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Style Name: With Versatile Tool Kit and Two-Piece Wand|Size: 6 quart|Change
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on March 12, 2009
I saw a cleaning service use this vacuum and decided to purchase one for our home. It does a good job on dog hair and signficantly reduces the time it takes to vacuum. I'm surprised the manufacturer doesn't sell to the residential market. I think many more people would be interested in a backpack vacuum. It's great.
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VINE VOICEon December 15, 2014
This is not a vacuum designed for a regular home. First, it is worn on the back (think SCUBA gear or Ghostbusters proton colliders). This helps when vacuuming around a restaurant's tables and chairs or an office's desk and other furniture. Having a canister vacuum run into (and get stuck on) a table leg or office cabinet can affect productivity and efficiency. Carrying the vacuum on your back also prevents the inevitable damage to the furniture or the vacuum with each collision. Cool.

Next, the electrical cord is about 45 feet long (~15 meters) and is made from heavy duty yellow wire. During my tests, it never kinked or got knotted. It extended the range of my cleaning job - minimizing the need to re-plug the cord as I moved around the rooms. I liked that.

The hose and metal extension pipes feel like they are made from leftover pieces of the Keystone pipeline - sturdy, with a precision fit.

The kit comes with several attachments - wide hardwood floor brush attachment, brushless wide rug attachment, narrow rug or runner attachment, narrow brush hard surface attachment and a thin crevice tool. Each goes on and off the pipe end easily.

The vacuum is easy to heft onto your back and for me and the women who used it, the weight wasn't a problem. Not too heavy to lift up and carry around for (in our test) an hour. The on / off switch is conveniently placed at the user's elbow so there is no need to search for it when you need it.

I thought that having the vacuum right behind my head would kill my ears, but the unit runs very quietly and I never thought noise was a problem.

Like a lot of vacuums, the many attachments have no place to live. You need a bag or box to store them or they run the risk of getting lost or broken. Speaking of tools, the rug attachments (wide and narrow) do not have a way to "beat" the carpet (like the rotating brush of a canister vac or upright). I vacuumed a large expanse of medium pile carpet with the ProTeam and then re-vacuumed the same area with a bagless upright with a rotating brush. The upright pulled more "stuff" out of the carpet that this unit missed. Disappointing.

Overall, the plusses - long cord, convenient backpack design and long reach tools - overcome the one issue - not the best tool for deep cleaning pile carpeting. Typically, offices and restaurants have hardwood / tile floors or very low pile carpet so this may not be an issue for any facility with those floor surfaces.

I give one star for the unique backpack design. I add another star for the quiet motor. One more star for the ease of use with the long electrical cord. Finally, one star for the long reach of the hose and extension pipes. I could give 1/2 star (if we had them) for the way the vacuum cleans hard surfaces and low pile carpets. It loses out because it's not going to do a good job on any carpet with a medium or deep pile.
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VINE VOICEon December 13, 2014
This thing is NO JOKE. I've seen these used before but have always personally had canister vacuums or uprights. The convenience, comfort, and sheer POWER of this thing really took me by surprise.

Unboxing and setup is easy -- click the two aluminum pipes together, then screw on your attachment. The attachment fitting uses a metal O-ring to create a seal while allowing the attachment to rotate freely. You're supposed to unclamp the top before you use it first and check to make sure the filters are all in place and didn't get jounced out during shipping -- mine were fine. Plug the flexible hose into the unit, then connect it to your vacuum, unravel the cord and plug it in -- boom, you're ready to go. I think it took me three minutes to open the box, unwrap everything, set it up, and start using this.

The aluminum shaft is long enough to be comfortably handled even by tall males -- a relief for me after having to bend over to use shorter-shafted upright or canister vacuums. As with corded power tools, this vacuum has its own short power cord, into which you plug the longer electrical cord -- at your left hip, attached to the power switch, is a loop-and-hook style bracket that lets you secure the electrical cord so it doesn't pull out while you're vacuuming.

