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The haters are wrong, just my opinion.

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Initial post: Mar 24, 2011 1:02:41 PM PDT
evercreed says:
Hi everybody, I had to write my opinions about Crysis 2 because I think a lot of the hate this game is recieving is due to blind prejudice because the series is no longer pc exclusive. The only reason I don't write a review about it is because I'm only a few hours into the game, and I don't like to write a review untill I've played the entire game.

First off the graphics are amazing. I mean just good God amazing. My jaw dropped as soon as the game started, and it's been touching the floor ever since. Second, as far as being dumbed down, uh no. In fact, I feel I have more options than in the first Crysis due to the environment. In one area there were numerous high spots I could use to rain down gunfire on my foes. I love using the power jump to grab a high ledge and pull myself up to these places. In that same area I also found an entrance to a sewer, and used that to bypass the soldiers on the street. Plus there is the new stealth kill, which is awesome, and you can still grab foes and throw them through the air. And kicking cars into my enemies just doesn't get old. Again, this is all within the first few hours.

Third, I've read some reviews who said the Nano suit has been dumbed down, and doesn't even have the option wheel like Crysis had. Again, wrong. The option wheel is still there if you want to use it, just press the mouse wheel button. But you don't need to, because the powers are hot keyed now, and I love that. Press Q for armor, E for invisibility, X for gun attachments, and you can even upgrade the suit throughout the game. I just upgraded it to use less energy when I have armor activated. Again, the wheel is there if you want it. Fourth, the game looks better than anything else out there, yet runs better than the original Crysis did. Crysis ran great on my laptop with all details set to high, but Crysis 2 runs even better on the same system, and my laptop is two years old. There hasn't been any slowdown or stutter, even when things get hectic. This thing was optimised to run on the PC well, and kudos to Crytek for doing that. Yes there some things that strictly PC gamers won't like. As far as graphics detail, you just pick what resolution you want, whether to turn V-sync on or off, and how high you want the detail. That is all I've found for detail options. Also, you can't quick save, but this doesn't bother me none because I feel the checkpoints are nicely spaced so far. Also you can't lie prone, which I think is stupid, but whatever. Other than that, I am having a blast so far and don't think it's dumbed down at all. Sure, the areas aren't as big as the first game, you're not going to get lost, but the tactical options in my opinion are more numerous. Again this is just my opinion, and I welcome yours. Thanks for reading my post. Oh also, here is my laptop specs in case anyone is interested:

Asus G50VT Laptop w/Windows Vista Ultimate 64
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.13 GHz
4GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 9800m GS 512MB

I think if your computer can run the original Crysis, than it should run Crysis 2 even better. If it can't run Crysis, it may still run Crysis 2.

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 5:36:58 PM PDT
I agree. It's sad when all the one star reviews I've seen tend to read more like it was written by a tabloid writer with a hidden agenda than an actual review. I've invested a fair bit of time into it and I honestly enjoy it more than Crysis 1, and was never a fan of CoD to begin with either (though that had mostly to do with it's completely ridiculous premise).

I've encountered more "tactical planning" spots in C2 than I ever did in C1. You know, where you walk upon a large open "playground" of an area, tag enemies, plan your approach and how you will make it through to reach you goal - which is what Crysis is "famous" for. Though C1 has the advantage of literally huge enough levels that you can choose to totally bypass certain areas on the map if you wanted to, while here it's less about that. The fun level design and gameplay tweaks make up for it in my eyes though. And there still are opportunities to pass by complete chunks of a level in some areas of the game.

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 5:58:50 PM PDT
J. Schwarz says:
The fact is anything EA puts their mitts on turns to drek. IMHO. They are not doing us any favors and should get out of the business.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 24, 2011 6:06:26 PM PDT
evercreed says:
I agree,Crysis had bigger levels, but as you said, these are still big enough to do what you want. I just got done playing it, and I went completely around one area without being detected, and only killing one poor sap with a neck snap who wondered too close to me. Whats great is I can play that same area multiple times, and complete it differently each time. Yes, it might not be bigger, but this is pure Crysis. Also, another point I need to make against the whole dumbing down argument some people have. You still have to tag your foes in order for them to pop up on your radar. Crytek could have easily made them automatically appear. A small thing, but again, it adds to the planning of how you want to get through an area. Thanks for your post, I appreciate your opinion.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 24, 2011 6:11:14 PM PDT
evercreed says:
I know a lot of people hate EA, and I understand it to a point, but I think they've gotten a little better. I don't concern myself with the big game companies like EA and Activision, I'm just concerend about what games are out, and not who publishes them, but that is just me. Thanks for the post, I appreciate your opinion. I also love the word drek, I haven't heard that in a while,I'm going to have to use that.

