The iPad 3 battery Ok, I let my iPad 3 die 100%. Then I charged it up. It came back on for a while but I turned it off and finished charging it. I plugged it in at 10:20am and it was 100% at 5:10pm. Seems like it took a while. But I will say it was for the fact that it came on. Now though I am reading The Walking Dead volume 1 and the battery dropped from 96 to 92% in about 20 minutes. Is that the normal thing for the iPad batter? I turned everything in the background off and I closed all the other programs that I had open. The only thing on is the iBook. It just seems like the battery is going down by like 1% every 5 minutes. Has me wondering how long the thing will actually stay charged. I got it shipped to me from apple. If anyone wanted to know.
asked by Joshua Glowzinski on March 22, 2012
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You lost 4% battery in 20 minutes? That's about 12% an hour putting you around 8.5 hours. Yup, that's about right. It doesn't matter what programs you have "running" in the background. The iPad OS works differently from your Windows OS, the stuff is there, but not running. It will not drain your battery any faster. The biggest factor is going to be how bright your screen is. I usually have mine around 40-50%, plenty bright for indoor use and my battery lasts 9+ hours. Also if you're reading a book turning off wifi will help a bit. 9 hours of continuous use is PHENOMENAL for a device like this. I constantly use my iPad throughout the day and I have never drained the battery all the way. My Galaxy Nexus on the other hand is abysmal; after about and hour of talking and a few texts the battery is at 60% it's horrendous.

When I got my first smart phone (a Droid X) I was constantly obsessing over the battery life and if it was dying too quickly or if it wasn't going to sleep properly. I would look in the app market for apps that would help battery, spent hours researching charging methods etc. and it really took a lot of the enjoyment away from me when using the device. Then I learned to just not worry about it, if it needs charged, charge it. Bottom line, so long as you charged it each night before bed, you should never get even close to fully draining it in one day. Unless you're using it 9+ hours a day to which I would say you have bigger concerns then just your tablets battery life.
CJC answered on April 5, 2012
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1% every five minutes mean the ipad will last 8.33 hours, which is close to the advertized 10 hrs. 1 percent every 6 minutes would get you to 10hr battery life for the ipad
Scott C. Waterhouse answered on April 4, 2012
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Watching YouTube videos drops about 1% battery life for about every five minutes on mine. That's all I know (haven't used it much). Leaving it 'on' with WiFi enabled uses about <1 to 1% per day.
Matt Eye answered on April 3, 2012
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