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VINE VOICEon May 24, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have a Pet Series Roomba, and after getting the Scout, I often ran both robotic vacuums at the same time to compare their performance. It was obvious from the very beginning that the Scout is a much smarter machine. While the Roomba would go off in random direction, hit something and then turn and go into another random direction, the Scout very methodically went back and forth in lines, covering every inch of the floor it could. When it hit something, it carefully worked around it and then resumed going the way it had been going. This resulted in a much cleaner floor with very few missed areas. It also has other modes, for spot cleaning and fast cleaning, easy controlled by the remote or the pad on top of the unit. It has good suction, at least as good as the Roomba if not better. and the debris bin is a good size.

However, this is not a perfect robot. In my kitchen, it almost always would get stuck under my kitchen cabinets (there is approximately a 3-1/2 inch space under them.) It could never extricate itself and would just end up stopping with an error. My Roomba, although similar in size, never seems to get stuck there. Also, I had problems with the Scout stopping and showing error codes on the display. When starting it, in sometimes would just return to base right away and I would have to take it away from the base to get it to actually vacuum. Finally, because it is so efficient in each room, it often did not get to every room in my 1500 square foot house before needing to be charged or stopping with an error or getting stuck.

Overall the Scout is an improvement on the less efficient Roomba. It is not completely without issues, however, and a buyer would have to take that into account before purchasing. As for myself, I prefer it to the Roomba and am willing to overlook the few flaws it does have.
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on June 18, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First of all let me state that I have had several robotic vacuums and the Roomba always seems to come out on top. The Miele Scout RX1 is a good product but it still far from being a Roomba. This product is more of a quick cleanup tool rather than a true deep cleaning machine. And while no robotic cleaner works quite as well as a manual vacuum cleaner, the Miele cleans less well than my Roomba 510. In addition the Miele has a few annoyances that will truly irritate anyone who has used a Roomba. One of the big ones is the magnetic strip that is used to confine the Miele into one area. This setup simply is not effective and is primitive compared to Roombas light beam that prevents it from passing. In terms of cleaning ability the Roomba is louder and seems to have more suction than the Miele. This does not matter so much on hardwood floors or tile, but it is noticeable on carpet. If the Miele is significantly cheaper than a Roomba then it may be worthwhile to consider but if the prices are similar you will be better off with a Roomba.

*** Positive Points: ***

- Comes with Homebase, remote control, and extra filters
- Very quiet (especially when compared to a Roomba)
- Very Easy to setup and use
- Has dual side brushes that allow it to pick up more dirt from corners
- The Camera based navigation allows for a more predictable cleaning path than a Roomba (The Miele goes in straight lines whereas the Roomba seems to bump into things in a zig zag pattern)
- Rugged Construction

*** Negative Points: ***

- The magnetic strip that prevents the Miele from crossing or leaving a room is light years behind Roomba's beam transmitter. I found that the strip is not large enough to prevent the Miele from crossing some areas of my living room and sometimes the Miele ends up dragging the strip away in its attempt to get away from it. My Roomba has no problem with its setup

- The cliff sensors on this do not function very well meaning the Miele can actually fall from stairs
- The controls and displays on the unit are not intuitive... for example do you know the difference between the curvy line and the dot inside the square? Also the Miele gives out cryptic error codes like "F1." The Roomba simply speaks the error to you such as "please inspect and clean Roomba's sensors."
- The remote feels very cheap and has a poor infra-red range
- It does not have the ability to untangle itself in case it gets caught on wires or fibers (the Roomba does this much better)
- Does not appear to be a modular design like the Roomba which means that should a part go wrong you cannot replace it yourself you will have to send it back to the manufacturer.

*** Overall: *** I spent a considerable amount of time putting this up against the Roomba and while this is not a bad product it simply is out engineered when compared to the iRobot Roomba.
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on October 7, 2014
We have a two story home with two dogs and two cats. Pet hair, cat litter and whatever the cats and dogs drag in from the backyard requires a lot of cleaning and vacuuming. Several months ago I decided to give vacuum robots a chance. I purchased the Neato BotVac BV85. I was surprised how well it worked - though it is not without flaws. One problem for me was the placement of the base station. I did not want to have the base station with the vacuum in plain sight. My plan was to put the base station under some furniture. I want to put the base station under the bed upstairs, and under a couch downstairs. Unfortunately, the Neato does not have a remote. Placing it downstairs was not a problem since it is very easy to slide the couch to access the base station. However, the bed upstairs can not be moved, and accessing the vacuum when it is sitting at its base station is very difficult.

