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NYPD Blue 12 Seasons 1994

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Season 1
Available on Prime
4.8 out of 5 stars (2,259) IMDb 7.5/10

Detective John Kelly is a young, dedicated cop who has risen quickly through the ranks. Kelly is partnered with his mentor, Detective Andy Sipowicz, a veteran, tough-as-nails cop. As Kelly struggles to save his failing marriage, Sipowicz fights to manage his drinking problem and a dangerous, personal vendetta.

David Caruso, Dennis Franz
Original air date:
May 17, 1994

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Season 1
1. Pilot

Detective John Kelly has his hands full. On the work front, his partner's drinking problem and continual harassment of gangster Alfonse Giardella is about to get them both in over their heads with the mob. On the personal front, his wife wants a divorce.

CC TV-14 September 21, 1993 48 minutes
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2. 4B or Not 4B

Lieutenant Fancy and Detective Kelly are warned to stop pressuring the mob even as Andy Sipowicz lies in the hospital with numerous gunshot wounds. Back at Kelly's ex-wife's apartment building, an angry young man starts carrying a gun for protection.

CC TV-14 September 28, 1993 48 minutes
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3. Brown Appetit

After discovering the hotel where Giardella is being held, Sipowicz gets his revenge with the help of a pet bulldog and the hotel's thankful chef.

CC TV-14 October 5, 1993 48 minutes
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4. True Confessions

Kelly quits moonlighting as a bodyguard after discovering his millionaire employer is a wife beater. Later Kelly speaks at a tenant meeting explaining the dangers of carrying a gun for protection. Unfortunately, his talk has little impact on the tenant in 4B.

CC TV-14 October 12, 1993 48 minutes
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5. Emission Accomplished

Martinez discovers the superintendent of his brother's apartment building is a cop who beats and robs tenants who fall behind on their rent.

CC TV-14 October 19, 1993 48 minutes
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6. Personal Foul

Kelly is forced to arrest a close friend after a fight on the basketball court leaves another friend dead.

CC TV-14 October 26, 1993 48 minutes
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7. NYPD Lou

When Sipowicz's estranged son, Andy Jr., shows up and announces his engagement, Andy Sr. decides to look into the bride-to-be's background.

CC TV-14 November 2, 1993 48 minutes
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8. Tempest In a C-Cup

Lieutenant Fancy hires Donna Abandando, a well-endowed civilian employee, to work in the precinct's "safe street" program.

CC TV-14 November 16, 1993 48 minutes
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9. Ice Follies

When Martinez's brother dies from a drug overdose, their father sets out to kill the drug dealer responsible.

CC TV-14 November 23, 1993 47 minutes
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10. Oscar, Meyer, Wiener

Ignoring Kelly's advice, Licalsi reveals that she's being blackmailed by the mob. Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the brutal robbery-murder of a wealthy family and work with a pawn dealer in hopes of retrieving a stolen Oscar statuette.

CC TV-14 December 7, 1993 48 minutes
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11. From Hare To Eternity

As the holiday's approach, Kelly and Sipowicz get a early gift in the form of a hot tip while investigating the kidnapping of a young girl.

CC TV-14 December 14, 1993 48 minutes
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12. Up On the Roof

While Martinez investigates a series of robberies involving a fake ATM machine, Kelly's current case yields evidence that links Licalsi to the mob. Meanwhile, Lt. Fancy tries to extend his custody of a young boy whose mother is in a drug rehabilitation program.

CC TV-14 January 4, 1994 48 minutes
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13. Abandando Abandoned

Donna's joy over Medavoy leaving his wife is short-lived when he has a change of heart.

CC TV-14 January 11, 1994 48 minutes
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14. Jumpin' Jack Fleishman

When a woman who was raped refuses to press charges for fear her husband will say she brought it upon herself, Licalsi acts as a decoy in an attempt to trap the prime suspect.

CC TV-14 January 18, 1994 48 minutes
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15. Steroid Roy

When Kelly and Sipowicz respond to a suicide call they find the body of a police informant who had come to the precinct earlier that day shouting that she was sleeping with her police contact. Licalsi suspects that her partner is taking drugs.

CC TV-14 February 8, 1994 48 minutes
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16. A Sudden Fish

Sipowicz has to diffuse an explosive situation when a disabled Vietnam vet who was mugged decides to take matters into his own hands.

CC TV-14 February 15, 1994 48 minutes
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17. Black Men Can Jump

Sipowicz is furious when he suspects a private investigator is giving false hope to a man whose daughter has been missing for 2 ½ years.

CC TV-14 March 1, 1994 48 minutes
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18. Zeppo Marks Brothers

When a material witness to a drug hit turns up dead, Sipowicz and Kelly's investigation leads them to two brothers who have also planned a hit on Kelly's ex-wife, Laura. Sipowicz must perform uniform-detail in a dress uniform way too small.

CC TV-14 March 22, 1994 47 minutes
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19. Serge the Concierge

Detectives searching a landfill for the body of a dead girl find the body of a millionaire instead. While Kelly interviews the wife of the deceased, Sipowicz does some investigating of his own after Andy Jr. is arrested for selling cocaine.

