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on August 6, 2009
My wife and I moved into a new two-story home 3 months ago. In our one story home we used a Kenmore brand upright which we still have and after 8 years of use it still works very well. Our dilemma is with the two story house and stairway. We went from a 2,400 sqft home to a 4,700 sqft home. Lugging the good old Kenmore up and down the stairs and covering all the nooks and crannies, including the stairway, is quite a workout. My wife and daughter rely on me to move the vac when it's time to clean.
So I sought out reviews on a backback vac, after all that's what the commercial cleaners use right. Consumer Reports only covers canisters and uprights and all other reviews covered commercial applications, so not a lot of homeowner info to go by. So what do you do? Make the plunge and hope it works.
Well after two cleanings we are VERY impressed! This think sucks and we can vacuum the house in half the time it takes with our upright. Besides carpet we have wood and tile floors plus a pet that, unfortunately, sheds. We can vacuum quicker than using a broom and dustpan. This thing is great and as quite (by vacuum standards) as our Kenmore. We have stressed wood floors, ceramic and natural stone tiled floors along with looped carpeting. I suggest getting the optional wood floor 14" attachment and the floor duster (has a cloth mitt) for wood shutters or blinds... yes it cleans them as well.
A little cumbersome at first getting this to fit on your back but once you're set tell people to get out of your way... you will be done in no time! By the way most of our neighbors use cleaning services. We're cheap and prefer to do it ourselves at our convenience. That's how we justified the cost.
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on November 6, 2009
I buy extensively from Amazon but have never written a review. This vacuum rocks and is no longer just for professional cleaners. We just did a major renovation of our home totaling 4,000 ft. During the end stages of the construction, I used the contractor's vacuums and fell in love this product. Now I know why pros use it - it fast, easy to use and really gets the job done fast in less than half the time.
In fact, we've said goodbye to our house cleaner. I timed myself yesterday and can do the entire house in 20 minutes, but you need to get the 20 inch jetsweep attachment. It is totally worth the extra $70. In just one month since we bought this vacuum it has more than paid for itself in cleaning expenses. Key advantages of this product in my mind are:
- Excellent power
- We have child with asthma and this has HEPA filters. Unlike standard vacs there is zero blow-out draft from vacuum and the extra filters really capture all dust.
- Backpack makes stairs and tight areas a breeze.
- With the 50 foot included cord I only have to change plugs twice in entire house - a huge time-saver. I used to have to change nearly every room with our Electrolux.
- Say goodbye to banging corners and furniture. When this light-weight unit is on your back you can easily move around the house. It takes a bit of mind-shift, but after a few minutes this is totally the way to go and I would never go back to "pull along" vac.

It is just a touch on the loud side, but not excessive and I have senstive hearing. For the added power, it is a good trade-off in my opinion. I think a lot more home owners are going to buy these units. It has been one of the best purchases this year. Thank you Mr. contactor for leaving a unit behind for me to play with. I'm hooked.

Disclaimer - no I am not affiliated with this company. If they have stock - I should probably buy some.
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on July 17, 2010
The commercial cleaning service that cleans the building where I work use these, and I noticed how powerful these vacuums are. So I looked into getting one on-line....I figured if it was good enough for commercial use, it would last a long time with home use.

We have heardwood floors and 3 dogs (2 toy poodles and a German Shepherd). The German Shepherd sheds a LOT and with hardwood floors, we were constantly seeing fur-balls in the corners and coming out from under the couch, etc. My partner usually sweeps, but that misses a lot of hair and doesn't really do anything about dust.

So, we got the Super QuaterVac and absolutely LOVE it. The 50' extension cord allows us to clean virtually our entire house without switching plugs (a plus) and the suction of this unit is unbelievable! The area rugs are cleaner than they have ever been, the floor is short, I love this thing. My German Shepherd, however, is a little afraid of it. :)I can whip it out, and do a quick clean in about 30 minutes. Very effective, and great results! And with it's HEPA filter, anything it sucks up stays in the vacuum. Our house is noticably cleaner.

The ONLY negative about this vacuum is that you tend to forget that you're wearing it and it's easy to bump into a table lamp or doorway etc., when you turn around. You have to keep in mind that you're wearing it. I also recommend the 20" floor brush as it covers a nice, wide area. Because the unit uses bags, I ordered a stack of 10 extra bags, which will come in handy with all the dog hair. I paid $14 for a pack of 10, so they're pretty cheap.

