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on March 9, 2014
Just got my new Panasonic MC-CG937 OptiFlow Canister Vacuum Cleaner and couldn't be happier. I'm not a clean freak. I dreaded vacuuming as an unpleasant chore for two reasons.My last two uprights (Hoover and Dirt Devil) have been big disappointments. Despite their brand popularity and advertised "HEPA" features, both were leaving a lot of dirt and dust in my carpets. When I cleaned my floors the dirt spun out the back. Plus, the upright was too thick to get under my furniture and too wide to fit between things easily. Very cumbersome.
Second, emptying the plastic chamber left me gagging. I could see the dust stuck on the chamber. This couldn't be good.
This time I decided to check Consumer Reports before buying. I was surprised that the top-rated vacuums were not the brands you would associate with vacuums (Hoover, Dirt Devil, Shark or even Dyson). Kenmore and this Panasonic got the top scores. I was especially looking for ratings on sucking power and pet hair -- this Panasonic did well.
The ratings also led me to this vacuum.
At a little over $300 with free Amazon PRIME shipping, I consider it a bargain. I was prepared to pay much more.
Usually I can only get through a couple of rooms at a time, because the upright is so inefficient and needs to be emptied frequently.
Yesterday, I vacuumed the whole house (2,000 sq.ft) with ease.
I LOVE it. Adjustable power settings for carpet vs. floor (does a great job on tile floors -- doesn't spin the dirt back out).
Everything "swivels" so you're not getting the hose twisted up.
Several times I rolled over something that made a scary noise and I thought "Oh heck. I've killed the new vacuum and it's not even 24 hours old yet!" But no! The vacuum "swallowed" these chunks like a hungry hippo. Very durable thus far.
The canister rolls along nicely behind you. It's lightweight. Head can slip right under cabinets, dressers, etc. -- this without even pulling out the specialized accessories. Haven't even tried those or the Air Turbine unit yet.
The edger picked up dirt really nicely, too. That has been a big problem with my uprights -- they don't get anywhere near the edge of wall and floor. Hard to go along every wall with wand.
This is a bagged vacuum. I had been using bagless uprights. For a woman with asthma and cats in the house, this really made cleaning much more pleasant. No sneezing or wheezing. I can tell already I'm going to need to keep a supply of bags in the house -- an extra expense, but for the quality of cleaning, very worth it.
My one negative is not with the Panasonic MC-CG937 vacuum itself. It is that when I bought it, two products popped up as "people who bought this also bought..." This led me to purchase extra vacuum bags and exhaust HEP filters that both ended up being the WRONG MODELS/SIZES for this vacuum.
It would be helpful if the product description said which bags and filters go with it. Then I wouldn't have to be returning the wrong ones.
So that you don't make the same mistake I did, here are the correct replacement parts for Model MC-CG937:
HEPA Media Exhaust Filter: MC-V199H (V-194 had been recommended -- that's not correct. Way too small. Does not fit)
Dust Bag (C-19) MC-V295H (V150 had been recommended. Not what the product manual says)
Belt (Type CB3) MC-V370B
In summary, I highly recommend this vacuum.
The right vacuum makes such a huge difference in the cleaning process and how my house feels -- lighter and fresher.
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on February 19, 2014
After reviewing what the major consumer products review magazine said about this product versus other vacuums I decided to go with it. This is not a model sold in department stores and big box stores, it is a non-corner cutting solidly built and very usable and effective vacuum. The motor powered power-head is fantastic and the steel wand is adjustable so tall people don;t have to get a back ache from vacuuming hunched over. My house has noticeably less dust than when I was using a bagless vac. Initially I though having the power switch on the handle was odd since I am used to stepping on foot switches with vacuums but the handle mounted switch is brilliant. This does include the upholstery brush attachment. The noise level is not bad and the vacuum gets a lot of stuff out of carpets my old bagless vacuum just "cleaned". After a couple months I am very happy with this purchase.

Note: The hose does indeed connect firmly to the canister, it does require a bit of effort but there is a very positive connection.

Update after a year of ownership: Still very pleased with vacuum. Happy to have bought a very solid vacuum instead of a plastic Dyson or Shark. The bag capacity is very big and with the vented basket design it doesn't lose suction as the bag fills. I am glad I used Consumer Reports reviews and did not buy an overpriced Meile vacuum. It looks loike the Warehouse Deals has this at a very nice price too.
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VINE VOICEon March 28, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Since I have two Panasonic canister vacuums, this purple "OptiFlow" and the burgundy Panasonic MC-CG902 Full Size Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner, I'm going to compare them here for anyone trying to decide between the two. (For the rest of the review, I'm going to just call the two canisters the purple one and the burgundy one.) The purple one is over $100 more right now than the burgundy one, so that's not a small matter.

