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on January 6, 2012
Look, there's essentially nothing wrong with this cover. It does it's job, and covers the iPad. It even has some nice features, like an elastic strap to help hold the iPad when the cover's open. And a flap that can be used to stand the iPad at a low angle for reading or playing games. It even has the magnet in the flap that turns it into a "smart" cover that powers off the iPad when closed. For the most part, we're pretty happy with it.

All that said, it could be a little better. For example, our flap has a little bit of an arc in it that prevents the magnet from consistently laying flat against the iPad, meaning whether or not it turns the iPad off is sort of hit and miss. And when you lay it down closed, it's possible for it to slip off the correct spot, turning the iPad back on. We've fiddled with the cover in an attempt to get it to lay flatter, but have had only limited success. And frankly, that shouldn't be necessary.

The included stylus is a nice touch, but doesn't work as well as you might hope. We'll probably look for another. And the cover could use some sort of pocket or pouch that can hold a dust/fingerprint wipe.

So, all in all, we're pretty happy. Not ecstatic, but far from disappointed. I wouldn't tell you you'll be disappointed, especially at the low price compared to other covers. But you might wind up not quite as enthusiastic as some of the other reviews might lead you to believe, either.
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on May 18, 2011
I did a lot of research before I purchased a case for my, and my husband's iPad 2s. The ONLY case that met all of our requirements was the iPearl case. I wanted it to be stylish, sturdy, and affordable. We also wanted an elastic hand strap on the back, and the ability to stand the iPad on the desk. I was prepared to spend up to $100.00 per case so that we would have all of the features. I didn't find any however, and was resigned to making something myself. I did one more marathon search however, and when I found the iPearl iPad 2 case, in my favorite color green no less, I was nearly ecstatic. The fact that they were so affordable and even included a stylus pen were extra bonuses. I ordered 2 of them - one for me in green, and one for my husband in black. Unbelievably, they arrived in only 4 days! After playing around with them for a day, I decided to order 2 more right away because things do wear out eventually, and I didn't want to chance them becoming unavailable for any reason. I ended up ordering 3 more because we are getting an iPad 2 for our son for his birthday.

A little more about the case: It fits the iPad 2 perfectly, with openings for all of the buttons, USB cable, and the camera. There is a loop to hold the stylus pen on top, and a thin elastic strap to hold the cover closed. The cover puts the iPad to sleep, and reawakens it when you open it. To make it stand up, you flip the cover backwards and fold out a flap that doubles as a credit card holder that will hold 2 cards. Instead of putting cards in the holder, I have put my microfibre cleaning cloth in one of them, and plan to tuck a small/thin note pad in the other. If you want to hold the iPad in your hand, the elastic hand strap on the back is wide, very durable, and comfortable. I have arthritis in my hands, and this strap makes holding the iPad painless. The cases themselves are very attractive in a textured leather-like material. I am picky about details, so I examined everything - even the stitching, and couldn't find one flaw. There is not one to complain about. I got green ones, and my husband and son got black ones. I'm thinking about a 3rd one - pink, so I can switch off now and then. The inner case is a soft gray fabric that will protect your screen from scratches. I'm absolutely thrilled with the iPearl iPad 2 case. This is the best value you are going to find anywhere.
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on April 27, 2011
This is a good cover: nice leather, fit ipad almost perfect (minor back camera overlap), good for one hand use. Stylus is a nice addition too.
Elegant cover, excellent and simple built-in stand. Elastic strap and the hand strap are very useful, ipad feels very stable and worry-free with this cover.
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on June 8, 2012
This cover is all you'll need for your I-Pad 2 besides the screen protector, a must have for all type of screens anyway. This cover is made from very well quality leather, it's been almost 1 year since I bouhght it for my I-pad 2 and it still shows like new! All slots are cut for perfect fit with the openings on your I-pad. Bonus here is the pen for the screen, good enough for basic touch screen operations. It's made in USA, great customer service by the manifacturer and they have all line of accessories for almost every type of portable electronic device. You'll get a small advertisement in the package. I'm very happy with this purchase.
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on December 21, 2011
I looked for days before I found this cover for my i-pad2. It has all the features I was looking for: Protection, access to all the plugins, looks good and you can set the i-pad up at three angles. The hand strap is great also. It is a "smart cover" that turns the pad off when you close it. The only reason I gave the cover a 4 star was because the strap that holds it closed was not attached straight and this caused the strap to keep coming off one corner and would not stay on. (I use a headband to hold it secure.) I feel this was a small mistake and would not think all are done this way. I think overall you will be happy with the cover and I would recommend it without a problem. UPDATE, 2/12/12 iPearl contacted me to make sure everything was good with the cover. When I explained about the strap, they sent me replacement cover. WOW, you don't get customer service like that anywhere. The people at iPearl have won my continued trust and I would say with a doubt, you can't go wrong dealing with them. I still love the case and was willing to keep it even with the nonworking strap. The other pluses far out weigh the negative with this great cover. Claude Norris
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on March 22, 2012
To give you some back ground, my husband jokes that I have owned every case ever made for the iPad. To be fair I have not, but I have owned a lot. I probably go through them like most women go through purses. I like to change my iPad case every so often because I have yet to find the "perfect" one. Though, I have found some really great ones. The iPearl is a neat case. There are features in the case I really like. Made from thick material, that Is durable. Magnets that turn the iPad off and on when the cover is closed, and hold every flap in place. A place to hold a stylus (not a common feature). Happily, they did not cut a hole on the back for the speaker. This is a positive feature because the sound goes toward to the person holding the iPad.

