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An early and simple modification on the Hydrofloss by the user might double the life of the unit. I've gone through three in the past five years. The last two were because of the same problem. When the hose on my second Hyrdofloss sprung a leak and began squirting a stinging stream of water in my eyes and ears, I blamed it on kittens who love to chew things. Every repair effort I attempted failed. I've repaired all sorts of larger pressure hoses. This one stumped me. This hose is not replaceable. When the hose on Hydrofloss number three started squirting water from exactly the same place as number two - and after only 12 months of use - I could not blame it on my cats because they had been banned from my bathroom. Upon closer inspection, I discovered the problem. The pulsating water pump causes the hose to vibrate vigorously. My hoses had been slightly rubbing against the top edge of the water reservoir while in use and eventually wore through the hose. I've tried several different oral irrigators and Hydrofloss works best for me. It does everything it is advertised to do and does it quite well. Unfortunately, to insure continued sales, it appears that an intentional shelf life has been built into these devices. Their limited warranty is 12 months for a reason. I'll buy Hydrofloss number four and split a 6-inch piece of silicone tubing lengthwise and place it around the hose starting at where it exits the pump housing. This might work. Then again, it might not. I certainly have enough spare parts in my Hydrofloss junk yard to work with, but before I do anything, I owe my cats an apology.
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on March 12, 2007
I purchased the HydroFloss from my dentist after having repeated trouble with a WaterPik Ultra which I had previously purchased on Amazon. My dentist sold me the HydroFloss for $80, but I would gladly pay the $99 with free shipping. This product is so superior to the WaterPik...and so much more dependable. The water tank is larger, the cords are longer, and it never hesitates or shuts down due to low water levels. The pressure adjustment choices are excellent and there is no drippage from the handle or the tank. The tips that come with the unit are fine for most uses, even getting into the gums. If you want to massage the gum line, then I would suggest also purchasing the "Pocket Pal Jet Tips" which have rubber tips. Don't bother with the "Sulcus" tips because they are not rubber coated and are very sharp. The only negative about this unit is the noise. It is louder and more high-pitched than the WaterPik, but that's a small inconvenience compared to its excellent performance. I don't have any opinion regarding the claim that magnets cause an ion change in the's not detectable. I will wait and see what the verdict is on the health of my teeth and gums at my next checkup, but I'm betting it will be positive!
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on May 23, 2008
I love this product. It makes my teeth, and especially my gumlines, feel very smooth and free of debris. This is an excellent addition to using a good toothbrush, such as a Sonicare. The fine, high speed water jet cleans between teeth in difficult to reach areas. I think it works better than flossing, as it seems to reach more surface areas than I can contact with any flossing technique. I most like the way it cleans just below the gumline, where food and plaque can lodge out of reach of other cleaning methods.

I was concerned, after reading some reviews here, that I wouldn't be able to use the product without hearing protection! There may have been a change in design, or perhaps some users had defective units, because as far as I can tell, the volume level is nominal. It makes a swooshing water sound along with a high pitch mechanical sound, but it is less noisy overall than my Sonicare toothbrush. It is not disturbing to me at all.

I recommend this product for a feeling of good oral health care! It is a far superior tool than any traditional hand operated objects. I will very likely always own and use something like this.

