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on May 31, 2014
This is a very useful device, particularly for use with IOS devices. The build quality is excellent, and its flexibility is amazing, particularly because it transfers audio streams as well as midi from IOS devices to a computer.

As far as audio goes, you really need to have a DAW open with both an instrument and audio track set up. Without the assistance of the DAW, you won't get the audio feed. Also, setting up with the audio interface as an aggregate device seems to work, though it was a bit of trial and error figuring out the correct I/Os. You can run the ICM2 as an input and the audio box as the output, but the aggregate seems to be a bit more efficient.

Depending on the IOS app, you need to do a bit of tinkering with the midi settings, and I haven't had success with all of them. But the better ones, such as Korg's synths and Waldorf's, have a lot of midi control, and set up properly they work well. I run the setup into Logic Pro, with an audio track and an instrument track, and a bus set up for the midi track. It seems that you need an audio track set up and configured properly for the audio pass through to work. Once set up, even if the audio is muted, you will receive the audio stream. It's really nice to record a midi sequence in Logic, then hit play, and send that sequence back to any IOS app, which then plays using its own sounds with the resulting audio running in the DAW.
As far as support goes, it is true that the online support is spotty, and the manual doesn't offer a large amount of information. I do wish that the company would post a few set up videos. That said, I spoke to the CFO of the company-it's a small company-and he was very helpful in helping me setup the device, and staying on the phone with me for as long as it took. He was genuinely interested in helping, and that reminded me that it's well worth supporting small companies that are making cutting-edge products, even if they don't have the best online resources. I'd trade all the online resources for a real person any day. For those reviewers complaining about the lack of support, just get on the phone, and you'll get a real person helping you out. If you're too lazy to do that, you can still figure the device out on your own.

For those complaining about the adapters, one thing to remember is that for the price, and even far beyond it, this box has routing flexibility and audio capabilities that no other midi box has. The CFO mentioned that the price at which they're selling their boxes doesn't leave a great profit margin, and I believe it. This box and the ICM4 could easily go at 2-3 times the price, and it would still be worth it.

I am not a midi expert, in fact I can't stand the midi setup process. I like to play and make music. That said, it's worth spending an hour or two setting the box up and experimenting with different settings. Once you've got it right, save the settings as a template in your DAW, and you're good to go.

Highly Recommended.
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on July 2, 2014
It's been pretty great so far - response is fast, it's very small, and it works with all my MIDI apps. It saves me the trouble of having to deal with ad-hoc networks, which have been problematic for me in the past (particularly in environments where there's a lot of interference).

My only quibble is that the cable is kind of short, and being a USB-A cable, it means it's very difficult to range with my ipad further than a few feet. Probably not a huge problem for most people, but I do use this in a live context where my host computer can be more than a few feet away from my ipad controller. I was able to use a few adapters to rig up an extension cable and that's fine. Just kind of annoying.
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on September 20, 2013

When I first bought this unit, I was having trouble getting it to work on any of my Windows machines. iConnectivity was very responsive and helped me reset my firmware, which solved the problem. I feel much better about my purchase now.

The hardware is built very well, and looks fantastic. The concept of allowing for 2 different machines (whether Mac, PC or iOS) interconnect with a single MIDI/USB device is sheer genius! Did I mention the built in midi filtering/routing/and processing built into the hardware? That alone could be worth the price of this interface.

This is a perfect midi device for routing MIDI from your OSX apps directly to your Windows 7 apps running inside of Parallels on your Mac. That's how I am using it, and it works great with very low latencies.

Great product and a great company. Highly recommended!
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on April 1, 2014
This is absolutely one of the most useful and reasonably priced things I have ever bought for my studio. Originally, I was having endless problems having my iPad stay sync'd to my computer via the ad hoc communication... to the point where it became absolutely unusable live, and really more than a chore to implement in the studio.

