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on December 28, 2010
Not really sure what I expected, but the sound is VERY good from such a small form factor. If you have a need for portable Music, then I would say this item fits the bill. Iphone and Ipad Touch both fit in it nicely and it is small enough to be easily carried anywhere and provides a level of protection. 4 Stars!

Follow-up review.
I originally gave this four stars, but after "trying" to use it for a couple of weeks I had an issue. Several times when I wanted to listen to the speakers the unit would not turn on. I thought at first I had a bad battery that would not hold a charge. I contacted iMainGo and I received a very prompt reply from iMainGo support, but unfornately, I was told the product was working as designed. It seems they expect the battery to lose a charge in 2-3 days, even if you are not using the speakers. So, kinda disappointed at this point that I have to remember to keep it charged every day or so.....since this is type of product is typically used spontaneously. Especially for a battery that works for 10-12 hours fully charged, but if you don't keep it on the charger, it won't be ready when you need it.

Despite the great sound in such a small package, the battery issue causes me to rate it lower than I would have.

UPDATE: The customer support at Portable Sound got in touch with me about my issues. They offered to not only replace my unit and provide return postage for the defective unit, they also provided a bonus for the trouble I had with this product. It seems they have corrected the issue by providing a master switch. This will prolong battery stand by life. In my opinion, this will make this an exceptional unit. This type of product has to be available for spontaneous type use. Being able to have hours of operation(~12 hours on a charge) is great, but only if it can retain that charge. This master on/off seems to make that a reality. While I have not had the unit long enough to verify this solution, I am confident. I wanted to raise the Rating in line with the customer service and not impact people thinking of purchasing this unit.

****Can verify that the new master switch allows a charge to last for at least two weeks and still provide hours of operation. *****

This is the kind of customer service that makes me want to do business with a company!!!!
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on September 14, 2011
I own a Main go 2, and have used it for years. It's a great portable speaker system, but you will go through lots of batteries. So, when the Main go X came out with a rechargable battery system, I gave it a go. The sound is superior to the Main go 2, but the rechargable battery is a total flop. I charged the unit for well over the six hours suggested, and at first the battery life was ok, lasting around the 12 hours they claim. But, soon after, and by soon I mean two weeks, even after charging overnight, the unit now will only last a few hours. I am returning this item and going back to my Main go 2 until they finally fix the defective rechargable battery problem.
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on November 8, 2010
As much as I love my iMainGo 2, I hated having to replace the batteries (even though they lasted a long time). With the iMainGo X's rechargeable lithium ion batteries, my concerns have been addressed. I played my original iMainGo 2 alongside my new iMainGo X, and noticied even better sound. Considering that my "old" sound was fantastic, this was an unexpected surprise. The external controls and additional features of the iMainGo X are great (see, it is worth the time), but everything pales compared to the sound...I'm amazed!!! How is it that such a small device has actual bass? The iMainGo name is kind of funky... but I can live with that. Needless to say, I will be buying additional X's as my family Christmas gifts.
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on March 9, 2011
I will start by saying that the iMainGoX is a "great idea" that performs well -- very easy to use, with decent volume and sound quality for such a small device. My only complaint is with the design of the battery.

I purchased the iMainGoX, and after a very short period of "testing," I discovered that the battery would not hold a charge properly. I read the instructions carefully, and charged the device properly, but to no avail. For example, I charged it overnight, and without using it all, it would be completely dead again within 24-48 hours -- powered "off" and just sitting on the table. I was careful to manually power down the iPod, and even tried removing the iPod from the iMainGo carrier, but is still wouldn't hold a charge. I thought I had a defective battery, wrote a letter to Amazon customer care, and they promptly exchanged my device for a brand new unit.

So I opened up "unit #2" and was very surprised to see that the new device was a different configuration from the first one. Specifically, there is a new "master power switch" on unit #2 which wasn't present on the first unit that I received (I carefully compared them side-by-side). In short, the addition of the master power switch seems to have (sort of) solved the battery problem. If I turn the interior Master Switch "off," the battery doesn't lose its charge when the unit is not in use. If I leave the interior Master switch "on," the battery will quickly discharge (within 24-36 hours) even when the unit itself is powered off (via the exterior switch) and not in use.

The "problem" with all this is that you MUST remember to unzip the case and fumble for that teeny-tiny master power switch on the inside, every time you turn the device on or off. If you forget, the battery will quickly discharge as before. IMHO, this is an awkward solution to a poor engineering design. I applaud the iMainGo companies' decision to upgrade to lithium-ion batteries, but I feel it should be possible to configure a simple on/off switch, accessible from the case exterior, that won't require the user to unzip the device, and operate two different power switches in order to preserve the battery.

