windows open for the pooch. I turn it on set to 64 degrees when I come home at 4 and turn it off at bedtime and I'll be comfortable all night.
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