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What are Text Stats?
  • Statistics computed from the text of each book in the Search Inside!™ program.
  • Indicators of a book's readability and complexity.

What are these graphs?
  • A visual representation of how this book compares with other Search Inside!™ books for each statistic.
Can I compare this book with books in a specific category?
  • Yes! You can compare a book's statistics to those of other books in different categories. Click on the link following "Compared with books in" and choose a new category from the popup menu. The graphs will change to show how this book's statistics compare with other books in the chosen category.
  • Example: Curious George has very few words compared to all other books, but is close to average compared to other books for 4 to 8 year olds. This information may come in handy if you're trying to pick out a gift for a child!
Category: All CategoriesChildren's BooksChildren's Books
> Ages 4 - 8
Number of Words:

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