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Use Membership Rewards Points at today
Three easy steps:
Sign In
Link rewards account
Begin shopping with points
Shop with Points > American Express Membership Rewards
Use Membership Rewards Points at

Use Membership Rewards Points at

Shop with Points at is a fast and convenient way to use Membership Rewards points for products at Simply link the rewards accounts to your account and start shopping.

Benefits of Shop with Points

It's flexible: Use as many or as few points as you want. You can choose to use Membership Rewards points for part of your order and have the remaining balance charged to your card.
It's convenient: Use Membership Rewards points for electronics, movies, books, and more - millions of eligible products sold on
It's easy: After you link your rewards account, we'll display the available points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shop with Points Overview

What is Shop with Points at
Shop with Points offers customers the ability to pay for purchases at using points of participating rewards programs. After completing an easy registration process, customers who participate in eligible programs can use rewards points to pay for an order on in the same way that they would use any other payment method.
How do I use Points to pay for an order?
If you want to use your rewards points to pay for part or all of your purchase, you'll need to proceed to checkout through your Shopping Cart. When you choose your payment method for the purchase, you can choose the amount of points you wish to apply. Points applying to your order will be displayed under Order Summary below the "Place Your Order" button. If points are not applying to your order, click "Change" under Payment Method to use your available points.
Are there any products I can't buy using Shop with Points?
Shop with Points is generally available to buy millions of products on Please note, however, that rewards points cannot be used for all purchases on, and items that currently may not be purchased using Shop with Points include some digital goods, Kindle downloads, Subscribe and Save items, AmazonFresh, or orders containing Pre-order items. Please also note that currently you may not use one-click to purchase products using Shop with Points.
I can't link my rewards program account to my Amazon account. What do I do?
In general, to link your rewards program account to your Amazon account, you will need to complete registration by providing the correct information requested and accepting the terms and conditions. If you are receiving a specific error message when you attempt to link your account, please follow the instructions on the error message.
I am the primary cardholder and would like to remove the rights of other cardholder to Shop with Points. How do I do that?
Please contact your rewards program provider to discuss your card status and rights of other card users to use rewards program points.
Why can I no longer see my available points in check out?
To ensure you are still enrolled in Shop with Points, go to the Your Account page and the Shop with Points link. You can view any enrolled rewards program accounts and see Membership Rewards points balances. If you do not see your rewards program account, you may either try to register your card and rewards account again or contact your rewards program provider to discuss your account status. Your reward account status may be the product of activity on any of the cards associated with the reward account.

Using Membership Rewards at

How do I contact American Express if I have questions regarding my rewards account or my Card?
Please contact American Express to discuss your account status by calling the number on the back of your Card.
I don't see my American Express Card listed when I try to register. Can I participate?
If your American Express Card is enrolled in the Membership Rewards Program, simply add your Card on the registration. Once you add your Card and register for Shop with Points, you will be able to use this Card at any time to pay for purchases on and use points on millions of products.
Why is my American Express Card not eligible for Shop with Points?
Only US issued American Express Cards that are eligible to participate in the Membership Rewards program are able to use Shop with Points. Participation in the Membership Rewards program is only available to select American Express card products issued by American Express. View eligible cards. .
I have more than one American Express Card. Why is only one eligible?
Only Cards enrolled in the Membership Rewards program are eligible to use Shop with Points. For the details of your specific cards, please contact American Express by calling the phone number on the back of your card.
Why don't I see the available Membership Rewards points on the payments page?
If you have a Membership Rewards points balance that is less than 2 points, you may not see available points on the payments page. If there is an error in displaying your Membership Rewards account point balance, please contact American Express by calling the phone number on the back of your card.
Is there a fee for using Membership Rewards points for my purchase on the site?
No. There is no fee for using Membership Rewards points on


I have enough rewards points to pay for my order. Why do I have to specify the credit or charge card linked to my rewards program account in my order?
Orders paid for using rewards points must also include the credit or charge card associated to the rewards account from which the rewards points are applied. The card does not need to be charged, but in the event you choose an action that increases the cost of your order, such as upgrading shipping, the card will be charged.
I don't have enough rewards points to pay for my order. How can I pay for the rest of my order?
You may use the credit or charge card from which the rewards points are applied or use gift cards or Amazon Payments Stored Value to pay for the rest of your order.
May I apply promotional coupons to orders in which I use Shop with Points to pay?
Yes, you may apply any eligible promotional coupons to orders paid using rewards points.
Can I use points toward my purchase over the phone?
No. You can only use points towards purchases online at
Can I combine points from multiple reward programs to pay for my order?
Rewards from multiple reward programs cannot currently be aggregated to pay for a single order. You may register multiple rewards programs on Amazon; however, rewards purchases will be paired with the card associated with the rewards program. Rewards may also be combined with an gift cards.
I have a gift card or stored value available in my Amazon account. How will this be applied with rewards points?
Amazon applies the rewards points that you requested to use and that your rewards provider approved for use, then the gift card or stored value amount, and then any remaining balance to the credit or charge card linked to your registered rewards account.
I can't find rewards points to use. What do I do?
We'll never apply rewards points without your permission. To use rewards points for your order when checking out on Amazon, click the "Change" button in the payment method box located below the order summary.
When Rewards Points are applied to your order total, you'll see them before you place your order. If you don't see Rewards Points, click the "Change" button in the Payment Method box.
When you choose how you'd like to pay, you'll be able to apply available Rewards Points to your order.

Terms and Conditions for Linking and Using Shop with Points with your Membership Rewards Enrolled Card

In order to redeem Membership Rewards® program points for purchases made on, you must complete the Shop with Points registration process and agree to the following terms and conditions. Registration is limited to American Express Card accounts ("Card") enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program ("Program"), that are active and in good standing.

Your Membership Rewards program account ("Account") will be linked to your account using the Card you selected. American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. and its affiliates ("American Express") may provide Amazon Services LLC and/or its affiliates ("Amazon") with information about your Account. Additional Membership Rewards program terms and conditions apply and are available at

American Express will debit the number of points that you elected to redeem for your purchase from your Account. Your Account points balance may not reflect redemptions for pending purchase transactions until the purchase has been shipped.'s terms and conditions apply.