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on September 14, 2012
the metal plungers on both selection and quality. The metal plungers are resistive to high heat and abrasion. I have heated these up with a heat gun to assist removing adhesive, without applying the heat gun directly to the adhesive. Wire brushes haven't scratched the chrome plating either. The screw bit selection is really nice and the tweezer selection is very appreciated.

The BAD:
The screwdriver quality isn't the best either. Once a screw bit is in place, the bit has some wiggle room and when it comes to precision screws, you don't want very much play in your driver. The bearing on the opposite side of the driver catches every now and then, which is annoying.

The quality in the tweezers sucks. Period. NONE of the tweezers pinched at the tips upon delivery. This is VERY irritating when you are trying to remove a small item from a circuit board, when the item keeps slipping. One of the tweezers was completely bent where it looked like someone dropped it before putting it into the set. When I looked at the tweezers through a magnifying glass, I could clearly see a gap at the tips. I corrected it with some specialized tools I had, but the average DIY wouldn't have these and you really shouldn't have to do this.

There is my two cents.
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on July 29, 2013
I was so excited to receive my Ifixit pro tool kit today. The were some repairs that have been waiting around for me to get the proper tools.

These were not it.

The first two pentalobe bits disintegrated during the first use. Seriously?!? I was using delicate pressure. I then tried to salvage the situation with a flat tip bit that broke off. Some of the tools seem decent like the ESD tweezers, while other appear to be cheap dollar store crap, like the bits and several of the pry tools.

If you are a pro or have a serious need to get into proprietary items, Apple stuff, phones etc., then save yourself a nightmare and buy the good stuff. If you can afford 75$ for a one-time use product, this is your company.

I read a review where the customer contacted Ifixit and they replaced his tool set with a much higher quality item, apparently there are some extreme quality control issues. As I ordered through Fulfilled by Amazon, I am unable to contact the company directly for a replacement (I have searched and it keeps dumping me into Amazon customer service). The thought of this toolkit existing in an actual high quality version that I am unable to get my hands on just frustrates me further.


They contacted me a few days after the review and asked me very specific questions. There are 2 versions of this thing floating around and you definitely want the one with orange letters on the back of the driver set. The difference in quality is night and day.
I am happy with the replacement and they sent it to me with no fuss. They need to get the bad versions out of circulation. They are aware of them so if you have a problem, tell them..
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on November 4, 2013
Wonderful kit to own for anyone involved in electronic repair, personally I do computer repair as a hobby so I will make use of these tools one way or another. My only concern is price. I think this item is way over priced for whats included, I wouldn't pay no more than $45 for this kit seeing it firsthand. Its obvious all we're paying for is company branding, as I've seen the exact type of 54 bit kit with exact bits, product placement, and exact items only with a different company branding, by Trident of Olympus Pro Series 54 Bit Driver Kit (Screwdrivers).

The kit received is almost identical as the one pictured above, although my metal grabbing tool (currently phased out and replaced with iFixits utility knife) had bent prongs and the suction cup has no metal key ring, or a place to affix one to, as shown in the images above. I really wish they would lower their prices and add more selection to the amazon site. I've had my eye on their "Pro Tech Screwdriver set". So I'll see where that ends up as far as being listed on amazon and pricing. It would be nice to have a lifetime warranty as other companies who stand behind their products tend to offer when they boast about how popular, and well their tools are.

Especially when throwing in that the CIA and FBI use their tools (I guess that adds to the cool factor); and yes I'll name drop, "Tekton Tools" makes a neat small precision bit set. Notice I said bit set, all the extra plastic prying tools, tweezers, for electronic specific work are not included in Tekton sets but for one spudger in the precision set.

I own the TEKTON 2841 Everybit and Electronic Repair Screwdriver Bit Set, 135-Piece and can say its quality surpasses these bits, the Tekton bits appear to have better craftsmanship and overall appearance; not only that but you get a lifetime warranty. Which is always a plus. Also before ending this review. I'd like to say that i hate the included screwdriver with the set, I never liked aluminum body precision screwdrivers and never will. They have to much surface area with little to no grip sometimes my hands tend to sweat and slip, or I cant get a good grip on the tool as the ergonomics aren't there. I know they state that the included extension can be used as a T-handle to apply more torque, but what if the extension is already in use, then what?

