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Star Trek: Voyager 7 Seasons 1999

Available on Prime
Season 5
Available on Prime
4.7 out of 5 stars (539) IMDb 7.7/10

Catch all 26 episodes from the gripping fifth season of this spin-off from the "Star Trek" universe, in which steadfast Capt. Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) must deal with her crew's ennui as they navigate through a void in space where no star systems or galaxies exist.

Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran
Original air date:
May 26, 1999

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Season 5
1. Night

Janeway's actions could cost the crew their chance of reaching home.

CC TV-PG October 14, 1998 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
2. Drone

The pupil becomes the teacher when a Borg drone is born on Voyager and Seven of Nine instructs him in the ways of humanity.

CC TV-PG October 21, 1998 46 minutes
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3. Extreme Risk

A need to test herself leads Torres down a path of self-destruction.

CC TV-PG October 28, 1998 46 minutes
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4. In the Flesh

The Voyager crew discovers an alien training ground for the destruction of Earth.

CC TV-PG November 4, 1998 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
5. Once Upon a Time

When Neelix comforts a little girl whose mother is missing, it brings back painful memories of losing his own family.

CC TV-G November 11, 1998 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
6. Timeless

Fifteen years after making a horrible mistake, Kim attempts to rewrite history.

CC TV-PG November 18, 1998 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
7. Infinite Regress

Seven experiences the Borg version of multiple personality disorder.

CC TV-PG November 25, 1998 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
8. Nothing Human

Torres is forced to put her life in the hands of a mortal enemy that uses biochemical secretions to give commands.

CC TV-PG December 2, 1998 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
9. Thirty Days

Paris is confined to the Brig after interfering with the affairs of an alien race.

CC TV-PG December 9, 1998 46 minutes
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10. Counterpoint

Janeway falls for a man who may be using her to take over Voyager.

CC TV-PG December 16, 1998 46 minutes
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11. Latent Image

Someone is trying to keep the Doctor from remembering the incidents surrounding a crewmember's death.

CC TV-PG January 20, 1999 45 minutes
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12. Bride of Chaotica!

Janeway and Paris join forces to defeat the evil Doctor Chaotica.

CC TV-PG January 27, 1999 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
13. Gravity

Stranded on a desolate planet with a beautiful female, Tuvok struggles to ignore the emotions his Vulcan master taught him to suppress.

CC TV-PG February 3, 1999 46 minutes
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14. Bliss

The crew is in serious danger when all of their dreams seem to come true and home seems closer in sight.

CC TV-PG February 10, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
15. Dark Frontier

During a mission against the Borg, Seven of Nine is lured back to the Collective.

CC TV-PG February 17, 1999 1 hour, 32 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
16. The Disease

Kim puts his future with Voyager at risk when he chooses love over duty.

CC TV-PG February 24, 1999 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
17. Course: Oblivion

As crewmembers begin dying, they make a startling discovery about their true identities.

CC TV-PG March 3, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
18. The Fight

An alien race chooses to communicate with Voyager through Chakotay on the holodeck.

CC TV-PG March 24, 1999 45 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
19. Think Tank

A problem-solving alien comes to Voyager's rescue, but his help has a steep price.

CC TV-PG March 31, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
20. Juggernaut

The crew races against the clock to prevent a catastrophic explosion.

CC TV-PG April 26, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
21. Someone to Watch Over Me

The Doctor's interest in Seven's social development becomes more than clinical.

CC TV-PG April 28, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
22. 11:59

A look back at her ancestor's history does not give Janeway the whole story.

CC TV-PG May 5, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
23. Relativity

Voyager's future depends on Seven's success in preventing the past.

CC TV-PG May 12, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
24. Warhead

A weapon of mass destruction takes control of Voyager.

CC TV-PG May 19, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
25. Equinox (Part 1)

Another Federation starship in the Delta Quadrant brings trouble for Voyager.