That's when I decided to get a vacuum with a remote for upstairs, and the Miele Scout RX1 fit the bill. The RX1 is very expensive, but Miele has an excellent reputation - so I went for it. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. The remote is infrared based, and it appears that the sensor is on top of the vacuum. I.e., if the vacuum is under some furniture, the remote does not work. Most disappointing however, is the cleaning capability of the RX1. The RX1 is very quiet and the battery lasts a long time - as advertised by Miele - but this comes at a price. The brush is very small, and the vacuum generates very little suction. This means that the RX1 picks up only 50% of the cat litter, and I have to run it spot-cleaning near the litter box several times to clean the area. The RX1 has also problems with navigation. Sometimes it finishes vacuuming after it cleaned just a small part of the room, sometimes it does not find its way back to the room where the base station is, and sometimes it does not find the base station, even if it is within 10-15 feet from the base station.

I am very disappointed with the RX1, especially considering the price Miele is asking for it. The Neato beats the Miele in every aspect. I also think that the RX1 can not be fixed with a simple software upgrade. I am convinced that the navigation method chosen by the RX1 (using a camera which points to the ceiling) will never work as efficient and precise as the laser navigation chosen by the Neato.

Thankfully, Amazon has a great return policy, and the RX1 is on its way back.
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on January 12, 2015
After 6 months of use review, this vacuum is very bad at his job: (areas mostly empty with very very little furniture and all wooden floor)

- All it does is to gather the dust and then spread it as pieces of fluff. As seen on picture below, right after the brush, filter and tray were cleaned.

- It doesn't find back its base until it picks the infra-red so it can take up to 20 minutes when it's in a different room if the batteries are not dead by then. Many different base setup and position have been tried. At the device price, how is it possible in 2014 to rely on IR for this?!?

Nothing more to add, it's a waste of money and a pure rebrand of the iclebo arte vacuum from Miele. I'm convinced vacuum robot are a great utility but try another one.
review image
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my first robotic vacuum, as well as my first Miele product. The Scout RX1 comes packaged with the following:

* Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum
* Two side brushes
* Two replacement exhaust filters
* Remote control w/2 AA batteries
* Base station
* AC adapter
* Magnetic strip

At first glance, you may say "Hmmm looks like a Roomba." And it does, but it appears to be of very high quality. Although the actual price is not yet advertised (as of the date of this review), I expect it will be somewhat higher than a Roomba, which is typical several hundreds of dollars, based on the Miele name and reputation for quality. The Scout has an on board digital camera and seven sensors. It is powered by a Li-ion battery. It is bagless, having a bin instead, which is a little of 2.5 cups in size.

Why might you want a robotic vacuum? Maybe you don't have time to vacuum as much as you want, or just find it a tedious chore, or can't get around as well as you used to and need some automated help.

Set up is simple. You insert the two side brushes (each brush and its location on the underside of the vacuum are marked L and R). Next, remove the protective film from the top of the vacuum and the base station. Insert the AC adapter into the base station housing. Next, turn on the vacuum and place it on the base station. While it is charging, insert the AA batteries in the remote control, and set the clock on the robot. That's it.

You need to charge the rechargeable battery in the unit before first use. A full charge takes about 2 hours. Likewise, you can vacuum for about two hours on a single charge. The battery indicator on the robot's top will be red, amber, or green. Red is 0-20%, amber 20-50%, and green 50-100%.

So, how do you vacuum?
Easy. Press the Power button (on the unit or the remote). Then press Auto for the default vacuuming mode. Press the "Play" button (looks like a Play and Pause icon on a TV remote). The robot will now begin to travel across your carpet or floor and vacuum.

It has sensors to keep it from bumping into obstacles. It also has an onboard camera. The camera collects data about the room being vacuumed, stores the data in memory, and then makes a more efficient, planned of its vacuuming the next time it is in the room.

