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VINE VOICEon August 21, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We're renting a 1940s built, ranch style home that has louvered windows, high ceilings, no insulation. It's impossible to regulate the temperatures in the living room/kitchen/dining room areas because of the amount of space. There is our bedroom, the baby's room, a bathroom on one end of the house, and a work/office space at the other end. No central air. Needless to say, after moving in a year ago last July we got pretty familiar with a hot house, and increasingly familiar with ways to cool it. Knowing this is where we were going to move, I got a Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Heater (ARC-14SH) for my office space. I had a dissertation to finish and other class work to focus on. The owner had a window unit in the bedroom, but it was pretty small, on on hot days, it just didn't keep up.

I recently acquired another portable air conditioner, a Honeywell MM14CCS 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control - Black/Silver for the office, but was disappointed by two things. One, like the whynter, it blew air straight up. Which is fine if you have an insulated room that cools easy. But that room doesn't keep in the cool, so I had to rig a vent to have it blow more horizontal (the vent does adjust, but never to get most air blowing sideways). It works okay, but not as well as the Whynter, and also leaks water a fair amount, making it okay for the concrete floor of that room, but entirely unsuitable for the rest of the house.

This Whirlpool is my last attempt at finding consistent cooling for our needs. And so far, I really like it. Now, the other two I have are 14,000 BTU, and this one is a 12,000. So, it's not a direct comparison. That being said, I find the cooling power to be fairly equivalent. All three also have capable remotes.

The Whynter is the better model for venting. It has an intake and an exhaust port, comes with two hoses and attachments. Having two hoses, as I've learned, is more efficient for cooling. The Honeywell, curiously, is set up the same, but only is supplied with one hose and a window attachment that fits one hose. This Whirlpool has one exhaust, one hose, the intake is on the side of the machine. The exhaust slot for the whirlpool is made a bit more solid. With the others, a bit of movement can jostle the hose loose. With this Whirlpool, it locks into place, making it more secure but also making it so it can't go anywhere near the wall. It needs about 18-20 inches or more of space from the wall.

The benefits of this Whirlpool, however, reveal themselves quickly in comparison once the machine is turned on. First, the vents are louvered and in the off position are closed. Turn it on, two vents open, and make for variable adjustments. There's a button that can raise or lower the direction of the air, going from almost horizontal to almost vertical. This button also allows for an oscillating effect up and down. So, you can have the cold air blowing on you or over you. Which is a huge benefit for me.

So much of this Whirlpool is likewise more user friendly. There are two drains, one of which has a hose attached, which when not in use clips to the top rear of the unit. This makes emptying this Whirlpool much easier than the other two I have.

Other features. A quick cool option, that turns the unit on high at full power with the lowest temp setting. A variable timer. Different modes including dehumidifying and fan. The temperature setting itself can only be set in 2 degree increments, so you can have it set for 75 or 77 but not 76, for instance. It also has a bit of wide buffer for turning on. I had it set for 77, it cooled the room down, automatically switched to fan only, with the cooling not coming on until 82. Which is a bother for this house because once it warms up during the day, this unit can't keep up by itself. So, I have to adjust the temp lower to keep it at the 77 degrees.

All in all, I'm very fond of this. I love the adjustable vents and overall greater ease of use. I understand why other portables blow straight up (to get the cool air up and so circulate better) but it's weird to me that so many other units don't even have the option of horizontal flow. This one does and it works great. It's 100 degrees outside now, and I'm sitting in my bedroom entirely comfortable with cool air blowing right at me. A very worthwhile unit that has benefits that exceed some of the more powerful and expensive models out there.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Whirlpool Portable Air Conditioner is great for small to midsized rooms and has some very nice features that separate this from other comparable units. Like another review, I also have a Whynter, but a different model (Whynter 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, Frost White (ARC-12SD)), that will be used for comparison. We have an older Victorian house that does not have central air and we had been cooling with standard in window units but, with the rough winters we get, we were getting tired of moving them in and out twice a year. The portable units do a great job and generally more than meet my needs. Here are my observations:

Pros -
+ Cooling Ability; this unit easily chills my 15' x 20' (300 square feet) family room
+ Features; Rapid Cool (lets you quickly bring the room temp down), Dehumidifying ability, Programmable Timer
+ Compressor Noise; this is surprisingly quite, even at the highest setting
+ Size; not too intrusively large, about the size of the old upright radio we have it setting near
+ Portable; unit is fairly heavy but it is on wheels (note that the window vent needs to move with the unit)
+ Remote Control; a handy addition with a digital display that lets you change the temperature, fan speed, and timer from across the room
+ Easy Setup; my son and I had this unboxed and running within 15 minutes of opening the box

Cons -
- Ugly Vent Hoses; while it can't be helped as they are needed, the hoses (look like dryer vent hoses) are an eyesore when extended out and totally incongruous with any decor (we keep ours retracted as much as possible except when needing to aim the Air Conditioning output to a different room)
- One vent hose on this unit but, while adding some additional bulk, I prefer the Whynter's dual hose

Misc -
*Fan Noise; this can move a lot of air and makes the expected amount of fan noise when on the highest settings

This portable unit is a very good solution for my needs.

