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Frasier 11 Seasons 2000

Available on Prime
Season 7
Available on Prime
4.8 out of 5 stars (316) IMDb 8/10

The doctor is in. Featuring razor-sharp dialogue, the Emmy Award-winning comedy returns for more shenanigans courtesy of the titular shrink (Kelsey Grammer), priggish brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce), dyspeptic dad Martin (John Mahoney) and the rest of the show's colorful characters.

Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves
Original air date:
May 18, 2000

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Season 7
1. Momma Mia

Frasier's new girlfriend is loving, attentive--and a dead ringer for his late mother!

CC TV-PG September 23, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
2. Father of the Bride

Daphne's touched when Frasier agrees to pay for her wedding--but aghast when he takes control of all the plans.

CC TV-PG September 30, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
3. Radio Wars

Frasier vows revenge after a pair of radio "shock jocks" embarrass him in a series of on-air pranks.

CC TV-PG October 7, 1999 21 minutes
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4. Everyone's A Critic

Jealous of Niles' position as the arts critic for a snobby magazine, Frasier goes all out in his bid to host a cultural program on his radio station.

CC TV-PG October 14, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
5. The Dog That Rocks the Cradle

Roz hires Bulldog to babysit her daughter, not realizing he's out to bulldoze her social life.

CC TV-PG October 21, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
6. Rivals

Frasier and Niles crank their sibling rivalry up a notch when each believes the other is trying to steal his girlfriend.

CC TV-PG November 4, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
7. A Tsar Is Born

After a family heirloom is linked to the Romanoffs, Frasier and Niles giddily assume they are descended from royalty.

CC TV-PG November 11, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
8. The Late Dr. Crane

An erroneous report that Frasier has died motivates him to do a makeover on his life.

CC TV-PG November 18, 1999 22 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
9. The Apparent Trap

When Lilith visits Seattle over Thanksgiving, Frederick conspires to reunite his parents.

CC TV-PG November 25, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
10. Back Talk

Looped on pain medication for his ailing back, Frasier makes a startling announcement to Daphne.

CC TV-PG December 9, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
11. The Fight Before Christmas

Knowing Niles loves her, Daphne is forced to confront how she really feels about him.

CC TV-PG December 16, 1999 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
12. Rdwrer

After Frasier and Niles' New Year's plans fall through, they take a riotous road trip with Martin in his Winnebago.

CC TV-PG January 6, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
13. They're Playing Our Song

Frasier's attempt to write a simple theme song for his show turns into a major production for he and Martin.

CC TV-PG January 13, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
14. Big Crane On Campus

Frasier's "dream date" with a former prom queen turns out to be a living nightmare.

CC TV-PG February 3, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
15. Out With Dad

Martin pretends he's gay to get out of dating a woman he doesn't find attractive.

CC TV-PG February 10, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
16. Something About Dr. Mary

When Roz takes a vacation, Frasier's new call screener takes over Roz's job -- and his show!

CC TV-PG February 17, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
17. Whine Club

Frasier and Niles uncork a bad case of sibling rivalry when they compete for a prestigious position in their wine club.

CC TV-PG February 24, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
18. Hot Pursuit

While Niles joins Martin on a stakeout, Roz and Frasier flirt with the idea of becoming more than just friends.

CC TV-PG March 23, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
19. Morning Becomes Entertainment

Frasier checks his professional dignity at the door when he becomes the cohost of a mindless morning TV show with his agent, Bebe.

CC TV-PG April 6, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
20. To Thine Old Self Be True

Frasier's budding romance is complicated by a stripper; Maris tries to sabotage Niles' new relationship.

CC TV-PG April 27, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
21. The Three Faces of Frasier

Frasier's delight at having his caricature displayed in a famous local landmark dissolves once he sees the unflattering portrait.

CC TV-PG May 4, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
22. Dark Side of the Moon

The arrival of Daphne's obnoxious brother, Simon, unleashes an emotional torrent that drives her into therapy.

CC TV-PG May 11, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
23. Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (Part 1)

Just when Daphne decides to profess her love for Niles, he drops a stunning bombshell.

CC TV-PG May 18, 2000 21 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
24. Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (Part 2)

On the eve of her wedding, Daphne's torn between the man she loves and the man she's engaged to marry.