The leather quality is definitely lower quality, but that is not a terrible feature. It gets softer and fits the iPad better over the first couple days. I also have a case that is genuine leather and it is thin and flimsy feeling. This case has a good sturdy feeling to it. The only draw back at this point is that the flap that holds the iPad in place has too much slack. The iPad sinks down a bit when placed in the typing or viewing positions. I also was unable to use my Zagg screen cover because the plastic on the iPearl cover (credit card pockets) attached to the zagg, and caused the zagg to peal off. Any plastic touching the zagg will stick. This is an easy remedy as you can take the plastic off by removing the stitching carefully. However, I like the plastic pockets on the cover a lot, so I just removed my Zagg.

For 20.00 dollars this is a great case. If they fix the iPad more securely into it, so that it doesn't slip down, it would be worth at last 35.00. The features of this case, and the way the case works is very unique and are good qualitys for this product.
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on May 22, 2011
This is another case that I picked up on Amazon for my iPad 2. This one is from a company called iPearl which seems to only sell their items through Amazon. Users gave the case a 4-5 star review but when dealing with items that have such a small number of reviews, sometimes I don't always trust them as opposed to items that have 50+ customer reviews. I decided to take a chance on it anyways due to the relatively low cost of $14.99.

Upon first inspecting the case when I received it, I was quite impressed with the overall quality of the case. The stitching looks very tight and straight and the texture on the leather looks much better than the bumpy leather I see on other cases. The leather on it however doesn't seem as thick as others nor does it feel as soft. On the inside, the case is lined with a very soft material that feels like microfiber so I'm not worried about it scratching up my iPad when placed inside it. The case itself is not very hard like other leather cases and has a softness to it that makes it feel like one of those Moleskine Folio Notebooks. The case even includes an elastic strap that keeps the cover closed when not in use. I'm a big fan of folio style cases because of the fact that they will not draw attention to your iPad. It helps conceal your expensive device from those who might want to steal it from you.

The iPad is placed inside case by sliding it into a pocket and is then secured in place by a flap that you fold behind the iPad. It's not as secure as some solutions I've seen that also use Velcro along with the flap, but it seems to do it's job and allows only minimal movement of the iPad. All the required openings are present so you'll be able to use everything without taking the iPad out of the case, including the front and rear cameras.

One of the more unique features of this case is the elastic hand strap on the inside cover. This allows you to have a solid hold of the case when using it with one hand. That was one of the reasons I decided to buy this case. On the inside cover, there is also another little flap that you can open up and it acts as a stand that angles the iPad when placed on it's back for easier viewing and typing. The flap also includes 2 slots to hold business cards, credit cards, or any other flat item. Handy feature but one I'll probably not use. One feature on this iPearl case came as shock to me. As stated above, there is a flap on the inside cover that is used as a stand. It seems that the flap is held shut by a magnet that I wasn't aware about when purchasing the case. It seems that the magnet is in just the right spot where it can activate the iPad 2's Smart Lock / Unlock feature. This wasn't something I was expecting as it wasn't advertised as having it and is a huge bonus.

The iPearl case does have a few negatives, but they may not really matter to some. First off, there aren't really many ways to prop up the iPad with the case. It either lays flat or at around a 40-45 degree angle with the stand up. Other cases offer positions that are more upright for viewing movies, this one doesn't. Also, the iPad does move around a tiny bit when in the case so it's not always entirely centered in the pocket. Again, not really a big deal as it still will not fall out. The iPearl case also comes with a stylus which quite frankly isn't any good. It sticks too much to the screen to be of any real use and is very cheap looking. For $14.99 however, I can overlook these tiny annoyances and still feel good about my purchase. It doesn't add much bulk to the iPad, it will protect your iPad from minor drops, and it looks pretty good when closed up.
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on April 17, 2012
I have bought Ipad2, just a week ago. When I was looking at different cases I am not able to decide which one is the best case among all the cases that I have seen. I have read some reviews and then I decided to buy this one. This is the most amazing case. My iPad is perfectly fit into the case and also it has great look. Also it has stylus, I am very I'm pressed with that. I would definitely recommend this product.
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on March 18, 2012
Great, light- weight iPad 2 cover with a stylus. As I indicated in my title, the hole for the camera will line up perfectly if you move the stylus from its originally stored position. When I first received this cover the stylus was positioned at the outer edge, top-right corner If you hold the iPad horizontally with the spine of the cover at the bottom. With the stylus stored there the camera hole did not line up perfectly. However, I moved the stylus down to the flap that holds the iPad in ( by the spine) and now the camera hole lines up perfectly. Speaking of the stylus, it works great with the iPad 2, allowing you to click buttons on the screen and even swipe. The inside cover of the case has a fold-out stand that allows the iPad to be elevated at an angle and that stand has 2 slots that can store cards. It will accept credit cards if one wishes to carry them there. However, the card holders are made of clear plastic, so I imagine they are designed for business cards and/or a card identifying the owner of the iPad. In addition to the stand there is also a strap on the inside cover that allows you to slip your hand in for secure one-handed holding of the iPad.

Buy this cover if you are looking for a light weight iPad 2 case that does not add much bulk to your iPad and has a camera hole.
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on May 12, 2012
My wife bought hers last year after many weeks of research and loves it. I tried it with my iPad 3 and it would not activate the smart cover magnets to turn it off so I elected not to get one. After weeks of using only the smart cover I decided to get a Black iPearl and live without the auto off feature. Well I'm happy to report that the makers have made some slight changes and the cover turns off my iPad 3 just like the smart cover did. Also the fit seems tighter though that may change over time. My wife tried her iPad2 in it and says that even when new her case had a looser fit. The elastic band has been moved back a bit so it secures the cover better when open. Great to see that the makers listen to their customers and act on their suggestions and complaints. Ordering 2 more a backup for me and a replacement for my wife's.
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