I strongly recommend buying the Hydrofloss "Pocket Pal" Jet Tips, for an additional $9.95. These have soft, flexible tips that work better than the plain, blunt, hard plastic tips which come standard with the unit. I suppose the "Pocket Pal" name refers to gum pockets, and I do not have any deep gum pockets (your dentist will tell you if you have these). Nevertheless, I find these tips more comfortable and more effective over all. I never bother with the regular and use the massage tips exclusively. If you are going to invest $99 on an oral irrigator, it makes sense to put in a few dollars more to have the nicer attachments. I have another Amazon reviewer to thank for alerting me to this option, and wish to pass on the good advice!
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on July 9, 2011
I've used the HydroFloss for many years. It is a great product that actually does improve your gums. It takes away the bacteria underneath the gum line so that the "pockets" under your gums will get smaller and smaller and you will have better and better dental checkups. I started out needing gum work and having some bleeding, but now I have perfect checkups all the time because my gums are in great condition. Some people said that they use it once or twice a week but you really need to use it at least once a day or maybe twice a day if your gums are in bad shape. I know people who have had terrible gum problems and their gums were vastly improved by using the HydroFloss. Now, as far as how to care for it: After you use it and there is still water left in the tank, do NOT remove the tank. Just tip it over and let the water out. The HydroFloss is actually not really all that well made and if you keep removing the tank every day, at some point, the whole system will break down and you'll need to buy another one. I'm on my 2nd HydroFloss and I've had this one at least 7 or 8 years and it's because I stopped pulling out the tank to empty the water. Just use it delicately and, then, when you need to clean it, that's when you can remove the tank (gently!) and wash it down, etc. You'll keep your machine for years that way. And, P.S., I've also used the Waterpik and there's no comparison. I gave away the Waterpik because it was so weak, it just wasn't worth it.
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on September 10, 2013
I have had a hydro floss going on 16 years. I mistakenly thought it stopped working well when a tip attachment was not working right. It was one for bad gums a succulus tip. Which i recommend if you need it. anyhow since i thought the old one stopped working i purchased a new one. so i have two working ones now,and so i got to go head to head on both of them running and guess what? they both sound the same! so enough about the noise factor, it's a non issue!
the new one isn't any more noisier than the earlier version, and yes it's a machine that power washes your gums, it's got to make some noise, you'll get used to it in a Pavlov kind of way. But it's not bad or over powerful, I have a standard faux marble counter, so there you have it.

Durability: hope the new one lasts as long as the old one, which still is running just fine.
Size:It dosnt take up too much room like 4-5". It's not tall and sits on the counter top. You have to fill the reservoir by taking the container off, or keep a pitcher of water near by I guess.

If you use special rinses inside or gum therapy healing aids thoroughly run the machine to emply off any remaining liquid sitting within the hose. I think someone out there had a concern that water sat in the device and had bacteria, well it's kinda like a garden hose where the water will stay in it until emptied. S I always ru mine a little after the reservoir is finished.

I also run sometimes 1 to 2 fills for my gums, the water goes down quickly so if you are really using this for healing your gums, then run it 2-3 times.

,I use this because My gums are a 3-4 pocket almost all through the mouth, yeah bad right, but the hydro floss helps to keep a wiggly tooth at bay And prevent getting deeper pockets.
Doctor said I need a molar root canal, I say rubbish, ill try to heal it myself, and I am. Maybe eventually Ill have to get one, but I don't have dental insurance so ill heal it now and get to mexico to get it cheaper. And it's worked there's no pain or inflammation. Try using oregano oil its serious against infection of all kinds, and there are some holistic oils out there to use quite effective. Umm yeah research that at your own discretion please. And do what the good doctor tells you so they can take your money.

Some other peoples hype: A word about the Oxycare irrigator, this is a multilevel marketing company. I have no idea if they are good,but other reviewers who I believe are a part of the mlm talk about it in the context of bashing the hydro floss. don't get confused by it. The Oxyclean company also sells other stuff as well, so I wouldn't bank on that irrigator especially since it is not as well known and specialties or repair kits probably aren't readily available like the hydro floss has which has been around a long time.

You probably will like this irrigator especially to keep your pearly whites in tact for a long time.

Oh and if you think my review is helpful, let others know it was helpful.
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on April 5, 2008
Great Product! I have the waterpik and hydro floss so I can tell you first hand how they compair. The only advantage the water pik has is a more quiet motor, but thats because it only has half the power. The Hydro floss is more powerful at level 6 than the Water pik is at the highest setting (running the motor at a lower than max level will mean longer service life).
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on September 29, 2010
My dentist recommends the Hydro Floss to all of his patients. I was a little skeptical because he sells them there and I was new to the practice. I bought one from Amazon after reading the reviews here and elsewhere. Because it had been too long between cleanings and a regular cleaning didn't get everything, my dentist suggested I have the deep descaling treatment. I couldn't afford that and the idea of it sounded awful. I got the Hydro Floss and religiously used it according to the directions. I went back to the dentist a month later and he said that my gums looked great and I didn't need the deep cleaning after all. So buying and using the Hydro Floss saved me around $1100 as well as two hours at the dentist. I still use it almost everyday and I love it.