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 6:48:53 PM PDT
C. Walton says:
I completely agree with you. I honestly find the game more fun than the first Crysis. It also just has more spectacle. What it lacks in width of play area it makes up with its imposing sense of vertical scale. It is a more focused and enjoyable game to me.

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 10:04:34 PM PDT
Jeff B. says:
Is the only reason people are giving this game negative reviews is because it lacks the visuals of the original Crysis? Crysis 2 is getting great reviews on xbox and PS3 and surely the PC version still looks better than the console versions. It is a shame how powerful PCs have gotten though and there aren't many games that let us use their power because of consoles.

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 11:43:17 PM PDT
The Truth says:
Not an opinion and that's not my opinion. Fact is fact.

Posted on Mar 25, 2011 1:49:52 PM PDT
J. Patz says:
First of all PC users are reporting a ton of issues on EA's forums, including the fact that most people running ATi multi-GPU setups, including myself, are getting horrible flashing which is making it unplayable for many people. A few of the other common bugs being reported are multipleplayer keys not being remembered by the game, multiplayer unlocks not saving, the PC version having auto-aim (despite EA saying it wouldn't, and they are already putting out a patch to fixx this screwup, although the fact it happens shows how little care went into the PC version, although EA is now claiming they are removing it due to player demand despite their saying a month ago it wasn't in the retail game.)

And let's not forget their announcing right before release that the game would not ship with directX 11 support.

This had the ability to be an awesome release the reaffirmed EA support to the PC gaming platform and instead EA turned around and game PC gamers the finger.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 25, 2011 7:09:12 PM PDT
evercreed says:
Hey J. Patz. These are legitimate complaints you have. While I have not experienced any major bugs, that doesn't mean there aren't any for a lot of other people. As far as auto aim goes, I can't tell if it has it or not. I was using a sniper rifle today, and I missed half a dozen shots on one guy who was standing right in the open, and my first shot zoomed right past his head. Missing all those shots gave him enough time to find cover. Also, I've missed quite a bit with my Scar, and have used up most of my clips at times. Maybe I'm just a really bad shot. About the directX 11 support, I've read on that they are supposed to to include that in a patch at some point.

My post was mostly in response to the people who gave a review talking about how dumbed down the game is. However, I'm glad you posted this because I haven't heard much about the bug problems people were having. I did have a neat glitch where the screen got these rainbow colored triangle shapes on it one time. Despite these complaints though, I still can't help but think this game was optimised well, especially given some of the buggy games I've played for the PC recently, like Fallout New Vegas, and Spider-Man Web of Shadows. Fantastic games both, especially Fallout, once you get past the bugs. Thanks for the post.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 26, 2011 6:23:45 AM PDT
EA, like all gaming companies, are for business. Not for charity. So they never intend to do any favors to anyone. There's a difference when a company likes what it does, with passion and make some money in the process. Gearbox is a good example.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 26, 2011 6:27:12 AM PDT
What you mentioned is one of the reasons. Add it to the main reason: It is not a PC exclusive anymore, so it's now treated as a turncoat by all the "Sheldon" type hardcore gamers out there.
They are not a big lot, but boy, they really try to make a lot of noise!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 26, 2011 8:10:35 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 26, 2011 2:05:28 PM PDT
evercreed says:
Hey Guillermo, you're right, it's seen as a turncoat now. I really believe that if Crysis 2 was released just as it is now, with the same exact graphics, same exact gameplay and level design, but was PC exclusive and a system hog like the original was, people would have more positive things to say about it. Maybe. You're also right that they're not a big lot, and that is a good thing because hopefully the majority of people won't listen to them and play this great game. Look at the reviews of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Lots of people have bad things to say about that, but it has been selling a ton, according to articles I've read on various game sites, which tells me most people try the game out and see for themselves if it is any good. Thanks for the post.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 31, 2011 12:27:16 AM PDT
Polski says:
Sounds like a review?

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 31, 2011 12:29:55 AM PDT
Polski says:
I would call skipping "chunks" of a map a winning point, but if it's fun it's fun right?

Posted on Apr 27, 2011 10:34:26 AM PDT
J. Schmitt says:
I agree that this game deserves some more love, but some gripes are well-justified. Are the gripes worth losing stars over; yeah, maybe a couple, but this is by no means a one-star game. I would say that it's a 5-star game for newcomers to the Crysis series, but it's quite the step back from the jungle-world of Crysis 1, so for veterans I would say it's either 3 or 4 stars (depending on how passionate a PC gamer you are). I also believe that yes, there should be different standards for a PC game versus a console game - a game should absolutely take advantage of the system that it's on. PC gamers are having to suffer the minimal computational restrictions of consoles when their PC's could handle 4x as much information/ depth.