CC TV-PG May 26, 1999 46 minutes
Buy SD $1.99

Product Details

Genres Science Fiction, Adventure, Action
Director David Livingston
Starring Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran
Supporting actors Roxann Dawson, Robert Duncan McNeill, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Jeri Ryan, Garrett Wang, Steven Dennis, Ken Magee, Steven Rankin, Martin Rayner, Majel Barrett, Tarik Ergin
Season year 1999
Network Paramount Television
Producers Rick Berman, Kenneth Biller, Brannon Braga, John Farrell, Merri D. Howard, Peter Lauritson, Joe Menosky, Dawn Velazquez, Stephen Welke, Brad Yacobian
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Format: DVD
STAR TREK: VOYAGER is an unusual show in that its worst seasons were the earliest. Virtually all shows ever made were better in their first half than in the second half, but VOYAGER is one of the few exceptions. There are two reasons for the dramatic improvement in the show over its final four seasons. First, an increasing amount of serial content. No doubt part of this was the result of a growing number of other shows on at the same time with serial formats. Whatever the cause, as more and more elements carried over from one episode to later episodes, the more interesting the series became. The second reason for the improvement in the show was the emergence of Seven of Nine as the show's most compelling character. Very shortly after her introduction at the start of Season Four, Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine became by far the most crucial character in most of the best episodes. VOYAGER did not, in fact, feel at all like the same show after Seven's appearance on the series. And as with the other three seasons featuring Seven, most of the best episodes on the show were Seven-centric.

Still, Season Five did not have as many truly excellent episodes as Season Four. On the other hand, it did not have nearly as man weak episodes as Seasons One through Three and Season Six. The two-part "Dark Frontier" is one of the exceptions, providing two of the most exciting episodes in the entire run of VOYAGER (again, a pair of episodes focused on Seven of Nine, as she temporarily returns to the Borg, learning that perhaps her having become a member of the crew of Voyager was part of a Borg plan). Still, the main virtue of Season Five is its persistent excellence, rather than its flashes of greatness.

There are some fun guest appearances in Season Five.
Read more ›
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Format: DVD
I reviewed season 4, sharing about what I believe, that Voyager contained some of the best "trek" writing to date -including Enterprise. Season 5 would probably have to be the summit. There are so many good episodes in this season. Even most Voyager fans agree by the ratings on To me, what makes great sci-fi is the ability to have a great storyline with plausible action - not too far fetched (if you know what I mean) By season 5 the focused character development is evidenced by detailed dialog and sub plots. One episode, 11:59 is interesting as a comparison to Next Generation. It begins with a hallway discussion that leads to a detailed sit-down share time. In Next Generation, Picard would have cut it off at the door - very predictable. Seven is now learning to be more human and shares her feelings, the comic relief throughout is quite good with the bantering of Tuvok/Neelix and Seven/Torres. Bride of Chaotica is a hoot. This brings me to another point. Overall, Voyager has many recurring plot loops. For example, Captain Proton was a thread in many episodes as were several other characters (Naomi Wildman). Voyager also improved their technology- they adapted. Quite a realistic possibility right? They kept tech they learned about and season 5 gives examples of this such as the creation of the Delta Flyer, a new shuttle with Borg weapons and shields. Voyager, unlike, the other ST series, built upon technology-This season also includes more character development. There are several episodes with focus on indiviual issues. The most dramatic involving Seven, the borg queen and Janeway. After all, the series really defines the mysterious borg. Seasons 4-7 of Voyager really help the viewer realize what borg are all about and they fit so well into the storyline. The final episode is great.Read more ›
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Format: DVD
Seasons three and four of Star Trek: Voyager were when the show put its feet on the ground and started to run. The writing got progressively better. There were a ton of GREAT GREAT episodes, but I must say that, in my opinion, this fifth season is the most consistent of the ones to date. There is some great storytelling in this season. Another great addition to the series was the Delta Flyer. Let's face it...the Delta Flyer was COOL! It added a whole new action dimension to the series. When this season came around, we had enough backstory to really dive into the lives of the characters. The Borg again return in "Dark Frontier". The Borg are ALWAYS a welcome sight. They bring action and mystery seemingly everytime they show up. Tom Paris is reduced in rank in one of my personal favorite episodes of the SERIES in "Thirty Days". How can you beat turning the Delta Flyer into a submarine? And then, of course, there is "Timeless". Productionwise the 100th episode of the series. Temporal mechanics and a ship crashing into the ice. Enough said! There is, again, a cliffhanger at the end of this season and it's a doozy. We find out that Voyager is not alone, and the other crew is nowhere near in as good a shape, physically and mentally, as Captain Janeway's valient crew. This is a great season of television. Enjoyable all the way through with very few duds. This could be the best season of the series.

Best Episodes:

Night, Drone, Extreme Risk, In the Flesh, Timeless, Thirty Days, Counterpoint, Latent Image, Bride of Chaotica, Bliss, Dark Frontier, Someone to Watch Over Me, Relativity, Equinox: Part I
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