This is a machine, and it is important to keep in mind, like anything else, it is not infallible. On its first run in my living room, it hit into an end table. Not hard, but it was a "hit" as opposed to a glance. It then turned and proceeded in another direction. The next time it vacuumed the room, it did not hit the table. I believe the camera's view was directed at the gap in between the table and sofa, so it did not detect the table as an obstacle. I feel it the Scout did extremely well in the dining room, grazing but not hitting chairs, etc.

There are two places I felt the Scout was slightly disappointing (in a very minor way). The first was when I put it in my family room. The room is basically a rectangle, about 20' x 13' with a large L shaped sofa and an end table on one end, a TV unit in the middle, against a wall, and a chair and piano on the other end. The Scout covered the room, up and down, back and forth, and did a great job cleaning it, yet never made it to the foot or so width right along the front of the sofa. It seemed to spend a lot of time bouncing back and forth between the chair and piano. I let it run its course. It eventually shut down without ever making it along the foot of the sofa. The next time I did this room, I started the vacuum alongside this "missed" area. It cleaned it, and then went about the rest of the room. It did appear to commit the collected data to memory after the second pass, as I did the room again, and it covered it in full.

The second issue was that, while doing my living room, it wandered through the doorway into my kitchen. The kitchen is rather large, and it never made it back to the living room. I solved this by placing an obstacle in this doorway the next time it did the living room. I could also have used a piece of the magnetic strip Miele supplies for this purpose. I just chose to plop down a basket that was in the room instead. It is good that Miele provides the magnetic strip for situations where you want the robot to avoid an area.

Again, this is a machine, not an intelligent entity, so these were minor issues, but worth noting.

Overall, I could not be more pleased. We have a Golden Retriever, who tends to shed a lot of fur, so we vacuum every day. The Scout does a good job of cleaning up the fur, so we can use it to help us vacuum in between full vacuuming. Like any cleaner with a roller, I had to pull some of the fur from it, which became wrapped around the roller brush during cleaning. The main point though, the Scout easily handled the dog fur. I've heard complaints in the past from people owning Roomba's that it didn't fare well with pet fur.

The Scout is fairly quiet, and it makes its way around without causing a nuisance. The rotating side brushes make it look somewhat like a spider as it works its way around a room.

As far as options and settings, it has four modes:
* Auto: Vacuum in a back and forth pattern across a floor.
* Spot: Confines the Scout to an area just under 6' by 6' from its starting point.
* Corner: Vacuums normally, but performs additional vacuuming along edges after it returns to its starting point.
* Turbo: For vacuuming lightly soiled areas on a shorter duration.
If none of these modes work for you, you also can run the Scout in a more manual mode, using the joystick buttons on the remote to navigate it around a room. That may sound like it defeats the purpose of automatic vacuuming, but should you feel like sitting on the couch and watching TV, you could do that, every once in a while pressing the joystick to turn the Scout left, right, forward, backward, etc.

I have used it to vacuum a thick, medium loop carpet, two different Berbers (one tight, one looser weave), a higher pile rug, and a ceramic floor. It does a good job adjusting itself and a really nice job of vacuuming. It does leave its tire tracks in the rug, but not too much different than any other vacuum cleaner.

One nice feature is the Scout knows its way back home. If you start it on the base, it will return to the base when it completes its cleaning cycle. If the battery charge gets too low, this will also cause the Scout to make its way back to its base. If you start it in the middle of a room, it will return to its approximate starting point and go into standby mode.

It also has a timer if you want to set it to go about its business shortly after you leave the house for work, etc.
Maintenance is reasonable. You have to empty the dust box after a few cleanings, and you should check the roller and wheels and clean them as needed.

Miele backs the Scout RX1 with a one year warranty.

When I got this, I thought it might end up being more of an expebsive novelty, or it might get stuck in corners all the time, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obviously, it is not going to vacuum as quick as a human, as it is unable to make the same decisions on the lay of the land. However, it makes an excellent assistant to help with this every day chore.
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on April 10, 2015
Miele should pull this product off the market. It is very bad for their brand name.