I never write reviews, but this vacuum, while a little pricey, is worth every penny. If you're looking for a new vacuum, you won't go wrong with a ProTeam QuarterVac.
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on February 14, 2014
I campaigned hard to get this vacuum, and, based on the reviews, I was ready to love it. I have buyer's remorse. I wanted a backpack vac because we live in a smallish house spread over three floors. I thought the backpack would make it easier to maneuver around the smaller spaces. In theory, it should, but the reality is that the design of this thing makes it so difficult to use that no one in my family wants to deal with it. Hence, our house is dirtier than ever. The problems include the size (too much for our small space), the parts that constantly detach from their fittings, and how the vac rests on my back. The size makes it difficult to haul up and down the stairs without knocking things off walls and shelves. Once we get it upstairs from its home in the basement, vacuuming goes something like this: reattach the screw top that always seems to be lose for some reason, attach the power chord and plug it in, attach the metal wand to the plastic tubing, hoist the whole thing on your back. Oops, the plastic tubing is trapped under the canister. Dance around trying to sort them out. Start vacuuming. Get halfway through a room and the unit turns off. Look around and notice that the power chord has detached from the canister. Bend down to pick up the end of the power chord and dance around to reattach it. The metal tube has now detached from the plastic tubing. Reattach that and turn the unit on. Pull up pants (the canister hits me just at the top of my pants, and it is always pushing my pants down). Bend down to pick up cat litter box to vacuum under it. Power chord detaches, Reattach. Metal tube detaches and falls on the floor. Unanchored plastic tube swings around and sucks up whatever is around--bath towel, plastic bag, magazine. Pull that item out of the tube, bend down, pick up metal tube from floor, reattach to plastic tube, pull up pants, bang the back of the unit into a wall and leave a dent....Perhaps this is a good device for cleaning large commercial buildings, but it's not for my small home. I have also not noticed that this has the best suction of any vacuum I've ever used as so many others claim. The suction seems about average. The best vacuum cleaner I have ever used was s Siemans, and I don't think you can buy them in the US.
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on March 28, 2013
I purchased my backpack vacuum from a local janitorial supply company off Buford Hwy in Atlanta. I purchased the new triangle design. The waist belt was too big, but now I have received the new redesigned belt. It fits a smaller waist much better. I have it as tight as it will go, but I am very happy with the fit of the vacuum.

My house is a 3000 SF ranch of only hardwood and tile floors. I am allergic to both dust and dust mites. I love the ability to vacuum the walls, blinds, floors, rugs, baseboards, beds and sides of the furniture. Basically I vacuum anyplace I see dust. I can vacuum my house much more quickly than I can sweep or vacuum with an upright. Plus, I have less dust flying all around that would have simply settled on other surfaces. Overall, I am VERY HAPPY with my purchase.

Spending this amount of money on a vacuum cleaner was hard, but justified because I clean my own home. I ended up spending about $475.00 for the vacuum, basic kit included. I also added the 12" hard floor brush and the adjustable wand in the price listed. I simply keep the non adjustable wand with the carpet attachment and use the adjustable wand for the hard surface attachment. It is really nice to have the smaller attachments on my waist.

