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Buy Authentic UGGs, Not Fake UGGs

A guide by Casey Profita "Brand Axiom"

Did you know in February, roughly 12,000 Counterfeit UGGs were resold on eBay and thousands more on the internet? At the rate, that is one pair every 39 seconds!

Unfortunately, I did not know that either when I was purchasing my supposedly Authentic UGG Boots. After succumbing to the "UGG Craze," I finally told myself I would go ahead and buy a pair for myself, heck they are warm and popular why not get them?

Here are some QUICK TIPS to Spot FAKE UGGS!

Fake UGGs Characteristics:

1.Fur is caught in all stitching
2.Fur excessively comes out of the boot
3.Fur is not white but darker
4.Quick Test: You cannot comb the fake fur
5.Fakes have a one pc. Box
6.The Stitching thread color is darker than boot material
7.Sole of boot is lighter than suede
8.Stitching on back of boot is jagged and not straight
9.Stitching on front of boot is not curved perfectly but wavy
10.Sole of Boots have a straight line :Should have V shape groves through whole sole
11.Lack ® symbols on sole of boot: However newer fakes do have this perfected now
12.UGG Label on back of the boot is not silk
13.UGG Booklets have fuzzy images; very low resolution
14.UGG Booklets have the word “World” capitalized on the first page.
15.UGG Booklets cover is not embossed *meaning if you touch the cover the UGG Australia Logo is smooth *
16.UGG Congratulations Card is Gray
17.UGG Box is Blue
18.Hanging Tag on the Boot
19. Dust Cover: Separate cloth bags that you’re supposed to store your boots in
20.Inside tags: the Right Boot has the Inside Tag on the Right; The Left Boot has the Inside Tag on the Left
21.Reek of Dye: Does not disappear for a while

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