Although this screwdriver has three rubber O rings. I still don't like the feel of the tool in my hand. Now a precision screwdriver I do love the feel of in my hand is the HUSKY 8-in-1 Precision Screwdriver - Phillips & Slotted, which can be purchased for about $6 at home depot. I wish Husky made a bit set for this particular driver as oppose to slotted, philips, and torx bits.

****UPDATE 11/15/2013****

So as I stated earlier that when I received my tool kit that the "metal grabbing tool", arrived with bent prongs I then emailed customer service on the 4th of November to request a replacement. Well, I was contacted by someone from iFixit and they requested images of the bent prongs, which I felt was absurd; as if I would waste my time on a matter that wasn't true. But I went along and still sent them, and by the tech supports own admission I was then told "oh, that looks like it can be bent back into shape", therefore acknowledging I received a bent tool.

Are you serious! If I buy something brand new I shouldn't have to make any modifications to it due to poor craftsmanship on your part. I mean does this representative not know that bending metals back and forth tend to weaken the structure? So I said no, I don't think this is something I should be doing as I purchased this brand new and I didn't want to take the risk of actually breaking it furthermore and then being the blame, so I was later contacted and told that my shipping info needed to be emailed back to them so they can send me a replacement asap, since this tool kit was purchased via Amazon.

Well I'm glad to say here it is on the 15th of November and still nothing from them. This company is low in my books if you ask me, they use the smoke screen of saying government officials use their tools which adds a "cool factor" to their company name, but these kits can be purchased under various company names. These are mass produced sets with different company branding see Pro Series 54 Bit Driver Kit (Screwdrivers), oh yea don't forget they're made in china. The quality is nothing of that compared to the TEKTON 2841 Everybit and Electronic Repair Screwdriver Bit Set, 135-Piece the Tekton set is a sturdy kit and well within its price range, not to mention they stand behind their product with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!. I'd like to also add, after comparing both sets, the bits from iFixit are no where on the level of Tektons bits; at least the ones I received, iFixits security bits have off-centered holes, and a pathetic finish. Don't believe me, order the Tekton set for yourself just to look at, and refund it later if you like. The quality is like day and night.

**I've uploaded an image comparing two PH000 precision bits, one from this iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit set (Left) and one from TEKTON 2841 Everybit and Electronic Repair Screwdriver Bit Set, 135-Piece (Right). As you can see the quality is day and night, not to mention I noticed the rust on the iFixit bit while taking the picture.

***UPDATE 11/18/2013***

As I've been waiting for about two weeks (11/4-11/18) to receive this item, I took it upon myself to email "Mike", the tech support I have been speaking with via email, on the 13th of November to request an ETA or some sort of tracking number to track this item I was told I would be receiving; due to poor craftsmanship on their part.

Well here it is, the 18th of November and he finally emails me back, not with a tracking number or an ETA for the replacement **get ready for it, drum roll please**. But to tell me that the order was never put in to send out the replacement! So he then says he has to rehash the order to get it out to me asap.

Hello, what is going on with this company's customer service...I MIGHT AS WELL FILE FOR A REFUND!

After reading their customer questions on Facebook I saw that someone posted they received two of the same bit in their kit and the one they needed wasn't there, so this prompted me to go see if my kit may have had the same mishap, being as though no one is going to use all the bits on day one so you don't really know whats there and whats not.


Well it's safe to say all the bits are there, but majority of them are rusted!!!! $65 for poorly crafted rusty tools. Man I am so irritated right now, slacking customer service, bent tools, rusty bits....

Photos will be uploaded in the customer gallery. This is so uncalled for.


UPDATE 11/19/2013

Ok if you've been following this review you can pretty much see it started off ok, then went wayyy down hill. Well, after my periodic updates to this review I was finally contacted by one of the "higher ups" at iFixit, it almost seemed like a Tech God of some sort just emailed me from out of nowhere. He sent me a personal email apologizing for the experiences I have had so far with iFixit products and their customer service.

