Add it now, buy it later
by using #AmazonCart or #AmazonWishList on Twitter
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How It Works

1. Connect your Twitter account to Amazon
2. Reply with #AmazonCart to any tweet containing an Amazon product link
3. Finish shopping later - the item has been added to your Cart

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to connect my Twitter account?
By connecting your Twitter and Amazon accounts, you are telling Amazon that #AmazonCart requests coming from your Twitter account should be added to your Shopping Cart. Without that link, Amazon would not know to which customer’s Cart to add the item. To edit your connection preferences, visit your Social Settings or opt out of having Amazon respond to your #AmazonCart requests here (your accounts must be connected in order to opt out).

Will #AmazonCart work if my Twitter account is protected?
No, #AmazonCart only works for public Twitter accounts and tweets. If your Twitter account is protected, only your followers can see your tweets. This means that #AmazonCart won't be able to see your replies and add the item to your Shopping Cart.

Am I buying it when I reply with "#AmazonCart"?
No, replying with "#AmazonCart" will only save the item to your Cart. You can always review or edit your Cart at a later time. You will also receive a reply tweet from @MyAmazon describing the status of your request (e.g., whether the item was successfully added to your Cart, if it was out of stock, or how you can finish checking out later).

Who can see what I’ve added to my Cart?
Most content is public on Twitter, so your #AmazonCart replies will be visible to whomever you replied, to those viewing the conversation, and on your own Timeline (unless your Twitter account is set to private).

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to direct any other questions you may have about #AmazonCart to @AmazonHelp on Twitter, or visit for general questions.

#AmazonCart is a new feature that lets Twitter users add items to their Shopping Carts directly from Twitter. Customers who have connected their Twitter accounts to Amazon can 'save' an item to their Carts simply by replying to any tweet containing an product link with "#AmazonCart". From Twitter, #AmazonCart lets a customer add it now and buy it later.