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on September 20, 2006
Before purchasing this seat, I had to carefuly do a deep research on the subject. I am a 6'2" guy, so, a was really concerned about having the seat hitting my knees. My neighbor has another model, which does not work at all for me, not even for him. He has to keep his legs kind of open in order to be able to ride the bike... Terrible!

Furtunately, I decided to go with the most expensive model. Sometimes the cheap become expenseive, isn't it? well... I did the right decision, instead of spending $48 dollars, I spent $89.00 on this safe-T-seat, and I cannot be happier.

The seat mechanism is really simple. It's just a little T-bar that you will be in contact with the bike. The seat plugs itself on this bar. The seat keeps in a perfect position. Even my long legs do not touch it when riding. I can ride my bike just like I was riding before the new passenger.

It took me less than 5 minutes to install the T-bar on my bike.

My daughter stays in a very comfortable position. By the way, she loved the new activity, and keeps asking me all the time for "MORE" when she sees the bike.

Well, if you want to have pleasure time and no headaches while in your bike, this is the seat you need to purchase.

CONS: The only thing I didn't like much about this product is that it only support kids up to 32 pouds. Well, nothing in the world is totally perfect! So there is no time to lose, I will ride my bike with my daughter as much as I can before she reachs her 38 pouds. :)

Hope you enjoy my review.

---- ---- ---- 3 Years and 3000 Miles Latter ---- ---- ----

Hi everyone... here I am again (Jan-08-2009) to give you an additional feedback about this product.

My daughter is now 42 pounds (4 years old), and 110cm tall - I am still riding the bike with her. Her legs now touch the bottom of the seat, giving her more support. Her heigth still does not bother me.

Since she is now havier than the suggested weight, I will no longer take her on the seat, I am thinking about one of those semi-bikes that we attach on the back. The good news is that my wife is pregnant, and my Safe-T seat is still like new after 3000 miles - I am positive I will soon enough use it with the new baby that is about to arrive.

Thank you all for the POSITIVE VOTES on this review.
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VINE VOICEon October 12, 2007
I've looked at all of them and this was the only one that had consistently good reviews. This is one of the very few times that I have bought something based solely on the reviews, but the other seats had such bad reviews that I had to give this a try. The five star rating is well-deserved.

High points:
1. MY WIFE PUT IT ON THE BIKE. That is historic. It is very easy to install. You can read the instructions and have it put on the bike in 5 minutes. All other seats require HOURS or require you to take it to a bike shop.
2. Seat is sturdy and my little girl loves it.
3. Instructions say max. weight is 38 lbs. Some reviews show a lower weight so they may be for an older model.
4. MY WIFE PUT IT ON THE BIKE. Oh, I already said that.
5. I'm 6'2" and this was not a problem to use. It takes a little adjustment when you are turning the bike, but that is not a problem. Did I tell you that my wife put it on the bike?

Low points:
1. None, other than I wish I had known that you could buy additional mounts ("stingers") at the time I bought it so I could save on shipping.
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on July 13, 2008
If you're thinking about buying this kid's seat, you should make sure that it fits you. In particular, it needs to (A) fit your bike and (B) fit your body size. For (A), it won't work with drop handles, but can also be problematic for other bikes. The best bikes for this seat are those with handles that bow upwards a bit. Especially in light of the answer to (B), if you're riding a bike with low(ish) handlebars, this seat may not work for you. Turning to (B), if you're on the smaller side, this seat probably won't work (unless you have a bike that's good on dimension (A).) I'm 6' 3", so I could use the seat on our mountain bike because I can reach around the kid to get to the handles. But my wife, who's 5' 9", can't. It's too uncomfortable for her to reach around the kid to get to the bike handles. Since our other bike, that only fits me, has a rear seat, we're forced to return this seat to Amazon. So beware about sizing (unless you like to pay return fees) and try it out ahead of time if you can.
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on October 8, 2007
I bought this product for my 22 month old son who weighs a little over 29 lbs now. The boy loves the seat and the assembling on the bike is fairly easy. The seat easily comes on and off within 1 minute once the clamp is attached to the handle. The positives on this seat are definitely the fact that the child can see everything rather than looking at the adult's back. It also allows for close interaction between you and your child as you can speak to them directly and they can look up and see you.