He then sent out replacement tools that were a different quality of that purchased via Amazon, I'm telling you I almost don't want to use the newer set just because its that good of quality!

As another reviewer stated there appears to be two different sets in circulation one with black printing on the back of the 54 bit kit and one with orange. Although there is no way of telling which version you get until you buy it, but from my experience you want the set with the orange print on the back.

Long story short, all was made good in the end. I received my set of replacement tools which are completely day and night from the set I received via Amazon. These tools appear solid and I hope this kit will last me for many many years. I cant wait to see more inventory added to Amazon!!!

****UPDATE 12/26/2013****

Final update, ok for starters I hope that my initial review didn't scare anyone off from making a purchase of this wonderful tool set, as they are a great set of tools. I'm here to clarify that the customer service is in fact excellent and the tools are great!. I have invested a little over in $200 worth of tools from iFixit since my original purchase. In addition to my Pro Tech Toolkit, I now own the Magnetic Project Mat (Pro Version), the Pro Tech Screwdriver set (which has a lifetime warranty, and are built as tough as any other high end driver!), I also purchased the Macro bit set, and their Essentials electronic toolkit. All of which I have reviewed on here, minus the Pro Tech Screwdriver set.

Also in this review I mentioned the aluminum body driver included with the 54 bit set, as I didn't like the feel for it. For one my hands aren't small, and two, less ergonomics are involved with that driver (not much comfortable grip). So I took it upon myself and contacted the "Tech Tool God" at iFixit to see if it was possible to just purchase their plastic/rubber handle driver since I already own the 54 bit kit that came with my Pro Tech toolkit. It's the screwdriver that comes in their iFixit 26 Bit Driver Kit, moments later I was emailed stating that the tool had been added to their iFixit website as a standalone purchase, which can be found on their site Tools > Drivers & Wrenches > Bit Kit Replacement Components which I believe is on the third page, now if that's not customer service then I don't know what is. My only 0.02 cents would be, can the development team make this plastic handle driver with a swivel cap?

For those of you who have a problem with the aluminum driver I urge you to purchase the plastic/rubberized handle driver, you wont regret it and it will come in handy if you need two screwdrivers when making a repair. For example you can have a philips bit in one driver and a torx in the other ready to go, while not having to worry about switching bit tips in and out, which cuts down on your repair time.

Overall, I feel kind of bad for bashing them in the beginning but I felt like I wasn't being heard as a consumer/customer. I mean, I spent my hard earned money on their tools to start with, and initially I thought I just had a bent tool. But turns out to be majority of the driver bit set was rusted after thoroughly inspecting them, then waiting several weeks for a replacement tool and finding out the order was never fulfilled...it just added insult to injury as everything compiled. But as I previously stated they are a wonderful company, they're in touch with their customers, they do listen and have made everything right in the end, which is why I will continue to make purchases from them and refer friends of mine to their site/products.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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I'm a IT Technician so I'm regularly taking apart random devices. Everything from Ultrabooks to servers. I've got a pretty extensive set of drivers and pry tools already but co-workers borrow them and forget to return them and some of the cheaper drivers have become stripped and virtually useless so I decided it was time to look into getting a toolkit. I've been a fan of iFixit for a long time. Their walk through's have made my life much easier so when it came time to look for a kit that will have most everything I need to take devices apart they were one of the first names to pop into my head.
One of the biggest concerns I had when purchasing this kit was that the steel would be sub-par and all the bits would strip after a few uses. I've put a few of the bits to the test and so far I've been impressed.
I laughed when I read that it comes with a static wrist band because I haven't worn one since High School but in all reality it's very useful if you have no other means of grounding yourself.
The selection of tweezers and pry tools are absolutely awesome. I run into a lot of situations where the plastic pry tools are too weak and end up breaking. The metal ones have already saved me a lot of grief.

