how long does it last? How many times can you use these ekobrew cups before you have to replace one? Can you use the same one for weeks? months? years?
asked by Trudy B. Yeatts on October 29, 2011
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If taken care of I can see no reason why it should'nt last the life of your brewer.. they're pretty well constructed and the only thing I can see going wrong with it is if you somehow damge the screen at the bottom of it.. i.e. poking a hole in it or like a friend of mine dropping it on the floor and stepping on it. 8)
Amazon Customer answered on April 13, 2012

I've been using mine for months. This is a great product!! I agree w/Rick B. regarding the sturdy construction. I'm ready to buy another - just for convenience.
Sally Walker answered on May 6, 2012
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