I have mounted the seat on a mountain bike and the 3 big negatives that I've found so far is that since the seat is mounted near the center of the bike, you basically lose the ability to straddle the bike when you have to stop riding. This can be difficult when you come up to a stop light and you have to turn the bike handle to the left so that you can make enough room to be able to fit between the seat and the baby carrier and straddle the bike. Another disadvantage compared to rear baby carriers is that my son will usually fall asleep after riding about 15 or 20 minutes since he enjoys the motion. But since the carrier doesn't have a high back or sides, his head doesn't get any support so he starts to lean forward or to the side. The shoulder straps keep him in place, so I'm not too concerned about safety, it's more an issue of convenience as I don't like to ride with him "flopping" about like that. Lastly, when removing the boy from the seat, his foot will have a tendency to get stuck in between the carrier and the front handlebar. You have to make an effort to push his feet to point down before it will slip through and you can carry him out. This is due to the fact that with a lower handlebar and the gears on the handle, it doesn't leave much free space to maneuver.

I don't think the manufacturer can really do too much about the negatives I mentioned and I do think that having the child riding up front outweighs the negatives when compared to a rear seat carrier. According to the manufacturer, they rated this seat up to 32 lbs only, so I only have a few more months to use this. But I intend to make the most of it since I enjoy biking and getting the chance to do it with my son with this product makes it much easier.
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on April 7, 2008
The iBert is lots of fun and by far the best front-mounted seat that I have found. It took just minutes to install and my daughter loves it. I've even used it together with a bike-along on the back without stability problems (though that configuration does make you feel like you're flying a 747!)

As a 6'1" guy, I was concerned that my knees might hit the seat. But as others have noted, the iBert is narrow enough and mounted high enough that this really doesn't happen. I might be spreading my legs a tiny bit outwards, but not enough to be noticeable.

There IS a bit of a clearance issue getting on and off the bike. I weigh about 185 lbs, and the iBert (even in its most forward position) does impact my belly if I hop off the seat and straddle the bike. Jumping down in an emergency could be tricky. My wife weighs about 235, and unfortunately, it looks like there just won't be adequate clearance to use the iBert comfortably on her bike.

There really isn't much to this seat, so I'll bet the manufacturer is enjoying a pretty sweet margin. If they had spent a little more on build quality, this product would be perfect. As an engineer, I have these concerns:

1. The plastic seat shell is held to the metal bracket beneath it using four compression fittings (threadless bolts with metal rings pressure-fitted to the ends) instead of real, threaded bolts. While the seat seems secure enough, I'm considering drilling these out and installing real bolts for peace-of-mind.

2. The "stinger" (mounting bracket which attaches to the handlebar stem) does allow the seat to be quickly removed. But I think it would be unsafe to ride with just the stinger in place, unless you relish the idea of a 10" metal bar impaling your gut or groin in the event of a front-end collision!

3. The sheath on the seat that slides over the stinger fits more loosely than I expected, making the iBert wobble from side to side a bit. It's not a major problem, but I reduced it by putting two heavy-duty cable ties around the sheath (longwise) to make the stinger fit more snugly.

4. The seatbelt assembly is thin and rather cheap, and the waist bar is so cheaply made that its latch is molded out of the plastic itself; it will probably flex and break eventually. This should really be improved in the next revision.

I hope the iBert folks consider improving their design, but don't let my comments stop you from buying the iBert today. It truly is a lot of fun!

UPDATED 4/2010:

Our third and final year with the iBert has begun. My daughter just turned 3, and at 29 lbs, is still well within the weight limit for the seat. But her feet now hit the bottoms of the leg chutes, causing her to have to bend her legs a bit while seated, making for a less comfortable ride. At 36.5" tall, she's only at 40th percentile for her height, so I suggest the iBert people make the leg chutes another 2-3 inches longer the next time the design is revised. The seat would still fit fine on most bikes, and the extra length would buy parents a little time. We will probably have to switch to a trailer soon.

Other than that, after riding for two years, the only real problem I've had with the iBert has been the lack of support if your child falls asleep... you'll see their little head get wobbly, then *wump*... supporting your child's head with one arm while steering, shifting and braking with the other gets old pretty quick. Riding at the right time of day and providing snacks can help.
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on November 5, 2007
Some observations on the iBert Safe-T-Seat:

Installation: easy
Time: 15 minutes
Take off handlebar, install iBert stinger, and once that's secure, you slide the seat on and pin it in place. There is more than one hole on the seat plate so that you can adjust the seat position forward or backward (not that the adjustment makes a whole lot of difference). Installation is faster with two persons although one person could definitely swing it from the on-bike position. Very easy to adjust stinger with the hex tool.

Ride: very good
Not very different from regular biking.
First test run with seat only: Pedaling does not make knees hit the seat. If it does, you need to raise your bike seat to elongate your pedaling stroke as well as your handlebar.

Very small amount of wobble on iBert, but it is not noticeable when riding around.

iBert does not interfere with steering at all. Plenty of room for arms. Rode around cul-de-sac end to test 360 left/right turning.