Bottom line is if you're a novice or a voider of warranties, this kit is worth having. I'm tempted to buy another kit to keep my my messenger bag since this one will mainly be at my office. :(
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on June 17, 2014
After opening this up, I'm actively deciding whether or not to return it. One of the major selling points on this is supposed to be that it includes tools specific to the iPhone. The pentalobe driver is malformed, it barely has a fifth point. The rest of the tools like the spudgers are so badly manufactured that they're covered in tooling marks and sprue.
I have a driver set from my local computer store that cost me less than $15. The pentalobe driver in it is of markedly higher quality, even when examined by an untrained eye.
The Delrin and plastic tools are ironically the best parts of this, doubtless because they're sourced from a different manufacturer than the metal tools.
This is wildly overpriced for what you actually get. I seldom give reviews this negative, but I have to emphatically suggest that you not purchase this. While it is usable, I have serious doubts about it's durability. I can see these bits failing over the course of one of two uses, and for the price, that's unacceptable and I feel obligated to make note of it, being as the kit is so highly recommended elsewhere.
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on January 24, 2014

I got my iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit in the mail today (sold by iFixitdotcom). I read many reviews before purchasing this and although the positives outranked the negatives, that small percentage of a chance that I might end up with a bad item still sat in the back of my mind. The item delivery was very fast, thanks to being an Amazon Prime member. The item was packaged nicely and seemed protected.

I have uploaded several pictures to help you all with my review. Please see the item's customer image gallery.

First off, this kit has pretty much every piece you will need to tackle a small tech repair. Very impressed with the selection of bits and extra tools.

I took the toolset out of the box and immediately starting to check for some of the things that were discussed in other reviews. The first thing I looked for was the color and contents on the back of the plastic bit box. Other reviewers have stated that there are 2 different types of sets circulating in the Amazon world. You can see the difference by looking on the back of the plastic box that holds all the drivers. The bad set was supposed to be printed in mostly black print. The good set was printed in orange and black and also listed 2 more items (sim eject and magnet) than the box with the all black printing. The box I received was different than both. The one that was shipped to me had blue and black characters/pictures printed on the back and also contained the 2 extra items (see picture in customer gallery). Not sure if this is good or bad so I decided to open it up and take a closer look at the tools.

The tools/bits were well laid out and labeled clearly. Some customers complained about the case being cheap, but everything seemed fine with me. All the bits were held in blue rubber spacers that were labeled with white print. Everything was easily readable and I felt that I could find the size I needed easily. (see pictures)

Some users complained of rust on the bits. After a close examination, I did not find any rust anywhere. They seemed to all be coated in some type of chrome and some of it was peeling off at the tips (see pictures). The holes in some of the torx security bits were off center which rendered the bits useless for what they are supposed to be used for. (see pictures)

I was fine with the quality of the metal driver. I have large hands but I handled it effortlessly. The rubber on the end stayed firm and allowed me to grip it tightly while the cap spun freely so that I could keep pressure applied while using the tool without having to worry about losing my connection. If something needed a little more torque, they supplied an extension that could be placed through the hole at the top of the driver so that I could provide that extra umph when needed (see pictures).

The metal tech knife was of high quality and felt very secure in my hand. I did not have to worry about the blade accidentally sliding in and out. Much better than the many plastic cutters I have used in the past.

The 3 precision tweezers were mostly good quality but one of them did not completely meet at the tip and might cause issues when being used. (see pictures)

The suction cup seemed strong enough with the metal ring to do what it was intended to do but it was a little frustrating to see black discoloring on the edge. (see pictures)

The metal spudger set seemed to be well made and pretty strong. Not sure how well the chrome will hold up on it after I saw the bad condition of it on some of the bits.

The 6 inch metal ruler was also acceptable. No problems there.

The magnet bit was very weak. I had trouble picking up even the smallest screws.

The rubber extension which is supposed to be used for getting at screws with weird angles was flexible enough but while testing it I noticed that it spun freely at times. Not good.

The anti-static wrist strap seemed ok.

The canvas case that everything was held in was of good quality and held closed with a strip of velcro. I was surprised to see that it had a stain on it (see pictures) when I removed it from the box.