Using the outlet in the hall on the main level, I can vacuum my entire ranch as well as 85% of the basement using the same outlet. This vacuum cleaner is saving me time and hassle. I love to see my floors with out the dust. I do get a little annoyed when I clean the floors in the hall bath (I always bump the vacuum on the door frame.) Using the upright was even more annoying. I have even vacuumed the minivan while wearing the 6 Qrt QuarterVac Hepa vacuum. It is nice being able to use one item to clean so many surfaces. I will never go back to a traditional vacuum. I would purchase it all over again.
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on March 12, 2013
I purchased this vacuum because I was told that the wheels on canister and upright vacuums would be prone to scratch my hardwood floors. Since my house has hardwoods throughout, I bought this vacuum and the horsehair brush attachment. The vacuum performs well and is quieter than expected. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I feel it's a little pricey and I don't really like having to buy/replace the filter bags. I've been using a Dyson upright for years and love not having to worry about buying replacement bags. I also like that the Dyson doesn't lose much of its airflow while cleaning. When cleaning my 3200 sf home for the first time, the Super QuarterVac suction was amazing in the beginning but noticeably lost airflow by the time I got to the last room, when the bag was about half full.
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on July 17, 2014
I have waited a while to review this vacuum only because I am a tough sell in this department. I am happy to say I really love this backpack vacuum. I formerly used a canister vacuum because all other vacuums lacked power and versatility. I hated dragging around the canister though and beating up my baseboards and furniture. This has great power and my favorite part is having it strapped to me as I go. No more dragging it around behind me. It is not heavy at all and the strap placement makes the minimal weight distribute evenly. There is a learning curve to this backpack however - moving in tight spaces requires some conscience of all your surroundings behind and beside you (which is true for any vacuum, you just have to train your movements differently) but you get used to it. The only thing I am not really loving are the bags... They work but the paper lining breaks up some with the massive suction power. This is minor to me but still a bit of a downer. Dusting with this vacuum is great too - you are not limited / anchored to the floor. Climb that step stool and vacuum those cobb webbs, dust off the tops of furniture, curtain rods, steps, refrigerator coils, etc. You are free to move about!
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on November 5, 2015
I wanted to wait a little bit before writing this review. I own a small cleaning company and looked at a lot of vacuums before I decided on this. While it was a little awkward at first, mostly because I was so used to using a normal vacuum, I quickly adjusted to it. It is very lightweight, has GREAT suction, and makes it easy to get into places that would be otherwise impossible with a traditional vacuum (without using the separate tools/hose). My one suggestion would be to order a floor piece with a brush. The one that it comes with is plastic and works on most surfaces, but did actually scratch up some of the floors I used it on, which is obviously very bad!
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on September 19, 2015
This thing is awesome! I have a 3 story home with tons of stairs. I've owned uprights, canisters, you name it. Nothing was convenient and nothing worked. Uprights are useless on stairs. I've broke 2 canisters when they tumbled down the hardwood stairs, landing on the hardwood floors. Uprights too big to fit under things. Canisters bulky and heavy to pull around behind, never steer straight and always run into furniture, walls, lamps, pets, etc. I had enough. I was on vacation and I saw a hotel worker vacuuming a hallway with a backpack vac and a light went on in my brain. Why did I never think of this???? I did some research and determined ProTeam was pretty much the best. I was hesitant to spend the money but figured it was worth a shot. My only regret is the years I spent without one!!! I used to plug my old vacs in 6 different times to vacuum my house (2 locations per floor). Now I plug it in ONCE on the middle level and I'm done!! I can move freely about the house without running into everything and the time it takes to vacuum all 3 levels is less than HALF what it used to be. Seriously. No exaggeration. I have a bad back and was worried about the weight. This thing is lite. I barely notice it's there. I can even get down on my hands and knees with no issue to get under the beds. If you're considering buying one do it. It's life changing!!

Only small complaint is the instruction manual. It's really basic and practically useless. I think they assume only industrial/commercial workers are using these, and have been for years, so they don't need instructions. It's pretty simple to use so it's a non-issue.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 25, 2014
This is a rather pricey vacuum but it is good.

1) Easy to assemble. The only thing that took me a few minutes was figuring out that the two wands attach via the screw on cap already attached to the wand. The wand took a little maneuvering around but once it's on, it's pretty secure. Other than this you can put it together in under 3 minutes, right from the box.

2) Lots of suction - very powerful.

3) Not too noisy. I figured this thing would be really loud being right on your back but it wasn't too bad. Mind you it's not quiet, just not too loud, and quieter than the cannister vacuum I own now.

4) Perfect for hard floors, but be sure to get the separate floor attachment that does not come with this unit. It makes a big difference. The other attachments that come with this unit are great for carpets, upholstery and blinds. Plus there's an attachment that's great for reaching into small corners of the ceiling.

5) I LOVE the HEPA filter. If you've never had one before, they're wonderful and with this vacuum you don't get any dust blowing out - it's all sucked into the unit. Your house will smell so clean.

6) You can use this for Halloween and dress up as a Ghostbuster. Okay, maybe not, but that's the first thing my husband blurted out when he saw me in it.

There are a couple of negatives.

1) I wish this came with a battery instead of the extension cord. The cord is plenty long (50 feet), but I think this unit would be great if I didn't have to deal with a cord at all. I imagine that might make this too heavy though.

2) Which leads me to the biggest problem for me - I am a petite female 5'4, just over 100 pounds - and this vacuum was just too heavy for me. This might not be a problem for someone bigger.
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