Highly Recommended!

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VINE VOICEon September 12, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When you first see the price tag on this portable A/C unit, you might suffer a bit of sticker shock, but let me tell you right out - it is worth every penny. First the portability. Yes, the item in question weighs roughly 100 lbs, but the portability doesn't have to do with the weight, but rather the ability to have it anywhere in your house or apartment rather than shoved in a window. The portable in the title doesn't imply lightweight to some, so I'm making the clarification here.

The portable unit covers about 550 square feet, which is wonderful if you have a small apartment, loft or studio. It's also wonderful to have if you live in an apartment complex where AC is only on from say, May to August and you experience a heat wave or you live in the South where it's still warm long after Summer ends. In any of these cases this A/C unit will be a godsend. This would also be great on a screened in porch.

Now even though you don't need to put the unit in a window, you do need to use one for the Window, which again limits the actual portability for the unit. The length of the exhaust kit is not very long and there's no real way to lengthen it, so keep that in mind when considering to purchase this.

Now I have to again state that the A/C unit works wonderfully. it gets the room or area un question quite cool and it does so quickly. This probably won't be a replacement for central air, but It's a far better choice than the old fashioned clunky boxes you stick in your windows.
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on July 9, 2014
It's loud (as in VERY loud), it leaks enormous amounts of water (which damaged floor and carpet) and worst still, the "costumer center" run by a company by the name of Hisense Corporation NEVER answers e-mails nor can be contacted through the phone. I called 4 times and while waiting approximately 40 minutes each time, I was never able to speak to any person. 5 e-mails and no answer, they just don't seem to care! Do get away from any appliance whose "technical support" or "costumer service" is provided by Hisense, serious!
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VINE VOICEon September 16, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Whirlpool ACP122GPW effectively and quietly cools a 550 sq. ft U-shaped apartment with a help of a window fan pushing the air out at apt's opposite end. In addition to functions found in a typical A/C unit, the ACP122GPW has the nice extra combinations called Rapid Cool, 6th Sense (automatic selection between cooling and only drying) and Sleep available remotely and also from the top panel with a monochromatic LCD display and delineated in the description above. The window exhaust adapter can be installed horizontally as well as vertically. The evaporation mechanism efficiently removes extracted moisture and prevents its condensation inside. The Use & Care Guide is available for downloading from the manufacturer site. However, the ACP122GPW is made of ordinary plastic and looks plain and uninspiring. It is definitely not so-called European design.
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on July 19, 2015
Came 5 days late on a prime order, it was in stock. It leaks badly, the evaporative system appears to do nothing. I have to drain it every few hours from the secondary drain, which is supposed to be used when getting it ready for storage. The primary drain does nothing. It does not shut down when full as the manual states. I am extremely dissaponted.
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on April 17, 2014
My blower wheel broke down. I call Whirlpool to get replacement part. THERE IS NO PART . They dont have any part for this model anymore.
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VINE VOICEon September 17, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having grown up in rural Wisconsin where central air was virtually unheard of, I was all too familiar with the use of bulky window air conditioners. While they were never terribly difficult to set up, they weren't the easiest thing to move from room to room if we felt the need. I was quite excited to try a portable air conditioning unit that could be moved where we need it.

I came home and found the box sitting on my doorstep. I grabbed the box to take it inside and the first thing I will comment on is that it is heavy. While I have not weighed the air conditioner on a scale, I do believe the Amazon shipping weight of 84 pounds is pretty close.

The air conditioning unit unpacks very easily. There are two shipping bands that wrap around the unit. Clip those and the top of the box slips right off! The unit can now be rolled right on the floor.

From unpacking the unit to cold air was a mere 20 minutes. The air conditioner is easy to install on any single/double hung window or sliding window that the sliding hose mount will fit into. The sliding piece the hose mounts to will expand from 33 5/8 to about 48 inches if both pieces are used (any smaller than 33 5/8 inches and the inside slider will hit the exhaust hose). If you use the single piece, it measures in at 24 5/16 inches.

Once the hose is assembled and screwed to the sliding barrier, you place the sliding barrier in the window, insulate the top of the window with a provided piece of foam insulation, and secure the window (if desired) with an "L" shaped bracket that screws into the window frame.

