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The Great Year NR

4.4 out of 5 stars (28) IMDb 7.9/10

This provocative film, narrated by James Earl Jones, is accompanied by 18 minutes of animation and a moving original musical score. The message behind the film may be the beginning of a whole new way to look at time and history, and just might set off a new scientific movement to find our Sun's binary companion.

Charles Howerton, Harvey Jason
47 minutes

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Product Details

Genres Documentary
Director Robert Ballo
Starring Charles Howerton, Harvey Jason
Supporting actors James Earl Jones, Victor Raider-Wexler
Studio Unavailable
MPAA rating NR (Not Rated)
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
An engaging documentary that intertwines the phenomena known as precession through the Equinoxes and how, the rise and fall of civilizations may be linked to this on a grander scale. All indications point to the ancients being obsessed with the heavens and having been aware of this cyclical grand cycle. Their knowledge of the cosmos without our current stage of technological advancement defies our ability to explain their insight on such an expansive scale. Yet several ancient cultures utilizing advanced geometry and astronomy all had names for this vast cycle and the effect it played on mankind.

For years the academic community has told us these ancient writings amount to no more than fairly tales.

Now several institutions are examining the possibility that ancient civilizations were more advanced than previously thought... a theory that does not sit well with traditionalists in conservative academic circles.

Does history and civilization move in vast cycles? Was there really a Golden Age when people lived a more profound and exalted existence on a higher plane of enlightenment? An age where wisdom and spirituality won out over illusion and materialism? The "Great Year" delves into seldom charted territory with interviews from those who believe there is a physical celestial force that can cause humanity as a whole to either lapse into collective amnesia, or to advance us beyond our known metaphysical understanding and collective consciousness.

Along with angular momentum, precession through the polar stars, and annual precession rates, the film includes interviews with archaeologists, professors of history and astronomy, all describing various traits of the Great Year.
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I ordered this DVD after reading "Lost Star of Myth and Time" by Walter Cruttenden, which is a sequel to the book this DVD is based on. There was a brief description of the DVD in the back of this book. The movie makes sense even if you haven't read either book, but if you want to see most of the evidence for its ideas, get the books.

The graphics make it much easier to visualize what the books talked about, and the narrative, interviews, and shots of various ancient sites present the idea very well.

In case you don't know, the general idea is that precession of the equinoxes is not caused by a wobble of the Earth's pole, as is assumed by conventional science, but by the Sun being part of a binary star system, and thus following an eliptical path through space and taking the Solar System along with it. (So that it appears to be going backwards in relation to the "fixed" stars half of the time.) It's a logical idea that explains the observed phenomena. So why don't we see the other star in the binary system? Well, either it's too dark to see (for instance, a brown dwarf) or we do see it but its so far away currently that we dont yet recognize the relationship between our sun and the other star.

Much is made in the video, and the books, about the ancient traditions of golden ages having existed in the distant past and the idea in Hindu and other ancient traditions that civilization goes thru a series of ascending and descending eras that coincide with the "Great Year" during which the equinoxes precess thru all 12 constellations of the Zodiac. And that this is caused by some unknown effects of either the companion star or the area of space the Solar System passes thru on its orbit around the dual system's center of gravity.
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Did highly advanced civilizations exist on the earth long before conventional history wants us to believe? Civilizations that understood secrets in astronomy, mathematics and many other fields of scientific endeavor that have unfortunately been lost with the passing of time, now buried somewhere in the sands of antiquity.

Are the ancient tales of an antediluvian "Golden Age" populated by beings with miraculous God-like abilities really just nothing more than myth and legend? Or are they in reality the last remaining fragmentary accounts of what mankind once was and may become again in some future age?

Warning, this documentary will challenge everything you've been taught about history, astronomy, religion and the nature and destiny of mankind. Be ready to postulate such concepts as:

1) The discovery of a 24,000 year celestial cycle which determines the rise and fall of civilizations and man's ability to comprehend 'higher wisdom.'

2) A 'second sun' rotating in conjunction with our own.

3) Flying machines and intercontinental travel thousands of years before the pyramids were built.

4) A time when telepathy, levitation and other psychic powers were commonplace.

A very well produced documentary that will make you re-think your belief system. Nothing will ever be the same again. Highly recommended!
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Format: DVD
Went to a movie last night called "The Great Year," a new documentary about the prehistoric stoneworks that are found all over the world. Some open-minded researchers have finally realized all those ancient monuments are not just fancy graves, but an intricate system laid out across the planet to reflect the 'procession of the equinoxes,' a phenomenon science has never quite figured out. Current thought is that the earth's axis wobbles because of the moon's gravitational pull, thereby causing a different astrological sign to be prevalent during different epochs. (age of Pisces, Aquarius, etc.) That explanation, however, doesn't actually work out on computer models.
By finally putting all the pieces together, these archeologists now believe that the ancients were trying to tell us not to forget that we are part of a binary star system, and that our sun is on an elliptical trajectory that drags all the planets with it, creating the processional effect. This binary sun theory makes all kinds of cosmic equations suddenly fall into place, and also explains lots of celestial mechanics that have been eluding us And it appears that as we approach the midpoint in our sun's orbit around it's mate, all kind of things will begin to happen in our little neighborhood (time speeds up, gravitational force changes, comets veer off course, etc...). Great graphics made this whole concept very easy to grasp and it was amazing to see how quickly everything fell into place once you applied this model.
The movie, narrated by James Earl Jones (love that voice!) also showed how this 'great cycle' possibly relates to the rise and fall of civilizations, because of the mounting evidence that there is a direct connection between this procession and our state of spiritual development.
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