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Build a playhouse with giant tinkertoys

A guide by Jenn "Jenn" (Orlando, FL)

Toobeez ultimate Life Size Building Set, 57 Pieces Toobeez 114 Piece Super Fort Kit EZ-Fort

What if the playhouse you built could also teach your kids.

It's the ultimate giant construction building system that inspires, mobilizes and connects your kids with each other. Children, teens, adults and seniors love connecting with Toobeez! They're like giant Tinker Toys with fun, stimulating activities!

Educational Toys for Children: Do you have a classroom of kinetic learners who do not want to sit still? Use Toobeez learning toys to work with this kinesthetic style.

Children love hands-on education and the Toobeez educational toys for kids are just the tool to get them learning through play and physical activity.

These giant tinker toy like building kits support educational classroom goals through exciting and enticing activities and differentiated instruction that addresses multiple intelligences.

You’ll find dozens of learning activities created by teachers for teachers in the Toobeez activities books.

Kinesthetic Language Arts Activities: In your language arts classroom, the Toobeez educational toys for children are a quick way to set the stage for dramatic learning. Act out literature for greater understanding. Role play scenes and then record the dialogue to build writing skills. Have students create a new invention with Toobeez and then produce an instruction pamphlet for their unique device, including clear instructions. With the Toobeez Language Arts Activities Book, you will find ten innovative activities to improve reading comprehension, grammar, and creative expression. There is no end to the cooperative learning possibilities.

Hands-On Mathematics Activities: Bring another dimension to your math instruction with Toobeez construction toys for the mathematics classroom. Difficult, abstract concepts are easier to master when you build graphs, angles, and shapes using Toobeez learning toys.

As Kim Cooke of Walter Bickett Elementary School in Monroe, NC, explains, “One of my passions is gaining a better understanding on how the brain learns, and your activity books included up to date brain strategies. The books were very teacher-friendly and I was able to instantly incorporate the activities into my presentations and lessons. I have contacted 3 other principals and 18 other Teachers in my school system about your products.”

Students will understand the relevance of mathematics as they build and test their Toobeez structures. Ten engaging and open ended activities from the Toobeez Mathematics Activities Book will have students eager to learn more about mathematics.

Educational Toys for Toddlers and Preschooler: Young children learn best through play. Give kids a good start by choosing the right educational learning toys for toddlers and preschoolers. Because these multipurpose toys can be used in a variety of educational and fun ways, Toobeez make the perfect day care toy or toy for teachers of young children. Toobeez encourage young children to explore their world in an educational and rewarding way. Build a tunnel, teach basic shapes, and create puppet theaters for kids.

Learning Toys: With these educational toys for kids, classroom activities transform into an opportunity for collaboration and genuine discovery.

Pete Smithson from Central Middle School, Orlando, FL, is impressed with the flexibility of these building toys: “The open ended nature of the product allows us to use your products within our entire school. We use them in our staff development days, core subjects, field day, and even our after school activities. What a great program.”

As teachers and educators, you know the value of character education. Toobeez brings learners together to complete authentic tasks.

Toobeez encourage perseverance, trust, responsibility and cooperation through activities that complement linguistic, logical spatial or kinesthetic learning styles.

The workbooks also include discussion questions and activity variations to differentiate for learning styles and strengths!

Your students will build amazing things with Toobeez—including their self-esteem.

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1.  Toobeez ultimate Life Size Building Set, 57 Pieces  by Toobeez
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2.  Toobeez 114 Piece Super Fort Kit  by Toobeez
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3.  EZ-Fort  by Toobeez
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