CC TV-14 March 29, 1994 48 minutes
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20. Good Time Charlie

A man finds himself in way over his head when his wife finds out about his numerous girlfriends.

CC TV-14 May 3, 1994 48 minutes
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21. Guns 'N Rosaries

Even as Licalsi confesses to shooting Angelo Marino and his driver, Martinez is forced to shoot an irate man who points a gun at Medavoy while they're stuck in traffic.

CC TV-14 May 10, 1994 48 minutes
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22. Rockin' Robin

Sipowicz and Kelly investigate the stabbing death of a priest whose body was found in a park frequented by male prostitutes.

CC TV-14 May 17, 1994 48 minutes
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Format: DVD
With the fact that the show has been on for ten seasons and the proliferation of gritty and realistic programming now on TV (especially on HBO which has no restrictions), one can forget the power and shock of NYPD Blue when it premiered in 1993. David Bochco insisted that ABC allow him to use minor profanities and brief nudity to create a more realistic portrayal of the lives of New York City cops. While several stations balked at the show and refused to carry it, the show was an instant success. What really made the show so interesting was not the language or nudity, but the well written shows and first rate acting. Bochco veteran Dennis Franz plays alcoholic detective Andy Sipowicz, who was only supposed to be in the first episode, whose character is gunned down and nearly dies. Mr. Franz is superb as the volcanic Sipowicz and was rewarded with the first of his four Best Actor Emmys for the season, but the real star of the season is David Caruso. Mr. Caruso is simply magnetic as Sipowicz's partner John Kelly. Whereas Sipowicz is a hot head, Kelly exudes cool and calm. He is passionate about what he does, but his anger boils beneath the surface where Sipowicz's explodes. It is this dynamic between the two that makes the pairing work as one of the best in TV cop show history. Other cast members include Sherry Stringfield as Assistant D.A. Laura Michaels who is also Kelly's ex-wife, Amy Brenneman as Janice Licalsi who is a police desk officer that is tangled up with the mob and carrying on an affair with Kelly, James McDaniel as Lt. Arthur Fancy who heads the department and is black. Sipowicz is also a racist which causes much tension between him and Fancy. Nicholas Turturro is Dt. James Martinez who is a new detective who struggles for acceptance on the job.Read more ›
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Format: DVD
What a joy to be able and revisit this show. I clearly recall the uproar it caused when it premiered, and it's still pretty provocative lo these ten years on.
If you follow the show, Dennis Franz has created one of the greatest characters in the history of television. Sipowicz is one for the ages, and seeing the tortured man in the initial episode, unable to know what we know...he calls his (unbeknownst to him) future wife a "p***y little b***h" within the first minutes of the first episode, for's a bit like going back in time.
Again, looking at that first episode. The cast includes, of course, the outstanding David Caruso (you can't take your eyes off him when he's he's on CSI: Miami), Amy Brennemann (Judging Amy), Sherrie Stringfield (ER), Nicholas Turturro, James McDaniel, Daniel Benzali, even David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) a delight. The video transfer is eye-popping. The crisp yellows of the NY taxis, the cool blues in the station, Caruso's hair...all delivered vividly, with killer sound as well.
Oh yeah...this is great stuff.
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I had never seen any of the early NYPD Blues episodes with David Caruso until now. In fact I never wanted to see them because I had never found Caruso to be an attractive or particularly talented actor and wondered why he had the conceit to leave NYPD Blue so early in his career. After watching his charismatic and convincing performance as John Kelly I now understand. This whole first season of this groundbreaking show somehow made me wistful for a time gone by.
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Format: DVD
For years my Tuesday nights revolved around this show. Then, sometime around the time they got yet another pair of gorgeous, yet totally colorless, female detectives, and yet another "Loo" and the show became totally a police procedual (I have to think budgetary cuts had to make dispensible anything outside the station house and exteriors filmed on an already established studio backlot), I gave up on it, and switched to the now supremely edgier and better written (and acted and directed) The Shield. That said, there were those years were the cooler talk at my place of work revolved around NYPD Blue, and it was never better than in its first, groundbreaking season. Forget the hype about the nudity and language: what made this show so great was its portrayal of complicated, fallible people--truth be told, men--doing a immensely difficult job. Kelly and Sipowicz were such compelling figures because they were basically decent men in a world where decency didn't necessarily solve the cases they had to deal with. Who could forget Kelly telling then young detective Martinez how far he would violate a suspect's rights to get a confession. It was brilliant drama, as we find ourselves confronting our own ambivilence about civil rights when they come to criminals. And who could forget that moment when a grieving couple whose son has been murdered look at a pigeon on a rooftop and speak of how that's the little boy's spirit come back to them. And Andy Sipowicz--angry, drunken, violent, racist Andy--saying that he could see the light around the pigeon and yes, it had to be the boy come back. Television didn't, and doesn't, get better than this. We all know that NYPD Blue should have ended years before it did (although that would have denied us the opportunity to see a great actor like Dennis Franz at work), but for this first season, and at least two more seasons, there was no better acted, written, directed drama on television. This is a box set worth having.
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