This vacuum is pleasantly quiet to use -- no louder than my LG Kompressor canister vacuum -- and minimally disturbing to customers or family members around the office / house. For being so quiet, it is AMAZINGLY powerful. After I did my house (wood floors and tile) with the sweeping head attachment, I detailed my car using just the hose and the stiff brush attachment. The suction was so powerful it literally lifted my floormats up into the air -- I've never seen that happen before! The suction is powerful enough to dislodge even larger pieces of bark or pebbles that worked their way into the floor carpet.

The convenience of having the vacuum strapped to your back might not seem as important if you're just detailing your car or vacuuming small, furniture-cluttered rooms (it's actually not as convenient for this, since the shaft is long enough to make it unwieldy around tables/chairs), but it's amazing in larger open rooms or especially in a long hallway. It's nice only having to worry about the power cord, and not constantly tugging a canister behind you.

The wealth of attachments included with this vacuum make it ideal for your office, home, or automobile -- anywhere, really, as long as you don't have thick carpet. Since this unit doesn't have a powered-brush carpet head, it's best used on hard floors or on short, stiff carpet.

I can't find anything to complain about -- even the backpack setup is padded, adjustable, and has an around-the-stomach clip for added support, if you desire. I feel like I'm one of the Ghostbusters with this thing. It's amazing. 5 stars.
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on May 13, 2013
We use the ProVac backpack vacuum for our commercial cleaning company and it's definitely the best tool we've used for vacuuming high traffic carpets. The vac is comfortable, and makes the job quick and easy.
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on August 18, 2015
I purchased this for my cleaning company. The reviews I read were really good. In my opinion, it has amazing suction. It does become less intense when the bags are nearly full, but that makes sense with any bagged vacuum. I would it takes a while for the bag to fill up with general domestic use. However for commercial use, it takes less time to fill up. The hose will occasionally, if you are left handed, hit the power switch and turn the machine off. The attachments for the hose and wand can be tricky to get on, but once it is done several times you get a feel for it. The attachments do not fit in every portion of the wand. For instance, the upholstery att. will not fit into the most upward pipe, but it will fit into the hose, and the lower pipe with the secure swivel end. High Pile carpets and rugs are challenging for this vacuum. The backward side to side motion really only works on bare floor, or low pile carpet. Instead, for High Pile, you have to pull, lift place, and pull again. It picks up a lot of things with ease, due to great suction, but you will occasionally suck up a cord or unwanted items that will get lodged into the floor attachment. The bare floor attachment needs to be cleaned, by hand frequently. The cord is long, which can create knots and binds, taking some time to release. However, the length of the cable means you do not need to unplug as often. You can walk from room to room, and if it get wedged between something a gentle(or rough) tug will fix it.

All in all, I prefer this vacuum for cleaning homes and offices. It is versatile, dependable, and well made. I highly recommend it to those with back or neck issues, or those who need to cover a large space in a short amount of time.
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The backpack vacuum with its attached straps, and installed dome filter with foam media, plus two HEPA filters, 50-foot cord
Flexible black hose
Two-part aluminum wand
Hard floor attachment with nylon bristles
Carpeted floor attachment with plastic scallops
Upholstery tool
Dust brush
crevice tool
Micro (cloth) filter bag installed and one extra
Intercept Micro (paper) filter bag installed, plus 11 extras (10 in a bag, one separate)
Instruction booklet
Quick start guide


There are simple and clear instructions on how to assemble the unit. You first pop off the top of the backpack to ensure that the dome filter, cloth filter bag and paper filter bags are in proper place. Next, you flip down two small external doors on the unit to be sure the HEPA filters are in place.

Next, having popped the top of the backpack back on, you insert one end of the flexible black hose. Then you put together the 2-piece aluminum wand, which has a simple button lock. Slide the indicated end of the aluminum into the other end of the flexible black hose. Attachments to on the other end of the aluminum wand by your loosening a plastic ring, sliding on the attachment and tightening the ring.

I was unsure whether there might be a problem when I put on my first attachment. Though I had the ring tightened all the way, the attachment could rotate. I quickly realized this is intentional. If you take a look at the picture, you'll see that the aluminum wand curves. The rotational ability on the attachment allows you to rotate the wand and lower it, so that you can get way under things like chairs, couches and beds and have the floor attachment still in full contact with the floor.


