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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Since realizing how inefficient my central unit was, I have saved a lot of money using window units. Because I have a few different makes and brands, I thought it would be useful to compare the three newest: Frigidaire FFRL0633Q1, Friedrich CP05G10A, and the higher BTU Friedrich CP08G10A.


All three models feel fairly heavy duty and are made of durable materials. The cheapest construction is the CP05G10A, which has a flakier cabinet and is prone to vibration sounds if it isn't set up right. It is more reminiscent of a cheap GE unit that I bought locally, despite costing substantially more. The CP08G10A seems to have been made by a completely different company and is very sturdy. The Frigidaire is somewhere inbetween, with a bit more fragile materials, but still substantial.


One of the main reasons to choose central air over a window unit is because window units are ugly and block part of the window. Still, there is a pretty broad range of styles. Of the three, and of all that I've used, there is a clear beauty queen: the FFRL0633Q1. Frigidaire took an original approach to the design and created something relatively streamlined and sleek. The short-and-wide style might also fit in more windows.

The CP05G10A is an old fashioned design in every way, from the control panel to the beige color. It looks old out of the box. The CP08G10A has a very different design, which includes a nice white finish and relatively stylish panel. Again, it is like the two units come from different companies.


You know the drill: add the foam, stick on the accordion fins, and shove it in the window. Well, something like that at least. It is the way these units have been installed since the early days, and it works okay. All units come with a decent amount of hardware for both theft deterrence and stability. The smallest unit (CP05G10A) is the easiest to lift into place. Strangely, the Friedrich fins fit better into my 1970s metal windows than my recent double-pane generic style windows. In the latter, there is no way to get the fins slid in while keeping the a/c at the correct depth in the window. However, there are ways around it and the manual is okay.

The unusual unit of these three is the CP08G10A. It weighs a ton and as such the main chassis is made to slide off. By doing so, the chassis with the accordion fins can be mounted to the window, then the main part of the unit can just slide in. This is a great feature and avoids precarious situations. Why aren't all of them designed like this?


This was surprising to me. When I purchased some small units last year, my thought process was, "A 5,000 BTU unit will do the job, and I want to avoid a big noisy unit." Well, I was dead wrong. The smallest unit I tested, which I bought multiple of (whoops...), was by far the noisiest. The CP05G10A sounds like a loud air purifier even on the lowest setting. The much larger and more powerful CP08G10A is much more tolerable. The winner of the quiet game is the Frigidaire unit. I guess they learned something from making all those refrigerators.

I have included a video comparing the sound from the three air conditioners. I recorded the sound of each for its different fan speeds at a distance of 3'. A large pop filter was used to record only the sound of the unit rather than the sound of wind blowing on the microphone.


The two larger units are the most efficient at 11.2 EER, with the smaller unit a bit worse at 10.7. Compared to my old central air conditioning, even the smaller is much cheaper to operate. Heat pumps are more efficient, with some of the smallest units just a bit more efficient and the fancier ones much more efficient. The true efficiency of window/split air conditioners is the ability to cool only the rooms currently in use. I automate this process by using timers to automatically turn the units on and off in rooms to fit my schedule. The same timers can be used again with heaters during the winter.


This is one area where all units were good, living up to their BTU ratings. They are simple to use and include decent remotes. The CP08G10A has a nifty auto-sweep function to automatically swing the direction of the air current back and forth. The FFRL0633Q1's hat trick is the more efficient upward aim of the vents.


Both the Frigidaire FFRL0633Q1 and Friedrich CP08G10A are great units, with the Frigidaire taking the lead with the quietest operation and modern style. The smaller Friedrich CP05G10A seems like it is due for an upgrade, with its loud fan and outdated style making it a hard sell. My cheapo GE unit is quieter and more attractive.
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on May 10, 2015
The vents pointing up are a major strike against this unit. Half the airflow goes into or behind the blinds. As with all window ac units the accordion style side seals are not good. There are many gaps that no foam is taking up. The energy saver mode does a lot of cycling on and off. First the blower turns on without the compressor, then the whole thing turns off. Then the blower is back on, few minutes later the compressor kicks in. Then everything off again. Kind of distracting. For the money I wonder if I should've just got a 150 dollar cheap unit.
review image review image review image
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VINE VOICEon May 12, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Frigidaire Energy Star 6000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Low Profile is one excellent air conditioner. The low profile makes for a nicer look. The air comes out the top, so it goes up and cools better and more efficiently than ACs that blow straight out. The amount of control over this truly superior AC is equal to any top model air conditioner. The best features:

1-Temperature control is spot on
2-It is so QUIET! Really, yes, this costs more, but if you have a wall unit and are tired of yelling and turning up the TV too loud just to hear it, this is the AC to buy.
3- Energy efficient. It has controls similar to a hotel AC. It will shut off completely on the energy saver setting and go on only when needed. Very nice, saves a lot of money!
4- Looks great! Yes, it's a window AC, but the low profile and modern look gives it a nice place in your room.
5- A TON of features. You want it energy efficient and medium fan at 72 degrees? Yes! You want it on regular setting at low and 67 degrees? Yup.
6- The remote is very easy, nice to handle and works well across the room without having to point it at the AC.

Now the negatives............
1- It's expensive.
2- It is slightly wider than most typical small window ACs, so get your window dimensions just to be sure before you order.

Okay, that's it. Really, this is worth it, especially if you are running an AC in a small room or apartment all summer long. This will save you money, keep you cool and not drive you crazy with all that noise.

This is one truly top shelf air conditioner that will keep you happy and cool all summer long!
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on June 16, 2014
Got this AC after my poor quality SHARP CV2P12SX 11,500 BTU Portable unit died, serving just 2 summers. Stay away from that piece of junk appliance. I decided to get a window mount unit, so it would be quieter (motor on the outdoor side) and more efficient (since it's more insulated than the portable AC), and also because my windows don't open up high, so needed a low-profile A/C, which also doesn't block as much light going into the room as the standard ones.

First of all, I was able to install this unit myself within about 1 hour (never installed window A/C before), all the parts are decent quality and instructions are easy to read. The first thing I noticed about this AC, is that even though it's almost 50% Less BTU's than my Sharp, it cools MUCH faster and colder! So I learned, there's no sense in comparing portable AC BTU's to Window Mounts, the window unit in this case won hands down!

Secondly, it seems even quieter than the Sharp's "Library Quiet" model, which is strange, since Sharp advertises 38decibels, and this unit 48 (on low). Perhaps 10db isn't enough to really make big difference in this case, or maybe it's just me. In any case, if you're very sensitive to sudden sounds, this unit may be better, since it's compressor is on the outdoor side, and does seem to be more gentle on the start and stop than the other AC.

The louvers seem a bit cheaply made, and although, they seem to turn the direction of air flow, it's not much difference. I love the fact that the vents are pointed UPwards, since by principle, heat rises, so by blowing cold air upwards, it seems to "target" the heat better than an AC that blows straight in your face or head, which gets uncomfortable. So this is another + for this model.

The unit can be fully controlled by pushing the control on the AC itself, so if you loose/damage the remote, you're still OK. Secondly, the remote looks very cool, except I would love that black center of it to be a digital screen, giving at least the room Temp and Humidity, as well as showing what controls you've got set.

Frigidaire, if you're reading this, this would be the PERFECT A/C if:

1. Noise was less than 30db.
2. The remote center lit-up with a digital readout of current A/C settings, room temp and humidity.
3. The Air filter also had an optional & replaceable high-grade activated carbon, to clean the air.
4. It had a separate function to de-humidify WITHOUT cooling.
5. It had a heater function.
6. High quality Louvers to better direct airflow.
7. Had longer warranty.

Otherwise, I love this unit, and just ordered a second one for my living room. Well done Frigid! Now lets see if it lasts more than 2 summers. ;)
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on May 17, 2014
This is the quietest ac ever! After trying Quirky & GE's Aros, which was very loud and cheaply made, and had to be returned, I am very happy with my purchase this time. It works great, looks compact and makes only very faint whistling noise.
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on June 14, 2014
It looks a little odd. The front sticks out more that most air conditioners and is about three inches shorter. The back, however, is the same size as any air conditioner. There is a wonderful gap between the front and back that make it fit in the window much better. It really does cool the room quickly.

The reasons I didn't give it 5 stars is the remote tells you that you can lower or raise the temperature but does not tell you what the current setting is on. The other reason is I find it a little noisy.
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on July 31, 2014
We purchased one of these for our daughter's room. Her room is maybe 120 sq ft. The unit installed relatively easily (see explanation later in the review), looked great in the window, was pretty quiet, and cooled down her room extremely quickly (85 to 71 in about 30 mins). At this point, I would have given the product 5 stars...

