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on November 7, 2012
I like the feel of the case, it's soft and grippy, yet still attaches firmly. As others have mentioned, the case is not exactly the same, the long thin strip at the bottom is in danger of ripping off. I would have liked this product better if it was as advertised. I've uploaded a few pictures of the actual shipped product.
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on November 10, 2012
I've been a fan of TPU cases for a few years now. Yeah, its prettier to put the ipad in a nice folio or cool retro case but nothing beats holding comfort of a light and *grippy* tpu case. I use them on my nook tablet and iphones as well. The Blason tpu case feels more high quality than any i've bought before, the material is sturdy and soft to touch. Not mushy, just soft, like good quality plastics in VW's. I only have two minor problems (one more minor than the other). First the bottom cutout was made large enough to accommodate the new placement of the speakers as well as the tiny lightning port which is obviously Apples design choice. BUT, since they cut out a continous strip on such a tiny frame, i keep thinking its going to rip along the thin strip holding the bottom together around the speakers/port. I might suggest cutting out three individual holes so that there is vertical support along the cutouts.

THe second is the reason i really gave it four and almost three. Yes, it feels high quality and fits perfect, but it doesn't add ANY real grippiness. THe whole reason i buy tpu cases. When compared to my nook tablet one or my iphone one this case is downright slick. I wont go so far as to say its just as smooth as the ipads actual back (which is dangerously frictionless) but it doesn't make my fingers grip the back with any significant ease compare to uncovered.

Its a bummer, i really wanted to love this case, it feels so well made.
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on November 6, 2012
I got this TPC case and I am mostly pleased with it.

I like that it has a lip around the borders on the screen side of the iPad mini. It provides a good grip for the tablet, too. It doesn't had much weight to the device, with is important to me. The price is good. I actually got mine before I got the mini, too, so that is good.

My main gripe is that what I received this not what is shown in the pictures. On the end where the lightning connector is, mine has a cut slot that exposes the connector and the two speakers on either side. Just one long slot of removed material to give access to the port and to let the sound from the speakers get out. On the screen side there is a long skinny strip of material that should protect the end of the mini. Well, in the pictures you see not one long slot but three slots, with two little strips of material connected around the lightning connector. I think I'd rather have what is shown because on this model on my the skinny strip of material that runs along the border on the screen side moves a lot...and I'm afraid the device may get scratched because this strip will not protect the device well. Those to little strips around the lightning connector might help hold the border strip in place.

My other minor gripes are 1) lots of finger prints show on the back, and 2) it seems to be a tiny bit off in the fit, so you have to fiddle with it to make the perimeter lip extend to the same height all around the device.

I would give this a 5/5, though, if it has better border protection near the lightning connector. Nothing is perfect and I bought this mainly for protection (looks are important too, but not as much as protection).
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on December 1, 2012
I had originally purchased the Smart Cover compatible cover by accident, which I really like. It had the cutout for the Smart Cover which leaves that edge unprotected if it's not attached. I liked it because it was very thin and barely added any bulk at all. I also liked the grippy texture.

This one I'm not quite as impressed with. It is totally different from the Smart Cover compatible one. It is much thicker and has the slick texture which is not grippy and also picks up little dirt specks, which is annoying. Also, where the Smart Cover one has separate cutouts for the speakers and lightning connector, this just has one long cutout that look like it could easily tear.

One thing I do like is the edge is almost flush with surface of the screen which gives the appearance of less bulk, however the back is pretty thick, at least compared with the other one.

The reason I purchased this is because I liked the other so much and thought it would be the same but without the Smart Cover cutout on the side.

It's a fine cover that will do the job. It's just not what I expected. I plan to hang on to it for now, but I hope to fine something better.
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on November 8, 2012
I got I-Blason cases for my Ipad 3s and they fit very well, both the hard plastic and gel. That is why I got one for my Ipad Mini. I received it and put in on my Ipad Mini and it fits tight and protects the entire iPad back and edges. All the placements of the allowances for the camera, off/on, etc are in the right places. The lip on the edge of the gel cover just covers the edge of the glass, it does hide the beautiful edge of the Ipad Mini but it protects it against bumps and nicks. One other thing I did do that you may not want to do, is cut the leading edge with a sharp knife to accommodate the Apple Smart Cover, which worked out just fine. When I-Blason releases it's Smart Cover compatible version I will purchase it because I like the Ipad 3 version and how it fits the Smart Cover. I recommend this product and it's a excellent item for the price.
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on January 30, 2013
I bought this case since it was similar to cases I previously owned for other Apple devices. I like this style because they are small, thin, a good value while offering protection for minor accidents. When I received this item, the materials looked solid and it was a snap to install. Now for the problem....

After installing, I noticed the mini would go to sleep while in use. Initially, I thought it was an issue with the mini but learned it was due to a misaligned section of the cover which was molded around the sleep button. To correct the problem I cut that section out with a blade and it rectified the problem. Unfortunately, since this is silicon the cut I made began to tear and it looked horrible.

Since I made the modification I was unable to return it. At least it was only $5.

If it aligned properly, I am sure I would have been happy with it!

Pro: inexpensive, and good coverage for minor bumps
Con: Misaligned sleep button molding on the case may cause your mini to go to sleep when you don't want it to!
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on November 19, 2012
Great quality product, however I was disapointed that the side where that houses the magnet for the smart cover is enclosed by this case. Don't misread, the smart cover DOES still work, however the strenth of the magnet is severely minimized and it doen't have the strenth to prop the ipad mini up in typing position on a desk (disapointing). I have actually ordered another snap on case from i-Blason that should fix this issue, and I will be keeping this case as a backup - if your not using a smart cover with your ipad mini this might be a great back case for you.
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on November 7, 2012
I enjoy the look of this case. The case nicely displays the white iPad mini.
My only gripe with this is, as others stated, there is a single opening where the speakers and lightning jack are located. Unlike the items description photos, it is not separated individually.
With a single opening, it leaves a thin TPU strip to cover the top portion of the mini. If you have kids, expect them to easily rip this apart.

If they address this issue OR deliver a product as shown/described, I would give this 5 stars.

3 stars for false advertising.

*edited* Looks like they removed the photo with the lightning connector and speakers.
I will post one up shortly for everyone to see.
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on November 12, 2012
The case fits the new mini exactly. I like the the texture/feel. While rubbery it does Not have that slimy feel. Yes the strip at the bottom is thin as others have stated, but come on people how else would you create this? I like the fact that it din't just have a big space there. If you have kids perhaps this isn't the cover for you. But as far as slim fitting covers this is TOPS. Thank You for the perfect case for me!!!!!!!
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The new iPad Mini with Retina display is almost the same size as original Mini but not exactly. It's only 0.1 mm thicker (100 microns!) but this is enough to throw this case off a little bit and make fit less secure. This is not explained on product page.

iBlason does make a case for the Retina, but it's 'smart cover' compatible which means missing a strip on the left front. I don't like that either.
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