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Make My Mouse Pointer (Arrow) Larger

A guide by B. Walker (Aurora, CO United States)

Taming Your Computer: The Simple Basics and Beyond

Make My Mouse Pointer (Arrow) Larger

Question: I have a hard time seeing the mouse pointer, that little arrow on my computer screen. Is it possible to make it larger?

Answer: Yes, and it’s very easy to do. Just follow these steps:

LEFT click the Start button in the bottom left corner of your screen, then LEFT click Control Panel. If you don’t see the window below, LEFT click Switch to Classic View.

In the Control Panel DOUBLE LEFT click the picture of the Mouse. The dialog box below will appear.

LEFT click the tab labeled Pointers. LEFT click the drop down arrow beside Scheme and a list of options will appear. Scroll down and LEFT click Windows Standard (Extra Large) or any other choice that is followed by “Extra Large.” LEFT click OK. Voilà! You have a larger pointer.

This tip is from “Taming Your Computer –Beyond the Basics.” Check Barb’s website for FREE sample lessons from her books.

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B. Walker (Aurora, CO United States)
Qualifications: Computer trainer specializing in senior citizens in Denver
Last updated: 2/6/08
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