I purchased one of these on sale, but after a few days of silent semi-efficient cleaning (I was quite happy with it at this point, actually) it just started spinning around in circles throwing an F 4 error (happened to other owners too, google it). Then I had the vacuum replaced with another Miele Scout, this one rattled a lot when moving around (bad build quality) and after about a week or so the logic in it started doing strange things. Again it would spin around in circles.

Cleaning the sensors, the camera window, wheels or brushes did not help with either of the two Mieles.

Also, the Miele Scout cannot deal with any cables it may find on its mission--it will eat the cable and emergency stop with a fault. At this point, you have to clear the cable from the brush roller, and actually switch the robot off to restart it. The result is that it "forgets" the 1hr of vacuuming it may have already performed. Same thing if you lift the vacuum while it is paused--Fault F 1, and you have to restart.

So, I returned the second Miele Scout as well. They had both developed serious issues, and I lost confidence in this product. It simply does not look, feel, or perform the way it should at this price point. I purchased a Roomba 880 instead. It is more noisy, but other than that it is a product that is far ahead of this Miele effort--something that was immediately noticeable from the moment i opened the iRobot's Roomba 880 box, to when i emptied the Roomba's surprisingly full dustbin after i ran it through a cleaning cycle where the Miele had run the day before... The i roomba 880 actually vacuums, something the more silent Miele doesn't really do. The Roomba 880 also picked up the fine grained sand particles the Miele left behind.

I cannot believe Miele dares demand such a high price for this inferior product.
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VINE VOICEon June 16, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like others, I was questioning the utility of a robotic vacuum. Especially one with such a limited capacity for dust. I live on a major throughfare, so the dust becomes an issue, especially in the summer, when we open up the windows. Realistically, this isn't going to replace your full duty vacuum. Mostly, it's going to turn into a maintenance vacuum, to extend time between full vacuumings. That said, it is kind of fun to watch it go trundling back and forth across the room. I really want to put some blades on it, jack it up on some oversized tires, and send it out to mow my lawn!

Others have done good jobs describing the settings and the options. Like them, I had best results on relatively low carpets and hardwood floors. I did find myself wishing that it would go upstairs on it's own, since it is not especially svelte. It felt substantially heavier than the advertised "1 pound" to me. I do wonder somewhat about the nature of the filter, but I am presuming that if it were a HEPA filter, it would be advertised as such, so I would guess that it does not have one.

Now, on to the other things that you can use your vacuum for.

Fun note: The remote control with override means that it also turns into a fun toy that you can "play" with your dog and your children with. So don't miss out on that. You can also use that to send it in to the kitchen, have someone place your favorite beverage in the cup holder that you glue to the top, and have it bring it back into the TV room. Just saying.

So don't miss the opportunity to expand the utility of your RX1 Scout. Remember, until the revolution, robots are here to serve us.
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on May 29, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Since I'm a first time owner/user of this type of product I was pleasantly surprised by how intelligent this robot vacuum works. The algorithm that controls the navigation is fairly smart. I also like the automatic docking/charging feature and the timer function which can be set just like an alarm clock. This product works very well on hard floors but on carpet it doesn't work that well because it doesn't actually have any suction. It actually functions more like a surface duster and is very effective at picking up hair even on carpet. Some things I noticed while using this "duster" is it may get jammed under certain types of low hanging furniture but as long as there is clearance that's not a problem. Mine got stuck under my futon sofa bed due to a low metal frame rail that was a hair lower than the height of the vacuum which caused the top of the vacuum to get scratched. Overall it's a very interesting product and works but there are of course some limitations. There's a remote control for manual navigation which is useful if you want to send it back to the charging station at anytime. Docking/charging is will go "home" and charge when it's done with its sweeping. The battery is rated for 2hrs of operation so it should be enough for large open areas. For tight confined complex layouts where the vacuum needs to do a lot of "learning" of the environment it may use up more of the battery. The front sensors are pretty good at stopping the robot from bumping into it's surroundings after it learns the general layout.
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VINE VOICEon June 19, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received a “Miele RX1 Scout” for review. Previously, I have been called a “Roomba-holdout” in the office: I work in the high-tech industry and I am the only person in the team who doesn't have a robotic vacuum yet. Instead, I happily take out my Dyson and more recently my LG Kompressor every weekend and enjoy the experience of pushing it around by myself. I know this sounds strange, but I really enjoy doing vacuum cleaning and that's one of the few household work items that my gf approves me to do without her supervision. :P

I won't go into detail about what this Scout is. Amazon's website and many other reviewers do a wonderful job explaining what it is. Instead, I want to talk about my experience of using it.