We were so happy with it that we decided to get one for our bedroom, which is more like 180 sq ft - MUCH different experience... We installed the unit and turned it on around 7 PM - full blast in COOL mode at the lowest temperature, 61 F. Here was the cooling curve for the night:

7 PM... 86 F
8 PM... 85 F
9 PM... 82 F
10 PM... 80 F
11 PM... 78 F
12 AM... 76 F

So in 5 hours (and about 2.5 kW-hrs of electricity spent), it had only cooled down the room 10 degrees! I'm sorry, but that is not acceptable performance. The old school units, while they might have been big and ugly, would turn a large bedroom into a meat locker in less than an hour. It was then that I realized the only reason it cooled our daughter's room so quickly is that her room is tiny. This unit is advertised as efficiently cooling up to a 250-sq-ft room. I would say the ACTUAL cooling performance is more like HALF that!

Also - annoying point about the installation, you are required to tilt the unit 2-4 degrees out of the window, which makes it impossible to install the unit using the seemingly convenient channels on the top or bottom. If you use those channels, the unit will go in perfectly level and not drain appropriately. So, we had to "balance" it on the plastic bar next to the channel to achieve the required tilt. I'm sorry, but for almost $300, couldn't Frigidaire have engineered a draining system that has its OWN built-in tilt that would allow drainage from a level unit, thus not requiring the awkward installation??

Another really annoying point - the unit starts on economy mode every time, no matter which setting you used previously. I'm sorry but the "ECON" mode sucks - it makes an already kind of wimpy AC into a mostly useless AC. It has to be used in COOL mode... Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's just presumptuous and annoying. It is my choice, as the consumer, if I want to run my window AC in economy mode, or if I actually want to cool the room. We make plenty of solar power, so I'm not really worried about using some of the surplus energy our array puts on the grid to be comfortable in my home.
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on June 5, 2015
I have a two-year old 6000 BTU Frigidaire unit in my bedroom which I love so when I decided to replace the 20 year old 'View-Saver' unit in the dining room this was the logical choice. It works OK but here are the issues I have with this unit: 1. The vents are on top and only allow the air to circulate in the up direction. My old unit circulated the air horizontally so it was way more efficient at cooling the room quickly as well as an adjacent room. Now I know that cool air sinks so this shouldn't be a problem but in reality it is. I fabricated two cardboard 'diverters' to capture the air and move it horizontally and that has made some difference. Of course, it looks like some Rube Goldberg machine now but at least it does what I wanted. 2. You cannot read the temperature settings unless you are right on top of the unit - again, because the whole control panel and vents are on the top instead of the front. 3. When you first turn it on it starts off in the ECON mode and requires resetting each time to the COOL mode. I know this is to save energy (and money) but these units don't use much energy anyway and the ECON mode is useless if you want to cool the area quickly. 4. This unit really doesn't save much view out the window. My old unit only used 8 inches of window space while this one uses almost 12 inches. My bedroom unit uses 13 inches so you are actually paying almost double the price for an extra inch of view with this unit. 5. This unit was very difficult to install. Because of the configuration on the bottom it required trial-and-error shimming to achieve the proper angle while still allowing the side curtains to fit properly. I spent well over 3 hours installing this unit while my bedroom unit (in the same style window) only took 15 minutes. Overall, I'm not unhappy with my purchase but if I had to do it over, I would just buy a regular 6000 BTU Frigidaire window unit instead of this one. It would cool quicker and would be a lot easier to install and operate while the difference in the view would be negligible.
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on May 16, 2014
Hi I needed a small ac for a 20 x 15 room and I saw the rewiews and took a shot well first I received it really fast second I put it in and BAM this unit rocks.I had just got home from work and gym set it up than took a quick shower got back to room and it was on low eco setting 15 minutes and the room was cool and dry love it and its sooooo QT. Im gonna buy another for guest room.Its small profile and sleek look is nice and its surprisingly light and easy to install
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on June 30, 2014
This is the window AC to have for its BTU size!! I live in the hot and humid North East and cool 600+ square foot apartment with this unit. (I use a couple of fans to spread the coolness wealth where needed.)

1. Very quiet
2. Very very well built.
3. Installation was easy.
4. It has two separate fan motors. (One outside and one inside.) The condenser fan/motor is separate from the evaporator fan/motor which helps reduce the sound level and increase efficiency. (The evaporator Squirrel cage fan has small weights on it and was balanced from the factory. That is a sign of quality)

We have hit the hot humid part of the summer here in New York and this unit is doing its job as advertised. I will update if necessary but I am extremely pleased!!!
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