I was excited to get this tool set and tested it out by using it to change the wrist band on one of my watches. This is where I got really frustrated. I placed the correctly sized flat head bit into the driver and began to loosen the screw on the band of my casio watch. 3 simple twists and the tip of the bit cracked. Really? I saw some reviewers saying that these were "one time use tools" but I didn't think they really meant one time. I used another bit and the chrome started peeling off at the tip. I am not a novice when it comes to using precision tools and this is something that should not have happened.

I went to the iFixit website looking for a contact number so that I could call and speak to them about my experience. I did not find any number and saw that my only option was emailing them. They said on the site that if you email them during regular business hours they will get back to you on the same day. It's about 3 hours later and I have not heard from them yet. I am hoping that maybe my set was one of the lower quality sets and that their tools are in fact a lot stronger and better made than I experienced today.

large selection of bits
some of the items are strong and felt like they were crafted with good quality
canvas case is nice and makes it easy to transport the tool set

bad quality control
broke a bit after one use
chrome peeling

I am hoping that iFixit will remedy this by replacing my set with one of better quality. For now I can only give this 2 stars. I like a lot about this set but to have it break within the first time of using it really drives the user experience down. Some people said I would be better off ordering directly from their website instead of Amazon. I chose Amazon because of the fast shipping and awesome customer service that they have always provided me. If I do not hear back from the manufacturer I will then call amazon and initiate a return.

I will update my review once I experience iFixit's customer service.

- Anthony

**UPDATE 1/28/14**

I received an email response from a support technician named Matt B. of iFixit. He informed me that Amazon may still have a back-stock of some of their older kits. He asked me if the back of my kit was orange or black. I emailed him back telling him it had no orange. He quickly emailed me back informing me that I received their older kit. He asked me for my address and told me a replacement will be shipped out to me. I was impressed with how fast he was able to reply to my email and the no hassle, positive attitude he had with me. Customer service goes a long way with me. I have update my review to 4 stars out of 5 because of his awesome service. Once I receive my new kit in the mail I will add another update and possibly give this kit a 5 star rating like I have seen other reviewers give it.
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on October 23, 2014
Underwhelming. First bit I used snapped in half. Wasn't putting any pressure on it, just started turning and it snapped. Pretty disappointing for $65.
review image
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on December 6, 2012
I ordered this product to fix my Macbook Pro. Well, I thought I was getting a good product but instead I got a product that I could of bought at the dollar store. This product is a one time use only since the end of the tips are not strong enough. They fray on thats the end of that tip. Bit tip seem to be made of aluminum, hence the defect. I would never recommend this product to anyone. My mistake was not to read the reviews before I purchased it. Now I have to order a better set.
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on September 26, 2012
Nice kit, however... The P000 driver-tip is missing and the P00 will not fit in the driver handle.

If it were not for the issues I would give this five stars.
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on May 16, 2014
This kit has everything you could ever need, and for only $75 you couldn't ask for a better deal. It even has an ESD wristband! All you need is this kit and a static mat and you have your very own repair shop. Love iFixit and will certainly keep recommending this product to my tech savvy friends.

The first part of this review was written from my usage of this kit in my computer repair shop that was NOT purchased from Amazon, it was actually provided to me when I started working at my shop. I have used it for almost 6 months and its still solid. HOWEVER I have changed my rating because the kit I purchased from Amazon just recently was extremely low quality. All 4 of the bits I used sheared within moments, and I was not applying uneven force or using them where I shouldn't have, in fact I used them the same way I have used the other kit for 6 months. I was shocked because it seems like a completely different kit. Looking closer, the kit has a different logo printed on the bit case than my original one, and the rubber bit trays are hard and unyielding, unlike the soft rubber ones in my original kit. I was sure this had to be a counterfeit product since the logo was different than my first set. I looked on ifixit.com and was surprised, as they are selling the kit with the updated logo just like on the kit I received, so I don't know if mine was counterfeit or not. Either way, I was very disappointed because like I said, the first kit was and still is FANTASTIC. Not sure if iFixit lowered the quality of their bits, or amazon sold me a counterfeit. Regardless, I am going to order directly from ifixit (its actually cheaper than on amazon, even with shipping) and see how those work for me. I really hope I just got a knock off because I love the kit I have at my shop and I want another set for home use.
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