There are more similarities, too, than differences between the two, with the main difference apparently being the "optiflow" system. You will have to read about the "optiflow" system to see if you think it makes that much difference. Looking at the two canisters, there appears to be no difference. They both have the same two filters in the same locations. The bags that came with the two, however, are extremely different. The burgundy one came with the PANASONIC MC-V150M 3-Pack of Vacuum Bags, which look and feel like typical bags. The purple one came with the Panasonic MC-V295H 2-Pack Type C-19 Canister HEPA Vacuum Bag, which are the thickest bags I have ever seen. They almost seem like pillow type bags. These two vacuums can use the same bags, however, so you can choose what you want when the bags that came with the vacuum run out.(The Febreze Kenmore C Replacement Vacuum Bag, 3-Pack also fit the Panasonic canisters, if you like the scent of "spring & renewal" Febreze.) The purple one has a unique removable vacuum bag caddy, while the burgundy one does not. I've never seen that before, and I think it is a nice touch. You just lift out the caddy and take the bag to the trash, and then put the caddy back in.

The purple vacuum also has easier release buttons, so you can remove the handle easier than with the burgundy one, but not always. Sometimes it just doesn't seem to release that quickly. The purple one has a telescopic wand, too, whereas the burgundy one does not. Hence, you can adjust the wand from up to six inches higher or six inches lower than the burgundy's wand. The hoses on the two cleaners are the same length, and do make sure you CLICK in the hose when you first put together the vacuum you get. If you do not hear a click, you have not connected it properly and the vacuum will often not start, or the hose comes out. (It is not a design defect. It's just some consumers do not put the hose in properly, and then complain the vacuum does not work.)

The attachments with the two vacuums are also a bit different. While both have the same exact floor brush, the crevice tool with the burgundy vacuum is longer, and the dusting brush is smaller. The burgundy has a fabric brush with bristles, however, whereas the purple one has a small non-bristle attachment snapped into the very nicely bristled dusting brush. The biggest difference between the two, though, is the air turbine attachment that the purple one has and the burgundy does not. On many vacuums, this is called the pet brush. It's not called that on the purple one, and it works much better than any turbine attachment I've used before. It's very powerful and cleans stairs very well. There is a suction control on the purple vacuum's handle, too, to use with the attachments, including the turbine one. The burgundy vacuum does not have this suction control. Both vacuums have an overload protector that stops the power nozzle motor, in case you accidentally start sucking up something that is going to break your belt. You then clear out the problem item, and push the belt reset button that is on both vacuums.

Finally, one of the biggest differences is the power nozzle itself. They're both the same width, but the one with the purple vacuum is more streamlined in the back and lighter. The wheels are smaller, too, than the ones on the burgundy vacuum, which makes it feel like it's moving faster, but also makes it feel a bit wobbly. Not that the wobbly feeling is bad, it's just the burgundy one has more of a solid weight feel about it. This solid weight is definitely a solid weight, too, which makes it a bad choice for anyone who does not want or cannot easily push a large, heavy power nozzle. It seems perfect, though, for someone who is heavy-handed when it come to vacuuming. (Think big guy!) Not that a female won't be comfortable with it, but, as a petite female, I personally prefer the purple vacuum. (Do note, though, that the canister part of both vacuums is very heavy, compared to much cheaper canister vacuum cleaners.) I also think the purple vacuum cleans carpets a bit better, but that might just be my imagination, since both vacuums clean carpets very well. They also do fine on floors using the floor brush, but you can also use the power nozzle; although in the purple vacuum's manual it states the power nozzle should be used on "carpeted floors and rugs", while the floor brush should be used on "stairs, bare floors and walls". Yet, it also states the X-LO setting on the power nozzle is for "most carpets and bare floors". Thus, it's your choice! Then, when you finish vacuuming your carpets, rugs or floors, you can store either canister upright, with the flattened power nozzle attached to the back of the canister, using the "U" shaped flange on the wand and the "U" shaped slot on the canister.
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on November 7, 2013
First of all the value is tremendous here. I wanted a Miele vacuum but I simply could not justify the price. Then I saw Consumer Reports listed this just as highly as the Miele but for a third of the price. It is indeed a feature filled vacuum and an excellent value, but it is not perfect. The handle is not the most comfortable one going as the plastic has a gap in the handle which is a bit uncomfortable to grip. Also, the hose does not seem to attach properly to the vacuum itself. The instructions say that it should snap on, but it does not snap into place. It sits in place, but it does occasionally come undone. I am not sure as to whether I got a defective vacuum or if it is just mine. I do love all the stuff it comes with though and I love the light on it.