The hardest part of using this unit is the actual placement of the unit. At around 80 pounds, the unit is heavy and awkward to lift. Once on the floor of the home where the unit will be used, it is fairly easy to roll around. However, if using the unit in the home of someone who can not lift that kind of weight, it would be best to be prepared to have someone assist with moving the unit up and down any stairs.

I turned off the central AC in my home and put the Whirlpool Portable Air Conditioning unit downstairs to cool, which is an area of roughly 1500 square feet. While the unit did not cool the area any further, it did maintain the temperature in an area that large.

I then moved the unit upstairs to our loft that is filled with windows that face the setting sun. The loft is very difficult to maintain a reasonable temperature in the summer evenings and makes the rest of the upstairs very hot. Attempts to cool the upstairs were largely unsuccessful using the dampers in the ductwork. I hauled this unit up the stairs (learning that I needed to drain the water first in the process) and put it in the loft. This unit made all the difference in the world. We no longer had to run our central AC as long or as hard. To be honest, I have no idea if there was a net energy savings or not by running central air conditioning with a portable air conditioner. The unit did a great job cooling the larger upstairs unit.

Configuration and operation of the portable air conditioner is a bit challenging at first. It definitely required me to read the User Guide. The unit is easy enough to get cold air coming out without referencing the User Guide, but things like setting the clock on the unit I could not figure out without reading. There were several other functions that I would have had no idea what they were without opening the book.

Overall, I have been quite pleased with this unit. Aside from being heavy and awkward to handle, it cooled quite well. I would have liked to have some sort of indication of how big an area this unit could cool, but I never found any in the documentation or online when I looked. I can say that it maintained temperature in roughly a 1500 square foot area and it cooled my upstairs area, which is about 900 square feet, by a degree or two in a few hours. I would suspect that it would do quite well cooling an area of 500 to 600 square feet. As long as someone can handle the weight or has someone to help them lift it if needed, it is definitely a unit I would recommend.
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on April 7, 2016
STAY AWAY FROM THIS UNIT!!!! I used this for the first time and it leaked ALL over my hardwood floors and carpet, the hardwood floors are warped and RUINED!!! I looked at the bottom of the unit and the entire piece is broken and when I called Whirlpool, they say they can't find the model # in their system. They told me to call Hicense, which I did (after waiting 40 minutes on hold) and they told me "this unit doesn't exist..." while I sat in front of the leaking unit the whole time!!!! They told me to call run around from both companies. Checked the Whirlpool website and the model and serial #'s result in "No Matches Found". Completely frustrating. Stay away.
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VINE VOICEon August 21, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I initially ordered this item during the height of the 95+ degree heatwave that racked my area for a few weeks. But, alas, by the time it arrived, the heatwave had broekn and temperatures were in the much cooler mid 70s. Not an optimum temp to really test the capabilities of a 12,000 BTU air conditioner.

So this review is very much preliminary with more to come when I can take it for a real test drive in temps that would give it a true work out.

Early testing would merit 4+ stars. It unpacked simply (yes, it is HUGE and you need two people to move it). But once you snipped the packing bands, the top of the box simply slides off. It has all the attachments you need with easy to follow instructions. In the end, when it is set up, it looks kinda of what your dryer looks like with an expandable, accordion hose exhausting the hot moist air out of your window though a neat little window attachment. I am not the most handy-man hand person in the world and I was able to get this set up in no time flat.

I don't have central air in my house. I have radiant heat and use window air conditioners. I have always been curious about portable air conditioners because in theory they seem like they'd be a very attractive alternative to installing window units in every room. But one of the things I have always heard about portable air conditioners is the need to constantly drain the water that is the result as the operation of conditioning the hot, humid air out of the room. It is the one thing that had always made me shy away from them. This one purports to eliminate that with the hose/exhaust system.

Since I did not test in really hot humid conditions over a long period of time, I cannot truly attest that this is 100% the case with this unit. That is the 'more to come' part of the review. However I did leave the unit running for several hours in a space that measured about 400 square feet. It did cool the space noticeably and I did not have to empty the unit at all. In fact my husband stood outside the window where the unit was exhausting and said he could feel noticeably warm air emitting from it (again, like a dryer).

It slides easy and I was able to tuck it in a corner near the window. It is big and a little ...eye say the least, so function kind of trumps form. It is also a little louder than I expected but after a bit it becomes white noise. However I did not have it in a family room where I'd be watching tv or anything.

So for now, I am cautiously optimistic that this will do everything I want it to do. I will come back when I can assess it better to give more information and possibly up or down grade as appropriate.
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