In parallel with my "testing," I was exchanging emails with the customer service guy (possibly the company owner?) at iMainGo ( Bob was always very polite, and prompt with his one-line replies to my notes, but he never actually "answered" any of my very specific questions about the device. He is clearly aware of the awkward performance characteristic associated with the iMainGo X, hence the modified design with the "band-aid" master switch.

Bottom Line: It's a great device -- I'm definitely going to keep it. But I anticipate there will be times when I will "forget" to operate that little interior switch, and will lose the battery. Be sure to purchase the "second generation" device with the master switch, and be sure to keep the electrical charger cable nearby!
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on January 14, 2011
The iMainGoX is a fantastic little speaker that works with iPhones, iPods, iPad, and Kindle, as well as most notebooks, portable gaming devices, and electric guitars! Most important, the sound is awesome -- BIG bass and excellent amplification. Whether you listen to classical, country or the latest hits, you won't be disappointed with the sound quality of this convenient, easy-to-carry device.

I especially like that the iPhone fits inside the device without taking it out of its case (works with form-fitting cases). Even better, you can access your iPhones apps and controls through the clear film in front of the iMainGoX. No need to open the iMainGoX - I like that!

If you have larger devices that you want to amplify, simply open the iMainGoX, pull out its plug and hook it to the devices that sit outside the case. The flexibility of the iMainGoX is a 5-star feature!

The device comes with a sweet little case that protects the iPhone and is easy to carry (5.7" x 3.8" x 2.4"). It fits in a purse or backpack and includes an adjustable carry strap.


5 Stars for Sound

5 Stars for Flexibility
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on March 5, 2013
I bought this product as I am a mailman and like to listen to music in my mail truck. Sounds great and I like the product,but it is true what other reviewers have said about the battery. I have only had the imaingo x a little over 3 months and after a full charge it only lasts about 10 minutes. Pretty much worthless and a new battery costs almost as much as a new unit. Pretty much worthless because of battery. Do not buy!
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on December 3, 2011
I read the reviews before i purchased this and was impressed by the decision of the manufacturer to include a master switch to turn it on and off. My primary use for this is
I plug my Iphone 4S into it right before i get in the shower so i can have music to shower by. It's very loud, great sound. If you remember to turn off the master switch
after each use, it will last awhile on a single charge. I charge mine once a month after using it daily for about 10-15 mins each time. The only time i had it die on me was after i used
it and forgot to turn off the master switch. I recommend this to my friends all the time. Only thing that would make it better would be if i came in NCAA school colors and logo.
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on January 26, 2011
Like other users, the battery was a huge issue. Purchased this item and charged it for over 12 hours before 1st use. The thing lost power after only 2 songs. Charged it another 12 hours and it lost its power after 1 hour of use. After a couple more tries, gave up and returned the item.

I'm disappointed because the sound is very good for a portable speaker.
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on April 29, 2011
The iMainGoX is excellent for listening to your music and protecting your ipod or mp3 player. Operating the Ipod within the unit can be done but not as easy through the plastic of the iMainGoX as directly on the ipod. I like to play videos on my ipod touch but viewing through the plastic is not very clear either (making the clear plastic removable would help). I usually just remove my Ipod to view my videos wedging it in the opening of the unzipped iMainGoX.
The iMainGoX is recharged using a A/C plug-in (included). To recharge the Ipod it must be removed to be recharged. If the iMainGoX had a plug-in for the Ipod or MP3 player both could be recharged or played using the A/C plug-in together.
The included instructions are incomplete leaving out the on/off switch on the battery and the color light on the A/C charging adapter.
Apart from the things above I found that bothered me, the iMainGoX is the best sounding unit for it's size I have found yet. The only portable speaker system I found that sounds better is the Sonic Impact ifusion that I have which is much larger in size and is not sold anymore.
I like the iMainGoX a lot because of it's size (easy to carry) and the quality of the sound it produces.
I recommend the iMainGoX if you want to carry big sound instead of using earbuds. Great for small parties. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.
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on April 15, 2011
I was and still am a big fan of the iMaingo2, which I used to use almost daily at work. I got tired of buying batteries, however, and so switched to this product. It worked well for about three weeks, then I began having problems. Because of my high-noise work environment, the iMaingo has to operate at nearly full volume. This caused two difficulties. One is that the batteries wouldn't quite last through a full work shift, which was very annoying. (I'd get about 7 hours.) The second issue is far more serious, however. After two weeks of use the sound quality began to degrade to the point that it can no longer be used at high volume. The speakers sound "blown".

I also was unhappy with the power-switching system, which I found unnecessarily complex.

I own an iPad, and hear iMaingo is coming out with a product for that as well. I certainly hope it's more like the iMaingo2 than the iMaingoX.
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