It's easy to slide into the backpack straps and adjust the sternum and waist belts. There are mesh-covered pads at your shoulders and back, which make the contact more comfortable. They, along with the metal braces, keep the canister from coming into contact with your body, which ensures that you don't feel any heat from the unit against your body.

The unit must be plugged into a 3-point plug. The 50-foot cord is heavy duty and plenty long. I was able to vacuum all but a tiny bit of my large, two-story house without changing where I had plugged it in.

I have a mix of tile, hardwood, carpet and rug; a real test of the versatility of this unit. I started by vacuuming the hard surfaces with the hard floor attachment with nylon bristles. The suction was strong and everything picked up nicely. I also appreciated that I was able to get all the way under my chairs, couches and beds. The rotational ability of the attachment and the wand meant I could get right into corners easily.

Next, I switched to the carpeted floor attachment. This is a 14" wide plastic attachment with scallops that rub against pile to help bring embedded dirt to the surface. Here's where things got interesting. This is not a powered head and there is no beater bar. That means that it is you providing however much pressure you want to the carpeted surface.

What I found is that on cut-pile carpet, I could not push the wand; I had to pull it toward me. Though my cut-pile carpets are low pile, I would say the job this did on them was just OK. When I was done, I could still see a few dog hairs when I looked up close.

When I moved on to looped-pile carpets and waterhog carpets, though, I was able to both push and pull the wand (because those carpets provide less resistance) and pickup was very good.


For the residential user, there are definite pros and cons with this choice. Here's where I come out:


Strong suction
Gets under low furniture
Long cord allows you to do a very large area without having to unplug and move the cord
Backpack design makes it easy to do stairs


Lack of a powered head and beater bar mean it doesn't do a great job on cut-pile carpet
Uses paper filters, which may get to be expensive, especially for pet owners

If you have cut pile carpets and/or you have pets, but you do want to be able to get under furniture, do some comparison shopping between this and a canister vacuum with a powered beater bar attachment.
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on January 19, 2012
This backpack vacuum is Pro Teams largest and most powerful. I use it for cleaning houses, boat, and car. Quality and performance is excellent. It is a tad heavy and bulky. I would have preferred a slightly smaller model, but the smaller units have smaller motors.
My only criticism is that the covers on the top and bottom continually unscrew themselves and fall off (no matter how tight they are screwed on). It is difficult to screw them back on without taking the vac off. Quite annoying.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 9, 2014
I had never before heard of ProTeam and was very interested in trying out this vacuum cleaner, even though it is a unit more suited for business use. Right now we have a pair of Oreck vacuums, one being an upright and one being a canister vacuum. In most cases, this ProTeam vacuum outperforms them both. There are, however, some situations where it is not well-suited for home use.

First off, this is my first backpack vacuum and I was not sure what to expect. My concern was that it would get heavy quickly and would add strain; this has been proven to not be the case with this unit. Being just under 12 pounds it is actually not too bad for extended use. That said, it cannot be worn comfortably slung over a single shoulder for more than a few minutes as it does get heavy when worn that way.

The unit is easy to assemble without instructions but the instructions are clear and concise. I do recommend reading over the documentation that comes in the box, regardless.

This vacuum has better suction than any other unit I have ever used. On bare skin is actually can be a little painful and leaves a mark. In spite of the power, this is actually a relatively quiet vacuum cleaner, making considerably less noise than most uprights and somewhat less than canister units I have used.

My house has proven to be an excellent proving ground for this unit. We have a little hardwood flooring, linoleum, medium-pile cut carpet, ceiling fans, a light fixture we cannot easily reach, heavy Venetian blinds and several chairs the cats have adopted as their own. With the unit assembled and the proper attachments I set out to clean the house (my wife was actually pretty happy with this adventure).