I have had this for another week now and am happy with my purchase even with all the other things I said. I don't think there is a better value for this price. I would give it 4.5 stars if that were an option.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We have an older model from Panasonic (MC-CG917) and thus I will make some comparisons. The best part about these vacuums is the convenient on and off switch by the handle and the self-retracting power cord which saves you time by not having to wind and loop it every time you are done vacuuming. This vacuum still has those two favorite features plus a few improvements.

For a start, this time it solved one of the most annoying thing about the last version. When it is time to use the manual tools for cleaning the car, the couches or the stairs, my wife always complain how difficult it is to disengage the telescoping metal pipe from the floor unit. Now, all you have to do is to step on a lever and pull it out. It also added another mode on the handle switch by placing variable suction power control.

Important tips:
1) If the hose disengages from the canister when you are pulling it around the floor, the hose is not completely attached. You need to push it in a little harder until you hear a click.
2) When you are closing the top (where the other tools are stored) and feel that something is hindering it, make sure that the filter cover is completely closed and flush.

It uses the same bag a the MC-CG917 which is an improvement from the older model - in terms of size. As always, it is very easy to replace the bag that uses a basket type carrier.

The vacuum has Opti-flow technology, a double wall bag chamber to allow airflow not only inside but also around the exterior of the bag to maintain consistent suction. Usually, the problem with conventional vacuum cleaners is that when the bag is getting full, the airflow becomes restricted. Our experience proves that the suction stay strong as long as the bag still has space to fill up with dirt.

It took me about five minutes to assemble this as it is very similar to our older model. If you are doing it for the first time, it may be just around ten minutes and that includes the time to read the instructions to figure out which goes where.

The vac is also equipped with a replaceable HEPA filter. It is a good thing specially for those with allergies.

The cord retracts with a push of your foot for easier storage. It is not strong enough to strike your feet like a whip, but just enough power to reel it back out of sight (cord is 26-foot long). The rubber bumper that surrounds the canister protects your walls and furniture from accidental bumps.

Of all the vacs we had in the house, these Panasonics are the quietest. There is an overload protector to guard against belt breakage if the agitator become jammed. Likewise, just like in the old model, there is a red dot indicator if the bag is full or somehow the airway gets clogged.
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on April 6, 2014
I have not used this much but so far I really like it. We have an upright, but it does not work well on our bare hardwood floors. Since we moved into a loft space, we do not have the acreage of carpets we used to have. The Panasonic canister works better on the floors, of course, but also on the area rugs and carpets we now have.

I especially like the fact that it has a very large bag so it does not need changing every time you vacuum. Also, the wand is quite long which is good for a tall fat guy with a bad back. The wand also telescopes out for work and in for storage.

You can leave the power head on it and slide the wand into a connector on the canister and the whole unit stays together when stored (you do not even have to remove the hose). The tools all fit into a compartment except for one that clips onto the wand. Then the whole thing stands there kind of like a golf bag. Not bad. I guess most canister vacuums do something like this these days but our last one was an Electrolux from the '70s.It worked wonderfully but was not exactly long on convenience.

Of course, the basic thing is, does it pick up the dirt? So far, yeah. Really well. I got a lot of cat hair up with it and the cleaning ladies had already been here with their Dyson. So kudos for Panasonic I guess. And the cleaning lady tried it out and liked it quite a bit. High praise, believe me.

I do have two beefs, however.

One is not with the vacuum cleaner but with the listing here on the site (unless Amazon has fixed it). You know that place down below the write up that says "Frequently Bought Together"? Well there is a HEPA filter listed that does not go with this vacuum cleaner. Does not fit. Useless. Two other people have reviewed the filter itself and have gotten stuck with this filter that doesn't fit a similar Panasonic canister vacuum either. One of the reviews for the filter is 6 month's old, too. The filter is too small. And I own it, and it's not worth sending back for $6 I guess. Amazon, you need to fix this.

The second beef is that apparently there are no filters to be had for this that are OEM equipment. This is a big no-no directed at Panasonic. Come on, boys, catch up and provide some filters for this thing. I'm not sure I would have bought this if I had known that the HEPA filter that fit it is apparently not available on Amazon or anywhere else ... except maybe as a last resort you can call an 800 number at Panasonic. Not exactly modern marketing. I am ordering a filter meant for Kenmore and another Panasonic model that should fit based on the dimensions, and should be good quality. I will report back.