I haven't read a lot of the complaints because I didn't want to taint my own perception of the game by reading someone else's, but here are a couple I can think of:

Not an open world (Far Cry 2 did a better job of giving gamers what they wanted more of than Crytek did with Crysis 1 & 2). I was hoping for the ability to cross block upon block of open city streets, choosing my mode of transport and path (take to the sewers/ streets, or go vertical and jump in a helicopter?). Turns out there's only one path (two sometimes), and they always lead to the same arenas.

Inconsistent. I'm still not quite sure why the game decides to become un-responsive once the player grabs someone/ thing by its neck and before they throw them. Presumably it's so your suit can charge up, but why can I immediately use the strength-jump but not the strength throw, punch, or kick? Integrating the suit powers into keyboard keys (instead of the menu-wheel) was a good choice; it makes choosing your powers/ actions a lot easier. However, there's a lack of flow to the gameplay. Sure, you're wearing a super-suit, but it still feels like you're walking/ running underwater. You should glide across the map at all times like you're flying on land (so I sort of disagree with the realistic-fiction of a heavy, restrictive military power suit). The suit power drains so fast, forget about pulling off some sort of combo attack where you trip one enemy, grab and throw another, then punch the third. Nope: you can only do ONE of those actions, then it's turn and run for cover before they pepper you with holes.

Ambitiously small. Crytek always thinks HUGE, but then cuts everything down to nothing for release. They spent years building the tools that will make game-creation as easy as a few mouse clicks, yet the scope of the level design is very underwhelming most of the time. I'd rather the game be populated with less trash and junk on the streets and more area to traverse/ explore, and the freedom to choose multiple paths to achieve different goals depending on what I want to accomplish (two paths to the same goal is extremely linear - how about any direction, including from above? - Just Cause 2 handled that extremely well).

It just seems to me that the game isn't finished. Crytek has seemingly no experience with how to pace a game or analyze play-tester reactions (thank you, Valve). Crysis 2 has a lot of polish, but it's like dressing a man with no arms or legs in a top hat and monocle: you can polish it all you want, but it's still incomplete.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 24, 2011 12:51:18 AM PDT
Archelon says:
"I think a lot of the hate this game is recieving is due to blind prejudice because the series is no longer pc exclusive."

No, it's not about loss of platform exclusivity. I (and I'm certain many others) have a negative view because of the following:

* Consider that the first Crysis (C1) could NEVER work in it's full glory on the gaming consoles, in this case, the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The only way it can work is if it's simplified (aka dumbed down) and the result is what Crytek titles "Crysis 2" (C2). This alone makes it fairly easy for one to conclude that the PC version of C2 is a console port. But there's more to it than that:

* "Press Start to Begin" - on a PC, really? You can't just start playing or changing the configuration right away, you have to click (with your mouse, hmm...) on this message first.

* Autoaim is available (first mistake) and is enabled by default (second mistake). At least this console thing can be removed with the latest patch.

* A checkpoint only/you can't save the game when you want to setup? Again, on a PC, really? This is made even worse when you must watch the same cut-scenes again and again; it's a ridiculous waste of time. Far Cry anyone? I've heard all of the excuses for a checkpoint only setup since Call of Duty 2, which I didn't buy then and still don't buy now. C1 lets you save your game when you want to, so is there any truly good reason why can't you do this in C2?

* The graphical quality of C2 isn't categorically bad, but it isn't as good as C1. The fact that C2 only uses DirectX 9 out of the box is a huge clue. It doesn't even use DirectX 10, which gives the message that Crytek and/or EA wants you to pay full price for a sequel that isn't even technologically equivalent to the previous game! Hopefully, the upcoming DirectX 11 patch will greatly improve this aspect of C2, but it leads to questions such as did Crytek try to meet a deadline or was someone simply (and unwisely) impatient?

* C2 doesn't continue the story from where C1 left off. I'm one of many gamers that, based on the ending of C1, eagerly awaited for C2, and now that it's here, we're scratching our heads (to put it nicely). Unless you count Prophet, there's no connection to C1, not even an explanation as to what happened to Nomad and Psycho or what has happened in the three years since the events of C1. I have no doubt that this disconnected story is made for the console gamers. Unless there's another Crysis title in the works, I say C2 should've been titled something like "Crysis New York" (perhaps make it a console exclusive) then a REAL sequel could've been made where the story connects with C1. Package it with saving the game when you want and DirectX 11 support right out the box, it might even be worth waiting for!

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 27, 2012 12:31:11 PM PDT
It has to do with the playability not the graphics.

It's JUNK!
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