Changing gears: easy, no change from regular cycling; both gearshifts are positioned by my thumbs, lowside -- no chance baby can mess with them in-flight. Your bike may be different.

Safety belt: needs improvement
Works differently from what I thought at first, but you learn to adjust it fairly quickly. There is only one adjustment "buckle" on the right bottom side, so you have to push the slack down the right front, up the left side, then left to right under the seat back. Annoying! I would have preferred to have two adjustments, one on each side. But once you make the adjustment for your toddler, you won't have to do it often again.

Vision: no problems from the seat or having a helmeted toddler in front of me. There is plenty of clearance to see potholes, dog poops, mud piles, branches in front of the bike. You can raise your seat and handlebar anyway.

Fun factor: son did not want to get out of the seat after the test ride. On the day after we took a long ride on a bike trail, and it was so much fun!
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on January 9, 2007
This seat is a wonderful alternative to the traditional pull behind or ride behind child carriers(we have both). My husband loves riding around the neighborhood with our 1 year old daughter on display, and of course she is beyond thrilled to ride up front with Daddy. That being said, I am a small person and this seat does not work for me. I am 5'3" and cannot even get on my bike with this seat in place. However, I believe that it is a worthy investment for our family in the Daddy/Daughter department...the smiles beaming from their faces says it all.

BTW:When we want to do serious road or trail biking vs. neighborhood biking we use our pull behind child carrier.
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on March 18, 2007
We bought the iBert seat after checking out all of the reviews. It is a great product--well designed and executed, but with one flaw that I haven't seen addressed. Look closely at the picture and notice how little space there is between the back of the iBert and the front of the bike seat. If you are accustomed to straddling the bike before taking off or after stopping, forget it. We ended up purchasing a funky curved seat post that moved the seat back a few inches just to get more clearance. It works fine, but added to the cost of the whole set up.
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on September 15, 2012
I looked around a long time before deciding to buy the ibert kids seat. If you are reading this review, you are probably also considering the kangaroo bike seat from WeeRide, or maybe you are considering a rear mounted bike seat.

I started out with a rear mounted bike seat, and most "Pro vs Con" Sites about front seat vs back will tell you that the back mounted seats can feel "unbalanced" I found this to be false. In fact, I didn't even notice my child on the back of my bike when I was using the rear mounted seat.

I decided to buy a front mounted seat for two reasons 1. the supposed "balance" benefits and 2. (most importantly) a better experience for my kid, who I imagined was getting sick of looking at my rear end the whole ride.

The reason I chose the ibert - I'm a very tall guy (6'4) and was worried that the other options would make me bow my legs as I pedaled. Also, the alleged easy set up seemed like a huge bonus as well.

Here's the reality - For starters the seat is just as easy to set up as you've read. Literally in 15 minutes you'll be ready to go, that time includes searching for any tools you might need, and opening the box/packaging.

As for knee clearance - like I said, I'm a tall guy and I have not had to adjust my riding style at all in order to accommodate this seat.

Here's the down side - The ibert attaches to the steering stem of your bike. This means that the seat (And child) turn when you turn your handle bars. Effectively, your child becomes a 30lb Counterweight to your steering.

What does this mean? It means when your child gets excited and whips his head around to the left, his weight shift will pull your front wheel to the right. This is something i wasn't expecting. It means that you have to have both handles on the handlebars at all times. even when you are stopped because if he shifts weight too hard at a stop it will jack knife the front wheel and send you both to the ground.

I'm still trying to decide how comfortable I am with this. After a few rides i've started to become accustom to this, but I have a feeling that for longer rides I will probably use a rear mounted seat.

Over all - its a pretty awesome idea and my son loves it. He definitely has a better time on this bike seat. The steering issue isn't a game ender for me when I am doing short, local, around town rides, but I think I will switch seats for longer, off road rides where my own upper body fatigue might become an issue.

Also - one last thing, one of the perks of the WeeRide was the head rest that comes with it. The ibert actually comes with a head rest "Steering wheel" that is padded that your child can rest their head on. Its not in any of the pictures but I was happy to see it came with it.
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on October 23, 2006
My husband had this seat installed in about 20 minutes, start to finish. The standard rear mount took him at least an hour. There were differences in the bike frame, but this one seemed much easier to install overall. Our son is very tall for his age (35" at 20 months) but he fit just fine. He loves holding onto the handlebars and pretending to steer. It was far more interactive for me - I could see what he was looking at and pointing out. This also contributed to increased safety - instead of feeling and then reacting to changes in balance, I could proactively anticipate balance changes simply by watching where he was looking. Getting him in and out was easier than the rear mount - just reach down while straddling the bike. The shipment arrived quickly and the company is very customer-oriented. Excellent product! Highly recommend it.
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