My roommate had bleeding gums and after using the Hydro Floss for a week, they stopped bleeding. It comes with 4 tips so that multiple people in the house can use it.

I know a lot of people complain about the noise and I'm sensitive to noise so I was a little nervous about that. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Yes, it makes some noise but I certainly don't need earplugs or worry about bothering the neighbors.

I recommend this product for anyone but especially for those who can't afford to get cleanings every 6 months or people who are prone to gum issues.
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on April 21, 2008
After a recent visit to the dentist (go twice a year folks, so you don't end up like me), I had to go through some pretty intensive cleanings for periodontal disease (gum disease). One of the things for home care that I was required to do was get one of these hydrofloss thingies. I balked at the price, but got it anyway.

Let me tell you, this thing flat out works. My next appt after getting it and using it, great improvements on the health of my gums. I was really surprised at the kinda of gunk that you still have after brushing and flossing. The machine is easy to use, and not that messy after you get the hang of it. Unfortunately it can be loud, which is more annoying than anything. I haven't gotten any complaints from my neighbors though. All in all, if your dentist tells you to get this, go get it. If your just a health nut, well...its kinda expensive, but might be worth it.
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on April 26, 2007
I purchased this on a recommendation from my dentist and the other amazon reviewer. After two weeks owning it, here is my impression.

- It's yet another "high-tech" expensive dental product that is poorly designed and may or may not actually help your teeth

- It is loud. I live in apartments and don't want to use it before I go to bed for fear of annoying the neighbors.

- The water tank is sufficient. The documentation says something about refilling once a week I think. I use a whole tank every use.

- The water tank fits poorly and wobbles around on the base.

- The water jet powers on immediately after the unit is turned on. You have to press the button on the jet to get the water to turn *off*. Seems like it should be the other way around. Makes a mess easily.

I am keeping the device as it appears to be cleaning my teeth, but I can't recommend this as a well designed product, and I have no idea if it is better than the competition. Clearly there is room for improvement in these "cutting edge" dental products.
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on December 9, 2010
I ordered a new hydro-floss off of e-bay ($20 bucks cheaper). I like it. It is fun to use, and gets the job done. It's kind of loud when using it but it's not too bad. It takes a couple times to get a good technique down where you don't accidentally shoot water 50 feet across the house or etch the glass in the bathroom mirror. Amazingly it doesn't hurt my sensitive gums when I use it. I still have to floss if I have a pop-corn kernel or something jammed in my gums.
As for the ionized "magnet-water", well, it's difficult to quantify but my mouth seems to feel cleaner for longer. Also, I am more docile and less willing to disagree with the government or other leadership officials. ;) Overall, I recommend it.

Oh, I also ordered the jet tips on a recommendation and I like them better than the normal ones. Not only do they shoot a more focused stream of water, they don't deplete the tank as fast.

Update 1-21-2014: It's been over 3 years since I have been using the Hydro-floss. It still works great and I still love it. For the first time in my life, my gums don't bleed when I floss. They don't hurt like crazy either. I have not gotten a cavity since either. Although 2 years ago, I did need a crown due to an older filling wearing out. The Hydro-floss is so powerful that it kept popping off the temporary crown until the permanent one could be installed.
I attribute my much improved oral heath to the hydro-floss and the ease and simplicity of using the Hydro-floss over flossing. I use it almost daily where before, I used to only floss weekly or longer.
Better oral health has anecdotally attributed to my improved physical health. In the last 2 years I have not caught more than a simple cold. I used to get really sick at least 2 times a year. I wonder how much oral health has played into it?

Once I accidentally dropped the machine and it landed on the hose, severing it near the base. I managed to take apart the machine and re-attached the hose. It still works it's just 2" shorter now.
I never remove the tank. After each use, (with the pump running) I invert the machine for a few seconds until the tank stops dripping. I let the tank dry with the lid off. Occasionally I add an H2O2, based mouth wash to the tank and Hydro-floss with it. That also keeps the internal tubing and pump disinfected.
I hope it lasts another 3+ years. I would buy another one if I had to do it again.
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