CC TV-PG May 18, 2000 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99

Product Details

Genres Comedy
Director Kelsey Grammer
Starring Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves
Supporting actors David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, John Mahoney, Rita Wilson, Georgia Emelin, Delaina Mitchell, Dustin Tragethon, Sean Cast, Moose
Season year 2000
Network Grub Street Productions
Producers David Angell, Maggie Blanc, Peter Casey, Kelsey Grammer, Rob Hanning, Charlie Hauck, Tony Hicks, Sam Johnson, Joe Keenan, Lori Kirkland Baker, Jay Kogen, David Lee, Christopher Lloyd, Chris Marcil, Dan O'Shannon, Mark Reisman, Jon Sherman
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Format: DVD
The seventh season of "Frasier" has some really good episodes in it, but then again, that's not really a surprise.
This season is probably my favorite, mostly because Niles finally finally FINALLY ends up with Daphne, after a highly-medicated Frasier tells Daphne how Niles feels about her. (This episode is really good, but its title currently escapes me.)
This season is also great because one of my very favorite episodes is on this set, and the episode is "Rdwrer". In this episode, Frasier, Niles and Martin go off in Martin's Winnebago (a. k. a. the "Road Warrior") for a new year's celebration in Idaho. However, during a brief stop during the trip, Niles accidentally enters the wrong RV, and a farce ensues.
I also like "The Apparent Trap", the episode where Lilith and Frederick come for Thanksgiving--particularly the part where Niles attempts to play a video game.

Anyway, this season is great, and I highly recommend it.
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Format: DVD
Here are the episodes for season 7.

1.) Momma Mia

2.) Father of the Bride

3.) Radio Wars

4.) Everyone's a Critic

5.) The Dog That Rocks the Cradle

6.) Rivals

7.) A Tsar is Born

8.) The Late Dr. Crane

9.) The Apparent Trap

10.) Back Talk (Part 1)

11.) The Fight Before Christmas (Part 2)

12.) Rdwrer

13.) They're Playing Our Song

14.) Big Crane on Campus

15.) Out With Dad

16.) Something About Dr. Mary

17.) Whine Club

18.) Hot Pursuit

19.) Morning Becomes Entertainment

20.) To Thine Old Self Be True

21.) Three Faces of Frasier

22.) Dark Side of the Moon

23.) Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (Part 1)

24.)Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (Part 2)
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Format: DVD
For diehard "Frasier" fans, Season 7 represents a highpoint as the long awaited Niles/Daphne relationship finally culminates in "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" and leads to the best cliffhanger in the series.

The best episodes of the season all have either veteran or new character actors featured in some wonderful episodes. Lilith returns in "The Apparent Trap", with Frederick doing all he can to manipulate his parents into giving him a mini-bike. "The Dog That Rocks The Cradle" brings back a finger-dislocating Bulldog and is really a howler. And Frasier's notorious agent Bebe makes "Morning Comes Entertainment" (a wonderful episode title) a sheer delight. The image of her 'n Frasier riding on a donkey while Niles proclaims, "Via con Dios." is very funny.

Let's not forget the newcomers to the series as well, like the irrepressable Jean Smart in "Big Crane on Campus", she's both beautiful and frightening at the same time. Kim Coles is delightful in "Something About Dr. Mary", an episode that addresses the issue of Frasier's inability to tell Mary the truth because she's black. Which is interesting considering that very few African-Americans have ever been on "Frasier". But the real star is Anthony LaPaglia as Daphne's wayward, drunken brother Simon. He is terrific in back to back episodes ("Dark Side of the Moon", "Something Borrowed, Something Blue").

Despite some very good episodes, it's clear that the writers were running out of ideas during this season as several shows repeat themes or even lift parts of previous episodes. Take for example "Hot Pursuit", which vitually remakes Season 3's "Roz Loves Frasier", although this version is slower and unnecessary. "Rivals" uses the same ballroom set as Season 3's "Moon Dance" and even has a tango.
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Format: DVD
This is my favorite Frasier season, though they are all excellent. By this point in the show's long run its success was established and the writers took the opportunity to take it a bit further, with surreal humor and a wonderfully satisfying development of the Niles/Daphne love story. One of the show's real strengths is the laugh-out-loud one-liners, sometimes slipped in subtly so you have to think for a moment before getting the joke, and this season abounds in those.

The main characters are as solid as always and there is the usual array of accomplished guest stars, including Daphne's brother Simon, played by Anthony LaPaglia, who is hilarious although strangely seems to come from a different part of England than Daphne and her mother. Daphne's mother is played by Millicent Martin and those of us with long memories remember her singing the theme song to 'That Was The Week That Was', the show hosted by the late David Frost which introduced satire to the UK.

This series was one that got all the relationships between the five main characters exactly right and that is fully in evidence here. A brilliant concept realized to the utmost in this season.
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I love Frasier, and am really glad that it's available for free streaming on Amazon Prime. However, I find the streaming experience has a lot of room for improvement. Not only is it not as seamless as Netflix, it also leaves out certain episodes! The seasons since S6 are not complete -- only 1/2 or 2/3 of the episodes are available. What gives?
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