The out-of-the-box experience is very good. Everything is neatly packaged. The manual is clear: attach the brushes, let it charge first, and setup the remote and clock. Done. The only potential negative here is the gf's comment that this is made in Korea (Miele is a German brand). I honestly have no problem with where this is made so long as it is high-quality.

Once done with charging, you essentially push the Auto button to select the mode and then the Play button to go. At this moment the “fun” begins. We have a cat that would chase after anything with the slightest movement. Naturally, the Scout moves, and so she gives chase. Unfortunately this interferes with the Scout because it is a machine and it doesn't understand that the cat is not a piece of furniture. So, we ended up locking the cat in the bedroom for the Scout to finish the living room. First problem.

Then we get to the reason why I have been a holdout: these machines are, urr, machines and you really have to work with it and cope with its limits. I claim that I still do a fair bit of work to let the Scout work its way. I have to clean up all the obstacles on the floor or else it may get stuck or keep pushing things around. The cat toy that looks like a tiny pillow? No way, the Scout will try to run over it or keep pushing it around. In practice this generates the same amount of work for me in terms of moving things around. It's just that instead of me doing it one piece at a time, I have to do it all at once before I start the Scout. Second problem.

The Scout is supposed to have a good vision algorithm that trumps all Roomba: instead of literally bumping into a furniture and uses the physical feedback (at which point your chair's leg can already been scratched), it uses a camera to try to not run into anything. However, just as some other reviewers have pointed out, the machine vision algorithm in the Scout can really use some improvement: in my case not only it cannot see the cat toys, it also could not see the cloth window shade and would run into the glass window behind it. Miele did provide us with a short magnetic strip that can act as a barrier, but it is too short for the entire sliding window in the living room. We decided that it's ok for it to bump into the glass anyway and let it go. Then the Scout decided to not touch the strip of carpet in front of the AV system. Maybe that was due to the magnetic field of the AV? Third problem. (In any case, I guess maybe later firmware updates will improve the performance.)

The dust bin is generous but understandably doesn't compare with any old-school vacuum. I realize that Scout owners probably would let it run everyday and so it is not a real problem. However, if that means I have to arrange the room everyday (think the cat toys), then no thank you. In our case we manage to fill the bin after an hour. (The battery is supposed to be able to last for two hours, btw.) It's not a big deal, but just remember that this is not a real “week-ender”. Fourth problem (for me anyway).

Overall, I would say that if you are looking for a robotic vacuum and can cope with its limit, this Miele may be worth checking out given its extensive feature set (the remote control mode is super fun for the cat). In fact, my gf commented that she would definitely go with the Miele since she has discussed this extensively with her friends who own Roombas and every one of her friends thinks the Miele is more desirable. The reason I said “may” is because at the time of this writing there is no asking price yet and so it is difficult for me to comment on how I see its value.

To end this review, while I appreciate this Miele a lot, logically I will continue to be a Roomba-holdout for the longest time to come. :) I justify my four-star rating due to two competing factors: this is premium design, but it is not without its flaw in the machine vision department. Given the potentially high asking price and the uncertainty of future firmware upgrades, giving this a 5/5 would be difficult. I hope Miele would appreciate my honest feedback. Sorry.
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on March 20, 2015
A very expensive toy that does a half job. My house is probably worse than most with several cats and living in a very dusty place with the doors open all the time but it just does not get all the dirt up and just forget about cat litter. I have smooth bamboo floors with low nap Persian rugs and it just cannot get the pet hair off of them and just spreads big globs of dust around. By the time I protect all the low barriers, I might as well get the big vacuum out. The only place I am happy with it is under the bed. I was really hoping it would allow me to keep a cleaner floor but it is just too much trouble to use. If you have smooth floors, furniture with no bases, no rugs and no pets it may do a good job for you but I consider it a complete waste of money.
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