[NOTE: Since writing this (last night) I found a review among the ones here on Amazon for this vacuum that lists the model numbers for filters and bags. Dunno where she found them, but thanks, and here they are:

"here are the correct replacement parts for Model MC-CG937:
HEPA Media Exhaust Filter: MC-V199H (V-194 had been recommended -- that's not correct. Way too small. Does not fit)
Dust Bag (C-19) MC-V295H (V150 had been recommended. Not what the product manual says)
Belt (Type CB3) MC-V370B"]

Also there is a second filter called a motor safety filter that I cannot find anywhere online. I apparently do not have to deal with it for about a year, so I'll keep my eye out for one.
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VINE VOICEon April 13, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have two vacuum cleaners for my two-story home, which is mostly hardwood and tile floors with some area rugs. Upstairs, I have a Miele Titan. It was my "I'd better never have to buy another vacuum again" purchase, and it's a great vacuum. Frankly, though, I'm surprised and impressed at how well the Panasonic compares -- for half the price.

Putting the Panasonic together could hardly have been simpler. It was pretty much ready to go right out of the box; even the bag was already installed. It's tricky getting the hose locked into the canister and takes some effort, but you'll recognize the definitive click when you hear it.

The Panasonic is significantly heavier than the Miele, but the Titan is specifically a lightweight model and makes a couple of sacrifices to get there. The Miele tools are small and ride on an outside attachment, while the Panasonic's generously sized tools are in a covered compartment, except for the turbo tool that rides on (and falls off) the wand.

The Panasonic's power head is much heavier, as well, but includes a light and a couple extra inches of width the Miele lacks. The Miele power head can be attached directly to the hose (without the wands) for vacuuming stairs or furniture, a terrific feature; the Panasonic's cannot. The Panasonic turbo tool attaches there, but its performance doesn't come near that of a full power head. Still, it is a helpful gadget. I have pets, and I particularly like it for vacuuming furniture.

The Panasonic pulls relatively easily, despite its greater weight. However, I do miss the Miele's ability to roll sideways in addition to forward and back. The Miele power head is a bit more maneuverable, too, but that's at least partly due to its smaller size.

The Panasonic's on/off switch, brush roll switch, and suction controls are on the handle, very convenient! It also has a really handy step-on release to separate the wands and power head. With these two features, you'll do much less bending over when vacuuming.

So there you have it: With the Panasonic, you'll trade some maneuverability and a couple smaller features and have an extra three hundred dollars left in your pocket. Pretty good swap!
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on March 6, 2014
cumbersome. At 23 pounds this is not a light unit, a condition exacerbated by some of the design choices. The powered floor brush is wide (that's a good thing) but a bit tall and deep (not good things). The wand attaches to the floor brush in an articulated hinge that allows some twisting motion – supposedly to give greater control. So far, I fail to see the advantage. Well, that's about it for criticism – on to the good things:

– suction is strong
– the beater bar works well and is easy to clean
– it's very easy to change bags and filters
– those filters actually seem to be effective – even when vacuuming around the areas where the pets eat there is no door.
– likewise the unit emits no discernible dust
– it's easy to access and put away tools
– the collapsible / extensible wand is more useful than I expected
– the hose is longer than on my prior unit. It makes the vacuum all the more usable.

All in all I'm pleased with my purchase, and think you would be as well.
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on May 4, 2014
Maybe I just got a lemon, but it literally ran for only 20 minutes and it was EXTREMELY painful to get service or money back. Amazon was very helpful, but they were the middle man.
DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM BIGCITYDISCOUNT!!! They are completely unresponsive to all phone calls and almost all on-line/email contacts; and you may not get your money back if your return the non-working merchandise.
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on January 17, 2015
It is a good vacuum cleaner, powerful, does what it needs to do. Two major negatives make it unacceptable
1. Unable to buy bags locally. Panasonic's supplier was back-ordered. It took forever to find a supplier, and I had to mail-order a supply of them. Ordered the HEPA filters also.
2. I have had it for 14 months. I used it earlier this week. Today, it does not work, will not turn on. Checked all electronic connections, they were clean and tight.

So, this is 2 months out-of-warranty. The nearest Panasonic Svc Center is over 250 miles away and I live in a major city!! Lessons learned:
1. Don't think a lot of positive reviews mean the product will last
2. Check availability of supplies before purchasing
3. Check warranty service availability before purchasing

Not any more. A vacuum of this price should last more than 14 months, especially when it is used once a week!

Update, 2/20/15. Used a local vacuum cleaner repair company. There is a circuit board in the on/off switch. A rheostat burned up. I had them bypass that, which meant it would be only one speed, HIGH. That's okay. It works now. Cost $69. Hate to see what a new circuit board would have cost.
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