Along comes this gem, and now I can effortlessly control my software with the Lemur on my iPad. Also, the ability to pipe the audio through to the computer (as if it was the audio interface) i seamless. This is a complete game changer in my opinion, and I now can't imagine going without it.

It transforms the iPad from being a toy into a powerful and (most of all) RELIABLE studio tool that could potentially change the way you make music. I can't recommend it enough.

Absolutely indispensable.
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on January 30, 2015
I use this to connect a digital pipe organ console to a computer to drive a special software called hauptwerk. I had previously used two different midi connections: an older m-audio unit and the built in midi I/O on my saffire pro 40 audio interface. This iConnectMIDI2+ has by far the lowest latency of the bunch. On a mac, it couldn't be easier. There are no drivers for the unit, it was literally plug and play. I haven't used the interface with an ipad for anything, however, for basic midi applications, while perhaps a tad pricey, it is awesome and low latency. I chose this unit to have the option to expand with a second set of cables, future proofing just a touch. All in all, I'm pleased, and the nice metal construction is an added benefit.
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on May 3, 2014
Bear in mind I did not buy this product to use its USB audio pass through feature.
I bought it to synchronize a midi only (no usb) workstation with Virtual Synthesizers like Nexus running in my DAW (Reaper) using a step sequencer on my Ipad (Genome) and it works perfectly out of the box in Win7 64bit without any firmware update.I have nothing negative to say about it,I am totally wrapped and I will probably check out the audio pass through at some stage.
The iconnectmidi2+ is great but I did have to buy a lightning to 30 pin cable from apple which was way overpriced but worked so overall I am very satisfied with the whole experience..Great product.
Have since tried the audio pass through and it worked without a hitch.
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on October 15, 2014
I really really REALLY wanted to love this interface. It's one of the few that I've run across that has the lightening connection for the iPad. Unfortunately thus far the results have been too spotty for me to love it...or even like it.

First, while it's in a nice looking metal housing, the build quality (China, where else) is terrible. I have to screw around with the on-off button constantly when I want to turn it off. The little indicator lights don't line up well through the holes in the metal housing, and it just feels cheap despite the aforementioned metal housing.

Additionally, my results with my iPad Air have been, as I mentioned, spotty. Sometimes it recognizes the interface and works fine, other times I have to screw around with it (which usually involves rebooting it which, as I mentioned is a JOY due to the flaky on-off switch). Also, from what I can tell, you have to have your iPad plugged into either headphones or an external speaker to hear what you're playing - at least using the SampleTank app. For some reason sound will not come through the built-in speakers on the iPad. I haven't researched it enough to know if it's supposed to be that way or not, so I might be complaining about something that works as it's supposed to.

When it works, it is nice to be able to plug my MIDI devices into apps on my iPad, so I can't totally dis it. But it's a great idea coupled with marginal execution. The build quality just isn't there for the $100 price tag.
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on March 27, 2014
Great unit. Just about no latency it's amazing. Made integrating ios synths into my setup quick and easy, just like a plug in. Only problem at my end is that my iphone 4 will occasionally crash while using higher intensive apps with the midi input but that is not a fault with the iconnect midi, only the phone.
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on January 12, 2016
2 Midi channels and Audio pass-through? For real?
I use it with my iPad (audio) and 2 Korg Volcas (midi) and I'm impressed with Audio pass-through function. I decided to give 4 stars because this awesome box doesn't charge your iPad when connected. You would have to buy Optional Power Transformer for $30.
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on November 24, 2013
This is the interface I've been waiting for! Finally my iPad and iPhone music apps can be used within Logic Pro or any other Mac or PC DAW. Very easy to set up and begin using immediately. Allows me to bring digital files directly into my DAW without the need to go though and analog stage. Also, it imports at 24-bit, 48kHz (2 streams at a time!) which is definitely high enough resolution for my music needs. Also the fact that it does not need a power supply is nothing less than awesome. However, I do plan to get the power supply so that my iPad will stay charged. These guys thought of everything. :)
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