I have seen on here where fake ones are sold. How do I know this is not a fake one?
asked by Proudarmywife on February 16, 2013
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Most professional products are labeled as "only sold in select salons and distributors" meaning you only know you are getting an authentic product if you purchase directly from a professional salon that is authorized to sell said professional product. "Distributors" refer to salon distributors which sell directly to salons, not the general public. Most professional product manufacturers do not sell their products online, and especially not on sites like amazon or any other retailer claiming to sell "discounted professional products and tools". These types of retailers are called "diverters" meaning we have no idea where they got their "professional products and tools" from. They could be counterfeit, they could be expired products, either way, they got a hold of some "professional" products from some sketchy third party or who knows where (certainly not the actual manufacturer). The product warranty is also void if purchased from unauthorized retailers. If you are looking to purchase professional products or tools, buy from your local salon. Not sure which places are authorized retailers? Go directly to the manufacturer's website and look for their "salon locator". Type in your zip code and it will give you a list of the closest retailers in your area. I hope this helps with your future purchases of professional products.

Real salons that carry babyliss tools will have authentic tools. You will probably pay a hefty price for it, but it is well worth it (real) Babyliss irons and dryers are the BEST!

Hope this helps.
Emily Chen answered on February 17, 2013
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