I started with the carpet in the living room and this proved to be the one area where the unit was not up to task. Most businesses do not go with cut pile carpet, favoring a Berber or tight weave, and for this kind of carpet this unit would excel. It did a fair job with the carpet, but I get better results with the upright. It rocked the wood floor though with the wide brush head and did far better than any broom. I took the duster attachment and went after the blinds and the vacuum's suction is so strong it started to pull the strings on the blinds - from the middle, even when the blinds were all the way down. And the blinds look brand new. The main event was a cushioned chair where the cats tend to sleep. With the upholstery attachment in place, this vacuum cleaned off the cat hair very thoroughly, such that you can't tell the cats favor that chair.

The metal two-piece wand gives a good reach that I cannot get with the canister vacuum, and I was able for the first time to reach a specific light fixture in the house. The 50' cord also means not having to unplug the whole works, move to a new outlet and plug in again. Accessibility is very good with this unit.

Now, in spite of the good things I encountered with this unit, there are a couple of things on which I think there could be some improvement. The 50' cord is just that - a long cord that does not have a coiling mount and cannot be retracted into the unit like some others do. There's no place to wrap it up or anything and that lends itself to kinking. The only other real complaint I have is that the shape of the wand can be a little awkward when trying to raise it for cleaning off the floor level (but this may be a case of me being impatient).

This is a very good vacuum cleaner, excellent for business use and good for home use if not being used on cut pile carpet. It has excellent suction, it's quiet, and it has good range with a long cord that is sufficient for most single rooms. It is much better than the average vacuum cleaner and will serve the user well. If you have cut pile or shag carpet do not abandon your upright, but this unit will handle everything else.
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VINE VOICEon December 16, 2014
We're not a restaurant. We just have 2 young kids, a 4.5 month old and a 2.5 year old. Which means it can get messy fast on a daily basis. There's toys about and random pieces of larger play equipment and furniture. Things get moved. Things get in the way. Our floor vacuum had less power anyhow and a canister vacuum we started using kept getting caught along the way.

This seems the perfect solution for a family with young kids, and busy layout in the house.

First, what I like: very powerful. There's no beater brush for our carpet, but it doesn't really need it, it pulls up quickly. The tile and wood floor sections are ideal for this.

Very flexible. Various attachments that rotate freely on the end. That's what makes it so easy to handle, it secures on a rotates connection, so you can twist and turn with easy.

Heavy duty construction. Metal extensions, heavy plastic attachments. Great straps for your shoulders, it looks and feels and adjusts like a hiking backpack. Made for carrying. It's not that heavy but does have some bulk to it, feeling comfortable with the right adjustments.

Multi-level filtering. I've been used to bagless vacuums, so am not a huge fan of having to have filter bags, but these work great, comes with 2 loose ones, and the one I received had another pack of them included.

50-foot cord. This one: Yellow Jacket 2887 14/3 Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJTW Contractor Extension Cord with Lighted Ends, 50-Feet. I bought one of these separately earlier in 2014, and the cord that comes with this vacuum seems exactly the same.

What I don't like as much:
The wand takes up a lot of space. This isn't for tight spots or places, you'll knock into things early. So, it takes a bit of time to get used to maneuvering.

The belt on the straps (which I love) has a Batman utility belt feel, that's where the on/off switch is, and on the other side there's slots for two attachments. Those all are great! However, there are 3 more attachments that don't have a home, so while the long cord is great, you have to leave 3 attachments somewhere else, get them, attach them, put them back. Or add a small bag to the contraption. That's probably the best way, a bit of velcro strips on the back. I'm going to go do that!

There's also no place for the cord to go, and it's a pretty big cord, so you'll spend some time rolling it up properly, or you'll spend time unknotting it if not properly stowed away.

So, all in all, I love everything about it. My only main complaints are the lack of storage for some of the attachments and the cord.

It's not perfect, but it's working great for us in our decidedly busy house.
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on April 17, 2016
Vacuum received does not match the picture. Additionally the hard floor attachment that is shown in the picture was not included in the box. To purchase separately would be an additional $40. We were excited to receive this vacuum and disappointed to have something as simple as sending what is pictured turn this purchase into a bad experience.
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